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  1. Well the real prototypes tail broke off. They didn’t stop. Make some plastic ones up and Cary on or leave them off. I need to carry on with mine too after the masking disaster
  2. More progress. As mentioned I’m trialling different colours on these spits. Sort of a test bed for the larger 1/32 ones I am making. So this one looks like it’s going to be the more cheerful looking bright and garish one. I have used HU26 instead of HU29. I used to when I was a kid and sometimes I prefer it to hu29 I also get numbers mixed up being dyslexic and they are quite similar looking tins. Masked up then I sprayed the hu26 then preshaded then sprayed more Humbrol 26 thinned with Mr Levelling thinner. Also all this talk of Oil Washes got me messing with oil paints and I hope to use them more. I have become fascinated with their properties and it got me re watching the amazing Bob Ross. Initially I bought a few Windsor and newton paints which are incredible but watching Bob I thought I’d try his brand as they are cheaper. So I got a selection of colours I could mix and find them just as good as W&N. I found myself watching Bob a lot and decided to have a go at my first oil painting on the back of the box they where supplied in. It’s a new hobby now ! ... fun I recommend everyone watches Bob Ross the entire 31 seasons is on YouTube and it is beautiful cheers Rob
  3. I decided to stay with this green as I just like it for some reason. Possibly because it looks like others attempts at Eau De Nill, maybe because it’s different, maybe because it just looks damn cool. Probably because I’m building so many spits at the Mo I don’t really care if it’s accurate, it’s fun to build a more artistic licenced colourful art piece as apposed to the last more normal looking “accurate” one. That said it looks ok to me. but in photos looks neon in reality it’s more dull. (Awaits purists ... ) what can I say I like to experiment with colour. This one will have Humbrol 26 and likely Humbrol 149 for the uppers. all for variety’s sake or trying to represent the variety of said undersurface colours or just having to much fun.. I love green !
  4. It is a crazy colour on camera looking neon and in reality more pastel. That said ignoring accuracy for a second it looks damn cool in this colour !. Its like an 80s spitfire from an altered reality. I may still use this colour but tone it down a little. However I am now thinking of doing something crazy and idiotic with it and painting it in a neon camo scheme. haha.
  5. Many thanks Ced. on to the next one then. Which I’ve decided to try out new things with. many thanks to Sidders for being to kind to send me a near complete spit kit and spare canopy. Now I can make the second one. Yay on with the canopy and then the masks and primer. then a little rub down with Halfords finishing pad. I haven’t decided what spit to do yet but I’d like to make this one a little different and go for an Eau De Nil underside. I tried this new Humbrol 36 Pastel which in person looks great but on photo looks a little Wilde. Perhaps if I cut it back which some white. Though this looks right for the cockpit green used on some apparently. I like it whatever this looks way brighter than in person. This looks more like what it actually looks like minty ! Cheers Rob
  6. Enamels are very strong once dry and particularly over Halfords primer. I am very impressed the new ones and old ones are very scratch resistant on the paint mule. But chemical reactions are a different matter. I love and have and will continue to use both Tamiya and Humbrol rattle can varnishes. But only over acrylics and lacquers. With Humbrol make sure you get the acrylic variety. I have not tried their enamel one. The Humbrol Matt does have a tendency to bloom in the spray acryl form unless done in direct sunlight when no clouds are present. (My experience with this one ) However Mr Color Lacquer varnishes and paints are the best I've used and so nice to use. However their smell might knock you over. But they are tough and perform flawlessly. W&N varnish however is always good Cheers Rob
  7. Cheers Adrian and that it does. I will reply properly re varnish in a bit. Here are a few more shots. cheers Rob
  8. Now that is fascinating ! , thanks so much I have not seen this no and I must get the book. Incredible. The green lighting will happen. It’s got to be easier that doing the damn canopy ! Cheers Rob
  9. Looking amazing. I’m also a fan of pencilled on panel lines and over going it again it looks more realistic that trenches I think. More in scale too
  10. Thanks that’s interesting do you have any more info on this ? I am assuming BS381c241 (641)
  11. Well I seem to be experiencing chamical reactions on everything of late and now it’s this... firstly I used precision paints matt enamel and it’s an amazing varnish. However I stupidly used it on a very humid day. I got the dreaded bloom effect !. It was thinned with lighter fluid which usually works for me and maybe I was to heavy on the trigger or maybe I didn’t mix it enough. Either way I cured it by discovering you can over coat with Mr Color Clear matt 182 and Mr Leveling thinner. It’s compatible with enamels so I tried it out over the test spit and it worked no bloom yay A most excellent varnish but this idiot sprayed on a humid day ! It went on well in the above you can see the shiney Klear wing vs the rest . Then...... SWEARING ! .. lots of swearing. Score : Spitfire 1 - Rob 0 so I sprayed it over with lighter fluid and took it out to the sun shine as I know direct light can improve this problem with acrylics. then tested the Mr Color clear over enamels and this. So that’s a save ! , Score : Spitfire 1 - Rob 1. I will be using these varnishes again but the pheonix can be saved for less humid days. Maybe this one I’ll try thinning with their own thinner or Mr Leveling Thinner. Lighter fluid may be drying to quick for the pheonix. Rob
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