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  1. I think Steve was looking over my shoulder when these were listed. You did miss out the Scimitar GTE however. Chris.
  2. Love that big Atkinson Rich. Chris.
  3. That's really nice Michael. Probably the best livery the venerable Dak has ever worn too. I also like the display case. A very professional job all round. Chris.
  4. If only that was all that is needed. Good luck with this one Olli.. At least the decals look okay. Chris.
  5. Very smart indeed Mark. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  6. Excellent stuff Dave. There are several that I must have missed during the year so I've bookmarked them in order to pop back and have a more leisurely look. Really like the DC-8, B720 and lovely little 1-11. Thanks for posting and all the best for 2021. Chris.
  7. My thoughts exactly Ian and I know what you're going to say so don't bother! At least we can have a go at the -30. Super result John and I love the group shot. Just a 707 and an F-27 to go now. Chris.
  8. Although I had an L23 for a short while I still prefered the L13. Great machine. Spent many an hour over Sutton Bank too. Chris.
  9. That's rather nice Ray. Such an elegant machine. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  10. The Tristar looks so good in the old TWA livery. Thanks for posting Alex.
  11. Very colourful indeed. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  12. Nice one Ray. A330 models seem to be rare for some reason, so this makes a welcome treat. Chris.
  13. Another superb model Ian. The conversion really makes a huge difference. Hope all is well. Chris.
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