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  1. I think we should ask to Master @paulsbrown if the colors are acceptable or not...
  2. The masks were removed and here is the result: I have mistakenly painted fins with "MM2132+MM1720" color which should have been pure MM2132. But this can be fixed easly: Serkan
  3. The masks were removed and new masks were placed for the last color: I have mixed MM2132 (Flanker Blue/Gray) and MM1720 (Intermediate Blue) in 1:1 ratio for this coat. Serkan
  4. The masks were removed and here is the result after third camo color: To apply next color the parts were masked again: The entire rear fuselage was painted to MM2132 (Flanker Blue/Gray): There is one more color to be painted (I need to experiment to match the color) but in overall the paint job is very close to end. Serkan
  5. Thanks lot for sharing this picture Paul. If I remember correctly you have used your own paint mixtures rather than using Akan colors out of bottle. In my build I am using the model master enamel colors ( to consume my enamel paint stock as well ) and I try to match the color with yours by mixing the available MM paints (as good as possible my old eyes allow ) Serkan
  6. The next color is the 1:1 mix of MM2131 (Flanker Medium Blue) and MM2132 (Flanker Blue/Gray): Serkan
  7. To apply second color the aircraft was masked and painted with MM2131 (Flanker Medium Blue): Serkan
  8. Begemot decal paint reference chart references the following colors: FS25526 Flat Light Blue FS25450 Flat Blue/Gray FS26495 Flat Light Gray FS26152 Flat Dark gray FS26231 Flat Dark Gull Gray To me these colors don't match with the real aircraft. I will mostly use my own color mix. As the first color I have mixed the MM1768 (flat white) and MM1723 (gunship gray) in 20:1 ratio. Serkan
  9. The engine areas and the clear parts were masked and ready to apply first camo color. In this build I will use Model Master (MM) Enamel paints and here are the all gray/blue shades I have: It seems that I have to mix the colors to get best color match except 2132 (Flanker Blue Gray) and 2131 (Flanker Medium Blue). @paulsbrown did an excellent job on his "701" build (and many other T-10M builds as well) in 1:48 scale and I will try to match his colors. You can find his RFI here... Serkan
  10. Some progress on engine area: Next step is to mask engine areas and apply the first camouflage color... Serkan
  11. The engine areas were painted to stainless steel and the panels and access doors were masked: Next step is to apply various metallic colors to complete engine painting. Serkan
  12. Thanks Daniel, I hope your build is also progressing well without having any difficulties. I look forward to see some pictures of your build. Serkan
  13. The gun and in flight refuelling port details were filled with putty. Also some panel details at nose were removed. The aircraft was coated with primer and the problematic areas were lightly sanded: A second coat of primer was applied: Now all the panel lines for "701" looks right. Next step is to paint engine areas... Serkan
  14. Hi everyone, Based on my kitbash using Revell/Zvezda Su-27SM and Su-33 reported here in detail, I have launched another T-10M progress report for T-10M1 (701). As usual first the 3 view drawings: For this build I will use one of two survived out of five Flanker from old resin and owen disaster: This is the base kit with replaced resin parts: Next step is to coat all the parts with primer. Serkan
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