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  1. Very good progress so far. Serkan
  2. I will follow this build with great interest. Although I have dozens of Academy Eagles I haven't built any of them yet. Few years ago to test my own decal artworks I built two Agressor Eagles using old Revell F-15D and Hobbycraft F-15 (which was a pathetic kit): Serkan
  3. Good choice for a Flanker build. I have started to build several Flankers (all are available as WIP here in this forum) since last year but none of them is 100% complete. The closest one to RFI is my whatif Flankerstein which I used as my avatar The current difficulty on my ongoing 3 Flanker projects is to decide which weapons to be loaded for each one... Serkan
  4. Lovely build... Despite the known issues with this kit I like Academy Eagles which I have several samples of different versions. I used one of F-15E to test my custom build Tiger scheme decal design for Monogram F-15C; My build was not fully completed but very close to RFI.. Serkan
  5. I have found this thread a bit late but definitely your work in progress report will help me a lot during my Su-35UB (T-10UBM-1 "801") build. I have recently got an Academy Su-27 Flanker B with Wolfpack Su-33 conversion set from Ebay. I will use canards + shoulders and nose in my build. Serkan
  6. I did same camo first on my F-15C test aircraft: I will do next on F-16C To wash panel lines I have used ordinary aqua paints (gouache) which can be completely removed under tap water. I have added only a drop of dishwasher detergent to break surface tension. During "Flankerstein" build I used oil colors thinned with mineral spirit but it caused a lot of problem such as damaging the paint and decals during wiping off excessive wash... Serkan
  7. Some more pictures: Next step is to paint and attach arresting hook and IFR probe & door and load the missiles... Serkan
  8. All parts were assembled to aircraft fuselage: This project is now very close to end and ready to place next to her sister "Flankerstein" Serkan
  9. The nose landing gear assembly was cloned from Trumpeter Su-34 kit: The lights are from Revell/Zvezda kit and the wheels and mud guard from Armored Wheels. The pylons and little antennas and probes were painted as well. Next is to put all parts together... Serkan
  10. The exhausts were painted with different shades of MM Metalizer colors and TVN assemblies were mounted to airframe: Next step will be the landing gear assemblies... Serkan
  11. After a long break here are some futher progress: The decals were sealed with Future/Pledge and let it dry for a week. After then the panels were washed with aqua color: The excessive paints were removed with a lightly moistened kitchen paper towel and then dull coat was applied to entire aircraft to seal the panel wash and get final camouflage finish. Next step is to finish exhausts by adding TVNs... Serkan
  12. Last few weeks I was heavily involved with garden work. I had to remove around 15 cubic meters soil and replace 5 tons rocks and concrete blocks for our new garden design. As you can imagine after such exhaustive work my fingers lost their sensitivity for precise model build... I need to give a short break till I can control my hands again... Although I gave a short break in my ongoing projects I have used this period to study how to modify/improve Academy and it's cheap copy MHM Flankers (which I have dozen of them) to build T-10M series (Su-35 with canards) in 1:48 scale. It won't hu
  13. Nicely built Flanker Stephen. Although Academy Flankers have known issues (e.g. lenght) once it is finished looks always beautiful. I have dozen of Academy and it's cheap MHM copies (besides Kitty Hawk, Hobby Boss and Kinetic Flankers) and I am planning to use them to build T-10M series because it won't hurt too much when I butcher these relatively cheap kits Serkan
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