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  1. Rb277170

    Airfix 2019

    Well they’ve exhausted the V Bombers in 1/72 . How about moving onto a 1/72 VC10 . Maybe then follow up with a series of classic British Airliners in 1/72 . A Vickers Viscount perhaps ,.
  2. Rb277170

    1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Absolutely beautiful and just as I remember them . A lot of people think the Concorde is the most graceful airliner built but I have to say for me it’s always the VC10. And in the classy BOAC blue and gold, just superb. Sorry for late reply but just catching up on Ready for inspection threads having expected it to appear under classic airliners.
  3. While I have an interest in all aircraft and ships , my main interest is airliners. I primarily click on the civil airliners section , Classic and Modern and have found, through talking to another member recently , that I’m actually missing quite a bit of content , for instance the 737 group build and “Ready for inspection” entries because these are included in the main aircraft threads of which there are lots to wade through. Would it not be possible to have all airliner threads in one place? While I appreciate that you can’t subdivide the forum for everyone’s interests I think there are a fair few people modelling only airliners and many more who model only military, who are no doubt fed up with airliners in their section , it is quite a clear definition. Sorry just seen a number number of similar queries but in the Modern section which is probably where I should have posted!
  4. Hi David Having seen it in the flesh at Perth I can say it is a truly stunning model, but just one of several outstanding models you have . It was a bit like being a child in a sweetie shop seeing your collection and I hope I didn’t bombard you with too many questions! As I said it’s my bi annual dose of enthusiasm . Thanks for spending the time with me in conversation. I am suitably enthused to try harder. Right back to that Britannia 737.......... Russell
  5. Rb277170

    Airliner building projects

    Well despite the fact I've gone on a splurge and bought lots of kits since March, I have managed to mainly stick to my theme . Like Eric I'm looking to recapture the days of my spotting youth , in my case round Glasgow Airport . So I have three Viscounts , one of which will be Cambrian Orange Livery, 2 737s for Britannia Hockey Stick and Aer Lingus , 2 Vanguards for both BEA red square and Speedjack . 1 Comet currently destined to be Airtours , but I fancy a Dan Air red tail one too . 2 707 300s one for Donaldson as in previous post, not sure about other yet . Trident 1 and 3 both destined for Speedjack and a BAC 1-11 in BUA final livery . Got an Inex Adria DC9 that took me on holiday to Porec in 1979 and possibly the biggest departure from my spotting days a Revel A380 to be in BA livery as it took me on my last holiday to Miami. Missing are BEA red square Trident ,BCAL 1-11 and BIA Herald, Eric's referring too. Vacuum kits probably a bit beyond me at moment .my background is late 60s , early 70s Airfix Skykings range My indulgences are a Roden BOAC. super VC10 , and an Airfix BOAC 707 , although I did see them at Prestwick, I just love the BOAC colours though and a Standard VC10 destined for BUA. Never saw it in real life, but I remember reading an article on it in Air Pictorial. Finally 2 DC8 63s one of which I'd like in JAL livery because I saw a model,one in Variety Stores Paisley 45 years ago and I always wanted one! Well got to indulge yourself, no one else will! Of course got to actually start building them .
  6. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    Just another update , that's the Contrails parts arrived. Not bad service two weeks from Florida. Certainly outpaced me as apart from acquiring kits , decals and cockpits I haven't actually started them yet!
  7. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    Thanks to guys for offers of sending me replacement cockpits from their own supplies . Much appreciated and really very friendly of you. However, I have to stand on my own two feet and don't want to deplete your reserves for future projects you may have. So, I ordered two replacement cockpits from Contrails yesterday . Let's see how that works out. Oh and I picked up another Minicraft kit! I think I might actually complete this one in the intended TWA colour scheme .
  8. Rb277170

    Wing colours

    Over in the modern section there's a thread enquiring on colour for Airbus grey , which I must admit made me realise my ignorance in these matters . So the question is , specifically relating to a Boeing 737 -200 from the early 70s , what colour should the wings be? Is it the case other Boeing Aircraft would be the same ie 707s ? Are Airbus aircraft similar? From what I've figured out so far , thanks to various postings on that thread , is that Holts grey HL01 is good for the edges of wing and underside and that Revell 374 is good for the darker grey upper middle part of wing. These are for Airbus aircraft, but is Boeing similar? So many questions from one not so young! Any help appreciated. In my early airliner days when I was a boy, everything below the cheat line got painted silver or whatever grey paint I had to hand ! Russell
  9. Rb277170

    Trident question

    Meanwhile , back at the Trident 3. FLCH are you sure the distortion you are seeing on the wings is not just the dihedral that trident 3s have. I bought an F-RSIN BEA Trident 3 kit at Perth last month and have just had a look at it . While the wings appear kinked but I think this is the way it's supposed to be . I''m happy I bought it , but I got carried away with enthusiasm and realised I need to try something simpler first, so this ones on the back burner until I'm sure I can make a reasonable job of it. BEA Speedjack Tridents one of my favourites . Although I have heard that Pilots said they relied on the curvature of the earth to get airborne!
  10. Rb277170

    Trident question

    Having looked at Halfords for a Viscount project I was wondering if Ford Carnival Red would do it, but I hasten to add that I haven't bought it and tried it yet. I have 3 S and M Viscount kits and one of them is certainly destined for Cambrian . I got the Cambrian/Northeast decals from 26 decals . Maybe Skodadriver can tell us what he used. I've seen his very nice 1-11 srs 400 in Cambrian livery. Having looked at the 26 decals painting guide it just says gloss orange
  11. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    The kit arrived on Monday, but I only really had chance to look at it yesterday. I see the issues with the cockpit glazed section that looks a bit too narrow . Actually the illustration on the box top, it's a TWA version looks a bit suspect. So I think I'll go down the replacement cockpit route . As I intend to get another one at some stage I'll write off to Contrails and get a couple of replacements. Thanks to everyone for advice on this and offer of parts . Very kind of you all Russell
  12. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    That's OK Eric . Your kit looks great but I do like to know any issues cropping up , so thanks Skodadriver. It's always good to know issues , then you can decide whether to live with it or do something about it. Haven't got the kit yet, so I'll wait and see.
  13. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    Thanks Skodadriver. Do you know the website for Contrails . A quick google hasnt shown anything up Just found it . Should have thought to put word models in! Looks like they have replacement cockpits. Might give it a go if postage rates not too much. Look like dome good engine kits too. Thanks
  14. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    Good to know Eric. I've got 26 decals version of that livery for 737 . Hadn't realise the distinction on titling . What paints did you use use for your model, the wing in particular?. I know people quote xtracolour through Hannants but I didn't think they could send paint by post anymore. Any Halfords colours a good match? Russell
  15. Rb277170

    Donaldson International 707

    Nice model and one of my favourite liveries too. I think it looks pretty good. If I can achieve anything like that I'll be happy. Not sure if the first pic shows a bit of an issue round cockpit , but seconds pic looks good to me. I'll check kit out when it arrives. Did you have to do a lot of filling to get that Result?