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  1. Fantastic result, anyway! Really spot on an I can only echoe all these comments! Andy
  2. This is very special and exactly what I like. Very atmospheric due to your perfect photography. Built two dioramas of abandoned planes too as you can see in my topic’s.. thx for sharing this nice work Andy
  3. That’s a nice story! A superb diorama and a wonderful Jug. You can be proud on this one. All in all a fantastic work! Cheers Andy
  4. The first time I saw this kit built. It’s one of my favorites on my wishlist. As always it turns out very very nice. Photography superb as usual! Sad to hear about these issues. The figurine of the ICM Vietnam in 1/48 would bring your perfect pictures to life! I think I have to send you some painted figures for your next project…… Thx for sharing! Andy
  5. It turns out fantastic. You can be proud of it. And I see no warped wings. Andy
  6. It turns out very professional! That’s my taste! Nothing overdone…, looks very realistic to my eyes. Very nice backdrop there. The perspective could be a little more from the bottom. So then you can’t differentiate if it’s real or a model. Hope you don’t mind! thx for sharing Andy
  7. Unbelievable good! The NMF finish is outstanding! Wich colours did you use? Appears very realistic! Andy
  8. Perfect model Chris! Love it from the nose to the tail. Superb finish! Cheers Andy … and now the Chipmunk
  9. Everything is fine. Like especially the exhaust. Very nice workmanship. The cammo is awesome, must be a nightmare to mask. thx for sharing Andy
  10. Very nice model and superb historical photographs. That was the good times when we are young and proud. Andy
  11. Very effective job. Superb chipping technique. And especially the underside is spot on. Don’t know so much fellows who pay attention to it. Andy
  12. That looks amazing! Top photography too! Looks very realistic! Andy
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