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  1. Awesome work updates. And may I say the Mighty Rolling pin is a great deterrent indeed.
  2. As Chris stated lovely scheme. I also think that the scheme chosen is superb. NEAT start Sir to your build. Looks great.
  3. Hello themcgarvie, What a lovely combination for you to build I like both the aircrafts that you are going to build especially the P-51 B. Mustang *MY all time favorite Warbird *. Good luck and ready to follow.
  4. FANTASTIQUE .. incredulous work Steve. You are doing a SPLENDID job. And your new shed looks the BIZ !! I hope you have it fully secured and alarmed too.
  5. SUPER build. Great to see you found the elusive missing parts.
  6. Craig I've read so many threads and all the hullabaloo and reviews and critics about the new Airfix Spitfire ; SO how awesome to see you starting a Build thread on the New Airfix Spitfire!! I look forward to your no nonsense{ as you said, just get on with it } build Craig. Your build will probably be the benchmark for others. Good Luck . Any pictures yet?
  7. I enjoyed them.glad you did too.
  8. So how was the show at Cholet? Any photos to share about your enjoyable day there. And I look forward to seeing more with your build. Thank you. HOUSTON
  9. Jörgen, Fantastic way to build a model of a car! To have a 1:1 beautiful Miata MX-5 on hand for detailed references , I guess you can't put a foot wrong and or cannot go wrong. You have all that you desire in the sense of details , what the engine looks like, the wheels etc etc is mighty IMPRESSIVE!! This should be an AMAZING build ..
  10. Please would you share your day there with any photos you take or videos Please.... That would be greatly appreciated Many thanks.
  11. Some super duper photos thank you all.
  12. Now I am quite curious. I know Airscale{ Peter } won something...
  13. ... enjoy the show and it would be lovely if you'd share any videos or photographs you take with us.. those of us who are missing it. Thank you muchly.
  14. Remember to take gazillion photos.. And Share them please... Thank you.
  15. I'd love to go but have another prior arrangement. Enjoy the show. And share any photos you guys take. Thank you. HOUSTON
  16. unobtainium - super-detailed components for the discerning model maker https://unobtainium.digital/ on Nick's profile. and he mentioned it on page 2.
  17. So this is what I found. Please click on the year date in this case 1925.. The PINKS WAR comes up. Click on that. A picture will appear and shows a Commander standing by his aircraft in India wearing his uniform. https://www.raf.mod.uk/our-organisation/our-history/ So the next link below https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/research-enquiries/history-of-aviation-timeline/british-military-aviation/1925-2/ If you scroll down to May you will see a photo(can zoom in ) and that is exactly the same photo from link 1 above. And finally a pdf(what a pain they are to share!! ).. when you open this file/once uts downloaded, the Pages show headgear for RAF personnel.. please be aware that the YEAR/Dates are NOT necessarily in Chronological order.. I had to read every single page (and find make rather than needing female gear) to see headgear foe the year etc . There is a photo of a Pith Helmet etc ..anyway make your own mind .... So here is the link. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/documents/LargePrintGuides/Headgear -.pdf I tried Google search with varying wording..i. e. Raf In India 1925 etc Good Luck Chris.
  18. GORGEOUS way to show off a AWESOME model. (ran out of likes! MY quota is Nil ....)
  19. SUPERB looking model. (so I have no likes left for today... but I do like it).
  20. Truly Remarkable build . A BEAUTY !! Outstanding job and it looks AWESOME.
  21. LOX, it has been a pleasure to watch your build and now WOWZER !! your model looks absolutely excellent and GORGEOUS. A Beautiful job. (I answered your metal dome question on your build thread).
  22. BEAUTIFUL model. IMPRESSIVE build.
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