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  1. My Cockney wife ask me to get her that cheap shampoo but I couldn't find the one that cost pound ten... Simon.
  2. Noddy Holder went into a tailor's shop in Birmingham to order a loud suit and shirt to wear on stage... The tailor said "Kipper tie?" Noddy said "Yes please - two sugars".... Simon.
  3. My mate Paul went into a butchers in East London and overheard some guy ask for "Panda Sausages". Don't you think these majestic creatures have suffered enough? Simon.
  4. I have no real problems with the Alcad Primers , grey or Black, although I did find the white primer slightly fragile. But that could be down to inadequate prep work. Anyhow, you relax with some hairy stick work mate. Simon.
  5. Great to see her in RFI Tony. Have you got the paint on the next one yet LOL. Simon.
  6. A bit late now, but on Tuesday at 17:45 the Red Arrows made an appearance. Something to d with the Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier. Looked quite spectacular in the evening gloom, especially when they flew head on towards us. Simon.
  7. Great, fantastic, superb etc etc, words fail me too. Looking forward to seeing her in RFI. Simon.
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