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  1. bought one of these used on ebay for £45. works really well but you will have to figure out how to adapt it to take the various things you want to shake. im lucky as i 3d print attachments as needed.
  2. love to see you document the process of doing this.....is there a wip?
  3. the tiddler is looking very pretty, the stripes came out well. 3year old masking?!!? .....blimey time does fly dont it!
  4. excellent building tips and a fantastic result many thanks. .
  5. poly treatment on the exhausts is a nice tip. i usually stipple on mr surfacer, but your idea looks much better
  6. it is indeed beautiful, one of the best set of engines ive seen.
  7. you have put more work into those tracks than i put into a whole model. very cool. regarding the post monster - been there too . Now, if its going to be any appreciable length, i construct it in a text document on my pc, including the pic links, and then copy and paste it into the forum.
  8. looks more amazing every time. so much to see.
  9. love the variation you got in the black finish,
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