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  1. with the strengthening columns put in place the roof can now go on. The plastic card isn't the thickest so this will just be a base layer for the roof until I start dividing up the individual roof sections with railings etc with the whole roof on there were plenty of gaps and some parts a few mm out. A milliput and a full sanding should help to achieve a cleaner linear look. at 5.7/5.8mm the structure still seems a little tall to me, especially when I know there are extra layers to be added to the roof. The structure isn't sitting flat so this will give an opportunity
  2. I've started on the exterior walls of the upper floor of the pier, this has now give me a better idea of how it will look in comparison to 1/144 scale aircraft. Initially it looked too tall as I hadn't counted an extra few mm that's been added by the layer sandwiched between the 2 floors so I had to remove the difference from the top which was not easy without removing the pieces altogether. I've elevated the 737 by imitating the height of the gear and this looks close enough to the correct height comparison. I certainly don't want to be adding to the heig
  3. 2 recent purchases, 1 essential and 1 non essential. The non essential purchase was this classic 747-100, obviously this has no place on my board for the current era but I do hope to go retro at some point and bring back an 80s airport diorama. Undoubtedly, for such a small airport, the main attraction at Newcastle in recent times is the Emirates 777-300 but back then it was the Wardair 747 operating the Toronto route which I remember fondly as a bairn watching from the roof top viewing area (sadly long gone as well). I believe Wardair operated a small number of 747-100s and 200s
  4. thank you sir, some very kind comments personally I don't think anyone has been this stupid, but I'm hoping to make some serious progress before I realise just how insane it actually is! Phil
  5. some great advice there Ian, you have mentioned a few things I was worried about with the sheets looking too clean and uniform. Is there any examples of anyone doing something similar? I'd love to see some just to give me an idea of what it may look like! cheers Phil
  6. I tell a lie, only the inboard were double slotted on mine and I didn't bother to add any linkages like you and NZSpiderman. The leading edge flaps were far too bulky when I think about it but not the easiest think too do to say the least Phil
  7. i am actually amazed at the work on the flaps (the whole model is a knock out to be fair) I found it hard enough dissecting a 767 wing which of course is far simpler with its double slotted flaps, you should be well proud of this. The virgin is also a really great example of workmanship by NZSpiderman Phil
  8. well finally I've got my garage emptied and ordered a base sheet. I'm on a modest budget so I've went for non structural Plywood of around 12mm thick to save weight and cost. The size is 1220mm by 2440mm. Originally I'd calculated that I'd need 1400mm by 1900mm but because of the limitations of size available board will have to be narrower than what I would have ideally liked and more excess length. This is not a huge problem, as I there is still a bit space beyond the north and south facing stands it just means these aircraft can't push back. I will also need some clever photography to show t
  9. Thanks Eamonn! actually mate looking forward I'll being doing an Aer Lingus and Ryanair at some point, like you say the ATR and probably a couple of 738s. The base sheet I've just bought exceeds the length required so that frees up a bit more apron space Phil
  10. unbelievable mate! everytime I do a conversion this happens, I think the last one was a a350-900 to 1000 conversion and within a week of starting it - it was announced! seriously though it's good news as it seems ridiculous as one of the most popular airliners has never been released by the top brands, should see a lot of people happy this one! Phil
  11. The first 757 is to be Jet2 G-LSAB, not a frequent visitor anymore but has made the odd appearance the last few years at EGNT as swapped out flights flown in from Leeds Bradford/Manchester or the odd charter to New York. It still fits in the time frame of the last 10 years although now Newcastle is all Jet2 737NGs with even the classic 300s gone. There was a few options for the 2nd minicraft 757 I had purchased. I was convinced I was going to do the old TCX colours but obviously we are going back a while and then another option was a United 757 which operated 5 days a week to new
  12. cheers Eamonn, would have hoped for some more significant progress by now, could have done with being furloughed instead of working all the time! Phil
  13. Ok so progress on the pier is minimal but I did do a mock up with the exact 1/144 proportions. This was quite easy as the terminal is split into columns and each column roughly consists of 5 square areas that measure 4cm by 4cm on this scale (bottom left shows a 4x4cm removed) remember this outline is a 2-d view showing the 2nd level and this is not the outline of the base. I've currently got a gap for 1 more aircraft which will be a KLM 737-900 (ZVEZDA conversion). The vacant stand is stand 7 which has an extended reinforced area for a larger aircraft (I've see
  14. cheers mate. as you hint, the minicrap kit is notoriously bad. I think if you want to do it properly you've got to be willing to sacrifice most of the detail in particular the panel lines. I've just encountered the problem noted with the pylons and they I far worse than I thought! they are angled up almost at a 45 degree angle like this 757 was destined to be shot into space I've just fixed some braz winglets on and the second 757 is now a 300 which has extra problems! Phil
  15. another fantastic build Ian, your finished product is always as close to the real thing as you can get. great conversion job too Phil
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