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  1. Nice photos of a memorable era. Got every one in 1/43 kits (been collecting them since around then....), although unfortunately only the Lotus is MFH. Most of the others need, errrrrrr.............a lot more work, if I can ever face it.
  2. Thanks for that. Seems to have a large zoom range, probably useful for photographing the microscopic stuff which I always struggle with.
  3. Guess you got lucky ! But that's a mid-30s through WW2 version of the the J-6, which has a few differences to a 1930 version. Not sure if that's what you want. A postwar restored aircraft would probably have this later version as that was produced in WW2.
  4. Beautiful, precise work......which it needs to be with these tiny things. If you don't mind me asking.......can you tell me what camera/set up you use to photograph 1/43 stuff. I don't know much about photography and struggle to get decent, sharp photos of 1/43 detail parts.....
  5. Hello J-W, That article was written by my good friend Alain Bourret 15 years ago (!) and I remember studying the kit hard and comparing with photos, mainly in the Air Magazine articles. Fortunately you have picked the best of the 3 kits, the 2233. The 2234 is awful and quite inaccurate in the fuselage shape (if I ever build it, it will get a new fuselage....). The article is very good and quite comprehensive and covers all the important points, so there is not much else to say. Except how Azur managed to produce such a mediocre kit when they had the good reference material and
  6. Tameo stopped producing 'current' F1 Ferraris a couple of years ago and it was down to the licensing cost, according to their FB page. Most of their WCT and TMK superkits had lots of photoetch parts, but I believe these are now too expensive to produce and recent kits have tiny amounts of etch, like they used to have in the 1980s. The castings have improved however and are now a better quality metal, with less clean up required. I always thought the Silverline range was some sort of licensing/tax dodge as they had licensing agreements with Ferrari and Classic Team Lotus, which appeared in the
  7. Great build of one of Tameo's best kits. All their Ferrari 'superkits' are awesome (if incredibly complicated). A shame that their recent stuff is much more simplified and I doubt whether any more like this will be produced.
  8. I wasn't aware Heller had featured one of those aircraft in their kit;must be a recent re-issue. Not sure if the original colour is known for certain, but I think it should be a medium metallic blue. The preserved aircraft seems a bit dark in photos, but may be the lighting.
  9. Ok, Andrew. Thanks for taking my comments in a good spirit ! Not everyone does. Some get defensive or have closed minds. Anyway, fwiw I have 4 books on the Simoun/Caudron Renaults, one on Air Bleu, plus the various Avions/Fana/Replic magazine articles. If you had posted some early-stage wips, I would have commented then. I've been researching this stuff for more than 35 years and trying to get everything right is a bit of a passion. I'll watch out for your Goeland.....
  10. Firstly, let me congratulate the pair of you for a beautiful brace of Caudrons. Full marks to your friend for getting the colour scheme of Doret's plane correct....it doesn't happen often. However, for the Air Bleu plane, unfortunately things are rather different. Air Bleu was a specialist mail-carrying company and for few years carried all France's internal air mail in their blue envelopes. They carried NO passengers. The seats were replaced by a fenced-off area for carrying the mail sacks on all their aircraft. Also, they were not painted 'French Blue', but an unusual metall
  11. Remember buying that kit when it came out in the early '90s and thinking it was a big step forward in Tameo's evolution (although I still haven't built it). The WCT series went from strength to strength, although I think they have now become too expensive to produce. Although I have many of Tameo's kits, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with them. The WCTs and historic cars are mostly great, but the contemporary cars he produced vary enormously, because I think they were rushed out and based on very little data. The shapes of some of the 89-95 cars he did are way out when you com
  12. The way I look at it, is not to compare it with non-related costs, which are irrelevant, but how it compares with the going market-rate for that type of product. Thus we have similar-sized aircraft like the LF Models Fokker C.V (about £25), or the Azur/ Special Hobby Vildebeest or Potez 25 (about £30). The Kora Fairey IIIF is 50% more expensive than those, but a much lower quality....
  13. Indeed, especially as it's a quite rough, limited-run kit that's just the starting point for producing a decent model. Interesting to hear that it's going for about £10 cheaper in Holland. I've noticed that Hannants sometimes add their 'little extra' if they think it will appeal to British modellers. They tried that with the Dora Wings Percival Vega Gulls and Dora Wings got themselves a new UK distributor who is much cheaper.....
  14. The export planes were built after the US aircraft industry had changed over to using chromated primers. Hence the opinion they may have been green. But I am not aware of any photos of the export machines available to prove this. Unlike the many photos showing the silver US Army cockpits....
  15. Last wholly-British designed military aircraft were EAP (1985) and Taranis (2013). Both technology demonstrators for future collaborative programmes. No country outside US/China/Russia can now afford to develop military aircraft on its own. To its credit in 2018, the UK government commited itself to supporting an indigenous military aircraft design capability.
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