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  1. This is good as long as you have not been hit by any of them... The result looks very eye catching Stuart. Serkan
  2. The result looks very good. I use my own vinyl masks since long time and I am very happy with the results: The only issue I have with the vinly is masking the sharp surface junctions. Serkan
  3. The exhausts look very nice. Both in my 1:72 A-12 and M-21 builds based on Italeri/Testors kit I had to do significant scratch build modifications to give a bit depth to the afterburner can and improve nozzle assembly: But the Revell/Monogram kit is even worser than the Italeri/Testors one and I will use my 3D printed parts: The mean wheel bay is another story... Serkan
  4. The afterburner cans and nozzles have been placed: Next step is to add inlet assembly. Serkan
  5. The front fuselage part has been added to model: All intake and exhaust parts were coated with primer and then Alclad steel/Titanium: Serkan
  6. All panel lines have been rescribed. It took a bit long but the result looks very good. The model was coated with primer and some local corrections have been done: Next step is to add forward fuselage part... Serkan
  7. The updated MLG assy parts have been printed and final fit test has been done: The inlet and exhaust parts were primed and lightly sanded (the diffuser parts are missing here in the picture): The inner surfaces were painted to steel and titanium: To fit the exhaust assembly some surfaces have to be modified: Both intake and exhaust assemblies have been placed and the seam lines have been filled with putty; Next step is the wheel wells. Serkan
  8. Thanks lot Nikolay. Last few days I was busy with painting all these printed parts. I will post some images of the progress soon. Serkan
  9. Hopefully they will be available very soon. You can keep following this build to get the latest status. Serkan
  10. Thanks lot. I haven't modeled entire SR-71 yet. But from the below comparison it seems that the kit nose is longer than the actual aircraft: Most probably in my build I will use the kit nose as is. The IFR receptacle size and position seems not correct either... Serkan
  11. Unfortunately I have seen this build very late. To remove old paint I use oven cleaner spray. I let it penetrate for couple of hours and simply rinse with water. If any residuals stay then I repeat the process. The good thing is that the foam doesn't give any damage to clear parts. Maybe this can be helpful for the next recovery project: Serkan
  12. Very nice work Stuart. I will follow this build with great interest. I hope one day I will find a bit time to build my Revell 1:48 F-86D early and late versions. Serkan
  13. Nice progress so far Bill. I have the old ESCI kit somewhere in my stash but as far as I remember the decal sheet was not in good condition. Even the box color has changed into yellowish white and orange/red. Serkan
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