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  1. Looks like it’s on its way . Available in Russia at moment
  2. Beautiful model . Most people go for the blue fuselage top KLM livery, but that’s how I remember KLM DC9s at Glasgow in late 60s early 70s . Brings back a lot of memories .
  3. My era . The Golden Speedbird was a superbly classy airline livery , which looked really good on the 747-400 that’s just been retired . I have an Airfix 707 ,VC10 and Roden Super VC10 in the stash . Your models are inspirational
  4. Yeah I’ll think I’ll have a few of those . BA. Britannia , Air Europe, Monarch , Air 2000 . Mind you they’ll end up in my unmade kit stash .
  5. I saw a Facebook posting showing pics of the new 757 , so it’s definitely progressing
  6. Another beauty . I never saw an Aer Lingus 720 in real life but their 737s were very familiar . I like that livery . Plain statesmanlike unlike the paint pot explosion liveries that happened in the mid 70s
  7. Great looking models . It’s my era BEA No1 in Europe ! Loved seeing Tridents down at Glasgow . I have about 4 of the old Airfix kits that are just waiting for me to get round to them . Your photos are both inspiring and daunting at the same time !
  8. Hmm can’t see any mention of it yet in Zvesda listing .
  9. Yes another looks very nice post from me , but it seriously does look good . I have the kit , might just have a wee go , although I’ve got two half finished 737 s at the moment !
  10. Wasn’t aware there was an Eastern Express model coming . I’ll definitely get the Airfix one though for the nostalgia factor .
  11. Looks like Airfix are re introducing their Trident 1 as part of their Airfix Classics range . The other airliner this year seems to be the HP42 .. looks like it’s the old red square BEA livery version . Was the first airliner kit I ever got as a boy probably aged 6 !
  12. Have I just seen that Zvesda are introducing a 757-200 into their airliner range? It was in YouTube review of their 2021 range , and although not mentioned I thought I saw a 757 in Icelandair livery . Can anyone confirm?
  13. Yes another stunning model Dave . Sorry to hear about your eye op but glad everything ok now .
  14. Gteat ,Orel . As others have said initially I wasn’t too keen on the new Lufthansa livery , but it is quite classy and I now quite like it
  15. Interesting . Yet another kit I wouldn’t have known about unless I logged on here . Is this capable of being made into a BA 748 ? From memories they were Mk2bs . I’m thinking of the ones that used to take me to Benbecula and Orkney in the late 80s from Glasgow . From memory G -BCOE/F and G-BCJV . Looks like an interesting kit , maybe one to add to my stash oops too late the “buy it now” button was just to compelling . Just bought an Autair one !
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