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  1. beautiful job jeff! love the job on the engines in particular phil
  2. absolutely outstanding work Jonathan! this is exactly what I was looking for. I was about to update this and state that I was 100% convinced that where the wing meets the fuselage was the same length as the a359 as you have mentioned above. I thought looking at reference photos that when the flaps were stowed that the flap track fairings were tucked more under the wing on the a35K (sorry above calling it the a35X! senior moment) OR do you think they've been extended also? the top pick is the a359 taking off with full flap and underneath the a35K notice the size of the closest full spoiler rectangle compared to the length of the flaps behind it toward the leading edge? the a35K definitely has more length. also the winglet/sharklet/blended wingtip seems to have more width despite it actually stands taller than the old wingtip
  3. cheers jeff. yeh I haven't posted a lot of progress on this one due to other stuff I'm doing but its ended up a half decent job. didn't really want the kit at first but bought it on a whim as there wasn't much available in the store I went to. I've got to be honest, the aircraft has grown on me, apart from the nose the design of the aircraft is beautiful, I certainly think it looks worse in euro white, a bit of colour improves the overall look (in my humble opinion) you got a work in progress page for your Finnair? what did you think of the engines? I found them a bit flimsy...if there was solid resin ones available I would have probably bought them (mind they weren't anywhere near as irritating as the zvezda 787 engines with the separate chevrons which snapped off about 5 times) phil
  4. fantastic and really well presented too. always surprised how small concorde's windows look! phil
  5. absolutely beautiful! love this classic and livery. fantastic work with the cocktip too! phil
  6. phil1

    easyJet A320 - 200th delivery in 1/200

    lovely stuff mate, and to echo whats been said already it really doesnt look 1/200. brave colour scheme too!
  7. great stuff so far mate, lovely modelling! used Fdcal a few time with no issues and good quality decals phil
  8. I've neglected this project for months but luckily I got some time off work to catch up. I did the wings a while back but a recently give the leading edge a nice few coats of xtreme metal chrome (i have no polished aluminium, but this is close enough). I'm ready to ditch alclad metals as a finished coat can rub off easily with your finger where as xtreme metals can even withstand some buffing with similar quality finishes. Revell 371 grey satin looks perfect for the wings as its a very light grey the only issue i have with the engines is a issue that I find a lot with regard to revell kits have, the indentation marking the forward part of the engine including the lip probably shouldn't be there but it's not obvious that it needs blended into the rest of the engine. There is also parts of the belly fairing where panels look separate but in fact the gaps don't exist probably the best engine fit I've known. The wings are a beautiful fit too, i could have probably got away with not gluing them this model is a whole combination of different decals for different airliners! the doors (white ones on top of actual a350 doors) are from the dreamliner. The Skyteam decals are for the 777. The pilot escape hatch is from the tristar I think!....god knows which one. This is before i cleaned up the fuselage as it had just been neglected for months and built up dust. I actually had vietnam airlines titles in my stash but then I realized that they are actually blue not white on the skyteam livery. these are not available so I'm going to attempt to print them off my own printer on decal paper, I've done it before with half decent results with a bit work on photoshop. The a359 and what its succeeded, the a340-600 (or is it the a35X that has succeeded it??) The a340-600 is long but the a359 really holds it own next to it. another thing I regretted was adding the silver window outlines as it looks like it has shrunk their size, it seemed like a good idea on top of the giant blue skyteam logo at the rear to make the windows stand out but I wish I'd left them off the rest of the fuselage next i need to 1. finish off the horizontal stabs and put them in place 2. add all antennas 3. print out and add vietnam titles 4. add all reg's and vietnam flags plus various minor decals
  9. phil1

