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  1. Wow!! Just got through going over these posts for the Arado. I too, have this kit and I think I purchased it when it came out. You have far more patience and manual dexterity than I do use all of that PE. Although, the final results are impressive. Well done.
  2. Please put me down for a Revell 1/48 Ju-52.
  3. Please put me down as it will force me to do the Phantom version that is mocking me.
  4. I think the paint job on the fuselage is quite nice and dramatic. By that time in the war, I don't think any reasonable scheme could be discounted as things were thrown together and put into combat as soon as possible. From actual field experience, sometimes you just paint with just what you got to get what you desperately need right now. I think the little Komet looks great!! I have always wondered how well a Gas Patch model goes together. Your example shows it can be made quite nicely.
  5. There are some really outstanding builds of 1/72 Sunderlands going on right now that are very impressive. But to do the same type of fantastic work on a 1/32 scale with so much of it scratch built is just jaw dropping. Two things out of curiosity, where do you display such a beast, and I would really like to watch your toaster building skills at work. I think that would be wonderful to se..
  6. Great looking fortress and I really appreciate and admire how your "playing around" with Photoshop enhanced the presentation of the completed model. I always find it strange that we work so hard on the interior of kits that, once the model is completed, can only be seen in our memories or through photos taken during construction. Otherwise, all the work is lost to the darkness of the interior of the kit and will never see the light of day again. Casual observers of our work will never know, and are even more perplexed why we go to the extremes we take on creating minute details that no one will ever see. I really like your presentation of the interior through your manipulation of Photoshop. It is both a great idea and a superb presentation. Now, maybe I will have the gumption to begin my "Phantom" B-17 with the clear fuselage pieces based upon your kit and interior work.
  7. This is absolutely amazing. I am in awe of all the creative uses of computer design programs and how they can be applied to current modeling. I am a dinosaur in regards to this aspect of modeling and truly respect those that understand how to use the available programs to create a masterpiece such as this one. Again, I am in awe of this instrument panel. Thank you for sharing.
  8. All I can say is WOW!!! I do not know if I would have the patience to do the amount of sanding, filling, sanding, filling, painting, filling, sanding, masking, etc. that you have done on this Sunderland. Could be why I haven't attacked the Airfix version with the White Ensign updates that is making sure my shelves are protected from dust. This thread keeps getting better and better. Amazing work, thank you for sharing.
  9. Sorry about the tail wheel problem in this build. It looks fantastic so far. I am completely confident you will work out a solution to the tail wheel problem that will go along and blend in with this great build.
  10. That there is one nice looking Claude. Excellent job on the metal finish, nice and shiny, but still realistic looking. Way to go!
  11. This is a wonderful collection of movie aircraft. I regularly watch this movie once or twice a year just for the flight scenes. The rest of the movie is okay. Well done!
  12. I thought your Claude looked good. But this one really is fantastic. It almost inspires me to try to finish my 1/48 shelf of doom AZ Vengeance. Almost, but not quite there yet. Those butt joined wings are still mocking me. You have done wonders with this kit. Cannot wait to see the finished product.
  13. One of the fondest memories of building kits as a kid was deciding what to do with the decal sheet included. My focus then was what looked good to me. So, many a finished kit received a mish-mash of markings to create the most unique or colorful finished kit I could make. Whether they were for the specific version or that numbers, squadrons, markings did not match a specific existing aircraft was not a consideration. The shark-mouth hurricane with nose art and the full fin markings was what should have been painted. Now, I feel I have to be responsible and make sure the markings match the kit I am making and are as close as I can get to the real aircraft that existed. The good old days of using the artistic license of a nine-year old has been superseded by research and historical accuracy. For one of my next builds, I should let that 9 year old out.
