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  1. Alclad Primer on. 20170119_003623 by Edward IX, on Flickr It's near the end of the bottle, and it came out a bit thick at first, so I thinned it with Gunze Self-Leveling thinner, which is in fact a magic potion from before the time of man, probably. In any case, the undersides look a bit gritty as a result and will need smoothing. Also, it looks like I missed one seam: 20170119_003630 by Edward IX, on Flickr Arrrgh! Well, 66% isn't terrible, as I always told my parents when report cards were handed out. So a bit of tidying up to do. Anyway, I've fallen down a Proustian memory hole, as I often do, and so I'm going to sort of aimlessly stew in self-loathing until sleep claims me. I work from home tomorrow morning, then spend the afternoon with Winston, might get some more done then. We'll see!
  2. I took a little time out this evening to play IL-2 in my custom-skinned Spitfire. Oh yeah. Still got it.
  3. I've been wracking my brain to figure that out myself! My thought, since I have six XVIs, is to use the spare blanking stub tips on some E-wing 0.50 barrels left over from IXc builds. Haven't looked into it closely, though.
  4. Here's the current progress. Looks like the cannons and the blanking stubs will need some cleaning up before I can spray. I'm unsure why the stub tips are separate parts, but it's a little unwieldy and they're easy to lose. 2017-01-18_07-51-40 by Edward IX, on Flickr
  5. Since it means "man-eating tyrant", I think it comes with hoi polloi.
  6. I don't see why people who like making life harder for themselves shouldn't be granted their wish beyond their wildest dreams.
  7. Oh, I had to copy/paste -- I read the translation and quite liked it, but went with the original to class up the ol' sig line.
  8. Is that a Jaguar or whatever they called those weird little HOT missile carriers?
  9. Are some of those Ceylon-based machines? If so, I'll gave to grab it!
  10. Sorry to disappoint you, gentlemen. I had a friend in from out of town today, so not much got done, just finished masking the canopies and sprayed the interior green over them. That's pretty much it as it stands. Need to clean up the undersides a bit, then primer. Also. Also. Also! I think I found my D-Day stripe masking tape. 3M's 06525 1/4" Precision Masking Tape. Mine arrived today. It feels like Tamiya tape, if slightly tackier. A quick adhesion test on a completed model did no damage to the paintwork and failed to lift a (sealed-in) decal. It is very slightly wider than 6mm Tamiya tape, so I'm 99% certain it really is the 6.35mm 1/4" should be. I'm very excited.
  11. Mrs. P has strict instructions to scatter my ashes in the English Channel, though she sometimes threatens to keep them for herself and save on airfare in the bargain.
  12. And Indian Ocean Raid decal options.
  13. This is incredibly cool! Always been fascinated by the N3 and G3 designs.