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  1. Here is the result: In general the paint scheme looks great but it seems that the Alclad black microfiller primer didn't stick well the resin parts and caused lifting off all the paints. Of course this can be fixed but will cost me a week long work... Serkan
  2. Here is another work in progress which will be most probably never completed and take its place in Hall of Shame on my workbench... This is an MHM/Hobbyboss Su-47 Berkut kit in 1/72 scale. My intention is to build this kit from OOB and place it in the display asap. In overall it seems not so bad but I am quite sure that I will have to deal with a lot of troubles during this build. Here are the kit sprues: At first glance this build shouldn't be so difficult and can be finished very quickly but we will see... Serkan
  3. I have this AMK kit in my stash but not opened the box yet. I have started to build four 1:72 Condor Mig-31BM couple of years ago but no progress since long time. I had to spend a lot of effort and time to correct misaligned mold defects. I also have couple of 1:72 Revell Mig-31 kit which is nicely detailed and has superb decals. Maybe I can get my motivation back during your build and complete them Serkan
  4. The deep blue areas were masked and masking putty ribbons were placed: And the MM2131 was painted as last color: Next step is to remove all masks and see the result... Serkan
  5. As most of the time I did, I will make all the parts (spine and pods) with 3D printing. I have already started to draw the model and soon I will post some images. Several years ago I built in 1:72 scale from scratch with my own decals. Serkan
  6. Next color MM1594 dark blue was painted: When the paint fully cured the masking film and putty ribbons will be placed before painting last color. Serkan
  7. I have scaled up the Su-35UB mask artwork which I prepared for my 1:72 conversion reported here: The upper surface of model was painted to MM1562 and the masks were placed for mid blue areas: Next step is to paint dark blue and place masks and masking putty for faded camouflage edges. Serkan
  8. After a very long break I am back to complete this project. I have completed the mask drawings last weekend: and here are the vinyl masks: The masks were placed on model: In overall the mask patches fit well. But some modifications have to be made at highly curved areas especially at spine. Serkan
  9. Looks very eye catching Adrian. Great finish. I need to go back my Hall of Shame too. There are plenty of Flankers and Blackbirds on my workbench to be finished... Serkan
  10. Excellent progress so far Bill. It seems that you are very close to roll RFI... Serkan
  11. Thanks Gondor, For masking I use vinyl stencil film Oramask 810. I prepare first the contours in corel or inkscape and then export them as svg file and create masks using cutter/plotter.
  12. Thanks Neffan, I have first applied Model Master Stainless Steel and then different shades of Alclad II Metal colors and Blue/Red stains. Serkan
  13. To me the most difficult part of any Flanker build is the engine area. Each Flanker has a unique color of metallic blue, red, and smoke for heat staining engines. Therefore all my Flanker builds were pending aside till last last weekend. Finally I decided to do mass production painting campaign and finished engine paint jobs of six Flankers and one T-50 Pak-Fa (Su-57 prototype). I have painted the entire engine area with stainless steel and masked the access doors and hatches: And then I have applied different shades of metals and blue/red stains:
  14. Very impressive build Djordje. I am currently building Hobbyboss Berkut and I did some improvements on intakes and exhausts. I hope my build will look good as yours Serkan
  15. This build is one of the best work in progress report I have seen ever. The aircraft looks awesome especially after the panel wash. The panel wash is my weak point especially wiping excessive wash off with turpentine. I have ruined many builds during panel wash process. I tried oil, acrylic, enamel and vallejo washes and all of them ended with disaster. Now I am using only the aqua (water) colors which can be completely removed any time under the tap water... Maybe I should give up to use Future/Pledge for gloss coat... Serkan
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