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  1. Will look forward to all these with interest. The 1-11 is gorgeous .
  2. The irony in that is that I use the car park at the station as I could never get in at the Dewars Centre when visiting for the Model Railway show and latterly the Perth Nationals . Plenty parking available at the station Sat and Sun . Shame about thevDewars Centre . Perth is always a pleasant day out for those of us that live in Central Belt
  3. Saw it in the flesh at Perth, terrific , along with the rest of Dave’s collection. Really outstanding . Bristol Freighter to A350 . Superb. Thanks for the tips on navigating website looking for airliners. As you can see i’m Using it to good effect.
  4. Great show. I think this is my third visit. Always a pleasure to talk to Dave, Skodadriver.
  5. Yes the Herald models have now arrived , one in BUA and the other in BIA liveries . Look good
  6. Takes me back . No1 in Europe
  7. Thanks for all the answers guy . Sounds like buyer beware . I might buy a Herald if I can get one at a decent price, but I’m not buying one at $50+ .quite fancied one in BIA Orange, continuing my airliners seen at Glasgow theme . I’ve got the Minicraft 757 thanks Dave . I’ll stick with that . The Eastern Express one was $19.95 Edit : just realised 26 decals do a kit of Herald . Too tempting BIA and BUA on order
  8. Just browsing eBay and came across Eastern Express kits , which prompted a bit further research . I see they do kits for a Handley Page Herald and Boeing 757-200 . Are these worth a look? The Herald kit seems fairly expensive .
  9. Great. I’ve got a Revell 747-400 just waiting seen the pics on Facebook today, she looks gorgeous
  10. Rb277170

    Aer Lingus

    I also though Court Line liveries were good . They were completely different and made the airline stand out . You knew you were on Court Line . In the same way a green upper fuselage meant Aer Lingus . Now it’s just bland, nothing to distinguish it .
  11. Rb277170

    Aer Lingus

    Isn’t the Scotland Team using Loganair ?
  12. It’s British Airways 100th anniversary this year, next year? Anyway it’s just been confirmed that a 747-400 is going to receive the full BOAC speedbird livery . Of course, never worn on a 747-400 , but all the 100s have long since gone . Should be fairly spectacular. I have a BA Revell 747-400 in stock , just wondering if it should go retro, although it may be their 125th anniversary before I get round to it. i believe upto 4 planes will receive retro livery . I’m kind of thinking one will be an A320 maybe in BEA speedjack livery . That would be very nice . Other suggestions have been Cambrian Orange and Northeast Yellow . Looking forward to it
  13. Rb277170

    Aer Lingus

    If you had been asked to devise a new livery for Aer Lingus , you would have said paint the tail green and stick a shamrock on it. So it’s hardly inspiring. I hope IAG didn’t pay someone a fortune for this! But just as in the 60s we had cheat lines, now it seems we are in the age of white fuselage and full tail colouring. I feel it’s a bit of a shame as Aer Lingus was quite distinctive and I didn’t think the green upper fuselage was dated. I think it had to have a shamrock on the tail regardless but maybe a series of swoops on the fuselage ? This is just drab and ordinary I’m afraid
  14. In a totally puzzling move Airfix are reintroducing an airliner this year..................A Concorde in BOAC livery. This was their first iteration of the Concorde I think from the late 60s, possibly even before it first flew in 1969. This is not the later kit introduced in 1976 with the correct nose. A really puzzling move . I suppose it’s to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first flight (god I feel old- I remember watching it on the telly with Raymond Baxter commentating!) the only other airliner i see is the réintroduction of the DH Heron in 1/72. It’s sneaked in . They are probably not aware it is an airliner!
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