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  1. Fabulous work! You inspired me to extract my Hasegawa A-7D from the stash.
  2. Anybody know if there are any 1/32 RAF Tornado stencil decals that I can use for my F3 conversion? Thanks in advance.
  3. I live in the States, and I have not received my November AND October issues yet.
  4. Good suggestions. Thank you.
  5. Want to build a 1/48 Chilean Mirage M50 Elkan. Any suggestions for a starter kit? Aftermarket?
  6. Doing a walking tour of this area in mid September, starting in Penrith. Any tips or suggestions to offer?
  7. Are they back? They are now listed in the Future Releases section of Hannants' website.
  8. Very, very nice, Andrew. What did you use for the lenses on the Litening Pod?
  9. What's the purpose of those straps you see wrapped around the radomes of parked RAF Phantoms? Always wondered what they were.
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