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  1. Before time runs out... Wishing for some helicopters Ka-50, Ka-52 and the like are seriously unloved by model companies...
  2. Did anyone built this kit already? I wonder how good the fit and details are.
  3. Thanks for hosting this GB! Congrats to everyone who managed to finish in time... and everyone else who did their best
  4. Thank you guys! The build itself is done (pictures to follow) but since I wanted to prime the model before painting and the primer usually needs a night of curring, I'm not sure this is going to end in time Maybe I can give up on the priming and be careful with post-paint masking...
  5. Hey, Although time and my slowliness are very limiting factors in this GB, I decided to [cheap maxims mode on] try and fail rather than fail trying [cheap maxims mode off]. The candidate in focus here is the 2006 Revell 1:144 scale Tornado ECR. A marvelous little kit that was on sale yesterday in the only shop selling scale model kits in my area. Here is the mandatory opening picture from this morning showing proof of date and the unstarted kit: ...and here the content of the box:
  6. Thanks Pat for the answer! I was asking because I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the build until Monday evening so I'm also considering it for the Less Than a Tenner GB.
  7. This one comes with perfect timing. I was about to start a quick build as a break from the main build this weekend. Thanks for organizing it! Sorry if I missed this information but are we allowed to post the same subject in two group builds? Thanks, Cristian
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