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  1. So, proof, not that any were needed, that you are a great parent. Winston needs to know that you are sad. And the self denial of the fruit shows he knows he did wrong. And opening the door shows he trusts you and knows that you love him. At least that’s my amateur psychology tuppence (like two cents only worth less these days!) worth.
  2. That made me splutter red wine in amusement, sorry PC old chum.
  3. It just gets better and better.
  4. Echo what Beefy said , looking great
  5. Even by your high standards Edward, that is an exemplary introduction. A brave, doomed young life, and it is right we remember her. Following with rapt, respectful attention.
  6. I had resisted the temptation to mention the East Fortune example, since it is a matter of regret that I cannot meet up with the guys this time round. However it is very much in “in service” condition I believe and I’ve never had to queue to get on board!
  7. He was vital, as were all the other Erks and ground staff, and its splendid that you are celebrating him.
  8. Sorry I won't be able to join you chaps. Having had the pleasure of meeting both Ced and PC I can assure any doubters they are thoroughly entertaining company and decent fellows. Have a truly splendid time.
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