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  1. Very very excellent site…..love it. Very professional photography. Nice to see s much details from the original planes… thx for sharing Andy
  2. It turns out brilliant. And I agree the Airfix kit is fantastic. Meanwhile built two of them as you can see in one of my topics. Perfect job Bill ! And now we start the ICM one in 1/32 ……one day….. Cheers Andy
  3. It turns out fantastic!!! Congratulations from the Westie Club Cheers Andy
  4. It looks perfect! Great job on the weathered surfaces. Very convincing photography too. The white balance is perfect. also would be interested why the Red Fox panels are a disappointment. Cheers Andy
  5. The most attractive version is the F with the blown canopy. And you did justice to it. Very nice and clean built. Fantastic photography too…. Cheers Andy
  6. hi Andy Very very interesting color sceme. Perfect weathering too. That’s amazing. Cheers Andy
  7. Really breathtaking work there! A fantastic paint and weathering job and superb photography Cheers Andy
  8. Really impressive…. Kurt Tank would be proud! Cheers Andy
  9. Who’s, whow and whow. It turns out fantastic. Good to see that you didn’t make a Panel line wash in this case. It looks more realistic! Cheers Andy
  10. It turns out more than realistic. Very good job. Did you use black primer, if I may ask? Cheers Andy
  11. Impressive and unique works… very cool Cheers Andy
  12. Fantastic work!!! Love it. Cheers Andy
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