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  1. Hey folks. Yep I’m at it again making a Tin Triangle. Another Pit Road / GWH Vulcan B2 to be finished in the 60s camo scheme for the IPMS Bomber Command Table. I’ve chosen to do XH563 as depicted here. First was to Prime and paint the intakes this time with Mr Colour Charachter white. I’ve chosen this as it’s not overly stark and has some “charachter” to it. Then I fitted a woodland scenics foam nail to the nose for the refilling probe which is a more scale size and not easily breakable like the kit item. I drilled a hole and superglued it in place. This will also hold the milliput weight for the nose. This has been blunted and profiled after fitting and now onto masking the intakes. cheers Rob
  2. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Cheers Ced it’s my first time trying this method. a bit more progress : getting there
  3. What a great model and great to see the young getting involved in the hobby. Keep up the great work.
  4. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Thanks. That would be good old blue tak cheers Rob
  5. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    The olive drab I had had dried up. So I’ve mixed my own approximation of Mr Color 23 ww2 Raf green with a dash of tar black and spot of H330 Raf post war green and it will do. Cheers Rob
  6. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Thanks Mr B. I hadn’t to redo the preshade on the bottom as I was getting too much yellow showing through. hoping it will be ok for the green though. now onto the top half
  7. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    That will do with me then. This build is a bit of an experiment anyways. My first time pre shading. Possibly awful. But here goes with some slight motling to. time for coffee !
  8. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    The cockpit has just a seat so not much effort here. onto preshading.. not used an airbrush in a while so this could all go pear shaped !
  9. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Hi Bar Side. I’m going to try and use the kit decals. However I’m opting to not do the D-Day markings and basing this of a bird of the same markings with exception of the stripes. I have no idea if this is right but I’m assuming from these photos it is likely. Olive Drab and grey with a white cowling and white stripes on the tail wings and fin. everything else looks the same to my eye. So thinking of taking a gamble here. cheers Rob
  10. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Many thanks for the amazing photos. Those models are something else ! ive been going around this with Mr Surfacer 500 and Halfords Filler primer. A few nasty seams but nothing to cry about it’s going quite nicely onto the canopy masking and the painting. cheers Rob
  11. Looks like you are gonna have fun with the intakes. Milliput and flies at the ready with Mr Surfacer 500. A few hours of sweat and swearing and you will be good haha
  12. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    Wow that’s fanatic and what an amazing line up there. Would be great to see more shots of those. I always thought the aircraft in Band of Brothers looked particularly awsome. Cheers Rob
  13. robvulcan

    Matchbox P-47

    I hear they where a rush to be applied so not perfect as per warbirds flying today. not seen Band of Brothers for a while I must give it another watch.