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  1. A lot of work making those wings thicker at the now front, and really thin in what was the leading edge, but just like your avatar, go for it
  2. It has that beautiful chunkiness of vintage Airfix, really coming along nicely
  3. Graeme H

    Airfix DC9 twin build

    A quick squirt of primer on the nose, shows I need to refine it a bit more, oh goody some precision sanding required DSCN1332 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr the other one waits while I figure out if there is a better way to do this
  4. Boy this dio building is really full on, really nice carpentry work, pity it has to be damaged
  5. Graeme H

    Cheap airbrush and compressor set

    Commiserations on that, I watched the game here as well, although I had to start at 0400 I recently bought a Chinese one with a tank, having had 2 like the 2nd one you showed, they gave me more than 40 years of service between them so can't complain my new one has an air tank as well and is fantastic, fills the tank and then cuts out until the level in the tank drops.
  6. Graeme H

    1/72 Cold War Soviet Mud-Mover

    Yep, when I visited Melbourne for the Model Expo, sorry for not letting you know, but I drove home solo from Melbourne 2879 kms on the odometer of my sons new 2nd hand VW Golf GTI, my memory went a bit lot fuzzy after that. Now just waiting for the GB to start. I knew a long time ago, but did a bit more research recently to find my maternal grandfather was involved in the recovery of the German A7V "Mephisto" which has recently gone through a refurbishment now on the lookout for the Emhar kit.
  7. Graeme H

    1/72 Cold War Soviet Mud-Mover

    As an aircraft modeller now you know why I had to follow the instructions on my Heller Sherman in the Sherman GB
  8. Graeme H

    Airfix DC9 twin build

    Slowly getting more done Wings and all attachments added, although the silver plastic shows like the join hasn't been cleaned up, it has been. DSCN1326 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr Siting on it's legs without wheels ready to go into the paintshop DSCN1327 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr A coat of primer to see where I'm at
  9. Graeme H

    AIRCRAFT OF 1940"

    Welcome aboard, we're here to help in any way we can I see you mentioned a cutting mat, get a better one than those green ones, Officeworks sells this one which I thoroughly recommend, impervious to paint, takes cuts without leaving an obvious mark and as it says is clear enough you can put something underneath and read it, great for doing camo schemes. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/bantex-clear-desk-mat-ba417308
  10. Graeme H

    Regarding the AMD Mirage Fuel tanks

    Those 1700 L tanks from Freightdog are their own, they also did a set for a Falklands/Malvinas war Dagger configuration of 3 x 1300 L tanks, 2 x 250 Kg bombs and pylons, they were fairly good although the noses of the tanks were a little too pointy
  11. Didn't see the start of this, and have just finished reading through, really excellent work going on, this will be an awesome diorama, love the Sherman, obviously a crew who had a deep respect for 88's
  12. Graeme H

    Regarding the AMD Mirage Fuel tanks

    They are all wrong, the Heller are quite oversize, the HPM are definitely supposed to be 1300 L, but are undersized for those as well The PJ resin one is supposed to be 1700 L, but are also undersized, the best and most accurate are the HPM resin one, one caution though it is sold singly, not as a pair https://www.hpmhobbies.com/search.php?search_query=1700+L+tanks&Search= This may possibly be available at Freightdog, but I couldn't find them, maybe send an email to Colin, he is the UK agent for HPM. On a personal note as I need about 4 pairs, I'm making some plastic ones using 3/8" Evergreeen tube, and the ends from the HPM 1300L faired in, but I'm making RAAF ones which have different tails on them The Dassault one have the 2 downward sloping fins like on that box art, the HPM lets you do both, but again the with RAAF ones the tail feathers are not quite accurate, good fro Dassault ones though. The only plan I have is from a Roodecal instruction sheet done in the '70's, but I believe it to be quite accurate, it's only a side view, but because it's a scan can't upload it to Flickr If you want to send me a PM with an ordinary email addy I could send it to you. With that AMD/RV kit I was so disappointed with that, showing an Argentine loadout on the boxart, but nothing inside the kit except a pair of supersonic tanks which actually match the HPM ones, but that could be purely coincidental , and even more strange no location holes for them, go figure, not my favourite kit, the fit of the nose to the rear is terrible. I do have an HPM somewhere, but can't find it right now, will have a bit of a look for it, but will have to be later in the week, as I'm a bit busy over the next couple of days.
  13. Very good result, and congrats on completing it
  14. You certainly turn out some stunners, that is just beautiful
  15. Can't wait to see some paint on that, looks great so far