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  1. bit more progress tonight, most of the white painted areas are in with the exception of some of the corners that are circular, a few more taxi lanes are in.... started on the neglected opposite side of the pier which is mainly international gates which has some of the heavier metal that the airport can accommodate. Used to be mainly 757s but the centre stands can arguably take a 767 or a a310. The corner stand (9) can take anything up to 777 size but the dreamliner has to take up 2 smaller stands otherwise it's on a remote. The mighty emirates 777-300, a common sight again at Newcastle Need a few more bus lanes on the left and some minor detailing around the pier. Also I need to fully paint in the passenger walkways leading on ramp. There will be some red hatched danger areas soon and obviously the rest of the taxiways need applied. For the painted 'STOP' sections i was thinking a stencil set or decal full speed ahead!
  2. One thing I've noticed about the buildings exterior is that nearly every wall is surrounded by a slightly larger footprint of the structure which in places features steps to give excess to passengers to arrive or exit via the ramp. These areas are slightly elevated to kerb height but at the moment I'm only concerned with having the 2-D footprint to help me line up some of the walkways and vehicle access lanes. This is the basic footprint of the lower floors, some area's protrude out further depending mainly passenger walkways. Once the building is on top there's actually very little of the base visible. These are a car lane and 2 bus lanes (right). the new gray area is a access path for personnel to walk under the tunnel, eventually I'll add a railing between the path and bus lane. The front section has 2 large access doors with 2 large sets of steps leading up to them. This is just a little right of that area and is stand 3 and gate 3 which is always for BA. The odd shape on the side wall is there because this stand houses a jet bridge in that exact location Not the easiest area to get reference photos although google maps offers some views in 3-D globe mode got some areas of paint bleed which will need touched up. toward the rear of the building we've got more access doors for passengers and to the left of that is where all the ground equipment is stored. Forgive the elevated end of the pier, a few gently placed weights on top for 24 hours might help straighten it out This shot is just on the other side of the corner showing the concrete base and steps for passengers to board or exit
  3. cheers Tony! I give both sides a few coats of ronseal waterproof varnish, I hope it suffices but I agree with the changes in humidity and temperature could wreak hovic. Underneath 75% of the area are propped up by crates that are stacked upside down but now I'm concerned that where the gap is it will allow it to droop. The airport model is actually not lying flat and that's probably an issue with the board rather than the model. I don't know if you noticed but in the background but I have a sheet of plywood which was attempt 1 but I abandoned when it showed signs of warp, I might slip that underneath to see if that helps. what clear car paint do you use? does it dry matt rather than glossy? when I finally finish, I was going to use some halfords clear matt lacquer to try and protect the top, it will also make it easier to wipe off the dust Phil
  4. I've got a slight problem with the pier as it's tilting up at the ends a few millimetres off the ground, I'm not sure how that's happened as it's lay in the house for 6 months gathering dust. I think I will put some light weights on top of the structure to weigh the ends down Unfortunately you don't get much in the paint markers so I'm going to have to buy a batch as there's a lot more detail to put in. I think it's probably a good idea to get the pier in to make some reference markers as thinks like the little access tunnel in the centre need to match up to it's road lane. The bus lanes need drawn in on this side as well as a few mini access roads and some walkways for passengers leading from the gates to the aircraft a busy day at newcastle. A few new additions are the zvezda 737-700 top left which will be the KLM cityhopper which has always been a regular, a pair of zvezda 757-200s next to it on stand 11 and 12 respectively which will be a couple of old Thomas cook machines (probably a little out of sync with the dreamliner and NEO's parked around) and another 757-200 with winglets which was Jet2 regular G-LSAB Probably the wrong place for a 757-200 as the wing is encroaching the vehicle access lane, however the dreamliner is by some distance and it's common to see that parked in that stand (maybe if the stands next to it empty?) next steps - 1. finish off the white markings 2. draw in the yellow taxi in lines and STOP markers (yellow on black) 3. add the red checked danger areas around the ramp 4. some additional resurfaced areas (especially where the 777 is that are a brownish grey in comparison)
  5. thanks mate, nice to make a bit progress phil
  6. Right.....it's been a while The original board has been abandoned, it proved too be too flimsy, there were imperfections and the wood patterns were showing through the paint. So attempt 2, and I purchased MDF board but also double thickness. unfortunately this was far heavier and I had to chop quite a bit off the far end just to reduce the weight. With a second attempt it give me an opportunity to be more accurate with the ramp areas using halfords Ford Polar grey With everything looking a bit too uniform I blended in most of the different sections and used a white paint pen to divide the board up. After drawing the basic outlines I put some detail to bring things alive a little I might give the ramp areas a blast of polar grey just to being them out slightly. After the white divider lines I will be using a yellow paint pen to bring in the taxi lines to the gate
  7. Just wondering if anyone has this piece from a zvezda 737-700 or 800 kit? I've got loads of spare junk to trade (yes i ditched the EE winglets!) Phil
