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  1. I think that is highly likely if you look how wonderful Hornby has been and is in bringing us not just the classics of railways but very unusual extinct subjects. It just takes time. As for those saying I’d rather this that and the other. Why not just have them all thee is no reason why not. It’s Just about balance. As if they where to pursue soley ww2 they would become niche. Instead it is good they are doing both. I hope also they do classic British airliners. A comet 4 in 1/72 would rock. also a Venom , Vixen, Hastings, Botha, etc etc it’s exciting times and now it’s easier to produce stuff than ever with class. so keep going Airfix ! We love ya
  2. I hope they do B1 and B1A kit they could brand is as the "Thunderball Vulcan" To increase sales to James Bond Collectors. I am just eternally grateful we have a B2 for now. But seeing as Airfix have given us Harriers, Spits, B17, Canberras, Lancasters, etc etc of all flavours. If this sells well in time we might seem them make new wing molds and an alternate tail cone with the fillet for the rudder, new wheels etc wouldnt be too hard to achieve. But a saw and milliput will do it too I never understand why whenever a model is released there seems to be more people talking about what its not what it should have been etc. Yet at the same time its good to show the desire for them to push forward. But its business and we need to see more support for what is not yet released and will be an incredible piece of work. by the looks of it. With all the economic uncertainty its very brave of Airfix to undertake such a project but at the same time I dont think you could pick a more popular subject that also badly needed a new model. Even thought the old one was very accurate. But lets be honest its a piece of work. Rob
  3. Me too. Its just the complex curves on the B2 wing would be much harder to acheive.
  4. Its great and I think it would actually make it easier to convert to be honest and make new wings from scratch. I will certainly be making some B1 parts for it at some stage. BUT I am so happy we have a B2 first it makes more sense and I would much rather backdate to a B1 which Is way easier than the other route. The B2 has a much more complex wing shape to capture. What interested me the most was the render shots of the CAD showed stressed panels I hope that makes it onto the final kit as that will make them look like real vulcans then without panel washes it will catch the light correctly and look amazing.
  5. Sausages are ok I guess. But this thing is way better I am so happy that this is a thing. Still love the old kit but man this is incredible. If the mock up looks this good the final offering will be a dream come true. I will take 89 Please. GO AIRFIX YAYYYYYYYYY
  6. robvulcan

    Telford 2019

    Just on my way back now. I was only there 4 hours sadly but it was great to catch up with friends and see the wonderful new Vulcan. overjoyed with that it’s perfect. I did notice it was way quieter than previous years but that may be just because it was Sunday. I spent only £5 on an old Novo 1/96 Lancaster. normally I’d have spent more but I didn’t see many bargains in fact prices seemed quite high for some items especially second hand stuff. maybe I’m just getting older haha. Rob
  7. I shouldn’t worry I’m sure they will do as they did both 201 and 301 pipes for the corgi vulcan. Also if not you can be sure of aftermarket stuff or 3D printed items if needed. But who cares it’s AMAZING as is and I for one love the later 301 beasts.
  8. One of them will be when I get my hands on it.
  9. I am delighted this is happening wow. I cannot wait for this !
  10. I’m glad to see I’ve inspired you but man you have a LOT of pain ahead of you and time. I spent 3 years and more on mine Over the past since 2013 still not done. But will be resumed soon just been so busy with work music etc. I will remould the B1 soon and the B1 version 2 the B1a I’m going to try and make a cone to slip over the B1. however it takes time and nothing is as fun as scratching so take your time and enjoy. just make sure you got plenty of tea or coffee. and lots of sanding sticks and Mr Surfacer 500. GOOD LUCK ! Rob
  11. The airfix kit is for 301 series Olympus Engines which are different to the 201 and much smaller 101 - 104 series. I think wolfpacks resin intakes have 201 faces with them :)
  12. Hmm I get that and I spend an awful lot of time looking at and photographing Vulcans. It would need to be a hell of a distortion to make the nose look that straight at the sides. So I am not convinced yet. Also the wings need to have the secondary sweep back for a B2. However I would still buy it haha
  13. I dont like taking any chances as I know if it do It will go wrong if its me haha. I do tend to be a little clumsy and would probably end up with a finger print on it where I dont want. I will soon resume this after another few weeks of mental busy times. Now settling so back to modelling. In the mean time if anyone is interested here is some new music I released.
  14. Well it would be nice to see this. The master looks great the only thing I would ask to be improved is the nose shape which needs to taper off a lot more and be more pointy. Amazing work though. I just cant understand why there are not more kits from manufactures of all V Bombers in many scales as they are internationaly a popular subject. 1/72 and 1/48 we need please someone..
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