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Andy Dyck

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  1. Andy Dyck

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    This one turns out very well Thomas, thanks for sharing! All the best Andy
  2. Andy Dyck

    24-hour Arado

    A superb one , really nice! All the best
  3. Andy Dyck


    Hi Paul, I was very long absent too. The Photobucket debacle stopped me. Please can you give some instructions how to work with Flickr?? i would be very pleased ! Thank you so much! Andy
  4. Andy Dyck

    1/48 Eduard Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-5

    Hi Mostrich, very nice indeed, especially presentation looks alright
  5. Does anyone know of Andy's status? He lives in Germany and I live in Texas, USA. Andy and I have become friends, Andy was going into the hospital for a operation and I have not heard from him now for 6-7 months. Andy is married but his wife does not speak english and I can't get in touch with him. If anyone can write german his wife is Sabine, his email is "Andreas.Dyck@web.de" and my email is "carlhataway@me.com" if anyone can get some info on Andy I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Carl

    1. Gorby


      Hi Carl, I'm sorry I can't help, but I don't think that many members look at the status updates, so you may have more luck if you posted this request in 'chat'.

      I wish you luck - Gorby

  6. Andy Dyck

    Eduard 1/48 Pfalz Diiia

    That really looks amazing. A fantastic colour sceme. Love it! A very clean built model. How did You do the rigging? All the best Andy
  7. Hi Russ ! That Is wonderful! Love it! The photography with the backdrop turns out fantastic! Standing out of the crowd! all the best Andy
  8. Andy Dyck

    1/48 La-5FN

    Looks fantastic! Nice weathering and photography too! Also nice made are these exhaust stains ! Andy
  9. Andy Dyck

    Red, White and Blue Tornado

    It looks more than fantastic! Love it! Andy
  10. Fantastic job! Perfect weathering! Andy
  11. Andy Dyck

    Il-38 May

    Amazing model and very nice photography? Superb! This natural light photos are perfect. Please can You tell wich camera You did use? I an very astonished how sharp the background looks! Thx Andy
  12. Andy Dyck

    Albatros D V 1/48 eduard

    Thank You very much!!!! I appreciate that very much!! Where can I find You at eBay??? All the best andy
  13. Andy Dyck

    Piper Super CUB

    A wonderful pair! The Piper looks absolute perfect. Didn't thought it Is in 1/72!! You are an Artist! All the best Andy
  14. Andy Dyck

    1/48 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash

    Good to hear that! THX for this Information. All the best Andy
  15. Andy Dyck

    1/48 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash

    Amazing finish!! Really good job! How are thes Vallejo metal colours ? Better than Alclad? All the best Andy