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  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your techniques Trace. They certainly look very effective here. Chris.
  2. Just ordered the same sets having seen your samples. As for the lead shot. It's probably buried under all the junk on your modelling bench.
  3. Nice to see you back Mark. Can't beat a Hunter in red. Chris.
  4. I think it was your good self that sold me Eduard Gladiator. If so, then thanks. Made up with it. Chris.
  5. Managed to pick up one of these lovely kits at the weekend, inspired in the main by your build. great result Mike. Chris.
  6. I remember the Balkan 154's regularly visiting Manchester when I used to make the trip there for an afternoon spotting. They could be seen for miles when on approach, trailing black smoke. that's a lovely result Dave. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  7. That really is nice Dave. Lovely result from that particular kit and I love the lively. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  8. Very nice indeed. Thanks for the post. Chris.
  9. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/phantom-seamless-f-4-km-british-intakes-for-148-scale-hasegawa-kits-1-6122-p.asp I've a couple of these sets. Every bit as good as the D-Mould set.
  10. That's some very neat scribing |I must say. Thanks for posting Nenad. Chris.
  11. That really is a nice model. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  12. Very nice indeed. I'm not a fan of this new livery but in my opinion it looks better than the old scheme. Thanks for posting Chris. Chris.
  13. Excellent result. I like the very subtle weathering. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  14. It would look even better on my shelf. Chris.
  15. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Excellent job all round. Chris.
  16. Can't tell which is the model and which is the real thing. Superbly done Lee. Chris. PS. Love the CBX.
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