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  1. Good decision me thinks. One thought just to unnecessarily complicate matters............aileron deflection is not always equal up and down The down going aileron increases lift but at the same time it increases induced drag with the consequence of adverse aileron yaw (which is why a certain amount of rudder is needed to maintain balanced flight in the turn in many aircraft - altho' thankfully not in fast jets such as the jaguar). To minimise adverse yaw as much as practicable it is not uncommon for the up going aileron to have more deflection (increasing profile drag) than the corresponding down going aileron on the opposite wing (note: other mechanisms for combating adverse yaw are available......) Of course I have absolutely no idea if your Macchi included such a mechanism. And I can't really imagine that any differential would be noriceable in 1/48 scale. But I didn't let such trivial matters prevent me from mentioning it........... After all, any man that would go to such lengths to get the wing tip lights to look right would surely want his aileron deflection to be accurate
  2. Ahh. I see. Makes sense I feel a bit like the kid at the back of the class now - the one that asked the da*ned fool question that caused all of his class mates to turn and stare, mouths open with incredulity at the dunderheadedness of the questioner .........
  3. W10? WIN7? After I'd been iPhone'd and iPad'd for a while I went the whole hog and Mac'd as well. So it's macOS Sierra (soon to be High Sierra) and iOS 11 rather than Windows for me these days. I love the depth and breadth of the connectivity between all of em. I wouldn't swop back now - but it's horses for courses as they say.......
  4. Every hendie build consists of sub assemblies that are individual little works of art - and then the whole is even better than the sum of the parts.........if you see what I mean?
  5. A question or two if I may, Crisp? Is the chipping fluid a thin layer and does it dry completely smooth? I very much like the effects you get with it - but have wondered if it would be at all noticeable under the top coat on close examination? Do you need to protect an acrylic top coat with a varnish of any sort before appalling the water and scrubbing it? Its the chipping fluid you want to dissolve after all - and not the top coat isn't it? Ta.....
  6. Here too. Which is getting in the way of work, modelling and life generally......
  7. I've been back and had another look at the piccies of the painted cockpit unit. I decided it's preternaturally neat and so felt disinclined to believe in the truth of its existence..............................but seeing as you've held it Bill I guess I must.
  8. Dornier Do 18-D

    Manful work on the matchbox trenches tony. A good job to have (largely?) behind you...... I find filling panel lines (even regular size ones that you couldn't shelter the British Army in) one of those jobs that never seems to end. I've yet to find the perfect filler that doesn't leave ghost lines after sanding (but I have an OCD tendency to over-polish; which technique might well be largely to blame ) so I tend to use cyano and sand it back within an hour or so - before it's fully hardened. I'm another one looking forward to seeing how the dust and paint technique works Ooo. Looks very interesting and not too expensive an addition...........(my Mac autocorrected that to addiction, which was probably quite appropriate............)
  9. Lovely, lovely work Ian; I’ve just had a really enjoyable catch-up read....
  10. Great video Ced, and how nice to have it. Every inch the laid back fighter pilot. But we should have been given at least a few seconds of dark visor down time.......(did I miss it?)
  11. I’m with Giorgio on this. She’s going to be a beauty Crisp. Of course we are all now expecting some stunning RFI poses
  12. Second that. Plus now the wings! And thanks for the mini-tutorial on your pastel technique (with which you are a bloomin artist)
  13. Thanks Bill; I’ve been off and found (or rather found again having read it first time around) the FRS 1 thread and reread the relevant posts It’s a comfort - and reinforces me in my view that Klear will do the adhesiving type trick. .....But......thinks.....everybody knows that just cos Navy Bird can do something don’t mean the rest of us is capable..... I’m afraid of frazzled etch too. The sandwich idea sounds like a pretty bloomin good idea to me Hmm, dunno; but at my muppet level of knowledge of metallurgy and chemistry I don’t see why not. This also sounds like a pretty bloomin good idea to me Ta Crisp - tho unlike the flashing blade deployed by a certain notable BM’er in his Sea King thread - an innings that simply raced to a century - this one is more akin to simply occupying the crease until bad light stops play............ Been down in London since Friday and am on the train on the way back now; hoping to take guard again this afternoon......
  14. My first thought would be to stick them on now in case they need any tinkering with or fine filling to get a perfect fit - also so that they are in situ for weathering/washes.
  15. Understand. Fellow old git. Fell off me bike on Sunday. Road rash on the left hip and elbow, stiff and sore neck and wounded pride. Used to get over such things an awful lot faster thirty years ago..........