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  1. ok, I've marked in pencil where the fairings need to brought back a bit. the starboard side is the shorter front fairing for the cargo door. Just by observing this picture its obvious the tail height needs adjusted, it's at least a couple of millimetres to high. The only problem doing it this way is that the plastic is now pretty thin around the fairings now asymmetric..... You can see a slight opening at the back of the rear fairing now where the plastic is wafer thin. All that sanding has exposed the fuselage join li
  2. The 747SP is definitely something of interest, it's amazing how EE can produce such a good kit for that yet others couldn't be much worse. The 757 minicraft kit is absolute garbage yet the DC8 kit is probably the best quality I've ever seen. I will check out your builds through the archives. Here's a quick pic of my airport progress........
  3. cheers tim yeah it sounds horrific, I was persuaded not to do the EE kit by almost everyone. I love a conversion and before Dave above mentioned the less obvious a318 differences it sounded quite straight forward! You'll be an expert mate by now......get them on the RFI definitely. unfortunately I've been working constantly during lockdown so it's hindered by progress Phil
  4. and I forgot to mention how good those a318s look! absolutely love the old Avianca colours on that a318 Phil
  5. Wow, that's some mission. I'm curious to know what SP you ended up doing? Is there much difference between the 200 and 300? I remember seeing some footage of KLM 100 or 200 getting converted with an upper deck extension to match the later variant?? I'm currently doing the Revell 50th anniversary prototype as part of a classic era of jets I've got as a side project...I'm currently building part of Newcastle Airport 1/144 scale and doing 2 eras of jets around the pier, the airbus family are obviously part of the more modern era but the classic era will feature a 747, DC8, 707, 727 an
  6. oh dear........................... I didn't have a clue about the asymmetric front fairings (obviously making way for the cargo door?), totally forgot about the shorter rear wing root fairings! and had no idea especially about the over-wing root body fairing and the lengthened 5B nacelle!!! Looks like this ones going back to the chop shop, unless I start again with a new a320. The engines are no problem, and neither is the over-wing root body fairing, but the shortened front and rear fairings is a problem, suppose I can give it a go and if I'm not happy with the result
  7. a320 family ceo & neo 1/144 (a318, a319, a320neo & a321neo) I am currently working on all full range of airbus models for my project. These consist of an Air France a318, 2 x easyjet a319s. an easyjet a320neo and finally a BA A321neo. There is a kit for the a318 by eastern express. I've heard there are plenty of errors and it might be easier to convert a revell a319 or a320. I'm sure you can import a resin fuselage from the US but at some expense. Currently there are a shortage of revell a319 kits available but there are plenty of a320 kits and it b
  8. Jet2 757-200 & 737-800 1/144 I'm currently working on a diorama for Newcastle Airport but as I've progressed with that I've neglected to add my aircraft builds as part of my work in progress. These 2 examples will be of the same Jet2 livery and will be Newcastle regulars. Although Newcastle has a heavy Jet2 presence the classic 737-300s have gone and also the aging 757-200s. However ignoring the current disruption the 757 does make an appearance for New York trips and various other charter flights normally positioned from Leeds Bradford or Manchester. I don't have
  9. wow mate, she looks magnificent. best aircraft, best livery. well done mate! Phil
  10. most of the major roof detailing now complete. technically this part of the model doesn't exist as it's the section that is attached to the main terminal building ready for paint.... 3 cams of tamiya light grey and results are patchy. at £7 a can this is going to be an expensive paintjob
  11. just a quick update, been mainly working on the roof outlining the different building sections the strips on the outside tidy up any unsightly gaps between the edge and the cladded areas. started adding the pillars as well with the pillars neatly fitting into the plastic wire it allows flexibility and can be bent into position the pillars are a little bit too thick in my opinion and may need a bit sanding just awaiting more plastic strips to finish o
  12. absolutely love it mate! amazing work. these pictures defo do it more justice thanks again for sharing phil
  13. Wow! I was admiring the a380 but I think this is even better considering the smaller scale! unbelievable effort. The a319 kit is a rare find now, so much so I had to chop up an a320 recently which is hardly ideal when you know the tool is out there Phil
  14. Looks amazing alex! an absolute stunner and..... great to see you back. I love the ANA a380 themes and thought about doing one of these myself one day. That table is probably quite large but the model has dwarfed it! Any chance you can get any larger pictures of it? (the model not the table) thanks again Phil
  15. I've finished off the exterior of the building in preparation for the next stage. Although most of the corners looked tidy I had to put some extra time in to make sure they were as sharp and straight as possible as when the exterior is clad everything needs to meet 90 degrees. Some corner areas needed to be replaced slowing down progress last week. The cladding will consist of Evergreen V-Groove siding (as mentioned in the thread earlier). The grooves make it perfect for cutting to size, just as well for nearly a tenner a sheet! I'm using a slow cure super
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