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  1. I know the one you mean. I recall seeing it at Gatwick in the days I was spotting, I think it was G-BAVY belonging to British Car Auctions but not sure.
  2. Cheers chaps! I think I will have to do a photo call of all my Sabres.... maybe over the weekend.
  3. Continuong my programme of claearing my back log of unfinished and old models worthy of completing here are a couple more. Thye are Aurora kits to 1/72nd . I built all these back in the 1970s. The PA23 Aztec C in bits has just had all the paint scrubbed off courtesy Mr. Muscle oven cleaner, the other one is in white primer but I modified the nose to make it a bit pointy representing an Aztec E. I just need to find an easy colour schme for it and am scouring all the pics I can find on line. The other one I have had the original decals copiedand will use those as the originals are a little yell
  4. Here is another from my unfinished starters. Airfix 1/72nd Sabre as an F,5 of 438 'Wildcat' Squadron RCAF. Decals by Leading Edge, Pavla wheel set and seat, Eduard etched cockpit set pre coloured. AK extreme dark aluminium paint finish and some silver decal for wing panels and cockpit frame which I carefully filed away the too low frame that Airfix done, painted black frame to about the correct depth and overlaid with silver decal stripe of right width and cut to size By the way I moved the position of the wing fence and pylons for the underwing stores too.
  5. Hi. Since the update the other day I have found that when trying to open the Notifications and / or PMs when they are highlighted at top right of screen , they tend to be slow in doing so. Particularly the PM box... just went to open it on seeing there was a message it took some time before responding. Any one else notice this?
  6. I would have liked to done more but lacking in finish choices and materials. As it is, most of my builds have slowed down also due to lack of space. However I have enjoyed following and taking part in this GB seeing lots of nice models and choices.. Maybe a follow up ANZAC /2 GB sometime?
  7. This should be a pleasant build. Re OldModel decals he is good and often a fast turn around too! Have used them quite a bit now.
  8. Wow! Thats quite fascinating! You must feel very proud. Glad you like the model... The log book and model ought to be united with that kind of provenence. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. Some of those schemes have all been done before either as a kit option or aftermarket decals. But still interesting options.
  10. The Bristol I have planned to do as a RCAF one. Was going to save it for the possible Canadian GB or even try it for the AUs/NZ GB but too late for that one now
  11. Getting ready for this one.. choices I have are Beaver, Otter, Twin Otter, Norseman, CL-415, 1/144th vacform Bristol Freighter( Welsh Models) and maybe a couple others if i check.
  12. Nice Tony. I had the same kit but in its original Lincoln International box. The red yellow ones... remember them?
  13. Fairly recently I posted a few pics of my part finished build of the Inpact kit . But lacked decals. Thankfully member cmatthewbacon came to my rescue and sent me decals so I could finish it. So here it is, Decals by Model alliance. Featuring K5682 of Advanced training Flight RAF Cranwell 1936. The annoying bit re these decals is the upper wing coloured bar is undersized. Left as is it would mean the roundels ,if applied up to the ends of the bar would be in the wrong place or , with roundels in the right place , a gap of around half an inch would be left between the bar and sai
  14. Hi, Not a regular car builder but thought you might like to see this one No kidding... I started this way back around 1973 ish. Its been in storage among my unfinished builds and at one time I did progress further and finished it in overall grey primer and red oxide rust preventer around the wheel arches here and there. But more recently it got a final coat of paint and some custom made number plate decals to suit and represent the car my eldest brother used to have. I presented it to him yesterday. As I said, I am not a model car builder by any means but here you are:
  15. Very Nice build chap. Interesting what you say about the fit of AM parts and the gun bay issues. From experience I found that aftermarket resin tend to be too big for the suggested kit(s) and need a fair bit of work to get them to fit at a cost. So for me personally I would stick with what the kit gives you and attempt to improve them. In the case of the gun bay I would leave them out and have the bay closed up. Or if one is a masochist, cut the bay away from the opening and re seat it further in but then it would encroach on the cockpit. Catch 22 I think.
  16. Its not just the quality of these decals. Accuracy is something they lack. Latest example is the new sheets for the Northrop F-5E Tiger but they include Canadian CF-5As and described as CF-5A Tiger!!!! Why? Canada never operated the F-5E. Another one is the 1/48th Tiger Moth set which states RCAf option but its not included on the set. In any case the Airfix Tiger would need several mods to make a Canadian operated Tiger Moth. There are others in the range that are not quite right.
  17. Spotted on Hannants future release list is the MB326. A nice kit I recall but its coming back at a price Around £23,00. Cracking decal sheet though.
  18. Spotted this. Interesting helo on the Canadian ship that looks like a Cormorant(Merlin) in grey? Never knew of grey ones. Royal Navy warships arrive at waterfront in stunning scenes (msn.com). Sorry I can't get the link to open???
  19. Looks a beauty! I love the LEM Decals and have a fair few in my stash unused ...yet but one of them is for this same subject but to 1/72nd. Too scared to try them.
  20. Paul J

    Covid Jab

    My second one on Sunday just gone went OK. Absolutely no side effects except for a little bit of itchyness very late in the day. All done now until Autumn when we all expect to get a booster.... and the flu jab!
  21. I have a few, 1,2,3 7 and 10. I am thinking of selling them.
  22. Paul J

    Mel Bromley RIP

    I don't know if its right to say this and sincere apologies if its out of order but apparently it was due to a sudden heart attack that took him from us. SIncere condolences to his nearest and dearest.
  23. Paul J

    Mel Bromley RIP

    I am really shocked to be reading this. And really upset. I have known Mel for years. We go back to the 1970s. Between us we ran a small club in Horsham and at Christmas we at the club, would meet at his house and have nice goodies and drinks. Lovely man and, as has been mentioned his attendance at shows always produced some interesting kits on sale as well as his smart appearance. I am missing him already. RIP Mel, and thanks for everything.
  24. Nice. I wonder if it will be as fiddly as the Argosy I tried. I am thinking a RNZAF scheme. The nose of the last one in NZ is at the MOTAT Museum Auckland. It was saved from scrapping so only the nose and some bits as seen in the pics exist of it. The guy who showed me round asked if I knew of any pilots seats here in the UK.. they are needing one.
  25. Sounds good. Lots to think about. In my stash A Revell Shack AEW is waiting. Of course there are Spitfire variants Red Baron Mustang racer .....
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