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  1. I would guess they were nearer the Wirral side of the Dee. Loud as one would expect and about 1200' Had a DH. Chipmunk stooging around this side of the water this evening. That brought back some memories. Chris.
  2. Did you see the two Stearmans over your way earlier today? Only saw them in silhouette but think they were probably the Breitling aircraft. Chris.
  3. Sorry I missed this one first time around. Excellent result, and so glad the post has been revived. Chris.
  4. Totally agree. That's absolutely superb. I'm a big fan of the classic airliners and the Douglas Commercials are among my favourites. Chris.
  5. Not overly keen on that one. I prefer the old DC-9 delivery scheme. Slow progress with the Airbus but you already knew that. You're just extracting the urine. . Chris
  6. Very impressed with this one too Alistair. The real aircraft looks so boring in that scheme, but somehow looks very different and far more interesting in model form. Perhaps it's the fact that we usually see only the side views when they're on the ground and in model form, much more is displayed. That's a lovely model for sure. Chris.
  7. WOW!!. That's yet another superb model Dave. Like Ian, I'm impressed with the masking as much as the overall finish. Considering the fact that it doesn't have a cheatline, that's a lovely livery. I hadn't thought about the spare cockpit glazing as a substitute for the Daco item. Good idea. Chris.
  8. Some fabulous airliner models appearing here lately, and this is right there with the best. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  9. Stunning as usual Ian. The new KLM livery looks better on the model than it does on the full sized airframe. Really nice result. Chris.
  10. That's a real stunner Dave. The amount of "sheen" that you've applied looks just perfect in the pictures. I'm another convert to that particular scheme too as it happens. Great result. Chris.
  11. I was hoping you might be able to enlighten me on that score. They seem to originate in Tangiers but I've no idea what they're hauling. Thankfully. they make a nice change from the usual visitors to Speke. Chris
  12. Hi Trevor. Have you seen the An-12's in and out of Liverpool recently? They seem to be quite frequent at the moment running in over Flint and the Wirral for 09 at Liverpool. Chris,
  13. Very nicely done Alex. Such a pretty colour scheme and I'm glad you took your time over it. Don't take any notice of that nasty Viking fellow. I hope his long-boat springs a leak next time he buggers off up a fjord. Chris.
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