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  1. Oh dear, we did get carried away with the old “Buy Now” button didn’t we.
  2. Sean1968

    In Solitude?

    Apart from the odd comment on here I have nothing to do with fellow model makers. I dont even share share my creations with anybody. Simply made and put in a box. I used to get the bus to work before I got my current car: I used to pass a house every morning where there was a bloke sitting in a conservatory building a 1/24 Airfix Mosquito and that made me realise how solitary our hobby is.
  3. Interesting and quirky. A refreshing change to the usual WW2 releases. I could be tempted.
  4. Or a DFS DFW from Wingnut Wings. But hurry, sale ends this Sunday!
  5. Is this April 1st lol. Then again I saw Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fly a Fokker DR1 at Duxford a few years back. wonder what will be next, an AC/DC DC3? Now that took some typing to get right.
  6. Now a 1/24 Swordfish would be nice. I can dream.
  7. If you are kind enough to donate items to a fellow model maker I see no problem letting the people who have supported you in the past have first grabs. I believe in “ what goes around comes around” and the friends you have made here will appreciate your kind gesture. only exception, if you have a nice resin soviet tractor in the stash, it’s the unwritten rule it has to go to me!!! Only joking. I’m sure there’ll be a cash strapped modeller who would appreciate your offerings. Hope that helps.
  8. I’m an OSX user so I have little idea about Windows but, I’m sure a friend of mine who uses Windows downloaded a free app that resizes and does minor editing. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t free stuff out there. even Adobe realises Photoshop CS2 for free personal use a number years ago. Im surprised your new laptop has no software on it.
  9. A nice curry! None of your korma or creamy ones though. A good Rogan Josh or Jalfrezi. Im hungry now.
  10. Sean1968

    Feel like a nitwit

    We’ve all done it. Just see it as a part of modelling. I usually move move onto something completely different, works for me, until I attack another model!!!!
  11. That’s really bad. I know what you are going through. I have trouble with my hands: I drop things all the time and get terrible pains and spasms at times. I soldier on (at a snails pace) with models but it has become a struggle and a chore. Im sick of going the the doctors about it, one even said “try getting an eye test.” Once that was said I gave up and suffer in silence, even though it’s getting worse.
  12. WOW, great work on a little gem. I genuinely think that is a fantastic little model. I'd love to see what Wingnut Wings would do with a subject like that.
  13. I had this kit about 40 years ago. Looking at the box I think i payed about 20p for it too.
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