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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ian! This looks really promising.
  2. More great ideas! Thank you all!
  3. Thank you all, this was very useful!
  4. Thank you, gentlemen! Great ideas so far! Superb Comet, @TonyW! Me too, I would be blocked at the point where I'll have to find out the lettering, its size and... well... meaning There must be some international regulations describing this but not sure if this is available to the public...
  5. Hello, I've seen lots of very attractive runways displayed below the fantastic models, around here. I was wondering if someone built their own or can suggest a good source for them? Preferably one that can be stored away after the photo session. I guess, it should be one that can hold a 1/144 Gulfstream as well as a 747-8F, size-wise. Thank you! Cristian
  6. There is Revell 04 and 05 for matt and gloss white and Vallejo has a Model Color white, actually meant for brush painting but apparently people have been successful spraying it after some diluting it correspondingly.
  7. I had to dig this up just to say: superb job! Too bad the decals seem to be out of production...
  8. Fantastic build!!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Fantastic work on what seems to be a difficult kit. Chapeau!
  10. I guess, you can always cut them up in pieces and place them one by one or in smaller groups?
  11. This is absolutely fantastic! After seeing the first image I thought this was the 3D render you took as inspiration. As already said above, looks right out of a glossy magazine
  12. @Jet777 Welcome to the community! Can you show us an image? It speaks more than 1000 words, apparently Thanks!
  13. Thank you all! This helps a lot with my decision. I will probably try to decant some spray paint if I can get a hold of something similar here. The hint with thinning Model Color paints might also be worth a try as I really like the (few) Vallejo paints I have. As for Revell's white, I'm trying to switch over to other paint brands, currently plus I found their range to be quite inconsistent, with some colours behaving better than others. Then again, this is the only manufacturer sold in the shop I have easy access to so it really depends on how fast I'll need the colours. I also have AK's white primer which I didn't like and a Life Color primer set which has a white in it. This set rendered great results in my recent builds but is also rather matt but I haven't used the white yet. Regarding the gloss, I really liked the results I achieved both on metallic and acrylics paint with AK's Intermediate Gauzy Agent Shine Enhancer so, this might be an alternative... but it stinks. So many choices!!!
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