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  1. Got mine today from the Big H. woo..hooo! I decided to go all in and got the Eduard interior set as well. I had just started the Brengun Typhoon when the parcel arrived. Saved by the bell I think as after only 24 hours I'd decided the Brengun was a crock of you know what. Beguiled by its looks I started full of confidence ....to find nothing fits. I also then found @Procopius review, too late. So that's now in the (very) slow lane. Being a modeller of little brain I'm also toying with doing a double, compare and contrast, build with the Special Hobby Beaufort. I t
  2. FWIW and because Im at a bit of a loose end this pm, my experience from kits made of mainstream manufacturers is: 1. Premier League. Depending on model, new Airfix, Revell, Arma Hobby, Eduard 2. Championship. Fujimi Not quite as much detail and details are a tad soft. Fine Molds. As Fujimi but more so. Trumpeter. On their day as good as any but early kits can be disappointing. Hasegawa, V reliant on their back catalogue but when they do issue a new kit its generally superb if expensive. Laurel resting. ESCI. Some really good kits which when repacked in Italeri b
  3. ...and with the right number of underwing pylons (says somebody who's grumpy that he bought the Revell version rather than this )
  4. Thank you. The colours were Colourcoats for the prop and a 50:50 mix of Humbrol Dull Aluminium and copper for the exhausts with some black pastel(very) lightly brushed over. Photos seem to show they were quite bright.
  5. 1/72 Hasegawa A6M5c Type 52 Hei 1993 tool. 2002 rebox #289 '303 Fighter Squadron' I started this as a WIP but rapidly came to the conclusion my ambitions outran my abilities. So I lowered my sights and consequently here is the RFI. My thoughts: 1. Box and contents shown below. It's a typical 3rd generation Hasegawa with excellent mouldings and surface detail. The cockpit is as basic as Hasegawa does with no sidewall detail and, surprisingly, no gun sight. Instruments are decals. Fit was generally OK but there was a mismatch between the wing and fuselag
  6. You may have noticed that there have been a number of threads recently about the Swift, specifically the Airfix 1/72 version. Some have compared it to its contemporary the Hawker Hunter. It occurred to me that I have made kits of both in the past few weeks so, as a bit of fun, I've posed them together by way of comparison (and it comes as a surprise to me to see just how big the Swift was...or was it just further away?) Anyhoo, here are the pictures and you will see from the hashtag that I intend this to be the first of a series as I have other comparisons
  7. For the sake of completeness I also attach box top and contents
  8. Returning to the Japanese section of the stash I give you the, Hasegawa 1/72 Mitsubishi J2M3 'Raiden' #690 - '302nd Flying Group' From Scalemates, it's a 2004 rebox of a 1977 mould (and the only boxing without the lightning bolts painted on the fuselage (doh!)) Eduard etch and harness, Uschi thread, Colorcoats enamels and Tamiya Weathering Powders used The etch was a trial and the limits of my abilities became clear when trying to fix the canopy handles. I also didn't read the instructions when they said to cut away the undercarriage
  9. From an aircraft with its problems both in real life and in kit form, the Supermarine Swift, to its much more successful contemporary both as an aircraft and a kit, the Hawker Hunter. 1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9 #4168 According to Scalemates a 2008 rebox of a 2006 Mould OOB save for a Master pitot. Homemade harness from Tamiya tape and ejection seat pull cords from wire. Colours from Xtracrylix (Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey and Light Aircraft Grey) Comments. 1. Well known and well reviewed. I can see why. Nic
  10. I would leave that box where it is. Not because the kit is badly engineered (it is imho) or the subject (which is a bit niche) but because its just not an enjoyable build and that's what we do it for, right? When you look at the reviews from a wide selection of modellers all had problems, which were overcome, some more successfully than others. This so nearly went into the bin so many times but a combination of stubbornness and stinginess at not wanting the expense wasted saved it.
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