  8. I'm glad to say the project has not been abandoned just delayed indefinitely,. A bit like Top gun 2. During this period I have actually quietly done some unpublished work. With the outstanding release of Zvezda's 757-200 ultimately rendered my Braz masterpiece almost redundant, it got me thinking....every time I do a conversion project someone ends up releasing the tool. I started building a An-225 and revell released the tool, then I converted an a350-900 to a 1000 and zvezda released it. So as I started on Braz conversions for the 757-200 and a 757-300 zvezda brought out the 200 and the latter due for release later in 2022. I'm grateful but I wish the timing was better especially after paying for 2 sets of 757 resin winglets from the U.S of A. The 757 kit is probably the best and the easiest I've ever assembled, even the horizontal stabilisers clip on and it takes effort to remove them. The only real problem I encountered was blending the cockpit glass window into the fuselage but prior to that I was impressed that the cockpit window could be attached after the fuselage join without fear that it could slip into the fuselage gap, it was that good of a fit. Obviously in comparison the Braz is about 5 times heavier and retains the old clunky wings of the infamous Minicraft kit. Zvezda have captured the elegance of the popular jet with accuracy which has persuaded me to use the Zvezda version for my Jet2 example. As my theme is Newcastle airport I might retain the Braz as United Airlines for the short livid New York route, I've already added a spare satcom to the rear fuselage just to differentiate the two. Obviously there is a hell of a lot more detail in the Zvezda version, as I'm going for the metallic livery I think the fuselage detail is important because it will show up everything. Also note the accuracy in the kit here, The gear opening on the Minicraft wings is too large and the fairings are more slender. Also the amount of work that went into straightening those engine pylons was the stuff of nightmares. In addition to the 737-800 and the 757-200 I wanted a 737-300 to join them with the later life retrofitted winglets. Best tool on the market is DACO but with none available and seemingly discontinued I took a punt with the Eastern Express 'New Tooling' which is remarkably like the old tooling by EE in quality but parts resembling the DACO kit.... like they got their hands on some experimental moulds As you can see the parts fit together beautifully! Who needs glue?! Well apparently I do need glue and lots of it. Obviously use polystyrene cement and try and fuse the parts together. The gaps I fill with a thick none drip superglue, I find this much better than filler or milliput as the glue tends to blend with the plastic more effectively and doesn't show up as well under paint when its been sanded down. The bottom of the fuselage is probably more of a challenge The result being a nice flat smooth finish. I had to re-scribe the top panel lines but it could have been a lot worse The opposite side needs a bit more TLC. The rudder isn't the best fit and doesn't even line up with the vertical stab The only thing I've been able to use from the 800 Zvezda kits is a spare pair of winglets (winglets were provided but they were about 1 and half times the real size) , they are a little wide but I will work them into the wings Missing piece from the Zvezda kit, I'm just going to have to improvise here Together with one of it's larger successors the 800NG. As a cheap alternative to model paint I've primed it with Halfords racking Grey which is an exact match for Airbus Grey and almost Boeing Grey (close enough) Which is also Revell 371 and Tamiya Insignia White. As all 3 Jet2 will be metallic I'm using this as the fuselage base and it's correct colour for the wings and horizontal stabs.
  9. It was worth a gamble as there is nothing else on the market at the minute. I'm actually waiting for a DACO 737-400 which is still available on ebay which I did consider chopping the fuselage up but it will nevertheless interesting to see the comparison Phil
  10. I thought so as much. It seems though even the Zvezda winglet is slightly to large for the stubby 300 wing, which makes your Air Baltic build all the more impressive, I've noticed you've even got the little trailing (strobe?) light - which I'm presuming is that little tiny rectangular piece that fits into the zvezda winglet? Although I have spare winglets I don't have these pieces so I'm just going to reshape the current winglet to the correct size. I did think about chopping off the exhaust section of the EE kit and replacing it with the more detailed one but it's probably not worth it Phil
  11. well guys.....I've received my EE 737-300 'new tooling' and its: (drumroll) CRAP. new tooling apparently but very familiar. It reminds me of a kit I made a while ago, I think it was a EE 737-300. This one ALSO comes with addition lumps of plastic and beautifully crafted lumps of sprue embedded into the pieces that are intended to be part of the model. Only a 3mm gap between the fuselage parts when welded together with a mixture of Poly cement and a nice layer of extra strength super glue on the top. lovely fit! The wings are of similar levels of piggery I have a lot of spare zvezda parts, we've talked about the winglets....but are any other parts usable on the 300? I read somewhere that the engines might be different? like an even more exaggerated shaped cowling appearing flatter at the base? Phil
  12. i feel better now! where is the An-225 passenger conversion? or the double decker 767? phil impressed
  13. it's getting ridiculous, last count was.... a321neo a320neo 2 x a319 a318 737-800 737 MAX 8 737-700 737-900 777-300 787-8 4 x 757-200 1 x 757-300 and just for vintage purposes 747-100 dc-8 tu-134 IL-62 and on the way 737-300 and a 737-400 all will be completed by 2075!
  14. I need to get back in the game as I'm missing great builds like this. Always look forward to seeing your finished builds and this is no exception! I love the bold yet simple livery of air baltic. Phil
  15. Hi Dave funny you say that because after posting them shots I thought the winglets looked huge compared to the wing, obviously I know the 300 has a smaller wing compared to the NGs. I too have some spare winglets from a 900 conversion. Did you have any problems fixing them to the DACO wings? I'm definitely doing the silver/red as I hate that Jet2holidays allegiant concoction. I've got a Jet2 zvezda 757-200 on the go as well as a 737-800, thought the 300 would compliment them well. That would be most appreciated mate, there's no hurry though as I won't be on to decals until the summer as I'm building about 20 airliners at the same time! phil
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