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  1. I have to say that this kit really does capture the 748 very well. Looking forward to seeing the Andover too. Chris.
  2. Hi Pete. Its the old Heritage Aviation resin kit now being marketed by Coastal Craft. Have a look here at Mikes build. Chris.
  3. Hi Paul. The rules require that you report your post directly to the mods as they are more likely to see it sooner. The report button is in the top right of your post. Chris.
  4. Quite right Paul. The fuselage was extensively redesigned with a much straighter lower longeron and a deeper keel. Not as pretty as the 11b in my opinion. Chris.
  5. Pressing the "Available here" button takes you to their website for all the mailing options.
  6. Hi Julien. I agree with the info from both Ian and Dave regarding the inspar colours Photographs are few and far between on the upper wing surfaces and those available vary from pale grey to dark metallic grey. There is one here which is almost a chocolate brown which illustrates the tonal variations under different lighting conditions and photographic processing techniques. https://www.flickr.com/photos/iberialineasaereas/5811492636/sizes/h/ If it helps, I have some decal inspar panels for the Airfix DC-10 although I think they are a little on the dark side. They do illustrate the peculiar shape to the rear edge of the panel and s shown in the linked picture and could be used as masks when you're ready to paint. Chris. Just found another picture that confirms the info supplied by Dave and Ian. https://www.flickr.com/photos/corkspotter/45992376871/sizes/k/
  7. Looking forward to this one but I hope the kit is rigged straighter than the aircraft depicted in the artwork. Chris.
  8. This is shaping up rather nicely John. Inspiration to get mine finished too. Chris.
  9. Have a look in the vendor's area for Aerocraft Models. Alistair does some very nice replacement pylons in resin. Well worth the money. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/category/1-48th Chris
  10. What a car that was. Can't have too many 70's F1 cars.
  11. A big thanks from me too. Your hard work and attention to detail will I'm sure, be invaluable to many modellers both now and in the future. Thanks again. Chris.
  12. Totally agree with Joachim here. Superb result. Chris.
  13. Lets hope that Boeing themselves don't hear about this group build. Goodness knows how much they will try and charge for a license.
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