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  1. Finally managed to give the board a full coverage of halfords primer. I'll need something a bit darker for the asphalt and then get a bit creative for the reinforced ramp areas. Once I've done that I'm going to coat the whole thing in matt laquer. All aircraft have been given a coat of primer. The light gray aircraft are already have their wings painted Tamiya Insignia white and the dreamliner is the only aircraft with pure white wings so I used that as it's base colour a new addition closest the shot is a KLM 737-900 (conversion) replacing my air france babybus a318 conversion. This stand historically alternates between KLM and air france. I'm considering ordering the Zvezda 757 kit to replace my Braz minicraft conversion, I've done a decent job but the zvezda kit will be far more detailed and the Jet2 757 I'm doing is all metallic and will look better with detail in the fuselage. I may convert this to a United 757 which featured on the short lived new york route. The little tower is just a prop at the moment as I'm not overly happy with it, I need some better tools for a start I've swapped the 737-900 and the 757-300 here for my a318 conversion (pic isn't the best sorry) and a 767-300 which probably belongs in a pre dreamliner era when there was First choice rather than Thomson For my back to the 80s theme I've been working on a 747-100 for Wardair Canada and a DC8 transamerica. The airport peer is too modern for this era but what the hell.
  2. 50 shades of Gray....paint With several coats of Tamiya Insignia White (a match in my opinion for airbus gray) it was time to start colouring the different building sections on the roof. I was looking for a very subtle difference from the Insignia White and after plenty of research I found the best spray can is probably Tamiya AS16 Light Grey (USAF). Like most tamiya sprays It came out darker than expected. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a spray somewhere in between these 2 lighter shades. I was hoping to use Revell 371 spray paint but it's identical to Tamiya Insignia White and everything else is just too dark a shade. The second building with the vertically striped roof also needs painting the same shade to the one on the far right (I painted one just to test the colour) This is Tamiya TS-81 Royal Light Gray which I originally painted the whole thing as the primary colour. Again it was way to dark but I found it more suitable for this area. The area where the observation tower is going to be is darker asphalt looking in appearance and for this I have Tamiya AS-2 Light Grey (IJN) which is a little darker than TS-81. Your probably wondering why I am not using an airbrush however this thing is more than a metre wide so spray paint is a must For reference Revell 371 Humbrol 196 Tamiya Insignia White AS-20 are all the same colour. All are what you'd call Airbus wing gray. Boeing gray is a tad darker I believe but the only match for that seem to be by Xtracolor in a tin. I did read that Tamiya surface Primer Light Gray is a match for boeing gray but the store didn't have any and so I went with the AS-16 (USAF) Light Grey instead.
  3. The part I have been dreading.....the windows. As mentioned before the easiest thing would have been to have real windows and build inside the pier itself the gate waiting rooms but this would involve more work and make applying the outer cladding a very intricate and painstaking process, So in I decided to take on another very intricate and painstaking process and build the window frames and there's plenty of them to make! eventually I'll fill each gap with a square of mirrored paper. I actually bought some dark reflective paper and some gunmetal but this seems to work the best. I've just gently tacked these on temporarily just to see what they'll look like so forgive me if they look a bit askew. I'm actually quite pleased with the mirror effect and looks better than I thought it would. If I can get some good reflections of the aircraft it may take the attention away from what's behind the window itself. The red circle shows an alternative I'm thinking of using than the current columns that fit over the bare wire. The current columns look a bit too thick, unfortunately these new slender columns only cover the wire on one side so I need to make a decision on that. As I ran out of materials to do more windows I decided to crack on with an important feature that is not present on my model. About halfway along there is a small tower on the main roof. Newcastle has the Emirates tower which is nearer the main taxiway off airport and it still has the old tower which has been abandoned since, therefore I'm not sure what this is used for whether it's purely observatory or security I really don't know but it has a birds eye view of everything happening around the pier, As with the height of the pier I also have had to guess the height of the tower. Again I will be using the magic window effect I've spent this afternoon throwing this together, it's not a 3-D print but pretty much feels and looks like one with the amount of plastic I've used. If you remember from earlier in my thread that I said that I'd divided the whole structure into squares of 4.3 by 4.3cm, again the base here is 4.3 x 4.3cm but straying from the commonality of the rest of the structure, the roof actually extends out to a slightly larger size. A tidy up of the edges tomorrow and I'll see if it's acceptable, I'll also need some window frames to give it some detail.
