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  1. Cooooollll !!!! Excellent result! Very well done, Sir!!!!
  2. Snitok1983

    MiG-29 (9-13) 1/72, Zvezda

    Ufff!! Hi is gorgeous! Действительно- великолепная работа!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Hi, Bosse! Thanks for the kind wors! in paint i used AKAH paints 6-th series: 63052 Бледно-песочный (Pale sand) and 61003 RAK:7028 Dunkelgleb. All colors was chosed by the visual perception- it is not a natural Yaks color.
  4. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Hi! Thanks! Yes, at Takadatoki was me. Many good modellers post their works there so i wanna join to them...
  5. Snitok1983

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1.A

    I have finished the same kit month back! One of the bad kit i have ever build! You have got a great result! My hat off to yor, Sir!!
  6. Snitok1983

    Lavochkin La-9 - KOREA 1953 - Mikromir 1/48

    Excellent! Looks fantastic!
  7. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Thanks a lot ! Last time, Zvezda does not cease to please us! Esp armour! My only wish to her is produsing more a\c in 1\48 scale!)))
  8. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Zvezda's kit is much better- it's designed with a Yakovlev designed bureu cooperative. Also it has a 2 canopies, great molded pilots figures, intekes \ exhaust covers and wheels backhoes. The KH kit is less accurat and has an excessive rivett lines.
  9. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    I am very glad to excite a modeller to build ! Go ahead! And waiting fot invitetion of the M-346 presentation!!!!))))
  10. Snitok1983

    Yak-130 Algerian AF

    Thanks guys! I do really love to build well known a\c with unusual marks and shemes! Here in Russia Yaks with flankers camo is too many and if i have build another one- that will be too regular... The gray "Egg plant" scheme i thing is too boring))) There also was interesting a Myanmar AF camo but the blue colors is to bright for the brutal military a\c i think)))
  11. Hi dear colleagues! After long break i still in the case! This time i wanna show you a 1\48 Zvezda kit Yak-130 Algerian AF. Ixcellent mouldet and detaled kit! Grean fited designed parts! Please wellcome!
  12. That is a one of the best MiG-31 in 1\48 i have ever seen!!! Superb work an presentation!!!
  13. Snitok1983

    Su-25M1 " PIXEL" Trumpeter 1:32

    Very well done, pan! Superb!
  14. Snitok1983

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    Thats a very representively! The wethered "eggplant" looks fantastic! I am currentelu build the same one, but i still cant get the satisficted result with a weathrering(((( It is a quite an insidious color!)))) Congrats!
  15. Snitok1983

    1/32nd Su-27UB 'Flanker C'

    Wow the Flanker from my city!Vell done, Sir!!