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  1. Nicely finished Johnny. As for clear colour over chrome, why not, I do. Off to mustang alley now I suppose. Simon.
  2. Yeah, fiddly bits, the best part of them is half of them won`t get seen. But we still paint them and stick them in place don`t we. All looking good from here Ced. Glad the social life has started. Simon.
  3. Excellent work Tony. Now with a lick of paint on it looks fantastic. As for the hedge , we live in a flat 5 floors up so not even a window box to worry about. Simon.
  4. Nicely done, and finished Alistair. Great to see her in RFI sir. Simon.
  5. There could be a battle between you and @CedB for speed building. Big Mustang on the horizon... Simon.
  6. Well Ced, I am late on parade again (Been of line for a few days, I.T. free ) If I may I would like to sit in on this one dear chap. I have both the "F" and "G" versions by Revell plus the Airfix "G" as well. Some very handy pics and tips here. Simon.
  7. Excellent build Giorgio. Looking forward to seeing her in RFI. Maybe a "J" version ? Simon.
  8. Not far from the finishing line now Alistair. All looks good from this part of the world. Simon.
  9. Another catch up read and wow. All those little details coming together so well All looks good from here Giorgio. Stay safe. Simon.
  10. Well, I don`t know. I have time out from the computer for a few days and come back to find you have all but finished her. She looks sweet Johnny. Nice job. Simon.
  11. Amazing work Peter, forming the litho plate around this sculpted beauty is stunning. Simon.
  12. Again, just caught up on this build Alistair, and looks great. Decals can be a right pain at times but such is this hobby LOL. Nearly ready for finals then mate. Simon.
  13. Hi Alistair, just caught up your build. Apart from the paint problems she is looking fine. Good old "Micro Mesh" the cure all for finishes. Simon.
  14. Well done sir, a find looking Hind. Plenty of stuff to get on with though. Stay safe. Simon.
  15. The shift in the refinement is definitely a big plus Tony. Looking over the bits with the comparisons it`s like chalk and cheese. Looking forward to seeing them built and with a coat of paint. Have you mentioned the decals yet? Stay safe and energetic. Simon.
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