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  1. Very impressive start for 2024 Tony! I am also in big trouble printing the clear parts. Although the Blackbird and Oxcart clear parts are significantly smaller than Wasp I wasn't able to get clear parts printed nicely. I have used several clear 3d resin products without having an acceptable success.After printing the parts I soaked the parts in Future or clear epoxy resin, sprayed parts over with 2K clear coat, sanded the surfaces with 3k to 12k grit polishing papers, polished them with Tamiya polishing compounds. Each method has some pros and cons but none of them was perfect. My next try will be to print a canopy with proper base for casting, polish it as much as possible, use it as silicone mold master and cast the clear parts with PU or epoxy clear resin. Unfortunately for my project vacuform seems not to be an option. Serkan
  2. Very impressive build and significant amount of information about this beautiful aircraft. Thanks for sharing with us. Serkan
  3. Very Impressive work Ian. Serkan
  4. Very impressive work with great weathering! Serkan
  5. Last weekend I have worked on YF-12A missile bays doors. Most of the work was to correct the lower surface curvature at NLG bay area. After two days effort the shape looks now much better. Here are the real aircraft and new model bay views: The door actuators are still missing but they can be added later very easily. Serkan
  6. You can have a look my build to see in details how to fit the intake assy into Revell cowling: Serkan
  7. I am afraid it is not possible to fit printed front fuselage neither to Revell nor to Italeri/Testors kit without opening a slot along the rear fuselage upper surface to match/correct the fuselage diameter. Although I shared below images in my build progress report, please let me share them again here: Serkan
  8. Here is my first post in 2024 😃 I have seen that the nose landing gear strut hydraulic routing were missing: After a few hours work the model looks much better: Next step is to model YF-12A missile bay doors (yes, I promise, I will keep my word this time 😄 ) Serkan
  9. Evening all, Here is my last post of this year. I have added the seat harness, cable cutter, vent suit line and many other details to the ejection seat model. Not to use the same seat on twin seater versions I have modelled the harness in two different layouts: That's all for this year. I wish you happy and healthy new year! Serkan
  10. No Chris, you are not hijacking at all. I am very happy to see your comments and posts here. By the way how are going your builds on? I wish you all happy and healthy new year! Serkan
  11. Good evening all, More progress on CAD modelling over the last couple of evenings: Although my plan for the next step was to finish the YF-12A missile bay doors and Lockheed C-2 ejection seat hardware, I suddenly decided to start modeling the SR-71. ( yes, you are right. Seat harness modelling is a boring task, therefore I am postponing it as much as possible). First of all, I started with the ferry nose (training nose with dead weights?) and the basic sections of front fuselage: It was not an easy job to model especially the rear fuselage sections with longer tail cone, but the result looks quite good to me. Also the inboard elevon"s root section has been reshaped due to new elongated tail cone: The patterns of SR-71's inboard wing upper surface corrugated skin panels are significantly different than the A-12 panels. Also the panels at fuselage-wing junction are much wider: The difference is minor on lower surface: Also the main wheel hubs are different: Here is the summary of all current models: Now I can start to model some of the forward fuselage details (hopefully before Silvester). But I need to do a survey on the nose cone variants (as far as I know there were three versions) in parallel. Serkan
  12. Infact I have another plan. I am currently working on full 3D model of SR-71 variants (in addition to A-12 family) and the basic model has been almost completed. I will post some images before Christmas. Serkan
  13. I would strongly advise not to do that. It will be worthless effort in terms of time and money. If you really want to do an intensive surgery then try to convert old Testors kit into Oxcart and build Revell kit as is despite of all known issues (as I did). Serkan
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