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  1. All looking good from here Johnny. It is nice to see that you used PPE while sanding down the Pew. I hope that you were keeping your fluids up though. Simon.
  2. You have done a cracking job on her so far Ced. The canopy/etc framing is the dog`s back wheels sir. Looking really nice mate. Simon.
  3. The jury is out on this one at the moment G. I was thinking about Alcad 2 Aqua Gloss but the big H. ran out before the lock down and I am un willing to pay stupid prices for courier delivery (our postal system is W***). I was going to order from my LHS until all this kicked off. Simon.
  4. Thank you both and Dennis no need to apologize, I should of checked my references first. Thanks to @Cookenbacher and @Desk Flyer . OK folks, I hope that you all had a great weekend, it was nice down here on the South Coast. Varnish time, out with the W&N Gloss. Happy enough for the decals to on, probably tomorrow. And I scratched another pitot , the one on the left is the latest creation, a much cleaner join. I still have the prop to do. I had to rub the tips down as the black was too strong for the red. Anyhow, coffee time folks. Stay safe. All comments welcome. Simon.
  5. All looking good there G. Those walkway decals looked a pain. Stay safe. Simon.
  6. Oh the fun of it Fozzy. Looking like good progress though. Stay safe. Simon.
  7. Splendid job Tony, absolutely fantastic to say the least. Simon.
  8. Thank you @Hamden and @Cookenbacher. A little bit more done, not much but needed to be done. After spraying. And the masts and position lights were done. Let that lot (sic) dry now. All comments welcome. Simon.
  9. Thanks, but it was more a case of unevenness along the demarcation line. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Hamden. OK folks, a little bit more done. The masts along the spine were refined and smoothed into place. Then a splash of Mr Surfacer 500 to seal. Buffed up and then masked. Along with port walkway. And I don`t want any over-spray. The windscreen got a touch of paint. XF 52 As well as the spine bits. And that walkway. Before changing colour to XF 7 for the first coat on the prop tips. Let that dry for now. Stay safe. All comments welcome. Simon.
  10. That canopy looks spot on Ced. Although buying a mini lathe to paint bombs etc is a bit out of my league. Simon.
  11. Looking great from here Ced. Wonderful framing there. Will keep that in mind if ever the needs rise. Simon.
  12. OK masking off. IP coaming. That`s OK. But the wing walkways... Starboard first. And the Port one. A poser? I think that I will lower the Port one, I have still some Dark Earth to lay down along the spine. And any weathering would be quite strong as well. All comments welcome. Simon.
  13. Thank you @Cookenbacher, @Hamden, @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @giemme. Hi folks, I put a bit more masking tape on her ready for spraying/remedial work. Then started spraying with X 35 on those bits and pieces lying around. The other bay door is around, I found it after spraying the varnish. And I gave the walkways/IP coaming a squirt of Mr Hobby 401. The walkways are a bit rough in places so a buff up and light respray in order. I hope that you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday. Stay safe. All comments welcome. Simon.
  14. Looks good from here G. It`s a pain having to seal between coats, time consuming too but necessary. Simon.
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