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  1. What a great looking model. There's no evidence at all of he paintwork problems you experienced as the finish looks perfect from where I'm sitting. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  2. Great result Steve. Nice to see some Eastern Express kits being built. I doesn't look at all bad based on what we see here. Chris.
  3. "Sea Comet anyone a 'Comet 4-Sea' Har har." You're really not coping well with this lockdown at all John. I'm here if you need someone to talk to. Great improvement on the wings by the way but you have to do something with that nose profile. I am referring to the Comet in case there is any misunderstanding. Chris.
  4. That's fabulous Dave. I remember seeing the DC-8s of Aviaco Spantax and Iberia during a holiday to Majorca in the early 70's and a couple of diversions into Manchester some time later. I always thought the double titles on the fuselage of both the Iberia and Aviaco aircraft looked a little odd for some reason. Strangely, they don't look out of place at all in this lovely model. Thanks for sharing this with us Dave. Chris
  5. Looking at this picture, I'd say the Airfix kit has the better nose shape. Chris.
  6. What a beauty. Probably one of the prettiest looking Ferraris ever built in my book. Thanks for posting. Chris
  7. Bloody hell Neil. That's superb. So much attention to detail and scratchbuilding skill all rolled into one stunning model. Well done Matey. Chris.
  8. Superbly executed as usual Ian. I hadn't noticed until now, the wrap around of the cheatline at the nose. I've learned someting new again today. Edit to say how obvious the error in the Minicraft kit when compared to this little beauty. Chris.
  9. Super job yet again John. I have difficulty keeping up with your builds lately. I'm quite surprised by how big the Beverly was compared to the C130. An Argosy will fit in that little gathering very nicely too. Chris.
  10. Nice job on that demarcation line your Lordship. It's progressing very well indeed. Chris.
  11. That's a lovely model Ian. I'm coming around to the belief that the 200 series actually does look better proportioned than the 300. Looks great in the Singapore livery too. I agree with you regarding the Braz engines as well. I picked a set up at last years Telford show for a possible conversion along the same lines. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  12. Be very wary of the Roden decals your Lordship. They do tend to be quite difficult to apply, especially around the compound curves. Make sure yo use plenty of Mr.Softer on the areas to be decalled, followed by Mr. Setter to get them to settle down and conform to the kit contours. All the best. Chris.
  13. That's a real beauty. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
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