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  1. My goodness you're a machine the way you are pumping these out, I once had this kit, but I am sure mine didn't have the rivets across the hinomaru, just the flat circle, which looked out of place. I tried filling and sanding and it worked the best, but that was about 40 years ago when references were very hard to find, and I no longer have this one, got damaged in a move and since given away I think, don't think I have ever thrown away a model.
  2. Well at least with this one, there will be absolutely no inaccuracies, everything will be just perfect Although I would rather a Venom single seater
  3. From your photos that resin looks half decent, good luck with this, I now know where Valom got all their colour schemes from I only have the Hallam Vac one to consider one day.
  4. Nice result in the end despite your problems
  5. Here in Australia it was simply called the Pig in reference to an Aardvark being an Earth Pig
  6. In reality it can, does spray OK, but can sometimes bead up, quite OK for clean up afterwards, I wouldn't recommend White Spirits first up, I would give some a mix to see if that might work before anything. I personally have used to good effect Methylated Spirits, but ours is coloured a sort of purple, didn't show with the White Tamiya and GSI Creos paint though, also used Windex, or if you can get it Isopropyl Alcohol is the best, The proprietary stuff is just that anyway.
  7. OK, Rob S has been pressuring me for years to give up the story of my ATC days, and my one and only Lincoln ride It was 1961, that famous year which could be read the same way, correct way up, or upside down, you all knew that right? Here is a [picture of a fresh faced me on parade, Rob should be able to easily pick me out So this was an annual camp, where we lived on the RAAF Base, fortunately for me it was my home town, and Dad was in the RAAF, but away at the time on an Exercise, so Mum took the photos. Now as then ATC Cadets got to ride on the RAAF Aircraft while they were at Camp, and this was the first of a few for me, had to get Mum to sign a release even back in those days for me to go, and it turned out only 6 of us got one We did a bit over an hour out over the Coral Sea mostly, got to go to all the positions, although for me the best was the observers seat in the extended nose which is what those picture windows in that long nose extension were all about, as the Lincoln like the Shackleton couldn't be fitted with a MAD boom, so mostly relied on 2 observers, sitting out in front of the engines a fabulous seat with a lambs wool seat cover, which I considered to be the best seat in the house, only stayed a few minutes in the rear turret, sliding over the main spar was fun going backwards, but you needed help coming forward So other big thing was the fact my Dad worked on them, that is my main connection to the Lincoln.
  8. Crikey Moa, you first posted this up on Friday, and it's just Sunday for me, you are really cracking on with this one, I'm struggling to get much modelling time at the moment, but will try very hard to keep up
  9. Nice model, but I question that a Post War new RAF aircraft would be that weathered
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