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  1. Excellent work. I haven’t been in here much for ages sadly. Nice to see someone else also suffers with an unhealthy obsession of early Vulcans. cracking job ! Im so behind with my too many incomplete projects. But I’m back to it now thanks to your encouragement after a long stall. keep up the good work it’s nice to see that this interest passes on through the generations for what is mostly a forgotten and little known overlooked aircraft now. cheers Rob
  2. Fantastic vulcan looks super ! always nice to see a vulcan that’s not 558 or 607 but 558 in a different guise is always special
  3. Hi all and welcome and thanks for the welcome back. im thinking XM603 as she is today but that could change. here is some shot of it clipped together still love the GWH there are pluses and minuses for both but overall the trumpeter one is more accurate. Pluses for the GWH are: correct radome line and slide moulded intakes with panel lines across the top of the wing. Down sides are bulbous nose with strange bump on top, sagging wings, short undercarriage, wrong panel lines on Bombay, straight ECM cone. *note has vague attempt at 200series engines. Pluses for the trumpeter kit are : overall perfectly accurate shape better nose profile and upward tilted ecm cone. clearly it’s a clone of the old airfix kit and has a lot of commonality with it but it’s a new improved shrunken version. Has the wings at the right angle not sagging down and seems to have the right size undercarriage. has 300 series engine cans. Shame it does not have both but hey ho it’s 1/144th .. Downsides are lacks upper wing panel lines but could also be an advantage as these are very rarely visible to be honest. has split intake half’s but this enables painting of the engine faces. Both kits have oversized moon shaped plates that sit between the nose and inner intake but that is a very minor detail and they look fine in all fairness. So both kits are fine and very similar I’d say either is worth your time. Cheers Rob
  4. I’m so chuffed that this arrived today and it looks to be very accurate and the best Vulcan B2 kit to date (at least in 1/144) this will tide me over till the big airfix one later this year. However .. wow this is getting built now ! You get two options for XH558 or XL361. However it’s 300 series exhausts only and also includes blue steel or free fall Bombay doors. It has a lot of commonality with the old Airfix kit like the dragon kit had in terms of for the panel line layout as if shares the same incorrect radome line. It also had the sky bolt strength plates. Seems that they used that very accurate old model as an inspiration and to take cues from I suspect.(just hope the fit is better !) So it also differentiates enough from the also excellent GWH Pit Road kit. (Not without flaws) however will it be as good.. it certainly seems of the same quality ! lets find out !! :)
  5. Hi uncle long time no speak I too plan to do that scheme it’s short lived and overlooked. Never seen anyone do a model if it yet. I believe if I remember it was 617 sqn possibly ?
  6. The sharp lines are where the rear part of the fibre glass radome is in two parts. As I understand it the radomes has to be painted certain ways to allow it to work but it seems later with advances that was not needed as the black part and the rear area where painted as the rest. But as for the undersides they where white but the actual antiflash paint was a special type that did have its own character and seems to often have a off white hue too it but white does harmonise well with its surroundings as does silver. In the case of 60s camo vulcans the rear part often seems all grey and often a different colour grey so I assume they where painted before fitting
  7. Hunters and Vulcans are the perfect combination in my view. Whats not to like ! Airfix should do a 1/24th Hungter now that would be something, But on the subject of the Vulcan as soon as there is a pre order I will be saving up for as many as the bank will allow. I am quite confident that this kit will take my mind off all the troubles in the world and I will be in my element.
  8. I think that is highly likely if you look how wonderful Hornby has been and is in bringing us not just the classics of railways but very unusual extinct subjects. It just takes time. As for those saying I’d rather this that and the other. Why not just have them all thee is no reason why not. It’s Just about balance. As if they where to pursue soley ww2 they would become niche. Instead it is good they are doing both. I hope also they do classic British airliners. A comet 4 in 1/72 would rock. also a Venom , Vixen, Hastings, Botha, etc etc it’s exciting times and now it’s easier to produce stuff than ever with class. so keep going Airfix ! We love ya
  9. I hope they do B1 and B1A kit they could brand is as the "Thunderball Vulcan" To increase sales to James Bond Collectors. I am just eternally grateful we have a B2 for now. But seeing as Airfix have given us Harriers, Spits, B17, Canberras, Lancasters, etc etc of all flavours. If this sells well in time we might seem them make new wing molds and an alternate tail cone with the fillet for the rudder, new wheels etc wouldnt be too hard to achieve. But a saw and milliput will do it too I never understand why whenever a model is released there seems to be more people talking about what its not what it should have been etc. Yet at the same time its good to show the desire for them to push forward. But its business and we need to see more support for what is not yet released and will be an incredible piece of work. by the looks of it. With all the economic uncertainty its very brave of Airfix to undertake such a project but at the same time I dont think you could pick a more popular subject that also badly needed a new model. Even thought the old one was very accurate. But lets be honest its a piece of work. Rob
  10. Me too. Its just the complex curves on the B2 wing would be much harder to acheive.
  11. Its great and I think it would actually make it easier to convert to be honest and make new wings from scratch. I will certainly be making some B1 parts for it at some stage. BUT I am so happy we have a B2 first it makes more sense and I would much rather backdate to a B1 which Is way easier than the other route. The B2 has a much more complex wing shape to capture. What interested me the most was the render shots of the CAD showed stressed panels I hope that makes it onto the final kit as that will make them look like real vulcans then without panel washes it will catch the light correctly and look amazing.
  12. Sausages are ok I guess. But this thing is way better I am so happy that this is a thing. Still love the old kit but man this is incredible. If the mock up looks this good the final offering will be a dream come true. I will take 89 Please. GO AIRFIX YAYYYYYYYYY
  13. robvulcan

    Telford 2019

    Just on my way back now. I was only there 4 hours sadly but it was great to catch up with friends and see the wonderful new Vulcan. overjoyed with that it’s perfect. I did notice it was way quieter than previous years but that may be just because it was Sunday. I spent only £5 on an old Novo 1/96 Lancaster. normally I’d have spent more but I didn’t see many bargains in fact prices seemed quite high for some items especially second hand stuff. maybe I’m just getting older haha. Rob
  14. I shouldn’t worry I’m sure they will do as they did both 201 and 301 pipes for the corgi vulcan. Also if not you can be sure of aftermarket stuff or 3D printed items if needed. But who cares it’s AMAZING as is and I for one love the later 301 beasts.
  15. I can’t wait for this. Looks smack on wow
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