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  1. That’s awesome mate fantastic! can’t wait to see them. Cheers
  2. Very nice work as always mate. Can’t believe how long I’ve been away from here. Lots of catching up to do. Nice to see how this kit came out. cheers dude
  3. Many thanks mate good to be back . I hope I remember to log in now. It’s been a few years and never intended to be away but I’ve not really had time to do much of anything the past few years. hope that can change now. cheers Rob
  4. Great thread just had a read through the whole lot. an a fantastic looking build. can’t wait to start mine soon. I’m just struggling to decided which one to do. best finish some of the others off first. cheers Rob
  5. That sounds good. I can’t wait to do my new tool vulcan but I have plenty of the old ones to finish first. I’d be curious to see these decals and if you can make them to different scales as I’ll be needing them in 1/144, 1/96, 1/72, and 1/200. cheers Rob
  6. Hi all Rob here. I’ve not posted here for far far too long and need to get back to it. one of the reasons is life’s challenges, the other is Photobucket is horrendous these days and destroyed most my threads and has become awful to use. what is the best easiest and hopefully cheapest or better yet “free” option to enable me to share photos on posting here. Thanks in advance. cheers Rob
  7. Welcome it’s a very variable thing each airframe was different and it’s hard to ever be sure as mostly photos is all we have but they could be red yellow pink blue pale blue or not applied. So the best solution is just do them all and let the modeller decide I guess. I find sometimes these details make a model look like they are trying to hard to be real and end up looking not so real as they are hardly visible in reality mostly. But it’s nice to have all the same. decals these days albeit well printed to me look far to vivid in shade. but that’s just me. This is my first post on here in far far to long. I think I best get back to it. It’s been to long. Cheers Rob
  8. That is absolutely fantastic ! I do love seeing the old kits made to look their best and this is just that. Great subject
  9. Yep In the 90s XH558 looked like it was barley grey as it could appear both very pale or very blue. Different to the usual medium sea grey which could look quite deep and blue with a more purple tone too it or just bleached bone grey when faded. beautiful scheme for sure. I painted one of mine once with barley grey and it looked right. But the usual lighting etc can cause all sorts of distortions of perception.
  10. Haha yes it was a stupid thing to do I only had 2 hours sleep for that.. crazy. Was worth it though. I have so much catching up to do here and with everything. can’t wait to get my hands on one of these new kits (you know that already haha) All the best dude
  11. Well well (Three holes in the ground ) it’s been a VERY long time... since I logged in here sadly. (Been a lot going on...) Wow my dream kit has finally arrived and still trying to finish more of the old kit off. Excellent work on this General good sir ! it’s ironic you picked the same Vulcan you challenged me to build in a few weeks for the Cosford 2014 show. Happy memories and hope we can soon sit these two beside each other at more shows in the near future when we have Nuked Covid into oblivion. here is the old beast from then. I can’t wait to get my hands on 89 of these beauties haha ! Cheers Rob
  12. Some or most of the Black Buck Vulcans had the demarcation line of the Dark grey wrap over the top of the wings. Look for photos of them in service to be sure. Some have been repainted but generally even they followed what was there it’s just the colours are now much brighter than they actually where in service. Its not a trick of the light or eye. the other camo scheme variants don’t have this and they wrap topside colours onto the undersides Instead. The Blackbuck ones also differ and vary in how the demarcation is around the intakes. The 5 Black Buck Vulcans where XM607, XM612, XM597, XM598, XL391. Cheers Rob.
  13. I can’t believe the posts here. I haven’t been on here for ages sadly. I can’t believe how people are having a go at Airfix they are amazing ! I have had many dealings with them and they have always helped me get spares even through lockdown they explained they was not sending spares at the time then a few months later in the post come a new vulcan canopy. It has always seemed to me some people like to moan to make themselves seem important. Some claims are obviously genuine but there is no company and no price point where QC issues don’t exist. But there are far more cases of people who don’t actually know what they are doing blaming their tools. Say like people who moan about humbrol paint (actually one of the best) sure you get an odd bad one but how rare that is and if used correctly it’s amazing. but now it’s worse now we are moaning about kits that haven’t even been released. Thankfully we all know now the internet gives power to a minority of voices that seem to squeal the loudest but there are many more silent voices out there who can’t wait to build this and other great kits. As to the poster who has not made his old kit yet why not just graft a free fall Bombay on to the new kit and give the left over spares to me haha I’ve missed this place
  14. So an entirely different kit then. The B1 and B2 have so many differences. The only items that are the same is the nose really. Even the B1a ecm was slightly different but not by much. tail fin, tail cone, wings, intakes, exhausts, wheels, landing legs, gear bays, engine tunnels, exhausts, etc etc the whole aircraft is deceptively different if done correctly. that said I would love them to do it
  15. I’m amazed just how judgemental and impatient people are about this. We’re model makers are we not ? We are supposed to be patient. I am quite sure Airfix will nail this kit and let’s face it the old kit is pretty well perfect anyways needs more work sure but I’m just thankful that my fave plane is finally getting a new kit. I’ll be happy with any bomb bay or exhausts. Let’s face it it’s pretty easy to scratch certain items and if you think they are going to release only one version of this you don’t give them much credit for business sense. I’d love them to do a B1 but I doubt they ever will. But that is a much bigger ask. patience it will all be good on the night I’m sure
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