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  1. Hi dear colleagues! I would dare to represent you another my build. This time it is a russian SAM "Kub". the model was build as a presen for my best friend"s father a former vice commanding officer of the "Kubs" field AD regement. may be most of you have seen tis work in instagrams snitok_models So now i post it here
  2. Russian classic оf the utility vehichals the rgular UAZ "Bukhanka" ("loaf of bread" as it has a similar shape))))) Pretty simple kit but the ecxellent quality of details and fitting. Paint with AKAN, weathered with oil paints and tamiyas wash. Possibly most of you have seen it in instagram at "snitok_models"
  3. Happy holidays, dear colleagues! Let me represent you my firs attempt to buil the wheel vehicle. VERY nice kit from Zvezda. The model was going to "click", painted with AKAN, dusty with Valejo pigments.
  4. Here the exhibition link: https://vk.com/scale39?z=album-172223917_272473154
  5. Hi everyone ! Pleace wellcome my third my armour vehicle in scale (i am actally the aircraft modeller))) Thit summer in Kaliningrad was organized the scale modell exibition dedicated of 75 anniversary of the Great Victory. I hac got the 3rd place prize vinner. The award was Academy's kit in 1\35 scale the ''Merkava Mk.2D''. So here he is! Absolutely OOB build except the antislip coat made of the clear gloss warnish vith a baking soda.
  6. Hi! Thsnks! That is no matter the type of the metallizer the matter is in the shades. I used AKAH and Revell (because i have them at my stash) silver alluminium, tytanium, steel and burn metall.
  7. Thanks! It is a differents sides of the morld, differents cultures... But the people (esp children) are mostly thesame! And modelling uniting us!
  8. Thanks, colleague! I think they used her in a Peruvian- Ecuadorian war.
  9. Glad to welcome everyone again! This time I present you the Soviet silver arrow - The Yak-28P from 1 squadron 174 Guard fighter regement (Pechenga's two times Red Banner order named of two times hero of the Soviet Uniun Boris Safonov), Monchegorsk airfield, mid-70s, from the airfield, in the garrison of which I had the happiness to growing up and spending the best years of my childhood as the son of the military aviator. The model is out of the box, painted with AKAN and Revell, tinted with pigments and oil. By the way, this model is a gold medalist (in its nomination) at an exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in Kaliningrad https://vk.com/topic-172223917_44340990
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