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  1. Hi Andy, finally finished! And it turned out again a great Job. The T-2CCV will always remind me of our funny encounter with the Museum Clerk at Kakamigahara "The answer is "No!" My Platz 1/72 kit is still waiting... cheers, Norbert
  2. Normally my favourite subjects are airliner. But in a German modelling Forum last year's Competition Topic was "Prototypes and Experimental Aircraft". I discovered this kit on a model Show and bought it. (I like this part of our Hobby the most…) Only when unpacking it at home, I noticed that it would fit the competition subject perfectly and started building it. It was the end of November with the deadline being the 31st of December.. Well, I finished it December, the 27th.... The Leduc 021 was the second prototype of a French ramjet fighter. The engine needed airspeed to be started and therefore a Transport was used to bring it up to speed. The Project was cancelled in 1957. The kit parts are ok, but some things had to be replaced, like the propellers. The original Aircraft had four bladed ones, but in the kit only three bladed ones were included (correct for the airliner Version). The rear mechanism on top of the Languedoc is completely made from scratch and all sensors and pitot tubes of the the Leduc 021 were replaced. I painted the Aircraft with an airbrush using Vallejo Chrome and Aluminium . I painted the tricolor flag at the rudders,, because half of the decals were missing. Hope you like the small pair! cheers and greetings from Germany, Norbert
  3. Great Pictures! Thank you for sharing. I especially like the H225 and the Twin Otter!
  4. Hi Andy, your model and our visit to the Kamigahara Museum inspired me to take part in the actual competition in the german www.Flugzeugforum.de. This year`'s subject is: Flying boats! So, thnak you for the Motivation! I acquired the actual A&W kit and there is even a trolley or beaching gear included! cheers, Norbert
  5. I really admire what you have made out of the material F-RSIN has provided. I am working on an F-RSIN Comet 1 Right now and therefore know how hard it is to struggle with the rough parts and Surface...
  6. Actually, Google helped! At first I was looking for "Airport Buildings" with no satisfying results. Then I changed the search to "Berlin, Munich (or other cities) Airport" and then these pictures came up. I went to the copy shop and had them printed out in DIN A3, that is 297 x 420 mm. If you want them larger, only a plotter can do that, but then the strength of the paper is limited.
  7. Thank you Guys, it was just a try. But I Keep looking for more suitable Background Pictures.
  8. I had this old Minicraft kit lying in my stash of doom, started, in fact already painted White and I was reluctant throwing it away´even after the much better Skyline kit was available. Going through my collection of decals, I found the BOA Easy Jet sheet and gave it a try. I won´t show you the gear wells, as there are none, I mentioned Minicraft, didn't I? The Right engine is tilted a Little bit, don't know why, oh yes, Minicraft... I tried to use some printed Pictures as Background, but still have Problems with reflections, but some are ok, just to create an Airport atmosphere. Easy Jet used this type until 2006, I think, now they are using Airbusses. So, enjoy the Pictures! Comments are Always welcome, I can live with critique…. cheers, Norbert
  9. NorbertBu

    Telford 2019

    Hi, it was my fourth year on a row that I visited Telford and it is always a lot of fun and sure worth the long trip. Only Thing, I cannot find a Picture report of the Show, where I can have a look at the models I missed. I am doing a picture report myself on the german www.Flugzeugforum.de but other than that I don't find another one. Where do I have to look? Especially I am looking for a Picture of a Diorama in the Competition, showing a 1/72 scale BAe Jetstream with a black Limousine and two Police bikes called "UFO". It won Gold in its category. cheers, Norbert
  10. Beautiful finish! I am also building one right now and encountered some fit Problems, in the intakes and the exhaust cones for example. Did you also had Problems there? I am waiting for the mailman to bring new ejection seats from air graphics. The seats in the kit require some work to make them look right. I like your model!
  11. What a stunning build! Especially the Cockpit Looks very realistic. I encountered the same difficulties with the decals from Nazca once, so I guess finding the correct decals remains a very important part of our Hobby. I got one of Hasegawa's 170 in my stash but they are hard to find nowadays. Thank you for sharing this Beauty!
  12. Thanks to You all for the nice comments! cheers Norbert
  13. Only seven nights? That is what I call a Speed build! The Fitting of Zvezda's kits is fantastic. Giving away the built models solves the problem where to store them... cheers, Norbert
  14. All the antennas had to be made from Scratch. Measuring taken by original Fotos and eyesight.
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