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  1. Very very impressive! Good idea and perfect presentation! That’s what Andy like, small tabletops wich are telling stories! best regards Andy
  2. Fantastic story, fantastic model! Love it! Also always liked this Buck Danny comics. Are they still available? best regards Andy
  3. Absolute stunning! Is it 1/144 scale? Looks fantastic! best regards Andy
  4. Hello Stepahne, it turns out very nice. Really my taste. Weathering is not overdone and the NMF looks very realistic. I used them two on a Fouga Magister and must say they are very excellent colours. So you can very happy with this superb Lightning. best regards Andy
  5. Yes I can only repeat all this. Very refreshing to see other types than 109 and Spitfires. Very clean finish, wich is really not easy in this scale. all in all : Beautiful! best regards Andy
  6. Yes I agree it is a superb model, but the red backdrop may cause eye cancer. hope you don’t mind, nevertheless it was a good idea to try out different colors for backdrops. But in this case the contrast of the red paint got lost. best regards Andy
  7. Very very impressive! That is a masterpiece! I also appreciate your photographies. best regards Andy
  8. Absolute stunning for a 1/72 model. Very excellent finish. Perfect! my cudos best regards Andy
  9. The best 104 I ever saw concerning weathering. Innovative, perfect built and thx for sharing you techniques. one question please. Did you paint the contrasted areas with a brush, or airbrush? Thx for sharing this fantastic model. best regards Andy
  10. That’s stunning! I always love this bird and I think I built this many many moons ago. The kit must be very old. But you made a pearl of it. Very nice little Birddog ! best regards Andy
  11. Absolute stunning paintwork! It’s a pleasure to regard this superb model best regards Andy
  12. Hi Russ, sure I enjoy very very much! I always appreciate the „original „ scenery. Really amazing. Thx for sharing! best regards Andy
  13. Hallo, Yes absolutely perfect! it looks quite larger. Whoop! Wich kind of camera did you use if I may ask? best regards Andy
  14. So you make me start the day very happy ! A superb model and nice weathering ! It looks awesome! Never build a F-15 but I changed may mind. I will hope there are decals in 1/48 available.... Best regards Andy
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