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Graeme H

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  1. Graeme H

    C-47 Indian Air Force 1/72

    Really cool, a livery I have never seen before
  2. Graeme H

    Airbus A300B1 F-WUAB

    Interesting use of carbon rod, looks really good so far
  3. Graeme H

    `Repeat Please`

    What a great idea, and execution, just love it
  4. Graeme H

    `Repeat Please`

    What a great idea, and execution, just love it What a great idea, and execution, just love it
  5. Graeme H

    1/48 AMK Kfir C2

    A Dassault Delta of sorts, what's not to love
  6. Graeme H

    BOAC Cunard Super VC-10 in 1/144

    Truly excellent
  7. The work on that undercarriage is superb, this is going to be a great build set, I'm in
  8. I had forgotten about your Sherman, I well remember it as I also went into that Sherman GB, seems like yesterday
  9. Just catching up with this one, and congrats on adding to the rich tapestry of the English language with your old and new acronyms, we will of course probably forget what it is when next we encounter it, but it's out there now, I can imagine 100 years from now a University Lecturer referring to it to new Engineering students. Your building in scale is just as hard as the real thing, and the fact that most of what you have used is recycled simply outstanding, I think I'm going to be mildly disappointed when you start on the Sherman, or perhaps you are going to scrub that idea and add a Panzer IV, from that GB.
  10. Aardvark it is probably better to start a new thread in the KUTA XI GB and refer to this previous one, that one runs until the 3rd February I for one would love to see you finish this, one. I am in a similar situation with not finishing model and have done this, very easy it's what most of us do, I think this GB may get locked down soon, not too sure what happens to finished GB's
  11. Graeme H

    MiG-21MF 1/72 Eduard

    Another beauty from the Libor fantastic model aircraft works
  12. Graeme H

    Airfix DC9

    Going for VH-TJL Coral Islander flew in her a few times
  13. Graeme H

    Airfix DC9

    I started this in the Airfix Golden Years GB, but some minor distractions, like ending up in the Cardiac ward of the hospital with the Cardiologist telling me I was suffering from Heart failure, caused me to slow down, both physically and more importantly mentally. When I asked what that meant, he says, it's not a heart attack, just the heart muscle not working properly by how much I enquired?, it's only about 36% at the moment he came back feeling mildly stunned, I stated on a period of reflection and contemplation, recently I decided bugger it can't let that get me down, so I decided a few weeks ago to go to a model show to get a mojo update. My normal go to event for this is Telford, but on the same weekend ScaleACT hold their event in Canberra, and having been to Telford 12 times, and never having been to ScaleACT, I made the obvious decision. Now this is a big country here in Australia, and I would normally fly to such events, but my mate @Rob S lives on the way if I decided to drive, why the hell not I thought, so drove the short bit 6 1/2 hours (612 kms or 380 miles) to his neck of the woods, picked him up and continued down to an overnight stop at a small place called Surat, as I won't drive in the dark on this road, the bodies of several hundred Kangaroos and Wallabies that littered the road all the way was testament to that and 12 hours of driving is my limit anyway. I let Rob do the next days driving, and I was feeling quite good about the whole adventure by this time, we got into Canberra late in the afternoon having travelled 2193 kms in 23.38 hrs driving time, and none of it is multilane, and most is fair at best, and lot of oops look out, especially when I contacted a Wedgetail who couldn't make V2, I think he was OK, couldn't see him in the rear view mirror, although he probably needed a few Panadol, because it was a fair thump just at the top of the windscreen near the rear view mirror, but no blood or dent showing so I figured he was OK, and it's what I keep telling myself. I had a great time in Canberra, making our way to the service at the Australian War Museum on the Sunday morning, to see the PM deliver his speech. It was great to catch up again with @Ray S at the show, all this got my mojo going, I just had to drive home, nearly all very boring, lots of modelling talk, and listening to Spotify, we were out of mobile phone contact for probably 80% of the journey, a total of 4470 kms there and back again. So I had started this original GB with the intention of doing 2, but as I haven't got very far with the second one, will keep this down to just this one, here is the GB file for those interested. I turned out the coughing I was having at the start of this build was fluid on the lung from the heart, should have known it wouldn't be anything trivial. I have been getting a bit of painting done, but the weather has been really bad, we are having a heatwave at the moment, very uncommon, fortunately all the politicians say it's not global warming, so that's good to know running the air conditioner all day is required, and going downstairs to paint seems like a foolish thing at the moment, as I don't have a spray booth in my modelling room yet , even though it's airconditioned, so it's a bit of a no no at the moment. Tuesday was the worst with overnight minimum at 28.6C and the max at 42.3C, but not to worry summer officially starts in a couple of days. today is currently 39C, probably going to 41C or so. anyway, this is the current state of play DSCN1513 by qfa_tsv, on Flickr
  14. Graeme H

    RAAF Vengeance

    Great work there Enzo and seeing this, reminds me I have one of these on the shelf of doom, note to self, must locate, must locate I remember that I didn't put the interior in, as it will slide all the way up the fuselage before the engine is fitted, another note to self, must remember to do that before fitting engine.
  15. Really love those WP schemes, were some of the most interesting around, must confess this is the first time I have seen this one finished, came up a treat.