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  1. stringbag

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Stunning rendition of my favourite subject. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  2. Reminds me of spotting at Manchester in the 70's. BIA Heralds were regular visitors and that's a really nice model you have produced Eric. Chris.
  3. stringbag

    Garden Sprayer Bottle for Air Pressure

    A friend of mine uses CO2 bottles. Lasts him about 2 years and refills cost less than £20 a pop. It's quiet (obviously). No moisture trap required either, and the initial cost was less than he would have spent on a compressor. Chris.
  4. stringbag

    Redcoat revival

    Must have missed this one. Really nice scheme well executed Keith. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  5. Me too. Great pictures Rich. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  6. Superb work on that flight deck Neil. Really impressed I must say. All the best Chris.
  7. Well that's a real stunner Ian. Another fan of the -200 as opposed to the longer -300. You make it all seem so easy. Thanks for posting. (Show-off) Chris.
  8. I'll bet you are Matey. They look superb. Chris.
  9. Great results Neil. I'll bet it took you longer to work out how the vacuum cleaner worked that it did to make the box Can see you having fun with the rear upper turret.
  10. stringbag

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Nice pictures Terry. I noticed a lot of missing or non-standard items on that particular airframe so check with other on-line sources before you commit too much detail to your model. Nice to see it back on the bench too. Chris.
  11. stringbag


    You've really got to get out more John. Thats just the sort of thing I'd do a double take on so I know the symptoms. Love it really.
  12. Well I thought they were very good.
  13. Stroll on John !!! Do you ever sleep? Lovely build though Sir, and I particularly like the F-27/146 combo. Chris.
  14. stringbag

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Should be reasonably priced even allowing for inflation.