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  1. Just to give a short break last few days I was busy with drawing Su-30MK "501" and Su-30M2 "504" artworks. Most probably I will build both of them very soon as they look so attractive
  2. Fully agree. With minor upgrades I am planning to build either Su-30MK "501" or Su-30M2 "504" (based on Trumpeter Su-30MKK kit with self printed decals) just to give a short break in my major mod projects
  3. Thanks for your encouraging posts. All these mods require time and seems sometimes endless to me. May be I should build one Flanker OOB and come back to this business with more motivation.
  4. Yes indeed it was a bit of detailed work
  5. Here are the drawings of "701", "703", "709" and "711" that I will build Any comments/suggestions about drawings are welcome Serkan
  6. Back to progress report: Except "701", all T-10M serie aircrafts have flat tip fins with bigger rudder area. The best matching fin is Trumpeter Su-30MKK one as shown below. Although in general Su-30MKK fin is not so bad there are some areas to be improved: 1. Aerial antennas 2. Rudder tip (must be enlarged) 3. HTP actuator and fin root First I started with fin root&htp actuator modification. These parts have been taken from Su-27SM fins as shown below: Here are the pictures which compares before and after modification: The fins fit perfectly to Su-27SM fuselage... Next comes the aerials and rudder tip modifications. Again Su-27SM fin remaining parts are the donors: The fin modifications have been completed and the result looks not so bad (yes I know that the tail boom is for "701" and fins for all others...) Hence I want to build "703", "709", "711" and "801" (T-10UBM-1) aircrafts, I need at least 4 set of these fins. The easiest way is to "clone" the fins. First step is to prepare master pieces with proper cast stands: Using 2 component (1:1 mixture ratio) soft silicone I have created molds and replicated the parts: And now I have enough copies of modified fins to build the whole family I want to have: You may wonder why I have drilled the circular holes on resin stands. These holes prevent closing the casting vent due to silicon mold deformation (and therefore ensures correct thickness of duplicated part) during casting and curing. The next step will be the tail booms for "701" and the others... Serkan
  7. I have received my copy as well and very impressed with the amount of details and drawings. It is new edition too with 720 pages. It worths every cent I paid...
  8. Hi Paul, Thanks again for your precious support and the references/advices you have provided. I have updated all my drawings in this topic (the links in my previous posts above) and hope it will help others in future for their projects. Cheers Serkan
  9. Serkan Sen

    T-38C 1/48

    Another perfect build. I follow your builds with great interest. Serkan
  10. Serkan Sen

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    This is one of the best weathering I have ever seen. Congratulations for such a great work. Serkan
  11. Serkan Sen

    1/48 Sukhoi PAK-FA T-50-1 Prototype

    Very realistic and impressive work especially at engine area. I love this aircraft. Serkan
  12. Serkan Sen

    MiG-29SMT 1/48 GWH

    Awesome finish for both aircrafts. They are also in my to do list (after finishing several Flanker projects) Serkan
  13. Thanks for kit picture. The airplane and the colors are amazing!.. Do you remember the mixture ratio of each AKAN color? I have updated all drawings in my previous posts following your reference pictures and advice. Are they look now realistic? As you said, I have found the book you referred with very reasonable price and ordered one. Again thanks for your all valuable advices. Cheers Serkan
  14. Thanks for the picture. Although the picture is not clear enough to see the camo patterns now I know that somehow I have to find more reference pictures. But I have already searched through internet (including Russian sites with my best) and there is no picture showing the bottom side of this aircraft. May be I should get Jefim Gordon's book too. You have referenced the first issue. Is there any specific reason for this? By the way, your "701" project is awesome!.. Do you have more pictures of your build? It would help me to understand camo patterns better. Cheers Serkan