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  1. The later BAE and Scottish Aviation versions usually had 4 bladed props, I have always though you could make the Garrett engine from what Airfix supplied and a whole heap of filler. The intake on this early version was on the bottom, but Garrett moved it to the upper, I'm sure you could do that with the what Airfix gives, but you need to fill the lower half to get the smooth transition. besides the above mentioned kits to get the Astazou engined version there was an older conversion by M&E Models that came out in the early '90's and turn up quite cheaply. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mande-models-kc003-handley-page-jetstream-t1-t2--146018 A photo of the Garrett There were just as many Garrett engined Airliners as Astazou engined ones
  2. Interesting kit, not seen it before, but looks the part in the end, well done
  3. I like that a lot
  4. Top result, looks ready for the driver to step in
  5. Nothing better than spending my Sunday morning catching up with this build, coming along so well, and some of the solutions although looking quite brutal, seem to work in a Russian engineering way.
  6. OK, fitted the basic interior, lots of fettling was required, the big problem, is nothing was square, don't really care as not much of anything is visible in a Canberra anyway. You will note the rear bulkhead has been severely cut back to take the nosewheel bay, there was no other way, I call this the Swan theory of modelling, in that it will look elegant on the outside, but not underneath. I cut out the Canopy only took about 30 mins , it's just sitting there at the moment waiting for the 50 shades of black and grey that will adorn the insides after I make an effort to add some detail. to infinity and beyond
  7. Moving along fairly well, had a bit of a struggle getting the fuselage to join the wing, some clamping and Tamiya thin got me over the line the second kit is coming along a bit quicker, now I have a better understanding of how to get it together, with this one I put the U/C bay on the upper wing, a much better idea to get a good join will be able to get into getting the fuselage together in the next couple of days I hope
  8. Just found this one, really great job, and a wonderful scheme
  9. C'mon now, we have just moved out of Winter into Spring, the temp has risen slightly, Mind you I'm still wearing my T shirt and Shorts that I wore through winter except on my 5 am dog walks, when I would also wear a long sleeve shirt with my shorts, and shoes
  10. OK, all done by Saturday then I had so much trouble getting my props together and you seem to have aced them in a single go, I must be doing something wrong
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