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  1. It's gonna be a busy 2019.
  2. Nope, it was an attempt to win a Belgian order for a fighter to replace their Fairey Firefly IIs (the biplane single-seater one), but the specification changed after it was built. Two of the four built may have participated in the Spanish Civil War after having been bought by the Russians.
  3. Thanks, Troy. I have the C&M collection, but it's in storage right now, so this is a help. I see the tailplanes were silver after all. Oh well.
  4. I'm not a praying guy myself, but I know for a fact my aunt would appreciate it.
  5. On Friday night, my uncle had a heart attack while driving around the block after dropping my aunt off at an art gallery. He crashed into a parked car and went off the road. Nobody found him for some time. He lives in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a rural vacation town, and had to be airlifted to a hospital -- a more common event in the UK than here -- and has remained intubated ever since. There is, we are assured, almost no chance of him waking up, and even less of him waking up with his mind intact. He's 68, which suddenly doesn't seem very old at all. The last I heard was that it had been recommended that they turn off life support and just let things happen. We weren't particularly close, but that doesn't make it less sad. Last year my aunt died of cancer, so this will be the second of my father's siblings to pass on in as many years. Strange days.
  6. I look like I've eaten all the pie. Mind you, I wouldn't have been able to be any happier even if I had.
  7. I mean, if you needed an Airfix fuselage to splice in, a Caring Friend could perhaps come to your aid. Has your mailing address changed?
  8. Cedric!
  9. Oh no, it should be fine!
  10. Academic book?
  11. "Why can't we get more young people into the hobby?" Maybe because when they show up, we're relentlessly hostile to them. In any case, my best is probably either the excellent 1/72 Hasegawa Beaufighter or the 1/72 Eduard Hellcat. My worst...probably either Roden's 1/72 Fokker D.VII or Sword's 1/72 P-40K/Kittyhawk III.
  12. I think he looks a little more like another rather famous ace reporter:
  13. I should clarify that this isn't my first rodeo (though it's my first in probably three years), and I've rigged before (I use EZ-line, the Uschi stuff is too fine for me); I use Greenshirt's method, pretty much. The real trick is figuring out the Gauntlet's rigging without a diagram and getting everything in position without a purpose-built jig. Ones I did earlier: Nieuport 17 by Edward IX, on Flickr And since a Nieuport is the easiest biplane to rig (after a a Fokker D.VII, which as tooled by Roden is so horrible that you have to be an advanced modeller anyway), I also did an S.E. 5a. (Incidentally, if anyone has the Pheon 1/72 SE5a sheet, I'd love to take another crack at Taffy Jones's machine -- maybe we can work something out? S.E. 5a by Edward IX, on Flickr