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  1. Lovely job, and a great car in real life, bet you wish your own garage was that clean though
  2. Fiddly, hard to describe, but they moulded the strake as part of the intake
  3. Having said that about the Italeri kit, I would be remiss in not warning you about getting the Heller Intakes together neatly, you will see what I mean when you study the kit
  4. I recommend you don't get the Italeri kit, the wing sweep is off, very obvious when you put it beside the Heller kit
  5. Wonderful output, really great models, love the DC6
  6. The markings threw me for a second, not being able to discern the blue at first, but love it, really well done
  7. This is some outstanding modelling, and oh how we need a decent MkXIV
  8. Really great job on that. on a side note, you have bought back to life a Modelling Company that existed for only a nano second, and not sure if this was not their only ever kit. I do know I tried to get it back in the '70's, but had no luck in those pre internet days.
  9. I'm about to get back into this one Pat, life has been throwing lemons, but I'm getting there
  10. That interior is way more sophisticated than what Airfix supplied (nothing), very nice indeed.
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