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  1. Finishing straight ahead Alistair. Looking just fine from here sir. The V1 looks smart too I should add. Stay safe. Simon.
  2. Thanks @giemme, @The Spadgent, @AliGauld, @Hamden and @elger. Sorry for not posting recently on the build but "Mother Nature" crept in ending up with 4 days in the local hospital (my AF went berserk) . Now back at home catching up on various threads while waiting for a date for a DCC (Bump Start) Anyhow some P.E. done this evening. Some handles bent while still attached to the frame ten glued together. Another piece added to the left hand side of the centre console. The handles? One fitted the other one I gave up on for now, and will make one tomorrow hopefully. And a couple on the back box? I will see what I can do this weekend. Stay safe. Simon.
  3. Sad news. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-61514850 I have a few of his albums which will have be played soon. Simon.
  4. She looks stunning Tony, absolutely stunning. It`s nice when you find little shops tucked out of the way with not your main stream titles in. Simon.
  5. Well, after that catch up I am impressed sir. Decals can be a pita at times but you have beaten the little blighters. All looks good from here mate. Simon.
  6. Great work Giorgio, dabbling in the dark arts again? Paint going on and looking good mate. Stay safe. Simon.
  7. After a bit of a monster catch up , it seems the your Lordship is back on the game again. Which is great to see, the humour coming back as well as some of the fun and games we have with this hobby. As for Revell`s colour call outs, I write a list out of them first then convert to what ever paints I am going to use, saves toing and throwing. Stay safe . Simon.
  8. Wow, monster catch up there Alistair. All looks OK from here mate, those walk way lines are a pita as are the stencils but you done it. Not far to go now. Stay safe. Simon.
  9. Great work going on there Giorgio. Lovely shots of the "Office`s" sir. Looking forward to the next update. Simon.
  10. I have a fair bit of hairy stick work left to do, the bits and pieces behind the pilot`s seat etc. Thanks @Hamden. Detailed painted the bit for the U/C bay. I forgot that I had sprayed these parts earlier with Ali. A bit of Yellow on a pressure bottle? Port-side cockpit wall nearly done. Ans the starboard side the same, nearly done. Hopefully, I might get some more done tomorrow? Stay safe. Simon.
  11. Thanks lads, it means a lot. Thanks @Hamden and @Sturmovik. Well, yet again life gets in the way but...not for that long. Hairy stick out and some streaks of Dark Earth and Red Brown to the cockpit floor. Next up will be the Orange/Red wash that @giemme mentioned. Air brush ready for some Alcad2 Aluminium. Bottom of the wing/s first. Then the inner parts. A bit of splatter but won`t be seen. While I was at it the gun inlays? were give the same treatment. And inner doors. Oil cooler flap. The Exhaust were given a coat of Alcad2 Exhaust Manifold. Not much difference? Swapped air brushes to 0.3 for some primer. Prop. And other bits that needed it. I also dry fitted the strengtheners? to the U/C bay. That`s all for now but hope to get some more done soon. Stay safe. Simon.
  12. The Priest was preparing a man for his long day's journey into night. Whispering firmly, the Priest said, "Denounce the devil! Let him know how little you think of him!" The dying man said nothing. The priest repeated his order. Still the man said nothing. The priest asked, "Why do you refuse to denounce the devil and his evil?" The dying man said, "Until I know for sure where I'm heading, I don't think I ought to aggravate anybody." Simon.
  13. Nice work Fozzy, as ever. 1/72 scale..... Madness but great to watch. Moving back to Blighty? That`s madness lol. Simon.
  14. Nice one Alistair with the U/C fitting. And the painting looks good from here. Stay safe. Simon.
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