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  1. Your work is awesome Tony! But I am afraid you will have to print all the parts in 1:1 scale to capture the details you are modelling... Serkan
  2. Looks very eye catching! I had the early Trumpeter kit without any missile bay. Fortunately I sold it on ebay and got new release with bays. Now it is waiting its turn like other hundreds of kits in the stash... Serkan
  3. Very eye catching paint job. Looks really nice! Serkan
  4. The early wheel rims used in A-12, A-12B and M-21 as well have been modelled: Here are the models of early and late rims together: (inner, center, outer and brakes respectively) Next is to prepare STL files for test print. Serkan
  5. Thanks Steve. For me it is much easier adding the print supports in cad model. It gives better and well defined supports. Serkan
  6. Awesome work Steve! From your builds I learned much especially on weathering. Serkan
  7. Phantastic build! I have the decal sheets both in 48 and 72 scales but till now I had no time to build any of them. Serkan
  8. Thanks Colin. I did many scratch builds in past and I experienced that it takes longer time and results in very limited quality and details compared to 3d printing. Serkan
  9. The ejection seat rails have been modeled with and without cockpit tub. Here is the rail model only: And with print support: Now all cockpit parts are ready to print: It will take four hours to get the first print results in 1:72 scale. I hope this will worth all these efforts Serkan
  10. Thanks Colin. What I can't achieve with a 3D printer is very limited indeed Serkan
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