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  1. OK, a slow start to this one, which ensures I will end up in a stressed and panicked state near the end. I started with some basic work about a week after the start of this GB, and been doing little bits here and there, but now into it sort of full time so the box shot plan is a basic OOB build as Post takes too long to get anything else anyway the tub removed and painted these single type GB's don't allow much time for mucking about, so need to get stuck in
  2. Wonderful build as always, and SQ just announced they are putting all the -200's out to pasture, great pity
  3. Great to see it get over the line
  4. I think putting the white on first would have been the go
  5. What an interesting choice for this GB, looking good so far
  6. Amazing detail in that cockpit, and paint and decals going on, these blitzbuilds sure bring out the amazing.
  7. What a great finish, and great work overcoming the constant little failures.
  8. Great job in the allotted timeframe
  9. My, that is tiny, good luck, although small it should be very colourful, I can imagine Jimmy Doolittle looking down and giving encouragement and suggestions
  10. Wow, the set for the prestart is something in itself, what are the 2 little 4 engines resin birds?
  11. What a great kit to build for this GB, It's raining too much for me to get any paint to dry, which is why I decided not to go in this GB, but good luck to you
  12. Followed the build most of the way until distracted by GB deadlines, great to see her out in the sunshine, another outstanding build
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