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  1. I recommend the full cockpit set from CMK for the Hawk. It provides everything you will need including a new vac formed canopy. They also do a very nice undercarriage set as well. I'll dig out the sets and send you the product numbers. Chris.
  2. You're spoiling us tonight Alex. Thats a real peach. Chris.
  3. Super result Alex. It's a good looking aircraft especially in this livery. Chris.
  4. Nice one Rich. Love that 1/24 scale AEC. Chris.
  5. Just checked mine and found a similar issue so thanks for the heads-up Alex. Probably wouldn't have spotted it without. Chris.
  6. That's a great result considering the basic kit you started with. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  7. Nice to see alternative techniques tried out so thanks for posting Nikola.
  8. Very nice indfeed Ray. Is the corroguard and example of your decal? All the best. Chris.
  9. Me too. All superb without exception. Not about to pick any favourite but, I really like the Welsh ATR for obvious reasons and that Sukhoi is ruddy gorgeous. Damn!!!. Done it after all. Seasons greetings and all the best for the new year. Chris.
  10. Looks superb. One of the best night finishes I've seen. Chris.
  11. That's a damned fine model Alex. The grey you have used for the fuselage top looks about the best I've seen for this livery. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  12. That was to be expected in my opinion Keith.
  13. It looks even better in the flesh so to speak. You guys are making a fine job breathing life int these older kits, and really putting me to shame in the process. Chris.
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