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  1. Of course it is . how silly of me. Should have known. Will go and correct the captions!
  2. Just a pointer about the Dove, in case it was not known, is there actually were some modified by Riley AIrcraft in the US and UK with flat 6 Lycomings or R-R Continentals(?) and the distinctive swept fin. but used by civilian companies. Fairflight of Biggin Hill being one who also used standard Doves and Herons. I went for a whif scheme as I could not find anything else suitable or anyone ,at the time I built the model, to do decals for me from the schemes supplied in the kit. So an RAF VIP one seemed a good bet.
  3. Finally (for tonight) another one I made a few years ago, italeri C-119 Flying Boxcar in RCAF markings with decals by Leading Edge that included the nose as a resin extra with the decal set. I have got another set of the decals but no resin. I am hoping this will inspire those who have signed up for the upcoming Canadian GB!!
  4. Hi Chris. Thanks and my favourite and only camo and roundels I will happily model.
  5. I did think of that but a number of the types used don't seem to be available in kit form and secondly I decided to just represent the 60s and 70s. However the MOssie could be a contender if I can get the new Airfix kit and someone willing to spare me the appropriate section from the Freightdog decals.
  6. Some more of my past models. \All 1/72nd. Featuring Airfix Gnat T.1( new tool), JP T.5 Sword kit and decals, Magna Riley Dove but a bit of 'what might have been' going on with this one. The serial number I chose for this was never allocated but came among a batch of regular Devons. So I used it here for this as a one of chosen by the RAF as a station commanders hack. Or whatever story you might like. All the decals came form my generic decals bits and pieces. The JP and Gnat will be among my next batch of model disposals. I might replace them with better builds if I can source another Sword JP or Airfix one of the same type. The Gnat I have another in my stash.
  7. I may well have shown these models before but these are new pics. My reasons for the mini theme are, the unit was formed at Shoreham airport back in 1915 ish( could be wrong but local to me) and secondly, my ATC camp to RAF Bruggen in RAF Germany was the base for the first Phantom squadron to be based outside the UK in 1970 and I had the chance to clamber in to the cockpit of the one I have modelled here. Airfix Canberra B(I)8 ( decals Model Alliance I think)and Revell Hunter( decals by Modeldecals) Tornado(Revell), Jaguar( Italeri) and Phantom (Fujimi). All decals from Modeldecals and some kit markings.
  8. Paul J

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Ah! That was it. Thanks for that .
  9. Lovely dio and realistically painted figures (and dog). The black and white images make it look a lot more realistic.
  10. Paul J

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Sad news for sure. I recall he appeared in a TV game show featuring certain members of the Royal Family. And calls for him to complete the course by shouting "Come on Meaty!" I fail to remember the show.
  11. Somewhere in my decal archives I've got the decals and diagrams for the 1/72 Hasegawa kit for the Red Baron 104.
  12. Thanks . They got built at different times with other builds in between. I found that the Hasegawa kits to be the better of kits available at the time. The ESCI ones a close favourite
  13. Whats not to like about the F-104. Here are pics of my collection in 1/72nd All are Hasegawa kits. THe three RCAF ones wearing Leading Edge decals and the Italian '-104S is dressed in decals by Cutting Edge of long ago. I used to have another four but have sold them all and one of these is next for disposal. Next few are of the Italian F-104S Tiger scheme
  14. Lovely work. I am working on my second one at the moment and nervous about tackling the canopy again and the jig thingy. Planning to finish it as the very first Chippie I flew in,WD346 of 2 AEF. I just need the figure 4 to alter the serials of those on the Xtradecl set I have. At the end of this, my 48th Chipmunk by Aeroclub will be changed to one flown by the Skylarks display team of the CFS.
  15. Wow! That's a forgotten about kit. Wasn't bad for the time and the only one I know of in 1/72nd. I must go through my old Airfix catalogues and relive some other forgotten kits. Looking forwards to seeing this done.
  16. Bare in mind the red maple leaf flag of current times did not exist during the last war.
  17. Could it be the new tool 1/43rd cars will herald the start of a new range of cars to replace the classic 1/32 range of the past? I would have liked to se more of the older kits in the forthcoming releases though.
  18. Brilliant! Very imaginative you Kiwis and a good sense of humour.
  19. Hasegawa!! They did a long wing F-86 but had raised panel lines. I ways thought a not bad kit. Trouble is finding one!! It was a long time ago but I have built a few but now all I have left of any of them is the canopy which I can use on an Airfix one. The Fujimi and Hobbycraft versions of same kit had the speed brakes the wrong shape being quite square.
  20. While there is a buzzz here created by Hornets, I found this in my box of proposed built model disposals. I don't think I have shown it here so here it is. Its not my best as I had moments of grief making this one. Leading Edge decals used and Hasegawa Two seater kit. Shown alongside my recent finisher for the F-18 GB, It depicts 60th Anniversary of 410 'Cougar' Squadron and representing its night fighter role during WW2 on the special fin decoration. The '964' digits on the nose should be 904. I damaged the decal and repllaced the '0' with a '6' with the idea of repainting the centre trying to make it a zero. Despite everything, I still prefer the Academy kit especially as the intakes are blanked off deep inside while the Hasegawa kit the intakes are see through.
  21. All done!! The things I could or should have done may well be taken care of later. Such as replacing the lost underwing control actuators and aerials. I lost the pitots to the shed floor on cutting them from the sprue and the aerials got knocked off but saved them. IT was getting too fiddly trying to juggle the model without causing any more damage. So I quit while ahead. The decals worked very well as to be expected by LEM my go to source for Canadian military decals. Images are now on the gallery. It looks like I am the first to complete one. I do have a couple more but will save them for another time within the time frame of this GB. EDIT: Just noted that the extremem tip of the nose should have been coloured a pale cream for the radar cap. Oh well another bit to do when I get back to starting another.
  22. CF-188 Hornet 188709 of 433 @Porcuoine@ Squadron CFB Bagotville, Quebec Canada 2003/04< 60th Anniversary scheme for 433 Squadron. Academy 1/72nd kit with Leading Edge Decals. No mods or other extras used.
  23. Thought as much. I am sure the first incarnations of this kit by Revell had the Piper moniker on the box.
  24. Academy never did a Hudson to 1/72 or any other scale. Only the Ventura in different versions.
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