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  1. Weird but fascinating
  2. None of my business, but if you wish to vent you have my contact details off forum.
  3. Apologies for lack of progress. Busy at work (flying to Warsaw tonight for the week) and a general loss of mojo I'm afraid.
  4. Rum appears to be my weapon of choice ce soir, with old episodes of Tales of the Gold Monkey...
  5. I think the Italeri kit comes with the small intakes (at least mine did) as I used them on “Ambulance Plane No.1” (there seem to be at least three different types, small, tropical filter, and the much larger one used on the uprated versions)
  6. Now this is nice. Mrs P starts your birthday early with dinner, and now we all keep wishing you well. This may get old by Friday, but 36 is no age (says the man approaching his half century) and getting old always beats the alternative!
  7. It's a tail sitter and the landing gear is ridiculously over length: Untitled by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Wasn't in the right frame of mind to paint tonight.
  8. So current, unscientific, balance it on a round thing in line with the main wheels suggested that all may not yet be lost, wheels down may yet work. I can always glue it to a base! (I think I'll give this one as a gift to the person who lent me the Eric Brown book...)
  9. Then call me tasteless, for handsome though the Sea Fury is, nothing can compete with the clean beauty of early mark Spitfires in my mind. This model, on the other hand is an exquisite jewel of a thing.
  10. On dear. No weight added. [Whistles] there may be trouble ahead... Was planning to do this wheels down, but Anilization awaits it that doesn't work. Thought I would finish it as one of the ones the Brits captured, hence the aftermarket set.
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