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  1. I got already two pieces. I compared my Su-35UB (T-10UBM-1) mod with this kit and confirmed that the parts that I built are really well matching. Serkan
  2. I was not very happy with the original instrument panel upper pad. Therefore I decided to adopt this part from my T-10M family conversion project based on Zvezda/Revell Su-27SM. Here is the comparison of both parts: Here is the removed upper pad from resin part: Below pictures show the replacement process: The result seems not bad at all: The next step is to apply first primer to modified area and then coat with black both front and rear instrument panel upper pads... Serkan
  3. Now the primer has been applied: Finally all casted parts with new PU resin seems fine. No "sweating", no "bleeding" anymore... Next step is to complete cockpit area, rescribe some missing panel lines and after then apply camouflage colours... Serkan
  4. Hi Neffan, I am planning to use splintered camo pattern: I think this camo is very eye catching isn't it? Serkan
  5. Finally I have painted the cockpit details and assembled all the fuselage parts together: Also all parts have been put together with magic tape to see the whole aircraft: The next step is to apply primer coat. Serkan
  6. Now all parts have been assembled together: The engines were masked with Oramask foil. Next step is to apply primer coating... Serkan
  7. Here are some more progress: Before applying primer coat I have replaced Heller nose cone, MLG uplock fairings and wing tip missile launchers with Revell/Zvezsda parts: And here are all the parts with primer applied: And close view to nose area shows added IRS and IFR lights: The port and starboard side views: The old and new IRS together: And the removed mid one: Now the windshield has to be polished and front/aft instrument panels' upper pads will be painted to black (as far as I see from reference pictures) before placing canopy parts for final painting. Serkan
  8. Here are the parts building lower half: Note that the intakes have been already assembled and MLG bay wall is also from Trumpeter. The Italeri MLG bays have been now completely removed from kit: Here are the views from both sides before and after modification: The lower half is now completed as well: The next step is to assemble all fuselage parts together... Serkan
  9. The progress continues glueing upper half parts. I have used plastic inserts to make joint area stiffer. The upper half is completed. The next step is to build lower half. It will be more work than the upper half. Serkan
  10. Thanks Marc, To know there are many model enthusiasts like you gives me strength to tackle such problems. No pain, no gain...
  11. After waiting for few weeks with a hope that the resin problem will be disappeared and eating dozens of popcorn unfortunately the parts were still sweating. I have decided to try another method. I have found in internet that the resin parts sweating oily fluid can be healed using heat treatment (~65°C for 4 hours) or putting in dishwasher. I have selected heat treatment... As you see my all running projects were suffering from casted resin parts. I have placed 3 T-10M's, Fullanker and Flankerstein into oven trays... Unfortunately it didn't stop bleeding although was less than before. Also keeping the temperature at 65°C was not easy and the process costed me deformed wings of 2 T-10M's. I was totally frustrated and at the edge of abandoning all these butchery, but as Bob Marley says: "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight!.." After taking a deep breath and casting all the parts with new PU resin, the butchery started from beginning: I have removed all old resin parts. One can easily see how the resin parts were bleeding. The Zebra stripe patterns show the drained oil paths: After removing the old resin parts and cleaning the edges now all the new resin and kit parts can be glued together: To be continued... Serkan
  12. Su-35UB (T-10UBM-1) is possible. You can see my conversion here. Please note the modified fins. The picture you posted is Su-27M/Su-35 (T-10M-9) which I report my progress here. J-15S (and Su-30MKM and SM) will be my next project when I clone Su-35UB nose upper and lower halves... Serkan
  13. I have made some progress in my project. All three aircrafts have been assembled and now ready to fill the joints with putty before applying primer coat (left to right M9, M11 and M1): I use Oramask foil to mask filler area: And after applying putty and removing masks: The next step will be coating all the parts with primer... Serkan
  14. These are the sealing compounds which protect strain gauges used to measure the structural loads during the flight tests. Also starboard fin has such of stripe. Su-30MKI "blue 02" has similar patches as well. Serkan
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