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  1. Hi Jan, where exactly are the mistakes or flaws in the KMC kit? cheers, Norbert
  2. The Boeing YAL-1 was converted from a freighter 747-400F and used to test laser weapons that could destroy incoming missiles. This was done in the years 2001 to 2012. The aircraft was scrapped after the end of the test flights. I have built this model using the kit by Anigrand. They produce resin kits of very rare aircraft. The fuselage consists of two halfs and is hollow as it would be as a normal plastic kit. The engravings are very very sharp but way too deep. I have tried to fill most of them but it was very hard to achieve a nice result. I have added the fuselage strengthening stripes around the rear freight door and used spare decals to show the door. As the landing gear was not very convincing to me I decided to display the aircraft in flight. Meanwhile the model had got the nickname "Ed" for obvious reasons. Ed was put into storage in the basement and Joe, a friend and fellow modeller kept asking what had happened to Ed. So, Finally I found the motivation to finish him and display Ed in Telford next to the An-225. Would I build another YAL-1 by Anigrand? No, it is very expensive and of course very big. But bext I would consider using only parts of the kit and parts from a Revell -400 and 747-8F. That would definitely make a better result. Again...very expensive and a lot of work. But it is unique... Being a resin kit, it could be expected that at least one part would be warped. Here it is the left wing that points downward but should of course be bent upwards. A treatment with heat helped only for a short time. So this flaw has to be accepted. I hope you that you enjoy the fotos inspite of this flaw. greetings from Germany and see you in Telford! Norbert
  3. Hi Marcello, the model has a length of 59 cm and a span of 62 cm- So it is hard to find a place in the shelf...
  4. Revell has released two different kits of the huge Antonov 225. One has a complete interior and a landing gear. This one is the more simple version without interior and without a landing gear, so it can only be displayed in flight. I bought the decals from Revell which are normaly only delivered with the first mentioned kit. There is a stand included, but it is very short, so I made a construction out of the unused sprues to hold an acrylic or aluminium rod. The An.225 is far from being just "white". There are many traces of usage and on the bottom the normal "airliner traces" of dirt, smoke and oil. So I used a hard pencil to line out all the fine engravings of the kit. Sorry for the joint in the background, but this model is so big that my normally used foto background turned out to be way too small. Hope you like it!
  5. Hi Steve, I bought mine at a german hobby shop: Ergebnis Ihrer Suche - Panzerfux Modellbau Don't expect an easy build! This one I used for the landing area: Trumpeter - Chinesischer LKW Jiefang CA-30 Truck Transporter 1:72 Modell-Bausatz | eBay Happy modelling!
  6. dear fellow modellers, I would like to show you this very small helicopter. It is one of the first designs by Kamov and made its first flight in 1949. The engine only had 55 hp. The kit is by AMG and consists mostly of photo etched parts, which makes building it a challenge, at least for me. The instructions were not very helpful in some areas and I had to rely on fotos to construct the complicated mechanical parts. One of the fotos available in the internet shows a Ka-10 landing on a truck, a ZIS 150. That would make a nice scene, I thought. As it was not possible to integrate a pilot figure into the seat and the control elements, I decided to show the aircraft in a kind of fictional scene after landing on the truck. The closest thing to a ZIS-150 I could find was a ZIS-164 by Armada hobby. That required some work to adopt the front grille. As all of the loading area was terribly warped, another kit by Trumpeter of a Chinese truck was needed to replace these parts. The figures are by CMK. Why one of the officers is holding a bottle...well, we don't know. Maybe he is saying: "Excellent landing, Comrade pilot, have a glass of vodka!" which is full of prejudices!! Hope you like the little scene! cheers, Norbert
  7. I always admire the many details you put into your model builds! Again another beauty from your workbench! Thank you for the information about the decals. Greetings from Germany, Norbert
  8. Thank you for your nice comment and I am glad you like the model! greetings from Germany! Norbert
  9. I was not really satisfied with the whole construction and the thin rod. So I cut open the fuselage and filled it with acrylic paste or filler. To prevent a chemical reaction with the softening ingredients and the kit's plastic, I put in a layer of aluminium foil. Now a wire pin could be located into the fuselage and the aircraft could be put onto a acrylic rod. I like it more now.
  10. Here is my finished Airbus A300 Zero G, F-BUAD, that was used until recently for parabolic flights to provide zero gravity training for future astronauts. Now the aircraft is on display at CGN, the Cologne-Bonn airport and a newer A 310 is currently in use. the nickname was the "vomit comet", at least for beginners. The kit is from Airfix, the engines from BraZ and the Decals from Airlinedecals.com. Please don't count the windows , there are a lot of small differences to the original aircraft, but I hope the display is still kind of interesting. I will show it on Saturday, 06 august, on the Cologne model show for the first time. At first, my intention was to cut a slot into the background construction and fix a wing with a clamp or something to hold the aircraft. But I underestimated the forces and the weight of the model. For this rod I am now using I should have filled the fuselage prior to assembly, which I didn't, so the whole construction is not convincing. But you live and you learn.. Thanks for looking!
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