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  1. Typical of their customer care department. I've had the same response when trying to get hold of a replacement canopy for the 1/48 scale Meteor. Very shoddy especially considering the fact that these are current kits. A classic case of CBA me thinks. Chris.
  2. That's a lovely scheme on the America West -200. Much nicer than the later scheme. Thanks for posting Steve. Chris.
  3. I think he's deep enough now Graham. Someone will be along shortly to fill it in. Chris.
  4. Membership here isn't compulsory. Chris.
  5. A couple of schemes I haven't seen before so thanks for posting Steve. Chris.
  6. Another impressed member here too. As a matter of interest, what paint did you use? Chris.
  7. Ive already got the A310 decals, but thanks for the offer. Chris.
  8. I managed to get hold of the Carpena decals some time ago with the intention of doing the A310. They certainly look very nice I must say. Looking forward to this one immensely. Chris.
  9. This should be rather nice as I love the old TAP scheme. Which decals are you using? Chris.
  10. Somehow, you have transformed what I would consider a boring livery, into a rather fine looking model Dave. I'm blown away with this one. For someone who was considering giving up all together you are certainly turning out some spectacular models. So glad you had a change of heart. All the best. Chris.
  11. Can't beat the old three holers. Great pictures as usual Steve. Chris.
  12. That T-38 is a good looking aeroplane. Chris.
  13. Thanks Steve. Great pictures. Chris.
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