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  1. The new Airfix 1/72 Spitfire I kits have them on the decal sheet. They are tiny. It's not helped as the gun openings on the Spit, as modelled by Airfix, are on the tip of the curve of the leading edge. To get decals that tiny to conform to that tight a curve in that scale requires them to do a lot of heavy lifting. I gave up despite using a lot of decal solvent and got out the marker pen sacrificing crispness for having at least a representation of the patches that could be seen.
  2. Well this is well timed! After nigh on 50 years modelling did my first aerial wire today, yay. It was on an Airfix 1/72 Hurricane I and I had the same trepidation for the same reason as you. I also used Uschi thread. First tip, use 'Fine' for 1/72 not 'Super Fine' as, for me, the latter is almost invisible and difficult to work with. Second, I struggle with liquid superglue so always use gel ( in this case Gorilla Glue) which is much easier to control. Technique was to hold glue tube vertically and bring aerial pole of the model down to the tip of the tube so the tiniest drop was attached, stretch the line across and with a micro brush put hardener on it. It's then fixed solid and will take a bit of rough handling. At the other end do the same ie tiny drop, stretched line across and hardener. Trim both ends with sharp knife and voila! I found that for the insulators tiny drops of superglue gel on the line work well. I was well pleased with the result this afternoon, whether it holds together only time will tell.
  3. Now this is why Britmodeler is such a great site with loads of interesting and useful contributions notwithstanding that my original post was just venting frustration at the capriciousness of the modelling gods. Thanks one and all and I will certainly take a look at the old thumper thread. I looked at the nacelles this am and of course as I had put turbo charged polystyrene cement to try and force them to stay together now they wont come apart. So I'll keep a lookout for one going cheap to have another go.... I did look at the superhobby site where kit instructions are set out and the Tamiya undercarraige seemed from them to be an easier fit. Apparently not. Thanks to Vulcanicity for the heads up. Finally, in contrast to my tale of woe and the Mosquito, in case anyone thinks I'm a grump, I should just say the kit I had finished immediately beforehand was the 1950's vintage Airfix Typhoon and that was a blast! No cockpit and everything that hung off it was poor eg prop, bombs, undercarraige etc but it was quick, easy, no rivets and most importantly looks the part even OOB (Well I did cheat on the bombs and used the ones from the brand new kit....and its decals....but aside from that definitely OOB).
  4. Thanks to all for your interest and suggestions. The red mist has cleared somewhat and you are prob right that its user error tho as I said another reviewer had the same problem/error. I cant bear to look today but shall retrieve from the bin tomorrow to see if anything can be salvaged. I was aware of the Hasagawa as I nearly bought it when there was only 1 left on Hannants website but I had a sudden attack of sensibleness and let it go. Ill be lucky to find a Paragon set nowadays and so may well wait for the Blackbird set.
  5. I'm talking 1/72 and kit #03019. I'm trying to make a start at clearing the stash and this kit came up on the production line. Straightforward I thought. 1970's Airfix. Accurate outline, fit a bit mediocre but nothing a bit of filler can't sort out. Cursory look at reviews on this site and others flagged up the undercarraige was a bit fiddly, the guns fragile and, aside from 1 review, no other issues came up. So we start: Cockpit rudimentary but otherwise as expected. Sure enough, 1 gun barrel disappeared so Mastercast replacement ordered from the big H. Surprised to find a Mk.XVIII is an option but then looked at the gun Airfix provide and it bears little resemblance to any gun I've ever seen. Resolve to leave til end and maybe see if Mastercast have a replacement. In the meantime fuselage & wings glued, puttied and sanded. Paint goes on. Rudimentary decals put on and glossed over and we're ready for the nacelles with the fiddly undercarraige. Well its not fiddly, its impossible. You cannot build this kit OOB. To get that undercarraige done you have to butcher the nacelles to allow the struts to fit and the cross struts to be applied. Add to that said struts are very small and fragile and before long no matter how careful I tried to be they snapped. I knew that trying to model it with gear up, kits from this era required a lot of filler so thinking that I wouldn't really see it when on display, superglue was deployed and the assembly was left overnight. Starting this morning I put the nacelles up to the wing for attachment. Plenty of serious polystyrene glue applied. Neither would fit, not even close. Huge gaps between wing and nacelle wall. Even then a bit (well a lot) of filling and sanding and all would be well I thought but I still couldn't get the nacelle to line up properly. Took a closer look. One of the nacelles is dimensionally different to the other. Its shorter at the wing attachment such that it looks to be the same nacelle but a different scale! The nacelles themselves are full of oversize rivets and are so poor that I wonder whether a different moulder was given the job who was barely on talking terms with accuracy, competence and scale affinity let alone the rest of the team responsible for the kit. Even the instruction sheet when it came to the nacelles had the part numbers wrong. I said at the top that this is unbuildable. Its not but it does require a lot more work than I am prepared to give it. Life's too short and if I have an urge to build a Mosquito I'll buy a Tamiya. This is the first kit for a veeeeery long time I've ditched without completing and I am so cross that I needed to rant! So apologies to all but I'm glad I got that off my chest
  6. Hello everybody. I've been an a/c modeller since the '60's when Dad took me to Woolworths and bought an Airfix Swordfish and Me.110. The magic of turning the box contents into an accurate depiction of the real thing (at age 8) has never left me. I ,in due course, discovered paint and wow, just wow... Uni and career, children and mortgages then intervened but now retired I'm back on board ready to make up for lost time! I've been a lurker for many years and have been awed by the standards on display and the advise given so many. thanks to one and all. Have now acquired my man shed and can make a start on the literally hundreds of kits in the pile. My efforts are standard amateur I'm afraid so the finished kits would not last a minute in a competition but I enjoy making them (tho see later) and so what the hell. In due course I hope to participate a bit more actively with WIP and RFI articles but give me time to get that together with cameras, backgrounds et al. So why put my head above the parapet now? Well, I've just been stopped in my tracks by what I consider to be an unbuildable kit for the first time that I can remember and I need to rant!!! So apologies in advance and hopefully I'll be in a better and more constructive mode next time I log on.
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