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  1. Wow can’t wait for this and did someone say they are doing a Vulcan B1/a wow can’t wait for that too
  2. I would be very much up for this. Modelling a railway scene should be encouraged as you can do small dioramas that can include more than the loco and train. There is track type to be considered lineside structures and gear. Buildings animals people scenery etc etc . Lighting even. I’m always making dioramas for a Railways so I’d love to see this. Any excuse to get to work with plaster of Paris and plaster cloth
  3. Hi Ced many thanks for the welcome back and even more thanks for the offer of the use of a laser jet. That is much appreciated I will get the art finalised with Timmas and then take you up on the offer. Thanks for the kindness mate. Yep we do need to finish that off I will be inboxing you soon mate Many thanks both. Heres a look at it with the wings not quite fitted. Time to do some weathering now the fuselarge has set since the re glue where it had fractured. Above is a 1/76 Scale or 00 gauge Prairie for comparison of size. Its a monster with the wings on. Also I found this image of the same aircraft minus the red wings (not sure if I shared this earlier or not ) Cheers Rob
  4. Many thanks. Any info is of interest. Good find. Cheers Rob
  5. It is indeed and I lover her so much. Been a life long supporter of Sally B. I actually have decals on the way for her in this scale. I am so impressed by this kit I want one for myself to make up as Sally B. Need to save up the Benjemins though at £300 ! Cheers Rob
  6. Many thanks Tom good to hear from you. I will check their site out. The W and triangle where pained on by the previous builder. I am not sure what they where done in but my guess is enamel so I am not sure how easy they would be to remove and not damage the silver or to match the silver if damaged. I will ask the owner if they want me to leave it on or path up or other. Cheers Rob
  7. Many thanks I will check it out. I was watching this earlier which was very interesting and mentioned the P38s. Cheers Rob
  8. Hey there well I am not going to say no to that offer ! Sure go for it and then I will have more options to use. You are right it is a little blurred. I had not even considered that.. I guess i could sharpen it but then I guess it would get pixcelated Cheers Rob
  9. Hi Amblypygid. Many thanks for the help there anything is appreciated. I am not sure of the historical importance or why this one was selected. I got involved via my Parents who had a holiday there and got talking to the people at the Museum. They got to look at models and talked and said he had this B-17 which was needing to be finised but sadly the Builder had passed away. It needed some minor repairs which I am fixing now the fuselage has cracked on the bottom. It does not help that its a silver finish and I am not sure of the paints used but I am sure its car paint as its very glittery and the red looks like humbrol 19 enamel. Lucky for me they want it weathering and I am thinking of using oils for this one. The main headache for me is the numbers and letter which I cant seem to source in decal form. I may need to get some masks made. The nose art decal and printing to the size may prove tricky too. I am not sure my printer is good enough. Cheers Rob
  10. Hi All. Once again I have been quiet for a while and off site sadly due to life stuff... However I'm back . This time Its an unusual subject I need some help with. The model was being made for a Museum but sadly the builder passed away during the build. My job is to finish it off. I will need to make a decal for the nose art (advice appreciated here) and I need to source numbers and letters of which I may need to paint. Here is what I have to work with. This is the only photos I have of this B-17-G any more welcome but I cant find any. This is the nose art of which I need a decal making. The model when done will be on display at the Nuthampstead Airfield Museum. Any advide or info on this B-17 and the nose art decal plus codes and serial decals for this welcome. Cheers Rob :)
  11. Hey folks. Yep I’m at it again making a Tin Triangle. Another Pit Road / GWH Vulcan B2 to be finished in the 60s camo scheme for the IPMS Bomber Command Table. I’ve chosen to do XH563 as depicted here. First was to Prime and paint the intakes this time with Mr Colour Charachter white. I’ve chosen this as it’s not overly stark and has some “charachter” to it. Then I fitted a woodland scenics foam nail to the nose for the refilling probe which is a more scale size and not easily breakable like the kit item. I drilled a hole and superglued it in place. This will also hold the milliput weight for the nose. This has been blunted and profiled after fitting and now onto masking the intakes. cheers Rob
  12. Cheers Ced it’s my first time trying this method. a bit more progress : getting there
  13. What a great model and great to see the young getting involved in the hobby. Keep up the great work.
  14. Thanks. That would be good old blue tak cheers Rob
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