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  1. Roger Holden

    1974 Formula 1 Ferrari 312B3/74

    No ; Luca Tameo made the master pattern for the CAR Shadow DN9B kit, (when he was a teenager still at school). I think he carved the master from a type of wax. Following this, he also carved master models for Meri Kits and then started his own company in 1983, I think.
  2. Roger Holden

    1974 Formula 1 Ferrari 312B3/74

    Ok; I assumed that because this is a forum for kit builders, not collectors of built models, that you were interested in the kits...... I was never interested in the factory built models myself and I don't know the history of them. I bought my first Tameo kits in 1986.
  3. Roger Holden

    1974 Formula 1 Ferrari 312B3/74

    Hello Aleksey. All Tameos old kits from the 1980s (TMK001 +) are still available and listed on their website: http://www.tameokits.com/en/prodotti-modelli-rezults.asp?x=1&ref=TMK&myPage=42 But of course, the later kits are much better quality, especially from 1996 onwards (around TMK180 +). The TB built models are quite recent (approximately last 10 years). Nearly all his recent kit releases are in the SLK range (including the Arrows FA1 you mention).
  4. Roger Holden

    1974 Formula 1 Ferrari 312B3/74

    Good job on that old kit. It was also kitted by Dallari and that was pretty good. I sold one on Ebay and bought the Tameo kit and it's one of the most complicated Ferrari kits he's ever produced. Just reading the instructions makes me want to go and lie down in a darkened room. His most recent kits have become a lot more simplified. I don't think he can produce the complicated 'superkits' at a price the market will accept any more. The CAR Shadow DN9B was mastered by Tameo and I think one of the first 1/43 kits he was involved with, before he started his own company. No surprise that he made another one years later for his own range, which is a great kit.
  5. Roger Holden

    Supermarine S6B in 1/72 & 1/48 from MikroMir

    S4 = civilian, private venture flown by Supermarine test pilot Henri Biard S5/6 military, flown by exclusively RAF personnel and given RAF serial numbers which implies at least some Govt. funding. Italian entries similar.
  6. Another minor error.......the rudder on Udet's plane was painted white, not red. It was originally shown as red in the Windsock Datafile, but Ray Rimell later said this should be white in Windsock magazine. But your self-critical approach is the right way to go about improving your models.
  7. Roger Holden

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    HIGHLY unlikely that California-based Vultee used the Delaware-produced DuPont paints. Somehow, a myth has propagated that all Lend-Lease RAF aircraft were painted in colours we only know were used by Curtiss. Fellow California-based manufacturer Douglas used San Francisco-produced Fuller paints and it's quite likely that Lockheed and Vultee also did. There were numerous US paint manufacturers supplying paint to the wartime aircraft industry......DuPont, Fuller,Berry Bros, Gliddens, Sherwin-Williams, Perry Austin and doubtless many others. I doubt whether anybody knows what the complete picture was. Certainly not one New England-based producer supplying the whole industry......
  8. The Fokker C.Vs are by LF Models, not Kora. Not sure what the connection is (if any), but the LF Fokkers are MUCH better kits than the Kora releases and are basically sound, if not quite up with the best. So, no problem there.... I understand someone else is working on Hawker kits which should be way better than any previous releases. I'm completely with you on the resin front (but I like vacforms, which are a blank canvas to create something unique....)
  9. So would I. But their previous Curtiss-Wrights require about the same work as a vacform to turn into something presentable. And I've built plenty of the latter.......
  10. Roger Holden

    Jumpei strikes again...! (P-40/P-36)

    A man after my own heart. His work is just great !
  11. Roger Holden

    Douglas O-31 or O-43? And photos wanted!

    That photo is from 1935-37, as the planes have blue and O.D. fuselages. They were long-gone by WW2. They are wearing the squadron insignia of the Illinois National Guard, so the Chicago location is probably correct. Plane in the foreground is the one-off YO-31B, originally built as a VIP transport for Militia Bureau commander Oscar Westover, with a plush seat in the rear position, hence the different canopy design. Like its brothers the 4 YO-31As and sole YO-31C it has the gull wing arrangement. Plane in the background is an O-38, not an O-2 (which was a Liberty-engined 1920s plane). Photos of all the types you mention are easily found. Google is your friend......
  12. Let's hope the quality has improved. The earlier releases are on a par with 1990s Pavla kits and decades behind the 'current' limited-run standard.....
  13. Roger Holden

    Seatbelts in WW1 aircraft: when did they come in?

    The Americans didn't introduce shoulder straps until mid-1942. Many of their aircraft used telescopic sights (so did some WW1 RFC, eg SE5a), which you had to bend forward to look through, so you couldn't do that with a shoulder harness. So they often had thick crash padding on their instrument panels to reduce the common phenomenon of 'instrument face'.
  14. Absolutely no surprise with those Czech kits. First thing I do is check the fit of the canopy to the fuselage and if necessary (it often is), shim the fuselage halves to increase the width to match the canopy.... Of course, you can't do that if you have already joined the fuselage halves...... (sigh ?) "In this almost 2o years the vacuum-formed canopy has yellowed:" Yep; they started out making their canopies from pvc, which is cheap garbage only suitable for throwaway items as it degrades rapidly.
  15. Those I think were the Humbrol paints made when they outsourced production to China. They received a lot of complaints and production was moved back to the UK. So, recent ones are better, but still imo inferior to what they produced in 1960s-90s , when they had no equals. If you are mainly an enamel painter like me, the best paints were produced in the 1980s (Humbrol, Gloy, DBI ,Compucolour) and it's been downhill ever since. These days I use mainly Humbrol, Xtracolor and Colourcoats. Have a few acrylics (mainly Tamiya) which have to be sprayed, but not a fan. I am completely ignorant of the modern acrylic stuff (GSI, Vallejo, AK, Hataka, Lifecolour). I am mainly a brush painter (except for metallics) and leave all enamels at least 2 days before recoating.