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  1. I supplied Dora Wings with a Pantone reference for the Turquoise colour (PMS 3258), which they used to produce the wing registration decals. This is a good match for the original Titanine colour. It will have to be mixed as there is no model colour suitable AFAIK. I told them about the fuselage fuel tank also, but the moulds had already been designed. You can see it in the crash-landing photo. The model already built by Dora Wings a few weeks ago in the 'Ready for Inspection' section here is a very good guide to the colour.
  2. Roger Holden

    Nieuport 28 - Lt. Quentin Roosevelt

    Roosevelt Field on Long Island was named for him, one of America's greatest airports of the 'Golden Age', from where Lindbergh and many others took off on their adventures. Now sadly a shopping mall/retail park.
  3. There are good drawings by our own (late) Harry Robinson in his Docavia opus Les Avions Caudron-Renault.
  4. It's a shame they chose to produce a kit of the prototype, rather than the production plane. The biggest change (in addition to your list of changes) is that on the prototype the tailplane is on the thrustline of the engine, whereas the production plane had the tailplane raised higher than the thrustline, so the whole rear fuselage shape got changed and became more 'bent up'.
  5. Another one I'd like to get around to (actually several). A true 'Golden Age' classic which set the standard for the high wing, side by side seating configuration which dominated US lightplane design in the following decades.
  6. True, but strictly-speaking it's the 5th branch of the US Armed Forces (4th back then).
  7. Mine does have the gold decals (just not the star national insignia....not exactly difficult to source) and they are indeed the best part of the kit. I believe VLE are long gone, since the proprietor's passing.
  8. A great subject and probably my favourite type of all the many hundreds you have built (unusual to see you build a military aircraft....). The whole plane was a Fokker design, clearly an extrapolation of the F-11 ,completed after Tony decided to cut and run, selling out to General Motors. Obtaining the necessary info to build it to the required standard is on-going and has taken years, but I will surely build a blue one if it ever happens.
  9. I must have an earlier (?) version of this kit as mine has none of the white metal or resin parts. Or the national insignia decals.
  10. Roger Holden

    British contract Bostons: interior colours please

    Indeed; that was Fuller's version of interior green which must have had more black in it.
  11. Just providing a little perspective. Most of those flivver planes have terrible stalling characteristics, exacerbated by minimal horsepower. Just look at our own DH Hummingbird which claimed its most recent victim a few years ago: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-22844088 It's not just those naughty military aircraft which kill people...all aeroplanes are dangerous, but some are a lot more dangerous than others.
  12. That thing was a death trap. At least 2 people have been killed flying modern replicas, in 1994 and 2008. Dennis Trone (2008 crash) was a noted restorer of vintage U.S. biplanes https://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/18670484.html http://www.aopa.org/asf/ntsb/narrative.cfm?ackey=1&evid=20080513X00661
  13. Roger Holden

    1/72 P-40N Warhawk, SH+Eduard

    Great........which decals are those ?
  14. 'My gratitude to the person that made that drawing too.' Interesting piece of trivia: That drawing was probably the one made by Walt Jefferies (or one of the several later copies of his original). Jefferies was a very interesting character as he was the Art Director for the original Star Trek TV series and responsible for the 'design' of the original Starship Enterprise and much of the hardware used in that show. He was a fellow ex-WW2 bomber pilot pal of Gene Roddenberry's (doubtless how he got the job), but also a serious aviation historian, an early member of the AAHS and a Waco owner/pilot. I think the Romulan 'Bird of Prey' was probably inspired by Mattern's Vega !
  15. Good luck with that.......not quite the 'Merlin Models' of resin, but close ! Thanks for educating me on (yet) another resin marque to avoid........