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  1. A challenge kit to build, and a great rendition of a NMF what's not to love
  2. I like the idea that you will build this, and yes it still does look like a C-47 Dakota, don't put it beside the new one when it is built though, good to see the moving control surfaces again, gave me a lot of play time in my youth
  3. Wow, I never realised this would be such a colourful beast, really coming along beautifully
  4. Do love a good Draken, and that's a beauty
  5. Just catching up with this after a short break away from home and computers, some interesting ideas coming into this never thought of using foil to make corrugations, great idea that, also glad to see the fuselage haves went together so well
  6. It's a Mirage, what's not to love, beautiful job
  7. Thanks Tommy, some good reference in those photos knew about the Maingear and nose gear bays, and am making plans to do something about it, I doubt I could ever get enough time to build to the correct fit though just too much of a major scratchbuilding job for me My plan is to make it basically a bit closer to the proper config. if that makes sense.
  8. Lovely job, never realised before how close the airbrakes went to the supersonic tank
  9. You could well be right there Colin, didn't think of that one.
  10. OK, this a build that I have been promising for at least 2 GB's, but life got in the way big time First effort was what was called a buddy build way back, then the Maritime GB that finished recently So with as much determination as I can muster, I'm off at last, started on the 2nd day of the GB, but only just getting around to posting Nothing was done in either of the 2 previous attempts, just stuff collected First thing you will notice is that this is a late boxing with very nice decals compared to the older boxings It also as I was to find out, has some flash that needs to be addressed, significantly on the fuselage halves, which I would recommend needs dealing with before anything is attached to the fuselage halves The wings needed dressing down as well. As the wings on the Neppie are very busy compared to most, probably the Constellation is close with a four engine arrangement and tip tanks I decided to start with them, so the 2 jet engines and the tip tanks together The Mainwheel wells are not deep enough and I decided to open them up a bit, so put the nacelles together making sure to open up the top half of the locating cup on one side so the landing gear can be put in later then marked on the outside of the nacelles where to cut the idea being to leave the main gear attachments alone and cutting around them, they are more than strong enough I think. Now when you mark on the outside of the nacelle you need to remember to cut several mm's on the inside of the line, on the first one that principal applied, the second one I seemed to forget, but it was about 10 minutes later and my memory is shot So.. packed out with some plastic strip to correct the goof up not had time to do anymore since, but did look at the Resin Cockpit which is very nice, but realised the Eduard PE is flat and the resin is not, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to paint the resin and forgo the PE, maybe try the Hasegawa decals Today I will go and visit my resident SP-2H and have a better look at what's behind the mesh that is significant in the Mainwheel wells, my photos of some of it are up on the Walkaround site Also need to figure out what I'm going to use for that mesh
  11. Been away for a few days, and this is just going so well, I must confess would be great to have a ride in her
  12. A fantastic collection,, must make the trip one day, just to see and hear things like a n FW190 actually flying
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