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  1. Miami Connection is the rare movie I feel is almost better without the riffs. It's so perfect in the totality of its failure that I just like to watch it straight. And on that slightly earnest note, I'm thankful for all of you, my friends on Britmodeller (and often in real life too): "You do not know how much they mean to me, my friends, And how, how rare and strange it is, to find In a life composed so much, so much of odds and ends, (For indeed I do not love it ... you knew? you are not blind! How keen you are!) To find a friend who has these qualities, Who has, and gives Those qualities upon which friendship lives. How much it means that I say this to you — Without these friendships — life, what cauchemar!" -- T S Eliot And now...DRAGON SOUND.
  2. Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's easier to show you than it is to explain.
  3. What have you purchased 9

    Airfix Model World January 2017 (for the Victor build article by Melchie) Key Publishing Gulf War Special bookazine Key Publishing Wellington bookazine Wimpy: A Detailed History of the Vickers Wellington in service, 1938-1953, by Steve Bond and Bomber Boys, by Patrick Bishop
  4. What have you purchased 9

    There are, with weird aspect ratios.
  5. What have you purchased 9

    My mother's suspicions are confirmed at last. Mine's DVD-ROM drive is sadly broken, however, prior to that, it could switch regions, but only a limited number of times.
  6. Film help

    They bought the rights for DVD and streaming release -- hence why they can legally stream it and press DVDs of the episode.
  7. What have you purchased 9

    I wish there was a USA release of it. I'm thinking about buying a second DVD player just so I can watch it and The Professionals.
  8. That's the one I'm on! I wanted to get hardcopies, but unfortunately almost none made it over here, so they're a fair bit pricey to get to the USA. I expect I'll hunt them down in 2019. Always. My pleasure. I think I first saw it over here, and it's probably my favourite "technique" (I don't recall where I learned about the clear orange/yellow trick, but it REALLY sexes up wooden propellors). My most commonly-used technique, however, is installing a part wrong side 'round and hastily reversing it while leaving gluey fingerprints everywhere.
  9. Film help

    They do -- Shout! Factory bought the rights as part of their DVD releases of MST3K episodes, and that's one of their official channels.
  10. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    Ah, the ol' pilot dissolver.
  11. Good evening, chaps! (And others, if others there be.) I had a lovely and very spontaneous date with Mrs P this evening -- we left the kids with my parents, who of course did not charge us for babysitting, but we paid in other ways: when I picked him up, Winston informed me he had "ice cream and pizza and pop and bein' crazy" -- which is probably one of the few things, along with reading, finer than modelling. I did manage to sneak some modelling in. (Also some reading, earlier: for my own amusement I'm reading my way through the Kindle versions of Arthur Bryant's WWII-era trilogy on the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars -- he was, curiously enough, a favourite historian of Churchill, Attlee, Harold Wilson, and Michael Foot, though not of Andrew Roberts -- mostly to get the sense of it as a period document, rather than for a ton of new information on the era...though I welcome book recommendations.) Anyway, the Wellington! It's still mostly just f...affing about right now. I did some more work on the cockpit: And some bits I'm pretty sure were wooden: I should have used Clear Yellow over the oil paints vice Clear Orange, I think this made the wood look too red. I also painted what I assume are spare oxygen bottles, using AK XXXXXXXXXTreeeeeme Metal and a black enamel wash. My understanding is that they'd be silver at this stage of the war, but if anyone knows what colour all the little bits should be (including the case holding them), I'm all ears.
  12. The Japanese take quite a pasting for the almost unbelievable levels of flammability they found acceptable in large bombers and transport aircraft, but it must be said, they yielded to pretty much no one when it came to defensive armament. The tail gunner on the EMILY was lucky; on a BETTY, the waist gunners had to manually position their cannon and brace it against their shoulders. Ow.
  13. What have you purchased 9

    America began its Black Friday Black Mass to consumer culture this evening, and so, fortified by a discount, I ordered the Airfix Victor, an Airfix Lancaster, some paint masks for the latter, and decals for the delightful Nick the Nazi Neutralizer of 463 Squadron RAAF.
  14. Film help

    To each their own, I suppose, but the gratuitous insult directed at my -- exquisite, I think you'll find -- mind does not go unnoticed.
  15. Sorry Buffers. For cockpit detailing, my rule of thumb is: don't. But reasonable men may differ. I was going to say, and here I thought Ced, and his life, couldn't get any more fun and interesting. But here we are.