    British Airways Tristar

    some outstanding work going on here! phil
  10. finally!....engines completed and ready to go on. The detail on the pylons proved quite intricate and I had to redo the paint job a few times. I also had to rebuild part of the exhaust as the resin came away (that was a nightmare) hence the time it has taken me to get these finished pylons - revell 371 (satin light grey, same as wings) and humbrol 56 (aluminium) lip - xtreme metal chrome fanblades - xtreme metal matt aluminium (close to steel) exhaust - xtreme metal matt aluminium and humbrol 53 (gunmetal) casing - tamiya TS18 metallic red first 2 engines went on no problem (the inboard ones) but the outer ones not so good. not much to do now... 1. attach the horizontal stabilizers 2. there's at least 6 antennas that need fixed in place 3. a few minor decals for the underside 4. fix on display stand Overall quite pleased with this one, its been arduous towards the end. hopefully RFI soon!
  11. thanks mate, appreciate it. lots of hard work but nearly there!
  12. yeah mate and would you believe I've actually read the same article! I've had to resort to looking at reference photos to try and tell the difference but visually the difference is minimal to non existent. I did though manage to find where the new gear doors extend to and some other subtle differences 1. The gear door stretches back half a frame (or square in this case). 2. The RAT door is the same distance further back 3. There's only 3 circular vents rather than 4 Compared to a very similar picture of the A35X (copyrighted unfortunately) the leading edge appears in EXACTLY the same place. Both pictures show the flaps extended, to what degree is unclear Maybe some bloke from zvezda can clear it up mate? our we might know in 6 months time!
  13. ok just to summarize so far A359 frames/windows (going by the lefthand side) L1-L2 15 (prototype has one missing window near L1) L2-L3 24 L3-L4 19 thats 58 in total A35X L1-L2 22 (7 frame difference NOT 6) L2-L3 24 (SAME as the A359 BUT the belly fairing + wing is one frame further forward) L3-L4 23 (4 frame difference NOT 5) thats 69 and that is a 11 frame difference which is correct as the belly fairing/wing moves 1 frame up that means its 6 frames extra at the front and 5 frames extra at the back which is what I've done. The a35X is 23 feet/ 7 metres longer which by the time I did the math and divided the total length by 1/144 i got the right length of the fuselage for the scale. for reference each frame is about 4.4mm so 26.4mm to the front (doesn't seem like much) and 22mm to the back. Airbus had to stretch the main gear bay to 4.7m from 4.1, in 1/144 scale thats a stretch of 5mm from 28mm to 33m, I managed to confuse myself as I assumed the belly fairing was 5mm LONGER...which I assumed this was a frame to add in the centre which pushed the belly fairing and wing 1 frame up (which is wrong) - each frame is actually a bit less and 4.4mm long. I think....the 5mm needs to be added to the gear DOORS! as obviously they are bigger to accommodate the extra wheel (even though they are smaller than those on the a359, the front wheels are the same) where the 5mm needs to be added whether its 5mm to the front or to the back or 2.5 each side I'm not sure! I'll worry about that when I come to do it, I might know more by then. The A35X wings I got some great feedback about how to approach this but unfortunately I've stalled at the wings (pardon the pun). The obvious thing suggested was to to create a new forward edge and keep the position of the leading edge to accommodate the larger wing, now I realized the way I've done the fuselage the leading edge is already in the right place and its the leading edge which will need amending. as its been stated the chord is longer than on the a359 by in 1/144 scale 3mm (about 40cm in real life which doesnt seem much) I could split the wing like this, and create half a new leading edge and half a new trailing edge. But my question would be does the extension of the wing run all the way to the sharklet like below?? or does it taper like this and the sharklet width is the same? The airbus manual states that for both the A359 and the A35X from wing root to the leading edge is 13.47m which contradicts a lot of info as its wing area is 4% bigger despite having the same wingspan! unless the wing is actually more like this but I'd say unlikely There's not a lot of information about it but I have seen it stated that the extension was to the leading edge wing devices (mainly flaps) so my question is would the wing not just be the same size when the flaps are stowed?? confusing!
  14. I hope to see you crack on with that mate as I don't think anyone has attempted a 10 yet. should be very straight forward as I think its just extending the fuselage and nothing else to trip you up. I thought this project was the same but there's more differences than I anticipated once I did some proper research phil
  15. ok so I've done a bit more research.... for some reason I got it in my head that there was an extra frame in the mid section increasing the length of belly fairing (obviously i was talking man-vegetables). The gear doors are slightly bigger to accommodate the extra wheel but the wheels are actually smaller in size so the doors aren't substantially bigger. one slight difference with the gear doors (above) are that the edges are more square rather than rounded on the a359 sorry about the terrible photo quality, but basically what I've done here is drawn the new L2 door position 1 frame up (all windows are filled in and doors will be sanded away anyway) . i toyed with the idea of cutting out the whole belly fairing and moving it 1 frame forward but things are going to get quite messy so it will just prove a waste of time and I'm resigned to losing the fuselage detail, I'll have to rely on decals instead. commence with the chopping.... i'm going to make the fuselage plugs myself by wrapping plastic sheeting around the inner pipe rather than buy another kit. Putting it next to my a340-600 you realize the true size of the a35X so far so good for plug 1 plug 2 not so good. plastic as cracked so I've tried filling the gaps with superglue then I'll apply a bit filler fuselage finish is quite even. I'm thinking of using tamiya undercoat which is generally thick and it will fill any gaps and offset any slight discrepancies in fuselage diameter (hopefully) Just in case any one is worried I have measured the length and for 1/144 scale its to the nearest mm!