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  1. Oh bother !!!! Not good at all there, right by the mid upper too. Simon.
  2. Great work there Giorgio sir. Looking forward to seeing the engine get some paint on. Stay safe. Simon.
  3. Well done Alistair for persevering with those seams, I am dreading closing up the Lanc I am building but plenty of filler / gloop is to hand. I will sit in on this one even though she a long way built. Simon.
  4. Thanks @Mancunian airman, @AliGauld, @giemme, @bbudde, @dogsbody, @Pete in Lincs, @elger, @Dr. Quack and @Tomoshenko. Well, after a coffee, a bit of hairy stick work on the pilots seat. And those seams.... That`a all for tonight, my poor old eyes can`t take much more LOL Let`s see what tomorrow brings. All comments welcome. Simon.
  5. Thanks Ian, seeing what you are doing to your Lanc mine pales into insignificance sir. Simon.
  6. AFAIK it`s 5 parts C/A to 1 part talc according to @giemme, baking soda is another one to mix with C/A from what I have read. BTW which Shackleton are you building out of interest Airfix or Revell? Simon.
  7. At the pre-birth class for couples who'd already had at least one child the instructor raised the question of how to break the news to an older child. "Some parents tell the older child, 'We love you so much that we decided to bring another child into our family.' "But think about that for a second. Ladies, what if your husband came home one day and said, 'Honey, I love you so much I decided to bring home another wife.'?" One of the women spoke up right away, "Does she cook?" Simon.
  8. They sure are Giorgio, I have given them a swipe of PPP, if that fails C/A and Talc. Thanks @AliGauld and @bbudde. Right, onto some colour again, good old XF 1 this time. The front end of the cockpit got a second coat. As well as the underside and bulkheads. The U/C got some paint too. And the flight-deck was given a coat (after looking at @Tomoshenko`s Build). (Bleedin Airfix colour call outs). The insides of the nacelles were painted too. The
  9. Thanks @Pete in Lincs, @cobraleader, @bbudde, @giemme, @Tomoshenko, @elger, @CedB, @Dr. Quack, @AliGauld and @rob85. Well folks a little bit more done over the last few days. U/C cleaned up and primed. Still more work needed on the nacelle. The other one is fine though. The pilots seat got some primer too. Again sorry for the blurred pic. And finally the flight engineer`s seat got a splash too. Time for brunch. Stay safe.
  10. Not looking too bad Johnny, in fact she looks fantastic mate. Stay safe. Simon.
  11. Nearly there Dr Q. great to hear that you survived the winter hibernation and that the hordes have been kept at bay. Stay safe. Simon.
  12. Nice and steady does it John. Looking good from here sir. Stay safe mate. Simon.
  13. Thanks @HoolioPaulio, @bbudde, @AliGauld, @giemme, @Pete in Lincs, @Tomoshenko, @CedB and @elger. OK folks, after spending half of yesterday trying to get stuff to fit on the pilots seat I gave up. It looked like a pile of excrement and not worthy of this fine plane. So I went to plan B, use the kit`s part and embellish it with what was salvageable from the Eduard P.E. set (the instructions were poor to say the least.) So here it is, ready for priming. Seat belts added using a strip of foil. Scratched built (trim wheels) .
  14. I do like your work station you have there Johnny. It is stuck in the corner of the front room, so does limit what I can use. But at least it is warm and dry. It will be great to see some paint on her mate. Stay safe. Simon.
  15. He forgot one Giorgio, a case of beer and some good food.... Simon.
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