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  1. Looking good Alistair sir. I would probably sand the vortex generators , you need the profile... Still, you making your way through her. Keep up the great work. Stay safe. Simon.
  2. In 3,027 years time life will be really good or really bad. It's 5050. Simon.
  3. Well nice work there Giorgio, as ever. As for miracles, I still looking for the tail wheel leg.... Stay safe. Simon.
  4. Ughhhh, that is one problem when "Spraying " your markings on an uneven surface. Hope that your fingers get better mate. Simon.
  5. OK, this is where it gets to the fun part, masking... But the last bit added for now, the windscreen. First unmask the inners. The some TET to fix. I see filler coming. Finally, those drop tank stays all done apart from some bends. Stay safe. Simon.
  6. What would model building be like if you did not have to battle something? Thanks @AliGauld, @elger, @corsaircorp and @Hamden. Well, time for a short up date. Tail feathers blended in nicely, (I hope). I.P. and coaming fitted. And the Oil cooler "Scoop" added to. A bit of work there needless to say. Just a couple of parts to fit I think before the dreaded masking and application of the "Lie Detector" (Primer). Stay safe. Simon.
  7. Great stuff Ced, as for the stencils, unless you are looking through a magnifier does it matter. Simon.
  8. Great work there Giorgio, another fantastic Phantom to add to your collection. Simon.
  9. Those damn stencils can be a pita, even wearing an optivisor mate. Still a good save Ced. Simon.
  10. It is Alistair, though my eyes are still the same LOL. Thankfully no more bending/forming but still a few fiddly bits to fit. Simon.
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