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  1. Cheers all for commenting and this "proper one" is a beauty....
  2. Hi all, Hellers little Mirage 5, built from the box. (and some of how it used to be)
  3. Just quality as always Russ, somehow you just seem to get the look "spot on"
  4. Thanks Gentlemen. @ David, yes, also it is a very old kit, 38 I believe but still makes up into a decent representation of the Mirage if representation is all you want, which is ok for me. In the meantime i'm working on Hellers version which also is old, and the Airfix Belvedere and Fiat which are Golden Oldies. Thanks again Brian.
  5. Another Sabre camper...how many more, Prestwick must be nearly empty by now! Nice one matey.....BTW, still pondering over that Lanc. Tomorrow.
  6. Thanks all for your comments. Just glancing through the instruction sheet it's c 1976, so not a bad little kit for a 38 year old... Hi Snitok1983, no they are from a railways accessories packet, but I suppose moss could be used... Cheers Brian.
  7. Hi all, Revells old Mirage with Modeldecal set 76.
  8. Your model and display captures the spirit and realism of a bye gone era!
  9. Just a bit of sidetrack. Going through my late fathers photos I came across a group photo taken probably circa late 1941 - early 1942. 2nd front right from prop appears to be CR Caldwell, an Australian ACE Pilot who I think commanded RAF 112 squadron P-40 Kittyhawks. My best guess is that it is a group photo of them accepting New Kittyhawks prior to squadron despatch ie the lack of "Sharkmouth" The model is a Tomahawk which Caldwell flew, 250 Squadron I think prior to commanding 112 squadron.
  10. Love it, and as an aside i'm doing some research into my late fathers RAF career and come across this old photo that might be of interest. I'm trying to identify there history although one looks a bit sad. Excellent York...
  11. Cheers Sean, Yes, better remove it,......... where there's blame there's claim.....or so they say! Brian
  12. All the main painting and decal application more or less finished. A quick rub down with some very fine grit and a final matt coat to be applied then onto final bits and pieces assembly...
  13. Thanks fellas for your comments. Re Kittyhawk, I think it is, and just to add the Photo is somewhere out in Egypt during the Second world war. Re the NAAFI, good idea, I've got the menu already...it looks a goodun!
  14. Cheers Mike, "revealing of your expert work" ......... no expert Mike, I'm just an old codger with a lifelong interest in aviation...... I blame my Dad and Uncle for that!
  15. Thanks one and all for your kind comments. i really enjoyed building the kit and now looking forward to building some more RAF WWII types. Thanks again, Brian
  16. Thanks very much for your help, i'll get in touch. Thanks again.
  17. Hi there, I hope you don't mind me commenting in your TSR2 thread but when you mention Halton I have always wondered about a photograph of my dad and his mates which appears to have been taken around 1939-40. Do you know if there is any way I can find out a little more about it, especially a record of who they all are? Many thanks if you can help.
  18. Managed to finish off the topside camouflage on both the Lancaster and Halifax, a bit rough at the minute, but i suppose they were during wartime operations.
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