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  1. I must agree with, Rich. The tracks are sitting very nicely.
  2. armored76

    Soviet Heavy Metal - 1/72 Tu-22 ModelSvit

    What a beast!!!
  3. armored76

    (Free) printable US ration boxes?

    All fair, @Niall! No need to invest time in down-scaling, I'll use the re-scaled 1/35 version from above then. Thank you!
  4. armored76

    (Free) printable US ration boxes?

    That looks really nice!!! Would you share the files you draw so I can try and re-scale them accordingly? If that's too much to ask, I understand so no pressure In the mean time I also found some 1/35 printable ones on http://www.fcmodeltips.com/ (Scale Printings in the menu, page 120 ,I think).
  5. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Thank you, Will! If you could share the code or the relevant parts in some way, the would be much appreciated. Of course, if you'd rather not publish it, that is perfectly fine. Thanks! Cristian
  6. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    @Will Vale That looks absolutely amazing!!! I thought I'm pretty much up-to-date with everything hardware components but I had to look up the addressable LEDs They are really nice for a lot of applications. Thanks for sharing the info! If I'm getting this right, you cascade them as any SPI device (DOUT to next DIN) then push 24-bit RGB color data packages at up to 800 kbits/s? Concerning your model, I'm really in awe! The engine flickering, is that a random intensity value on the selected colour superposed on a slower changing one? Would you care to share the maths, please? Also for the display switch-on flicker, if I'm not pushing my luck too much Many-many thanks! Cristian
  7. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    After some more research I came upon a better alternative to the PCA9685 + ULN2803 combo. The TLC5947 is available as a component as well as a breakout board and will take over the job of the two IC without the need of external component other the LEDs themselves. Hooked up on an Arduino Pro Micro, it can drive up to 24 LEDs (or groups of serially connected LEDs) with brightness control in 4096 steps from min to max. The schematic would then look like this: <Temporarily removed as it contained a few mistakes. Sorry!> This is just a firs draft version that should work but since I do not have the TLC5947 board yet, I wasn't able to test it or start on the software for this. If you'd care to join in or follow the project more closely, I have create an Easyeda project here: https://easyeda.com/Armored76/model-lighting-kits Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks! Cristian
  8. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Thanks for sharing, HP42! Indeed, these boards might be an alternative if you already have them. The only problem I see is the rather limited RAM (256 bytes max). I think the Arduino Pro Micro would be a better choice in this case as it is faster, has more program and data memory while being about half the price (or less if order from China).
  9. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    I think I'm going to use the following components, mainly because these are widely available as break-out boards (ready-made PCB with components assembled) but can also be built into a custom board: Arduino Micro Pro - the "heart" of the whole system, controlling the LEDs, on/off, brightness, blinking pattern, etc PCA9685 - 16 channel PWM control module allowing for on/off and brightness control of up to 16 channels ULN2803A - Darlington array allowing to control up to 500 mA per channel; might be overkill in most cases but is required for LED stripes, for instance The circuit above would allow for up to 16 control channels. If 11 or these are used by the LEDs, 5 still remain open as reserves. These could be used to control 5 (fixed rotation sense) or 2 (changeable rotation sense) DC motors, for instance. I'll try to upload a first sketch over the next few days. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Cheers, Cristian
  10. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Here's another great video explaining lights on an Airbus: Source: Youtube.com
  11. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Good point, Björn! However, the red/green can be on while the whites are flashing so at least these two shall be separated. Corrected the list above! Thanks for the feedback!
  12. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Let's get more concrete... References seen so far would suggest the following light on commercial airliners: taxi lights on the nose gear strut (white) - 1 channel landing lights on the left and right wing (white) roots - 1 channel position/navigation lights on the left and right wing tips and at the tail (green, red, white) - 2 channels anti-collision lights on the top and bottom of the fuselage (red) - 1 channel anti-collision lights on the wing tips (white) - 1 channel (might be combined with those on the top and bottom) alternating landing lights (white) - 2 channels, alternating logo lights on the stabilizers (white) - 1 channel cabin lighting (white) - 1 channel, LED stripe cockpit lighting (white) - 1 channel (might be combined with cabin lights) I'm counting up to 11 independent light channels to control. Is this list correct/complete? Further suggestions? Thanks! Cristian PS: An excellent resource on airliner lights: https://aerosavvy.com/airplane-lights/
  13. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Thanks for the link and your interest in the topic Those kits are a bit pricey, indeed but they need to be developed after all which explains (part of) the price. I'm currently thinking along the lines of an Arduino (Nano?) board with extension boards that would offer, for instance: 8/16/24/32 independent LED channels 2/4 DC motor control channels sound control (SD Card holding the sound files) Bluetooth for smartphone connection For the control boards we have the option of using ready-made ones or develop our own. Commercial boards are easier to start with but have shape limitations. Custom boards can be shaped to the project requirements but are harder to build. This is all very crude right now, barely listing up possible options. We can start "small" with LED control and extend from there. I can bring in hardware and software knowledge but will need help with the rest
  14. armored76

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    Hi, I gathered some components for eventually lighting up some of the models I'm going to build but never actually got around to do much with it except a few trials. To help with that, I wanted to ask you guys if someone would care to join in brainstorming some ideas? I was thinking, civil airliner lighting is pretty much standardized across airlines and models so, maybe we could start with these? Let's see: what are the standard lights? what colours would the lights have which ones are static (on/off) and which ones dynamic? which lights would be on in different stages? at the gate taxiing during take off in-flight during landing If it helps, we can start with a particular type like an A320 or 737... Eagerly waiting for your feedback! Cristian