  4. well despite only being a wee nipper back then you are already a legend in my eyes mate! I have very vague memories of my Dad taking me to the roof top but I certainly remember the Wardair 747 and the Britannia 767s. On a side note I did consider building the old pier first then having the newer modern parts added on (but being able to remove them) so I could switch between an 80s diorama and a more recent one but I think my boss would have to give me a year off work to pull that off. I have started a wardair 747 in my stash so once completed I will try some trick shots so that the pier is not obviously different, (I think some of the gate waiting areas were built on the skinny corridor but not all of them?) Very kind comments Chris Phil
  5. thanks mate it's a lot to take on but it's also a learning curve too. I'm just hoping I can make some proper progress soon! Phil cheers mate! glad you think so Phil
  6. Yes from wall to wall! originally I was concerned that if I chopped some off the whole thing would splinter and disintegrate (it was cheap)
  7. I nearly forgot about that one! I found the Revell 54 a good match for Aeroflot Blue and British airways current. It's gloss which I know is off putting for some unless your like me and you like the factory fresh look! Phil
  8. Firstly may I apologise for a lack of progress, this is due to a number of problems such as 1. The condition of the base board. During the winter some damp got into the board and caused some problems with the surface 2. The size of the base board,. Due to its length I'm unable to work around it as it's the same width as my garage. 3. The Light Grey Tamiya TS-81 used for the pier was far too dark. 4. Shortage of stock in store and online of tools and products So, I decided to make a big decision and lose a 5th of the base board, this area was the most affected by the damp and was the far part of the apron which included a waiting area for incoming or outgoing aircraft. This also included a grass verge which wasn't really essential. The ramp area is now more compact and mainly centred around the pier and I also am able to physically work around the board. All imperfections have been sanded out and I've sprayed a layer of Halfords Laquer (which is not obvious at all) to give it a solid protection against weathering. When I've built up a decent layer of laquer and everything is even I will then spray the whole thing and give it a gravel effect. Markings will either go on with fine tape or painted. I wasn't happy with the colour of the pier as TS-81 was far more mid to dark grey than Light Grey. It was hard to find a spray alternative. Revell 371 is ideal (apart from the satin finish) but is not available at the moment anywhere. Revell 371 is a great match for aircraft wings and which is the shade i was looking for. Eventually I settled on Tamiya Insignia White which predictably isn't white and is nearer the grey I'm looking for. The only way I can describe it is a colour match for the millennium falcon! Most of my models are made and primed including a KLM 737-900 (from 2 zvezda kits), 2 x 757s, one 757-200 and 757-300 both Braz and minicraft (yes the curse strikes again with zvezda bringing out their new 757 tool to ruin my efforts) and a a320 hacked into a a319. Other efforts like my a318 babybus a320 conversion are still in progress more to come!
  9. ok, I've marked in pencil where the fairings need to brought back a bit. the starboard side is the shorter front fairing for the cargo door. Just by observing this picture its obvious the tail height needs adjusted, it's at least a couple of millimetres to high. The only problem doing it this way is that the plastic is now pretty thin around the fairings now asymmetric..... You can see a slight opening at the back of the rear fairing now where the plastic is wafer thin. All that sanding has exposed the fuselage join line.
  10. The 747SP is definitely something of interest, it's amazing how EE can produce such a good kit for that yet others couldn't be much worse. The 757 minicraft kit is absolute garbage yet the DC8 kit is probably the best quality I've ever seen. I will check out your builds through the archives. Here's a quick pic of my airport progress........
