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  1. The original SR-71 kit "glare shield" (or "instrument shroud" ) is too big to fit inside YF-12 windshield. I have trimmed the original shroud to fit (the black half) and removed it from modified part (gray one): The temporary windshield was glued with super glue. The front canopy had also fit issues. But this was relatively easy to fix: The sharp edge around windshield was also rounded: Next step is to give front fuselage upper half to its final shape... Serkan
  2. The inner surface shapes of both canopies have been mapped onto plastic card using masking film and the windows were opened: The frame halves were placed and some details were added: Some improvements are needed to close the gap between the rear canopy and kit frame: Next is to fit front canopy and windshield. Serkan
  3. Yesterday I have casted some copies of canopy parts using PUR. The results are really good. These parts will be used in giving the final shape of upper front fuselage half. Also YF-12 clear parts will be casted using these molds to get seamless canopy parts. Serkan
  4. My existing clear epoxy resin needs additional compound to increase UV resistance. I have not experienced yet how the casted parts will look like after a year. There are some crystal clear resin suppliers in ebay from UK claiming that their products are UV resistant and not yellowing ower time. Serkan
  5. I did it already for my Su-27IB conversion and Su-33UBM "What If" projects
  6. I have used YF-12 parts to make seamless front and rear canopies and prepared the master pieces to create molds: Then I have filled the molds with soft silicone: Next step is to cast canopy and windshield copies to use in forming final nose shape. Serkan
  7. Hi Nikolay, Maybe you can give a try the Hasegawa fine saw blades to rescribe the straight panel lines. It is very useful tool and does the work perfect. Serkan
  8. This is the "Power of Habit"... I did my PhD on CFD and WTT... ✈✈✈
  9. There is a great AIAA paper about Blackbirds (I don't remember exactly from where I have downloaded but either from CIA or NASA site) "Design and Development of the Blackbird: Challenges and Lessons Learned Peter W. Merlin* TYBRIN Corporation, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center" On Page 16: "The Blackbirds earned their nickname because they were coated with a high-emissivity black paint for improved heat radiation, thus reducing thermal stresses on the airframe. The first A-12 initially flew unpainted. Early models in the A-12 and YF-12A series were subsequently painted black only on the periphery of the airframe where heating was greatest: on chines, leading and trailing edges, and rudders. Engineers soon realized it would be advantageous to take advantage of Kirchoff’s law of Radiation that describes how a good heat absorber, such as a black body any extremely dark object), is also an efficient heat emitter. Although convective heating decreases with increasing altitude, heat radiation occurs independently of altitude. Therefore, in late 1963, Skunk Works engineers decided to take advantage of the black-body radiation phenomenon by painting the A-12 fleet and subsequent variants entirely black." The different shades of black even dark blue is all infact black. The environmental and operational conditions caused black paint weathered. Serkan
  10. First M-21 fuel dump: This is the M-21 photo showing vents Here is A-12 fuel dump: YF-12 fuel dump: YF-12 has also these vents: And SR-71 fuel dump: I like very much this photo: Serkan
  11. Hi Bill, I am really appreciated to you spending your time to provide all these beautiful photos. I think this has been done to all aircrafts that are in display. Thanks for this detail. I will check if I have already such bulged profile in my modified part, if not it will be added. I have seen these vents on M-21 and A-12B photos as well which does not exist YF-12 kit. I think another clear port exist on upper nose section too. But I am not sure whether they are inline. This is not so bad. I have found many photos on web with open fuel dump. What is not yet clear to me that for the first prototype whether the inboard and outboard elevon trailing edges were inline or not. Serkan
  12. A stunning finish!.. I will feel myself successful when I achieve half of your modeling level. Serkan
  13. Thanks for these precious links Bill!.. It will definitely help a lot when I work on cockpit area... Serkan
  14. Thanks. When all the master parts are ready, I will cast all of them including clear parts. Serkan
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