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A-20G "Sweet Li`l kitten"1/48 from Italery

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Hi all,
I want to continue a series of models of American aircraft of World War II that I post on this site. This time it will be A-20G “Havoc” from Italery. This model was made in the spring of 2012.

I used a set of machine guns and engines from Vector, decals from Zot `s, a set of wheels from True details, photo-etched from Eduard and Airwaves. Model is going pretty bad, I had to put spacers in the fuselage and wings, and all the joints had to be covered with putty. In addition I want to draw attention to a set of photo-etched Eduard 48127. If not to cut parts details 5/11 and 9/10 it will be impossible to assemble nacelles, otherwise these parts rest on the chassis components. I modified the landing gear, cockpit, engines, extended nose landing gear, made onboard navigation lights. The model was rescribed (surface quality initially very poor, not straight joints of panels)and rivets were made. I used scriber and riveting tool from RB production. Great Mountable!
I hung bazooka under the wings, as I saw on one of the photos. I know that the prototype did not have them, but I really liked how the plane looks with them. The model was painted with Tamiya paints.

Aircraft “Sweet Li `l kitten” of 388 Bombardment Squadron, based at the 1944th year Gusap airport, which is in Papua New Guinea served as the prototype.

Attaching a couple of photos of the build process.


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