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  1. Had a good day at this show today. It was nice to see so many familiar faces from other clubs and friends who I have not seen since before the Covid thing. All looking like we have ben in some time warp with very little changes. Many thanks to Derek and crew for putting on the show, but these difficult times was reflected in the footfall being low. But a large venue that could easily take a lot more stands and the public. Hopefully next year will still be on . Purchase wise formewas being rewarded with the presence of the REvell 1/32 AsK 21 glider I have been looking for at a real bargain price.
  2. Looking at the above renders, I can't help thinking the interior and the antenna fit on the roof are very much like the Airfix1/72 kit. Still looking forward to this kit regardless.
  3. The Obscureco set has wheels that match the kit that are not quite right. But it does have nice seats cockpit tub and intake fans
  4. By the way... Happy Canada day to All Canuckians here and there.
  5. Maybe the South Korean team in their T-50.?? Though they are black, yellow and a bit of white. They're due to be at Fairford and Farnborough.
  6. Will watch this with interest especially what gold paint is used sd I fancy doing this in 1/72.
  7. I recall seeing it when I was there in 2006. A fabulous museum! A huge inspiration to me and my modelling subjects.
  8. A very convincing April fool at the of its writing no doubt.
  9. There must be a back story to this. I recall seeing something about this some time ago. It will be interesting to learn more.
  10. Easy really. I painted the main area in a silver colour and then added a wash of thinned , to a quite 'watery' consistency, matt black. Applied to suit with a paint brush and tried to achieve a desirable effect.
  11. The wings are very much similar. But larger engine cowls longer fuselage and the fin are the main exterior visible signs of difference. The cabin area the same but longer as rightly mentioned.
  12. With great pleasure, I just received my Apache. It looks to be a very nice kit and will get on with it soon. I can't wait for the Beagle now. I still hope for the Auster family .....they are sort of related to Beagles.
  13. Why should it? Its a German aeroplane and not Canadian. Just because it was shot down by a Canuck. Sorry but I don't think it should be allowed.
  14. Just seen some pics of the sprues and one built up. It scarily looks just like the Airfix one except for some recessed lines etc. and on their familiar single sprue.
  15. This is my entry for the Canadian GB. Heller kit with True Details emergency let down systems, and markings and decals from an old Canadian decal set Layout of refs and decals. The off cut bit in centre are dashboard decals from an old Modeldecal set which I hope will work after about 50 years. Those at bottom right were from the Sword kit and may yield some useful items. And the old Flight Colors decals. Seen above my sole ref work on the T-33. A copy of the Bunrin-do series. It has some very useful pics and diagrams within. The lower colour pic will be my subject. Any thing left over will be up for grabs when I've finished.
  16. A lot of work going into this one. I only ever made one from Matchbox. It ended up being an: AeroMatchFixFujiVell Club kit with all the bits I used. And finished Iin Modeldecals. But I don't fully recall which bits came from what!
  17. That is really nice. Having just done some real gliding a few weeks ago after a 52 year break since my solos while in the ATC, I went up in a ASK-21 and DG-505. So looking at your model of the Grob, I am finding it hard to tell the differences between any and all of the modern gliders. What's next from you ?
  18. CF-101 Voodoo 101025 of 416 Squadron CFB Chatham, Canadian Armed Forces. 1971. Delivered 24/02 1971. Now on display in the Canadian Aerospace Museum at Rockliffe Ottawa, Canada. Revell 1/72 kit. Most and main decals by Belcher Bits.
  19. Final pic showing the spre REvell decal set from the kit. Basically its now all done. A few notes on what I did: 'Tailplanes' : I cut off the pins of the kit parts as before too long, they would break off. This happened on my first one so to avoid this pain, I drilled holes at the witness marks left by the original oins, cut a dress making pin to an appropriate length and fxed one end to one of the parts , popped it through the fin and then fitted the other part to the pin that was protruding . All this joined with cyano and all is well.... and it still moves! Finished ; by adding the pitots( refitting a couple that got knocked off but luckily did not get lost. Painted and attached the LR tanks, Nose pitot: This is another easily damaged part so I did the same here by drilling holes to the radome and blunt end of nose probe, as the part is a butt fit. Fixed a piece of stiff wire to the probe and then to the main radome. So hopefully it won't give way any time soon. Finally some paint finishing touches, remaining decals, those fin serials , the last three are all individual decal items. Here is one or two pics with more in the gallery. Thanks for following. I 'sooted' up the jet areas a bit more being as these engines were rather 'dirty'! Incidentally. the first batch delivered to the RCAF lacked the IR pod above the nose and were ex USAF Serials were preceded with '12' then followed by the last three US serials.. The next batch, also ex USAF but wore Canadian allocated serials had the IR pod. All CF-101 lacked the formation light strips. There were a few other minor external differences in antenna layouts. Next week: I'll be starting my T-33 for the Canadian GB. See you there.
  20. I do believe that Leading Edge have a couple good sets of decals to suit the kit. They are much more comprehensive and accurate than Xtradecals.
  21. Nice choice of kit and decals (especially).
  22. Thanks for all comments everyone. Re panel wash, possibly, but only very subtly. I don't like models of aeroplanes that look as they have just flown through a coal mine. But I will just lightly 'weather' it.
  23. Hello again. Just got back in after a couple or so hours in the shed adding more decals to the '101. Checking the contents f the sheet that remains, there isn't enough CAF lettering of the right size for the underwing markings. No roundels needed anyway , just the 'CAF ###'. But No worries I think I can get over the issue with the decals in my CAF decal bank. First items on making a start. Note yellow stripe decals for the canopy. Still need a bit more to do to the windshield. Those nice flashes on.... but, the roundel and legend are too far back going by images and my trusty Patrick Martin book. Very careful probing with a brush and lots of water released them and they are now in the right place meaning, the forward part of the flash is a bit more forward as too, the legend and roundel. As it happens, the separate pointy segment of the flash is too long being designed for an earlier version of this trim and was cut down as per the Belcher Bits decal instructions. By moving the items forward meant that a bigger space appears between the legend and next part of the flash. This can and will be remedied by using the small segment that was cut from the pointy bit. There is a very good reason for all this and its to do with the change of markings from the CAF roundel and last three being removed and replaced by the dual language legend. One will need to study CAF markings references to fully understand all this. But ,in modelling terms, it makes it accurate and sense. In the above pic, you can see what I have been on about. Starboard side in progress. I have left it for tonight to rest my eyes and avoid damaging still wet decals...Easily done as I find out time to time. Do a bit then leave to dry before doing more is the idea.
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