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  1. unbelievable mate! everytime I do a conversion this happens, I think the last one was a a350-900 to 1000 conversion and within a week of starting it - it was announced! seriously though it's good news as it seems ridiculous as one of the most popular airliners has never been released by the top brands, should see a lot of people happy this one! Phil
  2. The first 757 is to be Jet2 G-LSAB, not a frequent visitor anymore but has made the odd appearance the last few years at EGNT as swapped out flights flown in from Leeds Bradford/Manchester or the odd charter to New York. It still fits in the time frame of the last 10 years although now Newcastle is all Jet2 737NGs with even the classic 300s gone. There was a few options for the 2nd minicraft 757 I had purchased. I was convinced I was going to do the old TCX colours but obviously we are going back a while and then another option was a United 757 which operated 5 days a week to new
  3. cheers Eamonn, would have hoped for some more significant progress by now, could have done with being furloughed instead of working all the time! Phil
  4. Ok so progress on the pier is minimal but I did do a mock up with the exact 1/144 proportions. This was quite easy as the terminal is split into columns and each column roughly consists of 5 square areas that measure 4cm by 4cm on this scale (bottom left shows a 4x4cm removed) remember this outline is a 2-d view showing the 2nd level and this is not the outline of the base. I've currently got a gap for 1 more aircraft which will be a KLM 737-900 (ZVEZDA conversion). The vacant stand is stand 7 which has an extended reinforced area for a larger aircraft (I've see
  5. cheers mate. as you hint, the minicrap kit is notoriously bad. I think if you want to do it properly you've got to be willing to sacrifice most of the detail in particular the panel lines. I've just encountered the problem noted with the pylons and they I far worse than I thought! they are angled up almost at a 45 degree angle like this 757 was destined to be shot into space I've just fixed some braz winglets on and the second 757 is now a 300 which has extra problems! Phil
  6. another fantastic build Ian, your finished product is always as close to the real thing as you can get. great conversion job too Phil
  7. The 757s Dave (skodadriver) was very kind to donate me the Braz parts for the 757. On close inspection you can understand why people label the minicraft kit as one of the worst out there. At first I didn't think the nose was that bad but after comparing the braz nose you realise its not quite right. I've heard people say the braz nose isn't much better but its a definite improvement. I think I'm going to have difficulty making the non-braz 757 have the same profile. The minicraft tail is completely wrong, although its not obvious on this pictu
  8. The Pier I've been able to work out the ground level with reference shots and highlighted the ground floor areas by drawing a thick black outline. There are only 2 area's that have a clear gap on ground level, that is the bus lanes on the far left next to the terminal (upstairs links straight to main terminal above) and a smaller tunnel for easy access to the other side of the pier for ground operational vehicles. Ground Level This is how I see the ground floor, This will roughly be the foundations of the pier and the upper floor will overhang s
  9. Yes mate I noticed the same thing, its about the same height as the top of the 777's fuselage. Finding this height was more tricky than I thought but I think its approximately 8.4 metres or 27.5 feet. The airbridge is also decent indictor of the height. Tonight I've been trying to draw a floor plan minus the 2nd floor, there's much less of it than first looks. Seems like there is at least 2 places to drive straight under, 2 bus lanes together next to stand 3 and then another right in the middle of the pier on stand 4. The second floor seems to overhang most of the first floor and
  10. cheers neal, I didn't know you could do this, posting this stuff is about as technological as I get. I'd assume its not possible to get the height of the pier? a 737 or an airbus tail tends to just clear it so its probably not that tall Phil
  11. I'll go with that! nice one Ian. I probably need to employ you if I want this finished in the next 12 months! Phil
  12. The easyjet a319 conversion is continuing. still needs plenty of work and a good clean up. You can't really see but the wings are a mess, i've got a few cracks underneath where I originally removed the a321 flap track fairings that Revell put on their a320 kits, I'm using a new technique of melting plastic sprue with polystyrene cement and filling cracks, the reason for this is because I've had some issues in the past (especially with conversions) where gaps have either reopened or shown through layers of paint when I've used milliput. I've used this technique to plug the 1mm gap between the f
  13. I finally turned my attention back to designing the pier. This is what I intend to use I'm a bit concerned about the width as the apron extends back further than I thought. Time to do some measurements..... On my print out the emirates wingspan is 6.35com The a321s wingspan is 3.65cm The 777-300ER wingspan is 64.8m and the a321s with sharklets is 35.8m (I think) I'm no mathematician but it would seem both are nearly divisible by 10. By playing around with the figures its about divisible by 10.2
  14. thanks for the offer mate but it turns out I have RRs. If I make a mess of them I might come begging Phil
  15. Hi Ray, good news, this is the C-32B kit not the air force 2 (or whatever its called) C-32A kit so I have RR engines I also have spare a340 RR engines that look almost identical
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