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  1. Have you tried contacting the photographer? He may be able to send you a larger picture. Chris.
  2. It's a lovely colour scheme, much nicer than the current livery. I'm looking forward to seein this one. Chris.
  3. That's a great result Julien. You have obviously put a lot of effort into that one and it shows. I've got an original first issue kit in the stash and some aftermarket decals if you fancu doing another in white. Chris.
  4. This may help. https://www.flickr.com/photos/chaika12/50288056047/ Chris.
  5. That's a lovely result Michael. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  6. Another beauty Dave. I'm amazes how realistic those flight deck window decals look on the RJ. Probably the most effective i've seen to date. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  7. I missed this one too John so I'm glad you revived the thread. Thats a really pretty looking aircraft, and a superbly finished model Dave. Glad to see you're still turning these gems out. Chris.
  8. Hell's teeth!! Thats lovely. Thanks for posting.
  9. That's excellent. Didn't know there was a kit available of the 35. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  10. Great result Dave. I certainly hope your mojo is well and truly restored as it would be a shame not having your excellent builds to enjoy. Looking forward to the next one off the Skodadriver production line. Chris.
  11. Looking forward to the finished article Diogo. Hope you resolve the seam line issue. Chris.
  12. This is the stuff you need. https://stelmax.co.uk/pvcfiller.php Been in the industry for yaers and this is the go to product for small repairs. Chris.
  13. What a great duo John. The Vega Gull is a little beauty and I can see why the box art appeals so much. Chris.
  14. That's a bit special Greg. Those decals really do look good, as does the paint job. All the best. Chris.
  15. Now that you've pointed it out, it's bugging me too. It's going to blow off when reverse thrust is applied.
  16. There are kits of the original B747SP from Welsh Models (Vacform) AuthenticAirliners (Resin) and Eastern Express (injection moulded) All will need the telescope door and other mods to produce the Nasa version. Others more informed that myself will be along shortly.
  17. stringbag

    Covid Jab

    Considering the fact that it's made by the same people that produce Viagra, you've got off lightly. I hate to think what might have happened.
  18. Currently at 43,000 over northern France. Callsign NASA747
  19. What a lovely result. Thanks for posting Berk.
  20. Those cabin windows look very convincing I must say. Love the classic Swissair livery too. Chris.
  21. Phew!!!! Had me worried there for a minute.
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