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  1. One of the specific Ced vital functions on BM (along with must-read entertaining posts) is to be product reviewer of modelling implements. Mrs F has no idea just how many Ced recommendations I have acquired.......
  2. Awfully neat, awfully precise, awfully impressive. As ever
  3. Cheek...I'll have you know that I tidied them up before photography commenced. Some people a never satisfied............ You'll run out of ceiling space one day tho' - then you might need wheels?
  4. Sorry Martian Nasty grubby criminal law isn't my thing......anyways you might be a illegal alien.......
  5. Of course - members of the English Bar are by contrast dem fine chaps...........you meant to add that didn't you Keith?
  6. Oi - pistols at dawn!..........Ok fair cop Guv I avoid getting notifications from BM - I like the surprise of logging in and seeing what's new. Anyways you can always rely on a Ced thread to have summat new and entertaining to read
  7. I like the logic of different colour pin washes for different purposes/parts of the airframe - definitely giving you a more sophisticated finish Nice brushing technique on the wheels too
  8. Not me for two. I've been rolling and cutting all the way thro'. Thanks Ced - I'll be trying that. Hate painting wheels but its gotta be done. No substitute for a punch and die for the task IMHO (although in browsing t'internet I did notice that Uschi van der Rosten does sheets of circular masks for such purposes). Best to have a few spares ready just in case. Mrs F gets annoyed if the tap - tap of the little punch hammer goes on over an extend period of time. Destroys her concentration when she's knitting/watch Netflix apparently......Best to get it all out of the way in one go - chatting amiably all the while to distract attention..... I can't remember the price of the Uschi van der Rosten masks - but I reckon my punch and die will pay for itself in only 3 generations time............ (but it is lovely) Nervy pre unmasking moments..... Relief...... Neat enough for me After unsuccessfully faffing about trying to mask the hub of the nose wheel (too contoured for the 2.4mm diameter mask to adhere properly to) I decided to do it the other way around and paint the tyres first (lightened Tamiya Nato Black btw) and then mask off the tyres and spray the hubs LAG. Relief again: All done. All sprayed with Klear for protection and ready for washes/weathering. Don't they look like toy wheels in this state? Can't be doing with that.... Steve
  9. By the time more modern tech had shrunken the black boxes and automated the back seat role I s'pect they could have fitted a bunk as well......
  10. My dad-in-law was a Master Air Engineer in the RAF (Britannia's and VC10's - 'Queens of the skies') and his Warrant was signed by Dennis Healy - much to his chagrin given that Dennis Healy as Secretary of State for Defence in the Harlod Wilson government cancelled the TSR2 project. He refused thereafter to ever have his Warrant on display! I look at TSR2 and think I had a lucky escape. If we'd continued with it I might have ended up having to fly it in the 80's. Whatever its merits (as to which I defer to those more learned than myself) it's way too big and bomber like. That's a bomber cockpit not a fighter cockpit - complete with autopilot and doubtless a cup holder and cubby hole to keep your sandwiches and newspaper.........(I might have wandered a bit there)
  11. 100 not out - with hardly a mistimed shot or gloved chance and all in impeccable style........
  12. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Blooming gorgeous work. I forgive you pausing the Lancaster..................
  13. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Yes - he does seem to be a bit of a dab hand at it don't he........ It always seems a bit of a shame to see a martian interior covered in paint. (I can't quite believe I've just written that sentence - but it does sort of make sense in context - honest )
  14. Lovely work Phil. I can't put it better than Bill did - so I'll just copy him......
  15. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Ditto (tho' I'm a little ambivalent about the old)..... Two boos for you to Tom Oh well. I s'pose I'll just have to get used to trekking all the way over the the group build sections. Is it far? Directions anyone? Any one got Sat Nav coordinates? The old map reading skills have ossified somewhat.