  14. I just got through with this thread. You have a wonderful build. In junior high in Brownsville, Texas, the very tip of south Texas, I stumbled across this huge book "Reach for the Sky". I had been into modeling as much as a pre-teen, turning into a teenager was. I built Revell kits OOB with whatever combination of decals I though looked the "coolest". Accuracy and the concept of researching a subject was the last thing on my mind. Generally, would the built kit be good enough for a cheap metal shelf in my room, or long distance target practice with my BB rifle. After reading the book, I got hooked on historical research on all things WWII. Prior to this, I had never even heard of Douglas Bader. It greatly influenced my building of kits, my appreciation of history, and a greater appreciation for tactics which came in handy when I received an all expense paid trip to Southeast Asia in the 70s. It wasn't until the 90s that I read articles about how difficult Bader was and how not everyone thought he was just the best thing since sliced bread. Your build is great. I have in my stash the 1/48 DB Spitfire kit. I may just have to look at it again as the next kit to build after the generic Tamiya Spit I am attempting to not mess up. Thanks for the photos, the new update and way to go!!
  15. Very nice start. I have this kit and a few other ZM kits two of which have stalled for various reasons. Sometimes the over-engineering is a bit of a pain and can result in questioning "Why this much trouble to put two wing halves together?" But, I do like the kits, You just have to be careful to keep everything in alignment as you build as if one section gets somewhat off, it will amplify the rest of your build being off. So far, however, it looks like you are doing great and taking your time. I hope you haven't given up on this kit.
  16. I just found this build and it gives me great inspiration and ideas that I will use for my own build. I have the full size version of the 1/32 B-17, B-25, B-24, plus the 1/24 Mosquito and I just do not think there is room for a full size Lancaster. I did break down and buy this nose art kit hoping it would work out. Your build has shown me it more can more than just work out. Now if I can just somehow funnel your talent into my woefully inadequate building skills!!
  17. I will observe the building of this Sunderland as I think the comparison build of the two different takes by Airfix and Special Hobby will be very interesting. Good luck to you. Are you planning on any help from the White Ensign upgrade sets?
  18. This is an absolutely stunning build of this kit. The detail you have added immensely contributes to the quality of the build. I look forward to more posts.
  19. Spent some time going over this post and marveling at the high quality of work you have done so far on this kit. I have the Airfix version with the complete set of White Ensign updates taunting me to try and attempt to put all that detail in a kit and then hide it away forever. I truly appreciate and admire the skills you have shown on this build. Look forward to more posts. I also will check out TonyT's build of this kit as I have not been on this forum for far too long and have missed far too much.
  20. The pilot figure has a good start to the painting stage. It is far better than I could do!! Always remember, with the canopy closed a large portion of what we spend time detailing, painting and scrap building to make beautiful is only found in the pictures taken prior to the fuselage halves being put together and the canopy glued on. For the rest of the world, all they get is a blurry, limited and distorted version of what we spent hours on effort perfecting. Waiting for the next post.
  21. Sorry to read about your hand issues. I just spent some marvelous time on this Good Friday enjoying your build of a kit I have in my stash. Your work on it is great and it looks like your "mojo" is becoming major again. I look forward to your next post when your hands get up to building.
  22. I'm wondering, from some of the off topic comments, how many members are building kits while on pharmaceuticals and their impression that they allow a better build or worse? Might be an interesting survey. Mike, I ordered this kit and another from Dora Wings last night. I shall shamelessly steal the tips, techniques and ideas you have provided in this build for my build. Thank you in advance. I probably will give you credit though for guidance and inspiration!!!! Another post please.
  23. I am sorta familiar with the above breeds as they are similar to our Percheron in size. I do know they have some breeding restrictions. We have eight horses total, 6 geldings and 2 mares, plus a couple of Mammoth donkeys to protect the cattle from coyotes. I purposely chose Tamiya kits to use to get back in the groove of modeling because they are described as "shake & bake" kits. Right now, that is helpful and allows me to enter back into the habit before I have to deal with kits that are a bit more challenging to build. I have not yet determined which kit I will start for a WIP, but it will probably not be a Tamiya and it will be at least a 1/32 kit.
  24. Normally, I always have leather gloves on as when I don't bad things happen. The horse was just spooked by another horse and tried to eat on the run and nipped the end of my flat hand. It's my fault for not wearing my gloves. SWMBO got her dream horse less than a year ago, a Friesian, All the rest are Quarter Horses with the lone retired Percheron police horse. What do you have? I do have both kits you mentioned in the stash. Just need to brush up a little more before I start them. I'm not quite sure SWMBO would agree about less expensive. She saw the invoice statement for the 2 Zoukei-Mura kits that arrived last month!!!
  25. I take the same medicine first thing in the morning when I get up. It does help.
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