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  1. Congrats on the sale and thanks for the SbS! It does look safely packed, indeed.
  2. I was afraid that was going to be the outcome Thank you gentlemen!
  3. Thanks Niall! Shapeways is indeed an option but their prices are rather high. I'm also looking at some of the stuff at myminifactory.com which is not free. My hope is to find a place to buy these minis already printed instead of going through buying the models AND pay for printing.
  4. Hey, Looking at the plethora of 3D model files available online, I as wondering if there is any established shopping place for printed minis? Having an own printer is out of question for several reasons but I'd be up paying for some printed stuff. Does anyone have a suggestion? I only saw Etsy so far but the offer is somewhat limited and Ebay has close to none, surprisingly. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Welcome in the boat, Duncan! My plans were actually put on ice for now but the advice above is really helpful.
  6. The cardboard cradle was also my initial thought but it is rather time intensive to build one for each model. I think the teddy bear filling as suggested above can lead to similar if not even better results in combination with the plastic bag trick to contain possible detached parts.
  7. Post office handling is exactly what worries me the most
  8. Thank you, Alvaro! The details on those parts look fantastic!
  9. Could you please share a picture of how this looks like? Thank you!
  10. Not as large a collection as other of the listed sites but some really cool models: https://www.gambody.com/search My personal favourite is the War Rig Truck: https://www.gambody.com/3d-models/mad-max-war-rig-truck
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