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  1. Gotta love the "criminal from the Sweeny" look
  2. noeyedears

    427 Cobra Competition

    love the plumbing job, very tidy
  3. noeyedears

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    that is just beautiful.
  4. thanks Ivan No. its going to be mounted on the AA tasker 50T semi-trailer pulled by the AA Antar MK2, as I found pics of it on a Tasker but not the Commander. i have a Chieftain Mk11 conversion and an ARV MK7 conversion which i may mount on a commander (probably the MK11). possibly in about 6 years time at the speed i build things
  5. thanks for looking in, everyone, the comments are very much appreciated.
  6. noeyedears

    Takom Chieftain MK 5

    love the chieftain, these are great builds!
  7. noeyedears

    Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter

    wow, that was real bad peeling. well saved indeed!
  8. Accurate armour MK5 resin conversion Tamiya Chieftain base model (lower hull and wheels etc only) 1/35 Masterclub metal tracks with worn blocks. Tamiya paints Mr Hobby metallics AK enamel washes Oil washes AK (and Flory) pigments I do like Accurate Armour stuff. They can be a bit rough and tough, but they do look nice when done. I got fed up with this half way through, but came back to it about a year later and thoroughly enjoyed finishing it. Thats why in the album on flickr, along with these pics (and more) in full res, there are build pics that stop half way through. they may interest some, but i couldn't be bothered to start a build thread again after a year break. The model will eventually end up on the bed of a Tasker semi trailer as shown, so the front two axles are in compression. There is no build thread , but there are a few build pics in the album on flickr. click a pic for larger versions and access to the flickr album
  9. noeyedears

    Tamiya 1:35 chieftain

    sent you two pms, but got no reply, so in case they didnt get through - the parts and decals are in the post.
  10. noeyedears

    Advice painting resin kits

    mr surfacer 1000/1200 seems to go on much smoother than halfords cans. mind you that could be that its much easier to thin mr surfacer to perfection. halfords primer polishes up nicely though, and sticks like____ to a blanket.
  11. noeyedears

    Triumph GT6+

    this kit is going to fight you all the way by the looks of it. I have a very large hammer if you want to borrow it.
  12. noeyedears

    Metal roll cages

    The springs go on the outside?...They go on the OUTSIDE!...Of course they go in the outside, how the hell didnt I realise that? I do like that little bending tool
  13. noeyedears

    Folding Decals

    look into using something like microsol/microset solutions, they are made to help decals stick(blue bottle one) and conform to details (red bottle one). always try the solutions an a decal you will not use first, as some times the solutions ca turn certain decal makes to a sticky mess!! with really stubborn decals you can use a hairdrier. but use a cheap low powered one, not a dyson flame thrower! stick the decal to one side, apply some microsol, and gently heat and fold it over with a wet brush/wet cotton bud as it softens, and apply some microset to help it stay there. GENTLY and SLOWLY!!! cant emphasise that enough.
  14. looks very nice indeed!