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Found 369 results

  1. Special Hobby is to re-release (link) its 1/48th Focke-Achgelis FA-223 Drache kit as captured a/c - ref. SH48201 Box art was on display this weekend at IPMS Belgium National/Plastic & Steel 2019. And today (13/10/2019) Scalemates reproduced not only the info but also the original Britmodeller © picture reframed without the due credits (link). Britmodeller frequently copied but never equalled! V.P.
  2. Special Hobby is to release early 2016 a variant from the Azur's Vautour kit (https://www.scalemates.com/products/reviews.php?scale=1%3A72&topic=SNCASO+SO-4050+Vautour), a 1/72nd SNCASO SO.4050 Vautour IIN "Cyrano radar" - ref.SH72333 Source: http://www.mpmkits.net/2015/12/novinky-special-hobby-prvni-mesice-roku.html Box art The same in 1/48th... Sigh. V.P.
  3. After the Dassault Mirage F-1, Special Hobby is to release a complete family of 1/72nd Dassault Mirage III/5 Nesher/Dagger kits. Sources: http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/10/special-hobbys-new-172-mirages-iii-5.html http://www.specialhobby.net/2018/09/special-hobby-pripravuje-modely-mirage.html First 3D renders of MIIIC and CJ V.P.
  4. "Czech wars" is not over. After the surprise re-release announcement from the AZmodel 1/72nd SMB2 kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235011686-172-dassault-super-mystère-b2-smb2-by-azmodel-re-release-box-artschemessprues-release-december-2016/ Special Hobby is to release, in cooperation with Azur-FRROM, a new tool 1/72nd Dassault Super Mystère B2 (SMB2) kit - ref. SH? Armements and fuel tanks will be included in the box. Different boxings will offer the opportunity to reproduce the original SMB2 as well as the Israeli re-engined variant. Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2016/11/super-mystere-172-pripravovany-model.html CADs Special Hobby, do you hear me, true scale modellers need a 1/48th SMB2 kit... V.P.
  5. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 a combi box 1/48th Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XII vs Fieseler Fi-103 V-1 kit - ref. SH48192 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2019/12/sh48192-spitfire-mkxii-contra-v-1.html Box art V.P.
  6. Special Hobby is to release in 2018 a family of Armstrong Whitworth Meteor nightfighters kits incl. NF.11/12/13 & 14 - ref. SH72358, 72360, 72363 & 72364 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/12/sh72358360363364-aw-meteory-nf.html Canopies mould V.P.
  7. I'm excited to be finally building a Sea Fury, it's such an iconic fighter and seems a very popular subject on the forum. I was delighted to find one of the options will complement my Firefly, being from the same carrier air wing. I've never made a Special Hobby kit before, but my first impression is a good one. The plastic looks nice and there are even some resin parts, and two vac-form canopies. Nice decals too, though I wish they included the Korea stripes as my painting skills aren't really up to something so straight! Anyone got any spares that would fit!?
  8. In addition to a weekly post on Special Offers, I'm starting a weekly post (unless there's nothing new in stock!) on new and recent releases here @ MJW Models. Everything will be offered at a discounted price and the website link will be after the listings. Kits 1/48 Sword Reggiane Re2005 1/72 Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I Royal Navy Yak-1 'Expert kit' AZ Models Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 Wilde Sau (pt 2) Ltd Ed. Messerschmitt Bf109F-4 'Marseille Ltd Ed Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Nightfighter Brengun Typhoon Ib Desert + Captured Special Hobby Douglas Boston Mk IV/V RAF + Free French Dassault Super Mystere 'Sa'ar' (Israeli AF) Vautour IIN Sword P-80C Shooting Star + IL-10 double kit Accessories Xtradecal 1/48 - Starfighter, Harrier GR.1/GR.3 and Hunter F.4 Xtradecal 1/72 - Starfighter, MiG-17 and RAF Hercules Eduard 1/48 Mask and Zoom etch for the Kinetic F-104G Starfighter and Tamiya P-38F/G Lightning kits. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  9. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario kit - ref. SH48206 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2019/09/news-from-special-hobby-102019.html?m=1 Sword Models is the other company working on a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario kit: link V.P.
