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  1. Amazing model....and perfect photography. Nothing better than natural light pictures! thx for sharing Cheers Andy
  2. What can I say, what should I say? It is unbelievable! You made a winner model of it. I think it was it worth for sure. thx for sharing! cheers Andy
  3. God aften That is amazing stuff. I know it’s not easy to make a replica from an original photography. But you nailed it more than 100%. Really breathtaking work. i appreciate that very much. Hope to get to Stauning again one day. Tak for sharing Andy
  4. First I was a little bit skeptical when I saw you model and thought that the weathering is unrealistic overdone. But when I saw the pic from some original plane I must say you nailed it . May be it’s too subtle . Quality of Russian paint seemed to be not very longliving. So had done an absolute stunning weathering job on this one. First class show stopper! Thx for sharing Andy
  5. Hi Manu, I can only echoe all these comments. It looks amazing in this sceme. Especially love this subtle weathering. Nothing overdone....perfect. Did you add some rivets there? Thx for sharing! Andy
  6. Hi Chris, an amazing Pawnee ! I believe it’s not easy in this scale , especially the paintwork! Very good job! And the piccies on the the airfield looks very realistic! My congratulations! And thx for using the backdrop! You are on a good way ! Cheers Andy
  7. This is artistic! Very nice done. Rigging must have been a nightmare.......all in all top notch! cheers Andy
  8. A very superb model. Can imagine that it is worth to build. Looks amazing. Nice weathering. And the best of all: A new airfield and a new backdrop. It looks so realistic! ✌ thx for sharing Cheers Andy
  9. Always good to see these rare birds here. I appreciate that very much, especially when they built perfectly like yours! Nice photography too!!!! Cheers Andy
  10. Hallo Werner, beautiful work on this one. A really good eyecatcher and showstopper! Cheers Andy
  11. Really nice „Spaten“! Love these photographs with the backdrops! That looks really realistic! A wonderful collection on the last pic’s! Cheers Andy
  12. That looks really right! A Cobra in British colours looks beautiful! Nicely done! Cheers Andy
  13. That’s really amazing! The best sceme that I saw for a Huey! Fantastic work and photography! May I ask what you use for the green window above the cockpit! Cheers Andy
  14. Guadn Moang Roman, I don’t know why I missed this one on Monday. It is perfect! A piece of art in gentleman’s scale. And I appreciate the photography of your friend. Are you working with a light box? The white balancing is always superb. May be you can give some advices in this case ! Cheers Andy
  15. It turns out brilliant at last. It’s always a pity if one looking forward for a good and expensive kit and it is disappointing at last. But you made top job. the Quinta decals looking really fantastic. Have to buy one..........for next project. Thx for sharing Cheers Andy
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