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  1. I had resisted the temptation to mention the East Fortune example, since it is a matter of regret that I cannot meet up with the guys this time round. However it is very much in “in service” condition I believe and I’ve never had to queue to get on board!
  2. He was vital, as were all the other Erks and ground staff, and its splendid that you are celebrating him.
  3. Sorry I won't be able to join you chaps. Having had the pleasure of meeting both Ced and PC I can assure any doubters they are thoroughly entertaining company and decent fellows. Have a truly splendid time.
  4. Well she is a daughter of Wessex, as am I a son thereof. However Mrs 06/24 would look askance on any thoughts of dalliance, plus I haven't aged all that well...
  5. Polly Jean turned 50 last week. As do I in rather less than four weeks. Fugit irreparabile tempus.
  6. These being the ones? http://www.coastalkits.co.uk/newstore/large-ground-blur-display-bases.html Not sure they're big enough but they might do a commission piece?
  7. Bravo lad, happy two days late birthday and bravo Dad too.
  8. A like just isn't enough. Truly superb.
  9. More exemplary work, bravo sir.
  10. You're right, in that the ISO specs don't spec ribs, but I've never found a 22 rib example yet. There are a couple of resin kits, from Minuteman Factory and Accurate Armour, but so far the price has put me off but I may get one (or both!) to compare. The Minuteman example apparently comes with decals, which is good, as I haven't found much out there.
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