  10. Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann 1:48 Special Hobby The Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann is a conventional single engine low wing monoplane training aircraft with side by side seating and twin controls. Construction is wood on the rear fuselage and wings with a tubular steel frame for the main cabin area. The aircraft would be powered by a 105 hp Hirth HM 500 engine. The aircraft was designed in the late 1930’s with the maiden flight taking place in 1939. The aircraft was selected by the Reichsluftfahtministerium (RLM) to be the standard primary trainer for the Luftwaffe with production beginning in 1940. Despite being built as a trainer the aircraft was used in the light transport and liaison roles. Late in the war due to desperation some aircraft were converted to carry four Panzerfaust launchers, and others to carry three 50kg bombs. The aircraft saw limited service in these roles with a little success but resulting in heavy losses. Bücker built most of the aircraft for the Luftwaffe but due to the high demand production was also subcontracted to Fokker in Amsterdam & Zliner in Zlin. Hägglund & Sőner in Sweden would build 120 under license, the aircraft being designated Sk 25 in Swedish Service. Post war in 1950 Heliopolis of Egypt gained a license from Zliner to produce the aircraft for the Egyptian Military and other Air Forces of the region, these were called the Gomhouria (Republic). Over 300 being built. In total over 3400 Bestmanns were built. None of the German aircraft survive but a fair few licence built Swedish & Egyptian ones do. The Kit This is a new tool kit from Special Hobby featuring three sprues of light grey plastic, a canopy sprue, a small sheet of photo-etch and a couple of resin parts. Where needed the panel lines are fine & recessed, the fabric detail is also restrained. Construction starts where else but in the cockpit. The PE seatbelts are added to the two seats and these are then added onto the cockpit floor which incorporates the rear bulkhead. The rudder pedals and control columns are added along with the cockpit sides. lastly to complete the cockpit section the instrument panel is added. Decals are provided for the instruments. Once the cockpit section is complete it is added into the fuselage section along with the rear cockpit decking. Next up the wings are constructed, these are of conventional upper/lower, left & right construction. Once together they can be added to the main fuselage along with the tail planes. Next up then engine front part (in resin) and the cover are added to the front. On the underside of the engine the exhausts are added. These are provided in resin and are very thin so take care removing them from the casting block. Once the man airframe is together the canopy can be added along with the fairing behind it. The fixed landing gear is added, along with the propeller and a pair of prominent grab handles. To finish off the trim tabs are added to the rudder and tail planes. Decals Decals are from Cartograf and should pose no problems. Markings are provided for 3 examples; SF+WR, Pilot Training School, FFS A/B 23, Kaufbergen, Germany Summer 1943. GL+SI, Pilot Training School, FFS A/B 43, Crailsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany September 1943. A-255 Swiss Air Force, Duendorf, 1950. Ex Luftwaffe TP+WC landed and interned April 1945. The modeller will need to paint the white areas for the wings on the Swiss Example but not the fuselage. Conclusion This is a great new tooling of an important WWII training aircraft which was used by many operator post war. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  11. After the 1/72nd kits (link) Special Hobby is reported working for 2020 on a 1/48th Bell AH-1G Cobra/Sea Cobra family. Info obtained from a Special Hobby representative at IPMS Belgium National/Plastic & Steel 2019. To be followed. V.P.
  12. source: http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=77712&start=720#p1880503 "Dalšími v pořadí nejbližšími rozpracovanými projekty (ono je toho docela hodně) je moderní dvoumotorák s vrtulemi a druhoválečná stíhačka." next project is a twin-engine modern aircraft with propellers And next is WW2 fighter http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=77712&start=735#p1880919 "ne, nebude to Turbolet, lítá to nebo lítalo na západ od nás (a na jih, sever a možná i na východ)" No, not L-410 Turbolet. It flies or flew to the west of Czech Republic (and to the south, north and maybe to the east) type is still secret
  13. The end of my F-15 ring the start of a new project. This time I exit of my stach a new Special Hobby production : the Saab JA-37 Viggen This plane is an icone of the sweedish air force. Special Hobby has this model at the 1/48 and 1/72 scale. I was product in cooperation with Tarangu. But the Special Hobby is more easy to acquire than Tarangu product and it is more cheaper ! The artbox show a plane in a grey scheme But for a Viggen, THE decoration cannot be otherwise with the 4 tones (greens, black, brown) scheme. The box permit a plane with this. I started a test fit with principal parts. The plane is heavily cut. The fuselage is in 4 parts. The test fit show some attention point. The main point is certainly the air intake. I think this parts needs a large amount of putty? The over point who need somes atttention is the junction of the two demi fuselage. But I haven't find other problem.
  14. Seems I've done nothing but jets for a while with the Warthog, Harrier and TSR 2 so I decided to make one of the kits I was fortunate to receive for being another year older. I haven't done a rotary wings since coming back to modelling and after seeing Alain P's excellent Cobra during the Sharkmouth BG I decided on that kit. So the kit, it looks very nice and well made. Decals nicely printed and of course tiny stencils to apply. I will be doing either scheme A Thors Hammer or B Cindy Ann.
  15. After the 2018 newsletters (link) here are the Special Hobby newsletters 2019  n°1 - January 2019 - http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/12/news-from-special-hobby.html V.P.
