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  1. I am really sorry Johnny for being late on parade, I missed the call. It looks like you have screamed along at a rate of knots here, as fast as the actual plane herself. Great idea about using the U/C bays as a jig, I have done that a few times when able to. Looking forward to the mottling mate. Simon.
  2. It`s a great kit Dr, the fit is spot on so far, but I would recommend some A/M decals for the IP though, the kit does not come with any apart from a couple of screen decals. Thanks @giemme, @bbudde. @quieto, @keefr22, @chrislowe, and @Andwil. OK, back to this beast after a short break. While I had the white in the pot I gave the inside of the underside a splash of colour. I changed colour for some X 11 and sprayed some on these bits. Upper engine bay. The trolley runners. And a "Fluid bottle" Just a decal to go on that. Then I opened up a new bottle of primer, trusty Alcad 2 . Then went a priming frenzy. Trolley bits. U/C doors. Tail planes. Rudder and tail fin top. And finally the tail fin itself. After that it`s time for a coffee and fag, once the fumes have gone. That`s the only problem spraying primer/lacquer in the front room. The good lady Rose does not mind but is happier once the smelly stuff is finished. All comments welcome. Simon.
  3. Thanks lads, I was thinking back to those dim and distant days of the 70`s and how we formed pieces for the scratch building then, before all the A/M was available. Thanks @giemme, @Hamden and @stevehnz, slowly getting there, my fault for starting too many kits LOL. Right, a bit of spraying done on the tail fin, some XF 2 for the underneath of those decals. Not much else done yet as other things prevail. All comments welcome. Simon.
  4. Another trick Heather is to cut those small bits off Fnar in a large plastic bag that you get the runners in. Simon.
  5. That looks all very nice Ced. Great IP sir, 1/72 scale too. Simon.
  6. Thanks @giemme, @Hamden, @stevehnz, and @The Spadgent. A bit more done today though I did forget to some pics. I cleaned up the packing pieces and dabbed a bit of filler in and around. I then trimmed and glued the clasps ? in place. Next up, I drilled a 0.6 mm hole in each clasp. Just visible. Cut some short lengths of 0.5 mm rod. These will act as locating pins for the gun pods. And then glued them in position. As per normal, will leave to set overnight, they are a bit fragile. Off for tea now. All comments welcome. Simon.
  7. After looking at the pic sent by @andyf117, not only are they level but the right hand one looks offset , so I presume that the right hand set would be reversed. Glad that you survived standing at the "Range" sir, plenty of fine food? Simon.
  8. Thank you @bbudde, @ProfSparks, @janneman36, @Corsairfoxfouruncle. Thanks G and Roger, hopefully it should work, fingers crossed. Right, I prepared the pylons by filing the remains out. Not pretty but job done. Next I cut some small strips of plastic to act as filler, the original "Clamps" were deeper. These were glued into place. I am leaving these alone this evening to set before trimming and filling the gaps. I also masked up the back end for a coat of XF 2. (I don`t know how opaque the decals are that go on the tail.) That is all for tonight, I will see what happens tomorrow. All comments welcome. Simon.
  9. Thank you @giemme, @f111guru, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @stevehnz, and @The Spadgent. OK, work was put on hold while I tackled the F 16 but I needed a break from her so off back to the Spad. The "Store Holders" were very fine, to fine too say the least and broke, so time to start building some new ones. First off, cut some strips of 1.00 mm x 0.5 mm plastic. Then placed them on some masking tape, sticky side up. And wrapped around a 5 .00 mm drill. Placed in in a bowl of boiling water. And allowed to poach for a while. Once cooled , I undid the tape and found these. Six nice curved strips ready for the next process, trimming drilling and adding the clamps. Time for a coffee and fag. All comments welcome. Simon.
  10. No plastic but a pack of these from Paul at Waterlooville Model Centre. The smaller ones may help with the dreaded ejector pin marks found on our precious plastic. Simon.
  11. After seeing those Rizla`s earlier we can now see where "Little Weed" went. Have a great day off Ced, you need a break from colour deciphering. Simon
  12. Lovely work Ced, the additions of the falling bombs adds to its pose. Simon.
  13. Looking very sweet there G. Enjoy your time on the piste. Simon.
  14. Another one just about to land there Ced. As for those little decals, don`t you love/hate them , a right royal pita. Simon.
  15. Not a lot but I did get some stuff today. 10 sheets 2000 grit w/d from Amazon. 2 filters for the spray booth from Expo via Paul at Waterlooville Model Centre. Simon.
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