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  1. superb looking finish, so much perfectly done detail.
  2. thats a hell of a lot of CF deacling, i know how fiddly that is, brillian tjob.
  3. I didnt realise this was such a nice kit. i did the gunze one and it was a bitch.
  4. You mean...I'm cool!!... maybe not but Brittmodeller always has been . Hello and welcome my friend.
  5. the photos open for me in chrome, same size as the ones in the thread. Nicely done figures.
  6. very nice collection. Love the one with the skiis and spare on the roof.
  7. bought one of these used on ebay for £45. works really well but you will have to figure out how to adapt it to take the various things you want to shake. im lucky as i 3d print attachments as needed.
  8. love to see you document the process of doing this.....is there a wip?
  9. the tiddler is looking very pretty, the stripes came out well. 3year old masking?!!? .....blimey time does fly dont it!
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