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  1. Hmm 3 you say, that’s more than 1 isn’t it? Why didn’t I think of that? I like the launch version with the shooter especially now Mig had released a carrier deck. I might have a dabble with the electronics/lighting to make the engines go while I’m at it after my experience playing with my falcon. https://player.vimeo.com/video/688933929?h=d136dcaff4 Nick
  2. That's looking completely convincing - great job. Nick
  3. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Nick
  4. As you say Quinta cockpit, otherwise OOB unless you count the 1200 wet&dry steps/walkways. Nick
  5. Just finished building this puppy. I know it's been said before, but what an amazing kit. You only realise how good it is when you start putting it together. Without doubt the best engineered and fitting kit I have ever built. I've got the new Phantom in the stack for the next build which might be even better! Yes it is the 1/48th version! Thanks for looking Nick
  6. Hi all, thought I should check in as I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been busy with a few other things including selling a house, figuring out a retirement plan from my day job, losing a beloved Labrador, getting a new puppy and even building a few models for light relief. that’s all getting close to conclusion now, so will be back on track with the engine kits I have waiting soon. the only fly in the ointment is that China has had another covid lockdown, which means my big printer which was scheduled for April delivery is now delayed. I don’t want to release my engines until I have sufficient print capacity, so you may have to wait a little longer unfortunately. regards, Nick
  7. Printer I was waiting for looks like it won’t be April now due to China lockdownsso not great news
  8. Know what you mean, although it’s theoretically ‘snap together’ the moulding is the best I’ve seen. The ‘perfect grade’ bit was a waste of money I didn’t use any of the LEDs or PE so get the standard version
  9. The sound and engine lighting are the Falcon set, yes. I’ve added a bunch of other LEDs, fibre optics and light panels off it too and converted it to run from an internal USB battery pack all activated/switched by Bluetooth.
  10. Video Clip - Sound on please :)
  11. Fancied something different so here is a Bandai 1/72nd Falcon with sound and light. Nick
  12. Now I’ve looked properly the badges on these things are in relief and riveted on, so it MAY be possible to print them, although probably too fine and too difficult to paint. Nick
  13. OK the kit is on order, I’ll see what I can do. Nick
  14. OK, OK I’ll pick the kit up. I expect you’ll be wanting decals too then? Nick
  15. ooh, you bought one then? nice. The block, oil pan, heads and valve covers look identical to the 308/F40 as it happens. I'm liking the 1/4 scale idea and all the ironmongery/gaskets at that size. I trust you will winding that armature in the alternator! How did he do the rolled bottom edge on the oil filter that looks really nice. Love to see it finished, beautiful kit in fairness. Regards, Nick
  16. Hi all, Happy New Year! In case you've been wondering where I've been, I realised at Christmas that during my recent frenzy of CAD and 3D printing, I hadn't actually built a model all year. So to put that right, I promised myself I would build something quick, Out Of the Box and ban myself from printing anything. What could be better than an ultra-modern, hot-off-the-press kit to do that with then? OK so it's not quite out of the box, but I did stick to not printing anything! (which was really hard BTW) This is a really nice kit, although full of nasty ejector pin marks in awkward places. I may well revist/build another one with my printing stuff head on, although in fairness it's very good to start with. Aeroquip hoses are an obvious thing as are ratchet clamps for the fuel, actually the fuel cell iteslf could be better and all the fuel pump/filters are omitted, the carbon fibre footwells are impossible to form from the PE in the kit etc, etc. Any road, I have quite enjoyed building it which was the idea. BTW If you've got this kit, the seatbelt lengths are all wrong, I pointed this out to Italeri and they have issued a correction, which still seems a bit long IMHO but hey.
  17. Hi All, I've finished the base DFV now, so I treated myself to a few renders to celebrate I've realised that there are many variations in the castings for the oil and water pumps as well as the location of the mechanical fuel pump based on both time and vehicle adaptations. So I've got a reasonably accurate stand-alone engine here that I think works in own right, but I will definitely have to produce specific versions for specific cars, as I suspected to make the plumbing fit. I'll probably make gearboxes and suspension parts that require modification as a result too next. So I've got a Lotus 49B already, which isn't the best thing to start with as it's probably the worst Tamiya 1/12th F1 car they ever made. I do have a Brabham BT44 on order, so that's the most likely first victim!
  18. That may be true, I’ll measure it. Currently I’m toying with building the body too, the kit version is nasty. Nick
  19. Hi Frank I was considering printing some inserts for Ali tubes actually, so nearly! Happy New Year anyway!
  20. Here we go again. I feel duty bound to tackle the gearbox next as the Tamiya one is so far out. HOWEVER when I mock-up the drive shaft position from the tamiya item, it looks like this:- Now I understand why it's like this, and and here is the culprit What I don't understand is why they did this at all. For our younger viewers this was a world effectively without Radio control. OK it did exist but it was extremely primitive (anyone else old enough to remember the telephone dial stuff?) and expensive. So what we have here is an expensive kit for the day, with extremely fragile, spindly suspension holding big heavy wheels sticking out at each corner, with a kamikaze battery/electric motor setup that you can only turn off by reaching under the car, that would effectively smash itself to bits on the first thing it encountered trundling off in an uncontrolled straight-ish line? SO whilst I can correct the gearbox, it means all the suspension will be out. So I can either:- 1. put lipstick on a pig and make the tamiya gearbox geometry look a bit more 'busy' and use the kit suspension as is. or 2. Do it properly and make an accurate gearbox and then draw all the suspension too. If I did this I reckon I would need to make the driveshafts non-articulated so they would provide most of the mechanical strength to hold the wheels on. Course if I had my CNC machine, making all this form metal is the way to go. Those of who know me will already know I ain't going for option 1 This is the bloody Bentley all over again, as soon as you fix one thing you discover it knocks on and you end up remaking most of the model. Nick Watch this space.
  21. GT6 eh? I only recently sold my ‘76 spitfire. thanks for the kind words. I’m drawing the gearbox, but struggling to find anything at all on the ZF gearbox, so might have to with the slightly later Hewland version. Nick
  22. That’s really nice. I tried a similar approach with a fibreglass pencil. The trouble I found was that the tool deteriorates quite quickly and keeping it consistent was a problem, looks like you managed to overcome this looking at your excellent results. Nick
  23. First Side of pumps mostly done now. Nick
  24. Just got the Oil and Water pumps to do now. oh yeah and inevitably the gearbox and electrical box. Nick
  25. Placed an order with chronos now, so will let you know. The jig works well in fairness, the tips I was using, not so much, so didn’t post any images. Nick
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