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  1. I thought I had signed up for this, but appears not, so I will join with an Airfix F-51D Dominican Republic version
  2. Amazing job on that, and you did start with the best kit
  3. As another who has missed this until now, and just read through all the thread, only to end up at a messy end, I can only say, I love your work, and I'm sure you will get it fixed, you have that dedication I didn't know how different the Swiss Mirages were until now, quite a lot of differences that you covered off beautifully. all the best with getting it sorted.
  4. Graeme H

    RIP Clive James

    One of the great writers, Blue skies
  5. Came out a lot better than you make out, the Minicraft kit has one redeeming feature in that the wing to fuselage fit is one of the best like the use of photos for the background
  6. Oooh, getting ready for Tom Hanks soon
  7. Just found this looking for something else, what a great job
  8. Outstanding, love the interior, never knew of these Herks at all
  9. O my, another thread, and 3D printing involved, be still my beating heart.
  10. This is moving along, but again no photos, over the weekend I got a lot done on the Undercarriage, Fuel tanks and pylons etc, these will be fitted in the next few days, although I can't seem to find the main U/C doors, so a search is being conducted. My intention is to build it as it was on the 10th Feb 1995 in the Cenepa War, I have no idea of the config on the day, but assuming it had 3 fuel tanks, but were the wing ones 1300L or were they the Israeli 500L supersonics, which are fitted in a photo of the aircraft with what I assume id the Pilot Capitan Mauricio Mata after the event, as the aircraft has the kill marking on it, which I nearly put on until I realised what it was, and in that photo it's loaded as a bomb truck not as an interceptor. My best guess is that it had the 500L tanks, but I don't have any of those, so would need to make them, or alternatively have no wing tanks, but highly unlikely with any Mirage Version, but the FAE seems to have both at different times, not a lot of photos out there of their Kfirs, so one question I have were the Mirage F1's and Kfir's on a standing patrol or were they scrambled? The kit has 1300L subsonic tanks, so likely I will fit those and to hell with it, and someone needs to do 500L Israeli tanks, about the only ones I know of are in the PJ version of the Belgian AF kits, and in resin, and I need those. The shoot down missile was a Shafrir 2, which is not in the kit, it has a Python 3, so I got myself an aftermarket pair from Eduard, which as photoetch for the forward fins, alternatives are 3D printed ones from HPM, the Shafrir 2 is very similar in shape and look to the AIM 9B, and most wouldn't know the difference anyway. I painted the main body, these have very nice detail on them, I will try not to stuff them up.
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