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  1. Excellent, both of them. May I suggest for aerials the bristles of a clothes/hair brush. They come in different widths. Cut, glue, done. A 2 min job. i was surprised how effective they look.
  2. I think thats an excellent job. Can I ask, what was the new mottling technique you were trying out?
  3. So do I and, despite appearances, it is finished with Humbrol Satin varnish as I also dont like a matte finish unless there is photographic evidence for it. Western Desert aircraft are often matte but most other theatres show a sheen. The only gloss are the prop blades and thats only because, in the rush to finish, I forgot to do it. Easily sorted if I can be bothered.
  4. Thank you Thank you though I have to say these photos are the exception to the rule that says they exaggerate faults; these photos flatter the model. Nevertheless the exhaust staining is not really shown accurately, in real life it is much more pronounced
  5. Indeed but some need a lot more work than others. This builds nicely from the box, others...don't. To get this one to near modern standards requiring a complete rescribe and a scratch built interior would be weeks of work for an expert, though in my case months! Thank you.
  6. My mojo for things japanese was flagging so halfway thru a kit (yet to appear here) I saw this one on the shelf in the man cave and thought why not? This is the 2nd moulding of the 1/72 Airfix Lancaster. The mould itself dates from 1979 with this particular kit a 1983 boxing. Built OOB, it was excellent for its time, accurate, good fit and easy to build, but nowadays we would criticise its lack of internal detail, an almost complete lack of panel lines, and a lack of finesse and sharpness with some of the parts being obvious and not very good approximations of the real thing. Having
  7. Stunning. The hours spent on that camo can only be guessed at and the patience.... You know you're in the presence of an expert modeller when close up photos show zero flaws. Well done.
  8. I am doing the same kit right now. My only other thought to what has been said is that there is a complete lack of panel lines. If I had the skill, patience and resources I would do a complete scribe before starting. Also 1. Seeing the state of the kit decals I used a Techmod set for 300 Sqn which, aside from the red being too bright which seems to be a common fault with this company, went on well. 2. I left off the upper turret thinking I could, with some fettling, get it to fit after painting. That has not gone well! Still in the process of sorting that out. 3. I was about to
  9. Stunning. The amount of hours that must have gone into that.
  10. Just discovered Fantasy Printshop do the USAF numbers so no excuse not to do mine now
  11. Great minds etc. I was just about to start mine. I'm so glad you did yours first and give the warnings re fit, decals etc. I think I've found sources for what I need except for USAF red letters and number decals. Anyone know of who does one. I cant find a relevant sheet. So the choices seem to be: 1. Use a black/grey/white sheet and overpaint. 2. Use RAF letters/numbers which of course have a different red and font but not so different that you would notice at first glance. 3. Make own using Amarillo font. Never done it before so maybe its only the cost of a sheet of d
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