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  1. Agreed, but use good quality toilet paper though. The cheap stuff (that you can put your fingers through easily ) often leaves a fibrous residue behind which can be difficult to clean up! @Ngantek, I'm currently doing the SH 1:72 FR.47 but haven't come across most of the issues you're experiencing. I suppose this is the nature of limited run injection moulded kits with a reduction in consistency. The bubble canopy however is a sod and I needed to chamfer its inside edge and also reshape the area of fuselage decking on which it sits. I found this to be a common problem with the SH FR.47 as well as XtraKit F.22/24. The spare canopy parts included allow for Seafires F.45/46 and 47, the curved front screen being the one needed for the FR.47. I'm no expert here but Special Hobby, XtraKit, AZ, KPM, Brengun and Sword all seem to have design and moulding commonality in their (considerable) Spitfire/Seafire ranges.
  2. Only slightly related I know but does anybody have a good pointer to the nearest Vallejo Model Air equivalent of Light Blue 23?
  3. Here's another with USAAF options. AZ Mk.IX. I've built a couple of these and they go together well. (Edit) Mark….that’s AZ7392. You can find them on eBay at the moment for reasonable money.
  4. Mark, the only Spitfire model I’ve given up on is an M News Mk.XII which I took a chance on for reasons of completion. I wasn’t too upset at this as I didn’t pay much and it has proved useful for spare bits and bobs for others. In the end I called it quits and went for the CMR Mk.XII which, while a little pricey is a lovely kit, once you get used to the resin side of things. Keep an eye out for the upcoming KPM PR.Mk.XI as there’ll be this USAAF service version available.
  5. Nice work, particularly on salvaging the notorious PM effort. I currently have thirty-eight Spitires/Seafires/Spitefuls/Seafangs/224s stashed or on order in 1:72, eleven of which are now complete. They represent all marks (some more than once) aside from a PR.Mk.IV which I will eventually hunt down or modify from another kit. I'd heartily recommend Airfix (modern moulds), AZ, Sword, Eduard, KPM, Xtrakit, CMR and Special Hobby for the bulk of these and Brengun for the floatplane versions. Two of the candidates are more of a challenge, the Pegasus Spiteful and the Rareplanes 224 but well worth the struggle!
  6. Good heavens no, what made you think that? The two kits are identical with parts for both included, aside from decals and colour schemes. I ordered the Mk.II and the F.6 at the same time but the F.6 got here a month or so ago. I built both engines to save time when the Mk.II kit arrived, that's all!
  7. The KP kit is shipping now. I should have mine in the next day or so. I've already cheated in advance and built the Centaurus assembly for the Mk.II that comes with the KP F.6 version. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KPM72226?result-token=MVDPC
  8. Lovely, quite reminiscent of the SBC Helldiver in some respects, one of my favourite aircraft.
  9. Also, where the model is displayed, the lighting is a lot less harsh so it does tone down a little. You're more than welcome to call round to see what I mean if you're in North Lincs anytime......you might even get a coffee Bertie!
  10. I just like them like that!
  11. I saw what you did there.......
  12. Having had such a long time away from aircraft modelling I'd forgotten just how addictive it can become. Since I last posted here in late 2021 I've moved the small on-line fishing tackle company I own to new premises and, as a result, now have a large loft space available to keep everything away from family life (aside from the display shelves).........I even have a beer fridge up here...... Anyway, I've got rather unhealthily obsessed with building various models of Spitfire, having started off helping my eldest grandson Logan build one this time last year. I've also become (equally) unhealthily obsessed with eBay, which is where I picked up the first of these examples, an Airfix 1:72 Spitfire PR.19. I built it out of the box and wasn't too concerned with what appear to be slightly oversized fuselage roundels or the rather sparse cockpit and wheel well interiors. For the record it assembled quickly although it needed some plastic card shims at the wing roots, and got sprayed with an acrylic coat of Vallejo Grey surface primer followed by Tamiya XF-83 Grey on the topside and Vallejo 71.109 Faded PRU Blue everywhere else. My customary coat of Pledge Multisurface Polish (now applied with a broad brush) gave a good surface for the final stages. Not being too unkind here, the kit decals were an utter pig to apply and required copious amounts, and repeated applications, of MicroSol to get them conforming. A little Flory Dark Dirt wash to pick up the panel lines and a final sprayed coat of Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish applied very thin to give a sort of satin finish and that was that. Second up is slightly more adventurous (for me this time round anyway), being an Airfix 1:72 Spifire Mk.Ia (picked up for a fiver at Aldi before Christmas) and converted into a PR Mk.Ig. The main reason for this was (to me) the stunning pink colour scheme which I though looked rather good. I was also intrigued by the odd placement of the wing roundels. Anyway, I quickly realised the canopy as it stood would be entirely wrong so spent twice what the kit cost buying a Falcon vac-form Spitfire canopy set to get the PR hood with side blisters. I've consoled myself that eventually, a good many of these canopies will get used so it's an investment......if I say it loud enough. I've had a bit of prior experience with vacformed aircraft but usually in a larger scale so I found the canopy a bit of a fiddle. I ended up just using the middle section and aside from a couple of niggling errors, I'm happy with it now. I drilled out three camera ports, one on the port rear fuselage and two on the underside wing rear section and backed them with plastic card. These ports were sprayed black. The rest of the build was largely uneventful. For some reason I didn't bother with a primer but gave the airframe a couple of thin coats of Vallejo 71.408 PRU Pink followed by Pledge and decals from the AIMS range. Agsin, the usual Flory panel wash and Vallejo Matt Varnish to finish.....oh and some Micro Kristal Klear applied to the camera ports to give the impression of glass. I'll be doing another coat of that at some point I think. All in all, I'm pleased with what I've done with both of them although well aware that the canopy work still needs improvement. Thanks to involving myself actively with you b******* I appear to have developed a significant 'stash' so thanks a bundle for that , and amongst it all are two Xtrakit Spitfire F.22/F24s to be shortly joined by AZ Models FR Mk.IXc and Mk.VII. I've an eye on a Mk.XVIe (bubble canopy type), a Mk.VIII and a couple of Mk.XIVs, all of which seem likely to be AZ as well. If anybody has a Pegasus Spiteful going begging, please feel free to get in touch! Then there's Seafires..........hmmmmmm.....
  13. That prop effect is very clever. Have you some more info on the procedure?
  14. I had this happen with Vallejo gloss varnish. I now use Pledge with no problems. I’d add that I find the Vallejo Matt varnish absolutely fine.
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