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  1. Tonight Mrs P informed me she was warming to Edgar Roosevelt as first and middle.
  2. I don't think of it as a coincidence at all, Stew. It's just one of those ineluctable facts of the universe.
  3. I'm partial to classical names for girls, mostly because I had an all-consuming crush on a woman named Psyche in college.
  4. That's the Canadian healthcare system.
  5. Haven't you heard? America's plan for healthcare is to fill hospitals with rapid wolves, because it's ever so much cheaper. "Since you're home, could you weedeat?"
  6. SICK AGAIN. Jesus Christ, don't have kids, fellas.
  7. As soon as they set up a republic, they got straight to work figuring out how to set up dynasties again. Senseless. One more reason the Revolutionary War was a mistake.
  8. It looks absurd, and you know it. I actually did call myself Edward [Blank] II when I was a pretentious little teenager with delusions of grandeur, because I'm named after my grandfather, but it's not a true II situation, because my parents couldn't spell his middle name, Aloysisus.
  9. Good idea, Jess! I have to go and rent a musical. There's a sentence I never thought I'd see myself utter. Fatherhood changes a fellow.
  10. Yeah, Yeager comes off as extremely unlikable, sad to say. Mrs. P has locked onto Oliver. Nothing I can do about it.
  11. Ha, I'm not quite that big of a gun (but I'll be getting myself one of those, don't you worry)! Some things to make a very nice and accurate RWD 8, including a set of rare decals.
  12. Thanks, chaps. I'm trying. I did just receive a lovely parcel from @GrzeM and the chaps at Arma-Hobby, however, so I really need to start on that.
  13. Yeah, I'm a parent, and I'd be an awful one if I thought my kid needed to hear the casual use of a racial slur in a movie to learn it was wrong. Ah yes, the "other people are doing it, so why can't I have a little fun?" argument. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: not everyone who's offended by the word uses it. As I've said, the USA has a long and bloody history with the word. Maybe it's not possible to really drive home the force it hits with to someone who lives in a country where slavery was simply voted out of legality, and that until the 1950s, had fewer than a million non-white people residing there. The USA has a very different history with ethnic minorities, and like it or not, that's colored the national perception of the word. It's like me wearing orange on St Patrick's Day here; it means absolutely nothing, even in Chicago, one of the most Irish-Catholic cities in America; there are parts of Londonderry where it'd be an incredibly different proposition. Using the dog's name would change irrevocably what the movie was about to American audiences -- and in other countries too. Do you really want the story around Dambusters to be that the British Empire was a bunch of casually racist bullies, or would you prefer people focused on the gallant aircrew of 617 Squadron's heroism? I think you'll find that most popular musicians since the Rolling Stones or so have from time-to-time used words in songs that, spoken to a stranger, might end in fisticuffs. The use of the word in rap songs is actually pretty hotly debated in this country; there's far from across the board approval of it. There are things one Irishman may call another that if spoken by an Englishman could cause offence as well.
  14. Well, you should kill him, instead of sweeping murder under the carpet, or your children will never understand it's a wicked thing to do, and bang, murders everywhere.