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  1. stringbag

    RAF100 Flypast over East Anglia

    You're probably right in most respects Latinbear, I just feel that much more could have been displayed. The timing to accommodate the widely varying speed ranges could have been managed by the implementation of a holding pattern out of the general area but I guess that had been taken into consideration and subsequently discounted. I still like the idea though. Chris.
  2. stringbag

    Hypersonic Models closing (temporarily)

    Good luck and best wishes to you both on your new venture. All the very best. Chris.
  3. stringbag

    Building a Heller 1/72 Connie

    That looks stunning. Those engines are a must have for any Connie build, but yours are the best I've seen. Chris.
  4. stringbag

    RAF100 Flypast over East Anglia

    Am I the only one disappointed by the flypast? To celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force surely more of the retired types could have been displayed. There are so many still flying in private hands that aircraft from virtually every decade could have been represented. Imagine a flypast featuring the likes of Bristol Fighter, Hawker Fury, Gladiator, etc. right through to the Typhoon era. A nice touch would have been to include WP903, The Chipmunk that HRH Prince Charles flew. Still flying today. A missed opportunity in my opinion. As for the F35. That should have been left on the other side of the Atlantic. Just my feelings on the subject. Chris.
  5. stringbag

    Hot weather, why not give ourselves a present

    You should have saved your money and bought one that makes it's own bubbles. Saves the tight lips and red cheeks.
  6. stringbag

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    Does that mean you now have two broken canopies Julien? Chris.
  7. stringbag

    1966 Lotus Elan S3 (Emma Peel's Car)

    That looks superb J├╝rgen. Almost as good looking as Emma Peel. Chris.
  8. Superb John. Sorry I missed this one earlier. Chris.
  9. Lovely result Alex. I particularly like the work done on the nose area which I feel is the area that benefits most from alteration. Chris.
  10. WOW Ian!! Those mains look really good with the etched details added. and I quite like the "colour" scheme Good job you weren't disturbed by phone calls when you applied the decals. . Could have been disastrous. Must get the conversion details from you next time as I wouldn't mind having a crack at one myself one of these fine days. Really nice result. Chris.
  11. stringbag

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    No need for gosport tubes on the T21 or Mk.3. Instructor only needed to shout.
  12. stringbag

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    I agree with the standard colour coding of the control levers as you correctly point out however many of the ATC T21s had red column grips and the spoiler lever in red. This was not the norm by any means and several that I've been personally acquainted with have had red spoiler levers with blue cross bars.
  13. stringbag

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Here ya go Terry. John is quite right regarding the spoiler handle. Chris.
  14. stringbag

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    They were changed to red in the early 70's John. A few were damaged by careless feet.
  15. I'm sure I know that woman sat in row 11 on the starboard side. Looks absolutely superb Ian. Really impressed with the finish and I like the colourful livery. Chris.
  16. That's great news. I hope they produce the 990 as well. Chris.
  17. Just watch out for those STICKY FINGERS. Chris.
  18. stringbag

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    They were heading back down towards Chester again this evening Trevor. I saw them from the Welsh side of the water. Chris.
  19. stringbag

    CityBird MD-11

    Splendid result Tom. Nice to see a more colourful option too Thanks for sharing. Chris
  20. stringbag

    NZ Flight seeing Islander

    I'll be watching as you progress with this one Paul. I've been trying to get hold of some islander plans for a future project so Might have to drop you a PM later. Chris.
  21. stringbag

    Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Missed this one Mary. Looks really good Chris.
  22. stringbag

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    That sounds nice in the blue. I'll send you some pictures over of the tin-work when I get a chance to take some decent ones. Chris.
  23. stringbag

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    Hi Lee. I'll drop you a PM if I may, probably over the weekend. You may be just the fella I need to sort out the tank on my 1972 YR-5. Chris.
  24. stringbag

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    You've made an absolute dream job of the full size restoration Lee. . Did you do the paintwork on that too? Looking forward to some more updates. Chris.
  25. Yet another museum quality masterpiece. I'm very lucky in that I get to see all of these lovely Wing-Nut-Wings models in the flesh so to speak. Nice one John Chris.