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  1. I've finally got this right. Normally I would say it was easy in the end. This wasn't. It was easy to get close in fairness, the last little bit to 'correct' was a killer. The 80/20 law in action! Thanks for looking, printing next! Nick
  2. Getting close with drawing the centre plenum. Nick
  3. Hi Ian, nothing like a bit of healthy competition! I’ve already drawn my Bentley Decal set (including dampers) so the more the merrier Nick
  4. Thought about it, maybe next year I don't have enough material yet. No I'm just chancing my arm in the comp to see what happens. Nick
  5. Thanks Noel, everything is on hold at the moment while I try and complete my F40 engine in time for Telford, watch this space! Nick
  6. Frank, yes that's the plan. The thing I've got in my favour is that it's only touch points are silicon tubes - there are no hard-surface mating faces, so there is some margin for error, you can see the flexible hoses coming from the turbos here The bottom side is more difficult to see but the large cad plated bands are concealing silicon hoses going to the 8 throttle bodies here OK the three parts I'm making need to fit each other, but I have full control over that:- Other than that, there's some non-critical bits like the mounting of the 4 ignition coils, but no hard-fit. This is why I'm attempting it, other than it being a bloody difficult shape, I think it has a good chance of success, we'll see shortly! Nick
  7. OK, that was a real slog. I have completely redrawn the crankcase now to overcome the error in the cylinder block offset. This was a good thing, as a lot of niggles have just gone away now, there were bits and pieces that just didn't quite sit right with the photos, but it's all snapped into place now. I've no doubt this looks exactly the same as before, it's a 10mm offset at full scale, but I'm glad I corrected it even if it was a hell of alot of effort. The critical thing is that the intake plenum now precisely matches the real world geometry and angles - this is the bit we are going to print full-size from magnesium, and fit to an actual Ferrari, so I kind of need to get this bit right. This bit wasn't easy! I need to start printing soon, the CAD is 90% complete finally, just need a few more measurements for the outer Plenums and I'm good to go. Regards, Nick
  8. Not a great day today, uncovered an incorrect dimension dating back to May that has thrown the cylinder banks out of alignment, so having to rework the block to correct this. To add insult to injury, had a fusion crash just after spending most of the day redrawing it, and an unrecoverable error in the recovery file, so need to do it all again tomorrow. some you win… That was yesterday - I didn’t submit the post. I’ve pretty much corrected everything now, although it was a real pain, some of things I ‘worked around’ have magically gone away now I’ve squared the circle, and a lot of stuff that was niggling me has vanished too. OK so I lost a day, but I’ve ended up with something properly accurate top to bottom, I’m probably the only person that would notice the error in the first place, but that’s not the point - the engineers curse I guess, the right way is the only way. Nick
  9. Back on the horse (prancing variety to be specific) with the F40 today. Got the throttle bodies nailed I think, so on the home straight now. it’s all go at unobtainium towers at the moment. Nick
  10. Yes, there's something wrong there. Airfix have a flange which I don't think is right. I'm not at all sure how this works, it just seems to have an enormous jubilee clip affair wrapped around it? Nick
  11. Peter, thanks for your input. Yes I've already been given a manual on wire locking, so will be correcting my errors in the final version. regards, NICK
  12. Hi Frank, thanks for the great comments. No it's all in the standard version I'm afraid! I must admit I'm finding much easier now I'm using it more. Nick
  13. Possibly - if I knew what one looked like! yes I've seen the enormous dynamometer setup for the continuation series, but that's a bit much I think! Nick
  14. Hi Harvey, I’ve only just discovered your thread and read it end to end. a true work of art and master class in doing things properly. Although we share the scratchbuilding glorious old beasts thing, I guess we are otherwise diametrically opposite - you’re doing everything properly with metal, hammers and skill, whereas I am sitting in a chair shuffling electrons, even to the point of you being cats and me being dogs! I wonder what might happen if we collaborated on something if you would consider such a thing? It seems some of things that have been challenging for you are very easy in the digital world, and equally your panel beating is impossible to replicate for me with digital cheating. I’ve been toying with printing resin dollies and dies as well that might be interesting and save a great deal of carving etc. just a thought and consider my cap very much doffed sir! regards Nick
  15. I know what you're going to say, black wire is on order! I was asked for a comparison shot with the airfix item so here it is Thanks for looking, Nick
  16. Just bit the bullet and joined the Elegoo Jupiter kickstarter program while the big discount is still available. So big printer next spring, that should put the cat among the wosnames to paraphrase Mr Pratchett. Nick.
  17. Turns out it was a bit much, I think I’m starving of resin, so need to be a bit less greedy. hear what you’re saying about the Dashpots, every photo I look at is slightly different, these are based on Birkin SUs I found. you pays yer money and takes yer chance. if you can find views of all 4 sides of a closer match you’re doing better than me! Nick
  18. Is there a prize for the fullest build plate? Nick
  19. I've almost completed the CAD work for the engine now. I have completely redrawn the supercharger and carbs and I'm a lot happier with everything now. A lot of printing to do tommorrow then! Thanks for looking, Nick
  20. Hi everyone, these are available now in the unobtainium webshop if anyone would like a set. Regards, Nick
  21. Even the bloody cam cover? praise indeed, thanks David, that's the ultimate accolade if you can't find anything wrong. Regards Nick
  22. Got around to taking some proper photos today As is always the case, spotted some bits that need tidying in the photos. Regards, Nick
  23. I was asked late last night if I could produce wire lock bolts for the 1/12th Alfa 8C. I know a few people have had a crack at this, so I thought I would too as I've learnt a lot about reliably printing small holes with my various wheels projects recently. I had a look at some reference images and came up with this shape which I believe to be near enough, although it differs from from what others have attempted. I realised I was going to have to make this slightly over-scale to work, but that's just the limits of the current technology. I also realised that the holes weren't going to clear at the size they needed to be- .3mm is about as small as can be drilled by normal humans, which dictates the height of the bolt head and therefore the rest of it to keep it in proportion. So those of you who know me, a jig is my answer to most things, so inevitably, here it is:- it snuggles down nicely on the bolt head and has a nice friendly lead-in to precisely position the drill on the bolt head. this prototype has 4 holes, it now has 6 Seems to work Here they are applied to the nose of my long-suffering Alfa, it has been (and will continue to be) the guinea pig for many things I need to produce the manual, but these will be available soon on the unobtainium website too. Thanks for looking Nick
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