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  1. That's a bit special Greg. Those decals really do look good, as does the paint job. All the best. Chris.
  2. Now that you've pointed it out, it's bugging me too. It's going to blow off when reverse thrust is applied.
  3. There are kits of the original B747SP from Welsh Models (Vacform) AuthenticAirliners (Resin) and Eastern Express (injection moulded) All will need the telescope door and other mods to produce the Nasa version. Others more informed that myself will be along shortly.
  4. stringbag

    Covid Jab

    Considering the fact that it's made by the same people that produce Viagra, you've got off lightly. I hate to think what might have happened.
  5. Currently at 43,000 over northern France. Callsign NASA747
  6. What a lovely result. Thanks for posting Berk.
  7. Those cabin windows look very convincing I must say. Love the classic Swissair livery too. Chris.
  8. Phew!!!! Had me worried there for a minute.
  9. Really neat 727. A very smart livery I think. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Covered in cobwebs after six years.
  11. Best suggestion yet. Simple and effective. That's the way I'd tackle it. If the step treads project beyond the stringer line then a couple of timbers will provide clearance and if long enough and space allowing, it will reduce the pitch and lessen the weight for one person.
  12. This is turning out really well. I'm a fan of the US navy aircraft so I'll be watching with interest. Chris.
  13. A lovely result. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  14. Hi Wally. Like others have said, that was 11 years well spent. The result was well worth your perseverance and 11 years isn't that long really. Chris.
  15. Hi Alex. As Ian has said, thats a well finished 737. Hope you can resolve the windscreen issues as it will make a huge difference. All the best. Chris.
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