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  1. after an exasperating period of non progress I've eventually got my act together with this project I must have bought the last remaining set in existence of the a330/a340 virgin 26 decals. managing to accidentally tear off the 'virg' and although I have spares from the 787 pas decals which are precisely the same size...they are not as sharp as the 26 decals and there is a noticeable difference on close inspection. the full 'virgin atlantic' titles under the fuselage are from the 26decals set but are for the underside of the fuselage and are slightly smaller, so I can't use them. I had to completely remodel the sharklets. It wasn't possible to file them into the right shape as they are much chunkier then the slender ones that I assumed the a35k came with. Instead of reshaping scrap plastic I've went with a mostly milliput wingtip which means its a bit more fragile so more care will be needed. I also took the opportunity to strengthen the wing where it meets the wingtip by adding an extra layer off plastic as I actually snapped it previously. The engines are now primed and ready for a few coats of red, I'll do the red wingtips at the same time. the fan blades are missing from the engines as I've decided to add them last. a quick mock-up of how it will look. hoping for some serious progress this week
  2. absolutely, i think that's why there's 3 virgin a350s sitting at toulouse with white tails - i bet they are running a competition for an alternative livery phil
  3. here is my updated sharklet which now needs changed back to the original one that came with the kit! a quick comparison from my other kit the left sharklet has now been sanded down back to its original look albeit thicker at the base for the wider wing in atlantic - unfortunately the 'virg' stuck to my hand and was torn off, its now history, a bit like the sharklets the other side is mostly complete. going to need more windows the extended fuselage length only seems to become obvious when the wings and empennage are fixed... the 3d cockpit windows are awesome, couldn't go back to regular bog standard decals
  4. thanks mate, appreciate it. yeh, your definitely right, best to stick to a common brand. I'm convinced there is a problem with milliput and surface problems - particularly when trying to achieve a smooth glossy finish on the paintwork. I think for direct surface treatment I will be using mr surfacer in future for any micro gaps phil
  5. the good news is that I'm now on the decal stage for the fuselage. I've only got the correct number of windows for the a359 so I will have to order some more from authentic airliners. the bad news is that the virgin a35K is actually sporting the old sharklet......look at the French Bee a359 in the foreground with the new ones, its a very noticeable difference. Lots of hard work shaping the sharklets gone to waste!!
  6. this is absolutely sensational! genuinely overawed by this one. congratulations on an amazing build Phil
  7. progress has been held up lately due to a common problem I have encountered before with conversions in particular. the problem is always with using Milliput and gloss paint. obviously with the fuselage extension there has been a fair amount of milliput used to fill the gaps. the fuselage joins were invisible before with a dozen coats of tamiya primer but when using revell gloss white the fuselage joins seem to rise out of the paintwork and need sanded down again - which removes the paintwork it may just been a reaction of using enamel based gloss paint on top of of the laquer based tamiya - so I've decided to stick with tamiya to finish off the whole fuselage to avoid this problem again. I've sprayed the affected area down with TS101 base white and already the surface is smooth phil
  8. this is the differences in the sharklets to the regular one on my 900. the newer ones are described as taller, thinner and bend in more slightly affecting the angle of the sweep a little. I cant guarantee I've got them spot on but since I've taken this photo ive took a mm or so off the top as they are likely a little bit too tall. It's very hard to get reference photos to compare as the 900's now sport the larger sharklet. I'm unsure if the old ones stopped after a certain MSN number or some operators are still having some delivered with the old style. either way I'm quite satisfied with the finish and the wing blend from this angle you can make out the extra I've added on the 1000's wing. the sharklet definitely looks too tall here wings and stabs primed then given a few coats of revell 371 (nailed on wing colour) wings dont fit as well now but I'll see to that this aircraft is LONG! next a decision is needed for the livery. 26 decals qatar a359 are unavailable. pas decals are good quality but are too transparent. TB decal do one but I've heard they can break up. nazca have doors embedded in the titles which is a no no and ascensio are missing the sharklet logo decal. stumped!
  9. tom - as a famous line out of topgun was once said - 'don't tease me' would love to do a 747 one day cheers mate! phil
  10. cheers mark, really appreciate that - never intended to repeat the livery after the dreamliner but when i got the conversion kit I was obviously limited to the amount of liveries I could choose from. I also wanted to do (as always) a model that not many people will own so that's why i opted for the latest virgin and just nicking the decals from the 787/a330 that were available. currently I'm doing a a350-900 to 1000 conversion (before zvezda release theirs) .......hmmm virgin atlantic? possibly! commission work??? sounds like a modelers dream phil
  11. cheers ray, very kind comments. I can't wait to see you start your 600 phil
  12. sorry for very late reply ian, been very busy with non-modelling stuff! to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed this project and didn't encounter as many problems as I though I might. The only issue was the engines that took up as much time as the rest of the model (could have done with a crisp decal for the panels on the pylons instead of painstakingly trying to spray/brush them) thanks again mate phil
  13. a very interesting build, will be looking forward to seeing how this develops phil
  14. have to comment again because its so good. the closer you get to the model the better it gets. what did you use for the aluminium lower portion of the fuselage? I want to know because its reflecting the runway?? phil
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