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  1. Loving the vibes in here. Excellent stuff all around!
  2. Lol still waiting for the 3rd set of clear parts to arrive However now that the weather here has turned.. I will soon be starting a build in the armour section. Should be exciting as I have zero experience with that sub genre.
  3. Just popping in to mention that my replacement clear parts came in but they were also broken during transit. Lucky models is sending another set of replacements.
  4. It took an unscheduled test flight last night at the hands of my brothers children . Antenna is broken and exhuast missing, hopefully, I can get it back together and RFIed
  5. Looking good so far! I love your WIP's and glad you made one, learning and positive vibes mixed together
  6. glad to see you check in, I have been hoping all is well over there, but didn’t want to bother you. I don’t know a single thing about Warhammer but those look very nice, love the gold.
  7. Thanks for the kind words Opus! It probably did not need filler @ the wing root but I am really learning as I go here. Overall the kit went together extremely well in comparison to the Airfix 1/72 Lanc i abandoned.. And on that note my Uncle just sent me these pictures! They show a map that my Grandfather used to plot his 33 sorties. I need to get over there ASAP and take a bunch of closeup photo's so I can really study this little piece of history!
  8. Thank you! Oh and I just picked up a MAC valve
  9. Just got home and couldn’t resist seeing how the Spit would look on the base, even though I will not use it for this project.
  10. Was just adding the static grass as you wrote this, thanks for the info! My fear was correct haha. Anyways its very fun to work on so I guess ill just save it for a future build. I think I might try your idea next, with some static grass and a printed background.
  11. Ah thank you and glad u enjoyed the WIP! My local shop is Panther Hobbies, Sunward is a similar distance and a nice backup option, I have not made it to Wheels n Wings yet but its on the list. On another note, i just found a sculpture supply shop around the corner from my shop, its fully stocked with Iwata products and is where i picked up the compressor. The Lancaster is calling me, just worried I cannot do her justice yet.
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