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  1. From Failure to Failure

    One of Mrs P's birds died today*, and so all life in our home came to a halt; coupled with the fact that her idiot mother spent all day yammering about the "special bond mothers have with their daughters**", Mrs P is now sad we don't have any girls and obsessing over our paltry two children with their totally wrong genitals. Today hasn't been great. * Five to go. ** Mrs P once threw an iPhone at her mother's head while her mother was driving because her mother decided the GPS was lying and they weren't really going to Ohio.*** I was there, trapped in a tiny glass and steel prison with these other two demented inmates. *** Mrs P's mother frequently argues with GPS systems. She is always wrong. She also insists on driving if she's in the car, presumably because she has latent homicidal tendencies. She is the second worst driver I know, after my sister who is legally blind in one eye and extremely frightened by parallel parking. While I'm on a roll, she's terrible at washing dishes, as bad as Winston, who's two, and I have to go back and rewash everything she's washed when she "helps".
  2. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    The louvres are worth 1.5 on their own, really? 15% of the total score?
  3. From Failure to Failure

    Mrs P's mother is like her, but more so, and without seven years of painstakingly applied passive aggressiveness on my part to tone down some of her less desirable traits. Strictly speaking, I used 3M poster putty, which is what's sold in these parts.
  4. From Failure to Failure

    I'm the sort of workman who prefers to blame his tools, but I'll give this a watch and try not to be lulled into slumber by Dr Budzik's sonorous voice.
  5. From Failure to Failure

    We got the kids down early this evening, and Mrs P and her mother watched something about the FBI and serial killers in the late 1970s-early 1980s on Netflix (I swing in to dazzle them with my knowledge of contemporary serial killers, music, and historical trends, but was met with an insultingly indifferent reception), so I puttered on down to the grotto to get a little something done. First I masked the Bisley with blue-tac and tape, then sprayed some Dark Earth (had I been more efficient, this would have been done at the same time as spraying the Blenheim I's base coat, but you know, I've got a lot going on). 20180219_221816 by Edward IX, on Flickr Then the best or second-best part of modelling, eagerly pulling away the masking to see how badly we've done: 20180219_222429 by Edward IX, on Flickr Not too shabby! Some slight paint creep, however. 20180219_222442 by Edward IX, on Flickr I did some preliminary repair work with Gamsol, which is an odorless enamel thinner over here that one can buy at craft stores. 2018-02-19_11-23-55 by Edward IX, on Flickr Further correction will have to wait until we unmask the clear parts, as this will be remasked for the gloss coat and dull coat, because I'm not a complete idiot. Next I masked the Blenheim using a commercially-available camo masking set, from AML, I think. 20180219_225456 by Edward IX, on Flickr And sprayed the Dark Green: 20180219_231159 by Edward IX, on Flickr Perils of overpolishing the primer coat to a high sheen: 20180219_231146 by Edward IX, on Flickr Some paint lifted with the mask. Should be a reasonably easy fix. Wow, that seems like not too much accomplished for about two hours and fifteen minutes work, geeze. Anyway, back into the office tomorrow, sigh. EDIT: Oh yeah, I was going to say, I prefer using the blu-tac and tape, I think, it tends to leave less in the way of ridges at the edges of the masking. Carry on.
  6. Bf109K-14. Two were delivered, so of course it needs a model.
  7. Most memorable film scenes..

    Ah, but my favourite scene in the movie has to be Theodore Roosevelt angrily snarling "clearly he has no respect for HUMAN LIFE!" and punching his sparring partner out cold.
  8. From Failure to Failure

    I think the Grinding Challenge is one of those things that happened at the college parties I wasn't invited to attend.
  9. From Failure to Failure

    It's really almost criminal how much MPM got away with on the kit, but I'm choosing to be an optimist for the first and only time in my life and take it as am indicator of how lucky I am to have re-entered the hobby in 2011, rather than even a few years earlier, when this would have been the pinnacle of limited run kits available to me. That said, I'm really looking forward to the Arma Hobby Fokker E.V next, which looks like a much easier build. In any case, Mrs P has returned from Michigan with our progeny and (gulp) the mother-in-law. Tonight Winston informed me he didn't want to wear his pajama shirt, because there was a ghost in it. He then tried the same trick for his diaper, and it was then I learned that Mrs P had succeeded so well in potty training him during his weeklong sojourn than he now regards having to wear a diaper as a monstrous insult and a crushing humiliation. (He also apparently likes to "joke" about pooping in his pants to Mrs P, because he's a little boy. Ho-ho-ho.) Grant is much the same, still a boring, laid-back baby, but shows alarming signs of crawling soon. Anyway, after getting them all bustled off to bed, I crept down to the grotto around 11ish and did a little work, mostly masking undersurfaces, but then I figured what the hell, and sprayed the first upper surface colour. 2018-02-19_12-16-51 by Edward IX, on Flickr Technically I should still be faffing about with the turrets but they frustrate me a bit (and I think I might need to order some brass .303 barrels for the Bisley, god help me), and since they'll go on last ANYway, I figured why not do something that would look like substantive progress?
  10. Well well, what's my old friend Stew Dapple up t--[bites stem off pipe] God's teeth, man! This isn't 1/72!
  11. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    That's as may be, but in general, it's quite useful for finding reviews of kits or information on their provenance.
  12. Why were Ju-88 gunners so good?

    Well, over Malta, the Ju88s would be able to keep a close formation while heavily escorted by many fighters, meaning that attacks against them would have to be set up and executed rapidly, with little time for maneuvers to limit return fire. When the odds weren't heavily in their favour, they didn't perform nearly as well; I./ZG1 lost four Ju88C-6 without inflicting any losses to the Spitfires of 222 and 485 Squadrons over Normandy on D-Day.
  13. An advantage not to be underestimated.
  14. I used blu-tac and Tamiya tape to mask the camo, which worked surprisingly well for me.