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  1. It is in this household Adam. I run on it, that and nicotine (which I am trying to quit) Simon.
  2. Paint!!! Alcad 2 Exhaust Manifold ( a rusty red brown) and maybe some Alcad 2 Duraluminium in a 30/70Might add a drop of pale gold too. Not sure yet. Simon.
  3. I like that one Tony. And yes I do have one myself with the aim to quit smoking. Those roundels look superb sir, all looking good. As for roast spuds, try dusting them in Semolina! Simon.
  4. Thanks @Nikolay Polyakov, @The Spadgent and @giemme. Not much done, no mojo with her, but I did get these bits readied for spraying. The exhaust areas. And bottom. Also the exhaust "petals" They and the other part will be give a coat of "Rusty Steel", some when. OK folks I am off for a coffee. All comments welcome. Simon.
  5. Hi, Just about to start my Sunderland Mk i after finishing a Stirling Mk IV. any cahnce you could update on your Sunderland build?


    1. Spookytooth


      At the moment she is the hangar awaiting a time when I can get my mojo back with her.

      It`s not a bad kit really, fit for a lot of detailing if you wish.


      Good luck sir.



    2. aerodes


      Hi Simon. Thanks for the reply. Hope it's soon out of the hangar.

      I'm trawling around for background info which really paid off with the Stirling.

      Just as a bit of background. I built the Horsa glider to go with the Stirling and was fed up on the Stirling with fuselage windows dropping out and having to mask them. So with the Horsa I used Kistal Klear after assembly of the fuse and wings but before painting. When painting and final matt clear top coat completed I cut out the windows and re-did them with the Klear - job done.


      Goos luck - JImB

    3. Spookytooth


      Right, after a quick think I will say that the ailerons have fine mounting points and the fit is not that great, also the port inner exhaust enters the wing! The kit part looks horrid, you will be better off making the semi-circle it fits into, into a circle and scratch the pipe in.

      Also I would recommend a masking sheet(s) for her, there`s a lot of transparencies to cover LOL.


      One thing I was told, that if they brought her ashore, the fuel tanks and mines were removed before beaching (to save weight (she is big)).



  6. You cannot be too careful about over-spray there G. Looking good sir. You`re right about the view forward on that M 21. Simon.
  7. Like a lot of shops Ian. Nearly every town/city had a tobacconist somewhere.
  8. No, I don`t but the direction the wind is coming from can cause some problems. I have a spray booth in the front room, next to the bench, so it`s a case of trying to keep the smell down to a minimum. Nice save there sir. Simon.
  9. Thank you sir, I will just grab some nibbles to keep us going. Simon.
  10. You don`t mind if I draw up a seat and watch this one Nikolay. Simon.
  11. That was a close one Johnny, at least you saw it before it was to late. Looking forward to seeing her in RFI. She has been a most enjoyable thread. Simon.
  12. I think I will sit in on this one Johnny. Our local shop gets them occasionally and wondered how they went together. Simon.
  13. Thanks @f111guru, yes a few little bits left to do before base coating. OK folks, not much done until now, and that is not a lot. The exhaust pipes, cleaned and drilled out to 0.7 mm (I did not want to go any larger in case I damaged them) Not a good one I am afraid. And them all together awaiting paint. Numbered as well. And that seam problem? We will see after a coat of primer. Just a couple of minor bits to do now. All comments welcome. Simon.
  14. Oh well, some one else slipped on the butter dish then Tony? Nice looking camo there sir. As for the paint lifting, doesn`t happen to us all, frustratingly . Yeah , high winds here too this afternoon, put off any spraying I had in mind. Take it safe Tony. Simon.
  15. Thankfully not Roger, which is a blessing (she`s a big bird) Yep G. have filled in for now and just waiting for it to go off. I might be able to base coat this weekend, hopefully. Simon.
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