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  1. GORGEOUS.. EXQUISITE.. love the details And the Engine of course is Splendid.
  2. Very nice collection of photos. Thank you.
  3. Excellent photographs Alpha Delta 210. For people like ME who still have not managed to get the opportunity to go to Duxford your photographs affords ME to see them.
  4. Matt, They are quite worthwhile holding on to them. I believe some cigarette cards are in a British museum and can be valuable. Your thread reminds ME of another similar thread on another forum.... WW1 Military Motors - 1916 set x 50 cards - Page 2 - Other Equipment - The Great War (1914-1918) Forum https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/173218-ww1-military-motors-1916-set-x-50-cards/page/2/ I think you need to keep them in a pristine manner... They are getting rarer as depict an era long gone together with those vehicles etc... Thank you for sharing yoyr collection. You were gifted a lovely collection .
  5. Simply the Best and STUNNING looking motorcycle model I have seen. The EXQUISITENESS of your detailing is high class.
  6. STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and very RESPLENDENT in that color scheme. Very nice looking mazda model. You did an AWESOME job.
  7. SPLENDID job and nicely and subtlety weathered. It looks really impressive! IT IS !!
  8. thank you for the heads up about the show. and I hope the elderly gentleman driver was not injured so badly.
  10. Ratch, EXQUISITE build. I think you have their uniform quite correctly.. it was blue et al as seen in your model. Did you know that the Indian soldiers who were in this regiment fought during WWII in San Felice, Italy in 1943 as they advanced towards River Sangro in 1943 ; as did many other Indian contingents.. You did a STUNNING build.
  11. OUTSTANDING build. Very nicely painted and detailed.
  12. STUNNING job. I wish I had your modelling skills . Bravo.
  13. IMPRESSIVE job..FANTASTIC. I wish I had your modelling abilities. Bravo.
  14. David, EXQUISITE build. Quite RESPLENDENT looking.. Very nicely done Sir.
  15. David, EXCEPTIONAL looking model. Its EXCELLENT.
  16. Norbert, Ihr Deutz-Traktor ist einfach atemberaubend und sticht in dieser tiefgrünen Farbe hervor. HERVORRAGENDE Arbeit. KUDOS. excuse any mistakes thank you. Norbert, Your Deutz Tractor is simply STUNNING And stands out in that deep green color. SUPERB job. KUDOS.
  17. BEAUTIFUL build. Very iconic looking Rally vehicle. You did a FANTASTIC job.
  18. M... IMPECCABLE build .. SO GORGEOUS ! Bravo...
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