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  1. The casted fairings are now ready: Next step is to place them on the model and apply the first paint coat... Serkan
  2. Me neither, I bought my first lego bricks when I was over 40 years old But with these metal parts you can build very stable jigs and tools...
  3. Very impressive build so far. You are very close to happy end... What about your Vigilante build? Serkan
  4. I have same airbrush too. But somehow it doesn't fit my hand well. I cannot pull the trigger as the head slips from my finger tip. I have tried to place a rubber disk on top of the trigger without success. Therefore I use mainly my old Bagger 150 trio. Serkan
  5. If you have a proper molding silicone and enough lego bricks, having a little patience it is not so difficult. Serkan
  6. Thanks Nikolay, I did similar modifications 30 years ago when I had only few kits and very limited budget. Besides there was neither online ordering nor silicone/resin casting technology at that time. Now I take the benefit of having all of them. The only problem is that I am now a bit old... Serkan
  7. Great build with a very nice story behind. Congratulations Alistair. Serkan
  8. Almost all parts were coated with black primer while casted MLG uplock fairings were still curing: Next step is to start engine metallic coating. Serkan
  9. Here is my little squadron ready to prime: Left to right, top to bottom: T-10M3 Revell/Zvezda based T-10M1 Revell/Zvezda based T-10M1 Italeri Sea Flanker based Su-30MKK Trumpeter Su-27LL Revell/Zvezda based
  10. The new nose assembly was glued to airframe and looks very good: Here is a comparison of the old and new nose parts: The nose cone contour and bulkhead diameter now in correct size and shape. Also an insert was added between nose cone and bulkhead. Here are some close views: Now the aircraft is ready to prime. Serkan
  11. The nose cone has been finished and cloned: And here both parts are together: The IFR probe was placed inside the nose part to avoid additional molding and casting such tiny part: Of course I tested if this little part can be detached without breaking it, and yes it works... Serkan
  12. I had forgotten to add little MLG fairing resin parts. Now they have been placed and the fairing contours were reshaped using putty: Also right fin dielectric panel size was corrected: And finally MLG uplock fairings were cloned from Kittyhawk Su-35S kit: Next step is to coat all parts with primer. Serkan
  13. The panel lines seems to me not so good, therefore I decided to rescribe the details. For this purpose I did a drawing for panel lines: Here is the fit test: The drawing was printed on Orafoil masking paper: I used the carving guide tape which I recently found in Amazon: Now I can work on the nose cone. Serkan
  14. Here some more progress: The MLG Uplock fairings were cloned from Hasegawa Su-35 kit and glued on the model. The single piece nose part was a bit undersized. Therefore I decided to rebuild it from scratch in two pieces; the nose cone and nose section separately: Next step will be the new nose cone... Serkan
  15. I was trying to say too how tiny this beauty is... With my all respect for your patience and modelling skill...
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