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  1. These look great, indeed. I wonder how credible that February release date is... @Will Vale Any idea for an "electrified" version?
  2. Even if it's a one-off model, I'm still itching for it A welcome addition, for sure!
  3. The Topol is indeed great news but I'm at least as excited about the KET-T. Only if they would also do the crane on the MAZ chassis. Oh, dreams! But there is still hope as they hopefully won't limit themselves to only 4 new items in this scale. It's also great to see their 1/35 line shrink to 1/72. It will sure lower the financial "inhibition threshold"
  4. That's a great collection of plans! Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey, Since there are not many construction models in 1/35 or larger scales, I was wondering if it would be possible to scratch-build some. But where do I start? Where can I find plans for auto cranes, excavators and the like? I'm much into the larger types produced by Liebherr, for instance but also older, soviet machines. What would be the right materials for 1/35 scale, for instance? Questions, questions Thanks a lot in advance! Cristian
  6. I was also looking at those 1/50 Liebherr crane diecast models. I wonder why there are no plastic kits of such vehicles...
  7. Great progress, Andy! I always meant to ask: Do you have a description of your photo setup and post-processing workflow? The images are some of the best you see around, no matter the subject!
  8. Meng at its best! Gotta love the seat texture and wrinkles.
  9. Thank you, gentlemen for the great hints! May I add the 1/43 line of AVD vehicles, as well as the Balaton Modell and Miniman Factory offerings for cranes? @Will Vale: Looking forward to the first pictures! And sorry for hijacking the thread.
  10. What would be other manufacturers and scales for this kind of kits (not looking at ready-made collectibales)?
  11. That's a nice one! Are you going to start on this any time soon?
  12. Great idea on the windows! This kit keeps coming back on my "maybe this time?" list I'll be following this for sure, mainly interested in how you're going to paint and weather it.
  13. Are you really using the airbrush cleaner as a paint thinner!? Is that even legal!? I would have thought, a cleaner is meant to "detach" the paint from any possible surface which, to me, is the exact opposite to do when painting a model. But if it works, there is nothing that speaks against it.
  14. Very nicely done and an interesting subject (at least, for me, a mainly military modeller).
  15. I agree with what you said about the PanzerShop kits. It's only that I'm not yet ready to cash that out for a kit...
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