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  1. SUPERB photographs . and IMPRESSIVE photography. Thank You for sharing your Joy. HOUSTON.
  2. Alpha Delta 210. Just SO STUNNING & GORGEOUS collection of SPECTACULAR Photographs. AWESOME BEAUTIFUL aircrafts. Thank You.
  3. OMG... that is just So 3 Dimensional looking scheme if ever there was one. It looks most IMPRESSIVE. thank you for the photos. Appreciate your efforts.
  4. Be still MY beating Heart. Just GORGEOUS photos. Thank you.
  5. MAGNIFICENT photos .. Absolutely STUNNING. thank you for sharing your joy with us.
  6. Jon... oh yeah...STUNNING photos on your Flickr site and great YouTube videos too. Thank you muchly.
  7. Jon.. OUTSTANDING photography. SUPERB collection of Photographs from RAF Coningsby. Thank you for sharing. Joy to see them.
  8. IMPECCABLE looking Chipmunk. Very RESPLENDENT! Bravo Derek.
  9. Oh WOW !! Really SUPERB model. GORGEOUS Tiger Moth Build.
  10. There. OUTSTANDING and STUNNING MODELS. on photography too. KUDOS.
  11. STUNNING build. Your Tucano is AWESOME. they are SO agile in the air.. I have had the opportunity (years ago) to sit on in one at North Yorkshire air force base. You did a super job.
  12. SUPER build. DINAH is lovely. IMPRESSIVE looking model. KUDOS....
  13. Hello AD210. Thank you. I have been keeping well and done a lot of travelling just before the VERY FIRST Lockdown came into effect... travelled to see MY family in Fiji, Mauritius, Reunion Island and Seychelles..and then when it was safe to come home and had proof of negative tests; and no quarantine to do, I came back to UK. Stayed with family and it was great. Hope you are safe and well too HOUSTON.
  14. STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Hunters. Superb to see them. Thank you.appreciate you sharing them.
  15. Michou, I have a soft spot for Hawker Hunters. {MY late father who was in the Indian /British Army took ME as a kid to see an Air show while he was stationed in Pune, India(way back) and I fell for the Hunter...} Your collection of photographs of Hunters in the Sun is just WONDROUS to gaze upon. They are So aesthetically pleasing to MY eyes. I dearly would love get a flight like that lucky lady. Thank you for sharing them.
  16. PRISTINE photos and impressive photography. Thank you SO much for sharing them.
  17. The Lancaster looks every bit as an iconic symbol as your black and white photographs. SUPERB collection of photos. and the group of men reminds ME of a quorum about this and that !! But not getting anywhere. Human touch to your photography. LOVELY.
  18. MAGNIFICENT photos just like the subjects you photographed. Always a delight to see different aircrafts being photographed by you. And at different angles with a different perspective to them. These are FANTASTIC. THANK YOU.
  19. HELLO Alpha Delta 210 SOME really SUPERB photos. Your photography just gets better each time I see your work. Even the Birds(were they Hawks or Eagles) captured flying look AMAZING. its very kind of you to make the effort to post your work and share them with those of us less fortunate to see the air shows. Really appreciate the beauty of your photos.
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