  11. cheers tim yeah it sounds horrific, I was persuaded not to do the EE kit by almost everyone. I love a conversion and before Dave above mentioned the less obvious a318 differences it sounded quite straight forward! You'll be an expert mate by now......get them on the RFI definitely. unfortunately I've been working constantly during lockdown so it's hindered by progress Phil
  12. and I forgot to mention how good those a318s look! absolutely love the old Avianca colours on that a318 Phil
  13. Wow, that's some mission. I'm curious to know what SP you ended up doing? Is there much difference between the 200 and 300? I remember seeing some footage of KLM 100 or 200 getting converted with an upper deck extension to match the later variant?? I'm currently doing the Revell 50th anniversary prototype as part of a classic era of jets I've got as a side project...I'm currently building part of Newcastle Airport 1/144 scale and doing 2 eras of jets around the pier, the airbus family are obviously part of the more modern era but the classic era will feature a 747, DC8, 707, 727 and a couple of classic 737s. The 747 anniversary kit is awful in my opinion, you get nothing for the extra cost just some fancy decals which I won't be using. I had to completely rebuild underneath the nose next to the gear doors as one fuselage half was obviously warped. I will get a thread on about it eventually but it won't be very complimentary. I probably would have had less bother converting the 800 kits Phil
  14. oh dear........................... I didn't have a clue about the asymmetric front fairings (obviously making way for the cargo door?), totally forgot about the shorter rear wing root fairings! and had no idea especially about the over-wing root body fairing and the lengthened 5B nacelle!!! Looks like this ones going back to the chop shop, unless I start again with a new a320. The engines are no problem, and neither is the over-wing root body fairing, but the shortened front and rear fairings is a problem, suppose I can give it a go and if I'm not happy with the result it's getting chucked. The asymmetric front fairings look really odd, naturally you'd think they'd shorten both of them but then again it's not about aesthetics but cost I'd assume Phil
  15. a320 family ceo & neo 1/144 (a318, a319, a320neo & a321neo) I am currently working on all full range of airbus models for my project. These consist of an Air France a318, 2 x easyjet a319s. an easyjet a320neo and finally a BA A321neo. There is a kit for the a318 by eastern express. I've heard there are plenty of errors and it might be easier to convert a revell a319 or a320. I'm sure you can import a resin fuselage from the US but at some expense. Currently there are a shortage of revell a319 kits available but there are plenty of a320 kits and it basically is the same amount of work involved in the conversion just obviously removing a couple of extra windows. Seems strange that there is far more availability of the revell a320 kit and can be found for a tenner on ebay apart from the obvious removal of the fuselage sections the tail will need to extended that being the only difference blending the fuselage will unfortunately erase the panel details but can't really be avoided. I might be wrong but I've heard the eastern express kit is incorrectly scribed. Tail extension was made from scrap plastic below Fuselage sections are now smooth to the touch The bottom section of the fuselage was a bit troublesome. Removing the rear fuselage section means that the bottom doesn't line up properly. However I used a liquid plastic technique to build a new base of the fuselage where the join is. Plenty of shaping and sanding resulted in a neat finish. You can see where the new plastic has been blended into the fuselage. The next 2 examples are going to be a319s for easyjet. I plan one in the new livery and one retaining the old livery. I could only get my hands on one revell a319 kit so I am going to convert an old czech a320 model of mine that is now unloved. stripping the paint has left the wing plastic brittle. unbelievably I had a spare set of airbus wings. Blow is the old wings and the next image shows the new ones I used the same liquid plastic technique to blend the joins. I think I used too much polystyrene cement which led to melting a section of fuselage, I came close to binning the whole thing! The section has now hardened and we'll see how it looks after the first coat of primer a noticeable difference in the quality of the plastic! I think this must have been the last a319 kit in the world, finally a straight forward build!.... looks like I got the length right on comparison. I'm still worried about that fuselage, its been battered. The a320neo is going to make up the small collection of easyjets I've went with the revell kit rather than zvezda. This is a nice model and really easy build. the antennas are sturdy enough to be joined onto one fuselage half to save you the bother later, the are not easy to knock off like most fragile pieces. The sharklets also fit nicely Bare in mind there is no undercarriage supplied in this kit! luckily like the wings earlier I have spares Last but not least the BA A321neo. I was originally going to do a BA a321ceo from the Zvezda kit but the kit itself was horrendous and I binned it. You may think that's unlikely for Zvezda but in my opinion they overcomplicated the kit with multiple options including different slat and flap options which made putting it together a bit of a nightmare considering it's scale. like the a320neo kit this went together really well. The only reason its level 4 is probably the inclusion of the undercarriage as apart from the fuselage length its basically the same kit seal off the windows with gorilla tape inside the usual milliput window job... I've highlighted what needs to be removed. The kit offers some radome options but the BA doesn't seem to have chosen that option all examples ready for primer....
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