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  1. Nicely built Flanker Stephen. Although Academy Flankers have known issues (e.g. lenght) once it is finished looks always beautiful. I have dozen of Academy and it's cheap MHM copies (besides Kitty Hawk, Hobby Boss and Kinetic Flankers) and I am planning to use them to build T-10M series because it won't hurt too much when I butcher these relatively cheap kits Serkan
  2. Nicely detailed cockpit tub and well aligned rivets Sam... It should have taken quite long time to drill all rivets one after other... Serkan
  3. In the company I use Catia V5 to view part assemblies and extract necessary geometries for my work. But I have done my own drawings first time on this Blackbird project. Indeed I did some sketches for Ching Kuo in the past to learn CAD tool features. Serkan
  4. I have just caught this thread. All these 3D designs and prints are awesome... Several months ago I had launched a 3D Blackbird thread in this forum but since then I made no further progress. I had even bought a resin printer but I haven't opened its box yet. Maybe seeing your builds can motivate me to go back 3D design/printing world Serkan
  5. Nice intro and start. I have set of KP Frogfoots single and two seater versions. I was assuming that KP kits should not be too bad because Eduard has reboxed this kit. But definetely Revell Frogfoot has better details than KP one. Serkan
  6. Yes indeed. My intention is not to sacrifice beautiful Kinetic Su-33 kit for T-10M conversion. Serkan
  7. I know this thread is very old one and nowadays there are high end Su-33 kits available in the market but today I have seen in ebay by chance a Flanker set including Academy Su-27 Flanker B, Begemot decals and Wolfpack Su-33 conversion parts WP48123. The price was incredibly cheap (only 66.00 € including shipping) and of coarse I didn't miss this chance. My intention is to build T-10M series using Academy and it's cheap copy of MHM kits using resin canards and shoulders. I am sure that this conversion will be easier than butchering beautiful Kinetic Su-33 kit to get canards and shoulders... Serkan
  8. Very nice result for the first time Nikolay. It is hard to identify which one you did with riveting tool. Did you make any practice on plastic sheet or spare parts or directly go with the Vigilante? Serkan
  9. I had bought this tool several years ago but haven't tried yet. Maybe you can guide me how to use it... Serkan
  10. Amazing work Bill!.. I wish one day I would have been able to finish one of my ongoing dozens of builds... Serkan
  11. Lovely finish for such poor kit!.. I had built two samples in past and it costed me several times longer build time than a regular build: I know, the horizontal tails were misplaced but I was really bored of working on these kits... Serkan
  12. Very impressive work! I have several 2000s in different scales in my stash but I haven't started any of them yet.. Serkan
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