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  1. Absolute...abso....absolutely nice! That’s a superb model, clean and perfect. I appreciate that very much. Top photography too. Cheers Andy
  2. Hi Simon, again , a masterpiece! Perfect weathering, nothing overdone an brilliant photography! That’s what I appreciate! cheers Andy
  3. Extremely nice! Not really my scale but I think I have to get my fingers out and get one! thx for sharing Andy
  4. Yes a real gem in this scale. Weathering is okay and looks really nice!
  5. Hi Fuad , another cracking model! Experts weathering all over! Really interesting to look at, especially in that scale you have done an superb job on it. Also the display is a real Show stopper!!! As I am building the 48 B-17 from HKM, I have one question. I can’t find any photographs that there are exhaust stains behind these 8 air vents on the left and right wing. Normally only clean air leaves these vents. Can anyone help? Cheers Andy
  6. I would say : Perfect! Very nice to see that you build this amazing model. I am quite sure that the aftermarket will react soon with many parts and decals. Just built 2 Tiggies in 48 from Airfix as you can see in one of my topics, but now when I see yours I am looking forward to build the large one! Thx for sharing! Cheers Andy
  7. An amazing plane and a superb model! Cheers Andy
  8. Congratulations from the Westie Club! Always interesting to see these history kits. Is it from the 60´s ? very nice modeling! Cheers Andy
  9. Amazing finish on a not often seen modelplane! A real showstopper! Wonderful! Cheers Andy
  10. Yes lovely job. Especially like the dirt marks . Very convincing! A lot of weathering, but really convincing! Cheers Andy
  11. Thx a lot . Interesting to see how the same color turns out with different bases.
  12. Very impressive! Good to see the difference between silver painted wings and NMF fuselage! May I ask wich colors you used? kind regards Andy
  13. That really looks right to me too. Very impressive weathering style! You ´ve got it! Cheers Andy
  14. Yes indeed.. very impressive! Looks nice. Good idea. Cheers Andy
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