  16. I really shouldn't be doing this....but as I have just finished a big project at work I am hopeful I might get some bench time over the next month or so. If that is correct then I have an outside chance of actually completing a GB. Anyway having looked through the stash this is one of the few kits that qualifies. I have never made a Special Hobby kit before but I am aware of the short run nature of the product. Will see how I get one. As always all comments welcome. Cheers Dave
  17. Special Hobby is to release in 2020 a 1/48th Reggiane Re.2000 Falco kit - ref. SH48204 & SH48205 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2019/09/news-from-special-hobby-102019.html?m=1 V.P.
  18. This is a build from a couple of years ago which has been resurrected and cleaned up. When I built this I was quite pleased with it until I was taking the pictures. I was trying to take a picture to compare to the one shot of the real aircraft I could find. I just couldn't get the angle quite right and it dawned on me that I have a model with one wing slightly low! I did take the model around the show circuit and only a very few noticed but it nagged at me and she was swiftly retired to the Loft. However, a friend loved it and started his Mk.II. Forewarned by my problem has done a splendid job including a metal spar to keep things in line (He's and engineer or something!). Anyway, he has asked me to resurrect my errant build to display at Telford alongside his Mk.II so here she is. Actually, it is an absolutely beautiful kit - Special Hobby have come a long way. Other than the wing, the only problems I had was resurrection of lost panel and rivet lines on the nose after cleaning up the joint. Everything is out of the box except for the radio aerial which is nickel wire. So, with a warning to prospective builders........ And this is the picture I was trying to emulate.... Cheers Malcolm
  19. This summer has played h**l with my model building and group build participation. Thank God, the summer in here seems to be over very soon and we're heading towards a season more suitable for this hobby . Nuff said, not to be started before some more urgent builds are done, as their GB:s end sooner, but here's my trio of the quite delicious looking Special Hobby Kittyhawks and a Warhawk: I plan to build them out of the box, decorating each with the North African decal options supplied in the kits. For a while, this is just a placeholder... V-P
  20. Special Hobby & Azur-FRROM are working on a 1/72nd Martin (Glenn L.) B-10/B-12 family Source: https://www.facebook.com/specialhobby/photos/a.579303855843312/747141085726254/ V.P.
  21. Hi all, this was my entry to the Sharkmouths groupbuild, the build thread is here: I very rarely build in this scale but this was one of the nicest kits I've ever used. The fit, detail and decals were all excellent and I couldn't recommend it more. This is also the third helicopter I've built this year, they're great subjects! All the best, Alan
  22. Dear all, Please find below some images of my recently finished Special Hobby Vultee V1A in the colours of American Airlines. The build in itself went pretty smooth, but close to the finish line I wanted to respray the anti-glare panel and with the masking tape pulled off part of the decals... Special Hobby wasn't able to supply a replacement, but Arctic Decals came to the rescue. Of course Mika from Arctic also corrected some of the errors in the decal sheet, so 'kiitos' (thank you in Finnish) to Mika. On to the pictures! Peter
  23. Special Hobby has announced for 2017-2018 a 1/72nd Blohm & Voss BV-155 V-1 kit - ref. SH72340. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016099-novelties-from-special-hobby/ V.P.
  24. After much wrestling with plastic and filler, and a build that felt, at times, like it was never going to end, I am finally able to post up a few pics of my Barracuda - another Fleet Air Arm favourite of mine with its strange looks and dubious performance. This is the "Hi Tech" boxing of the Special Hobby kit, with some extra bits from the Brengun (formerly Griffon) set. The build followed a fairly typical course for a Special Hobby kit, in that the interior bulkheads were all a little too wide and lots of dry fitting was needed before committing to glue. The biggest difficulty I encountered was the fit of the port wing. From above it was raked forward at more of an angle than the starboard wing, and from ahead it was a mm or two lower. A plasticard shim, lots of filler and round after round of sanding and smoothing eventually resulted in wings that looked symmetrical - to me at least... I didn't like the look of the kit spinner so blunted one from a Seafire XV and used that instead. For the markings I decided to go with a post war scheme as I think it suits the aircraft and I haven't seen this kit in the EDSG over Sky before. The upper surfaces should, I think, be quite liberally festooned with various white stencil markings that I didn't have.... I ran out of steam a bit towards the end of this one - this shows in the wingtip nav lights which are only painted, and let the finished model down a bit; the underside is a bit too clean and the prop should probably be a bit weathered too... The markings are intended to show a machine from 815 NAS at Eglinton. And so to the pictures, and thanks for looking, Nick.
  25. Mikemx

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    I've got myself the new Special Hobby 1/72 Kittyhawk Mk III (P-40K) and I want to check the colours for the RNZAF one on the box art. The instructions say Foliage Green on top and Grey-Green (I think they mean RAF Sky Type S) underneath. Would this be correct? The Special Hobby P-40 kits are brilliant btw, everyone should make one! thanks Mike
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