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  1. For brushpainting? MRP is a lacquer pre-thinned for airbrushing, as far as I know.
  2. For brushpainting, you may have good luck with Lifecolor's RLM76, which is pretty easy to find here in the USAl I haven't brushpainted that colour specifically, but I've had decent luck with their others. I personally never had great success trying to mottle without an airbrush, but I was the closest to being happy when I used small sponges to dab the model. My favourite RLM76s are Colourcoats enamel RLM76 (H&B Hobbies in the USA carries it) and AK's Real RLM76 series (they have a few, for different formulations observed in nature, as it were). Both of these lines are easier to airbrush with than to paint by hand, however. I have complete faith in Colourcoats' scrupulous colour accuracy, and have met the owner, who was very handsome, which is neither here nor there but surely counts for something. Are you limited by where you are or finances when it comes to an airbrush? There are some cheap ones that can be perfectly cromulent for a little light mottling.
  3. Thank you so much! This certainly looks to be his grave.
  4. Aces High only vaguely mentions he was "believed" to have died some time before publication, and that he'd worked as an airline pilot; he was clearly alive in the 1970s, when J F Edwards's biography was written, as he was able to somewhat belatedly confirm Edwards as the pilot who shot down the German pilot who'd shot Conrad himself down in 1942. I cannot turn up an obituary or mention of a death date via google or in any of the books I have with a functioning index. Does anyone know when this pilot passed away?
  5. I've wondered if it might not be a continuation of one of their other series of models, i.e. a Martlet I or G-36A, or a Hurricane IV or IID, or something like that. I'm still hoping they do a Spitfire Vb or I, though.
  6. I keep meaning to comment on this thread, but keep getting distracted by my stupid job or my horrid children, always needing to be fed or whatever. You're doing a great job on an amazingly disappointing kit. I love the Spitfire and Seafire, and so I was incredibly excited when Special Hobby came out with their late-wing Spitfire/Seafire kits, and even more disappointed when I tried to build them. Dimensionally inaccurate, the wings are the wrong shape, and they're also kind of a pain to build! Even Academy's Spitfire XIV-on-doughnuts is at least a nice easy build. This is one that really tests a lot of those "basic modelling skills" that I struggle with, and I ultimately gave it up in frustration, which I never (well, hardly ever) do, and used some of the nice detail parts to gussy up a CMR resin one.
  7. No worries, I freely admit to being a dolt, not to mention both harried and lazy as well.
  8. No, as is often my wont, I inverted the colours in my head when I went to spray them, possibly because Winston was there making things crash to the floor behind me, but more likely because that's just something I've always struggled with (I may also have gotten my RLM colours mixed up, as the kit and Exito both use a recent interpretation of RLM81/82, which would be Colourcoats RLM82/83, and my brain may have cut out during the mental gynmnastics of converting them). The Luftwaffe always appears to have used roughly the same pattern for 190Ds, sometimes substituting different dark or light colours "to taste".
  9. The keen-eyed observer will note, no doubt, that I simply adhered to the colours and scheme suggested by IBG, rather than Exito. The scheme suggested by Exito is more interesting, and I may attempt it in the future, but: 1, I had already painted the scheme by the time I was aware Exito's interpretation differed substantially 2. The assertion that the power egg was painted differently takes my breath away with its confidence, you might as well claim a large Clydesdale horse was hitched to it ahead of the firewall based on all the photographic evidence tells us 3. Whatever power egg other werknummers in the same batch had, they were being assembled piecemeal from subassemblies manufactured all over Germany
  10. Well, Crockett and Tubbs came through for me, but they didn't make a fellow half wait. The postal service attempted delivery for them yesterday, but for some inexplicable reason, I'm required to sign for anything from Poland or Hannants (they left two more IBG 190s from MJW on my porch last night without a fuss), and it's impossible to pre-sign for any packages, or to get the postal person to ring my doorbell so I can sign for them. (Though I did once manage to run them down, pink slip in hand, and get my package from them before they made good their escape). The package was surprisingly large. PXL_20220524_150748009 by Edward IX, on Flickr Apparently each marking option comes with a A4/9 x 11 or so sized-colour profile on cardstock, with the instructions on the reverse. Which is neat. Exito's decals are printed by Cartograph, and they're very thin, with almost no carrier film. I lost one of the fuselage balkenkreuz when the 9 for the opposite side chose to adhere to the crenellations of my thumbprint, rather than the model, and during my frantic efforts to dislodge it, I inadvertently destroyed the marking on the other side. I don't know if that happens to anyone else, but apparently my thumbprints are fertile ground for decal adhesion, a source of frequent frustration. Since the Exito balkenkreuz are subtly but definitely different from those on the kit decal sheet, I was forced by cruel necessity to steal decals from the portion of the sheet reserved for Fw 190A-8 Blue 9 of 4./JG 301, which may or may not cause grief for Future Me, that hapless poltroon. The spinner decal was unusually nice, I should note. PXL_20220524_155432065 by Edward IX, on Flickr So all but the underwing crosses are on now. Finally.
  11. Marvellous build of one of my absolute favourite biplane kits -- arguably one of the best kits in 1/72 Eduard has ever made.
  12. I've never had a pleasant experience trying to airbrush Humbrol, enamels or acrylics.
  13. Reading a history of the Luftwaffe from its inception to its collapse, Matthew Cooper's The German Air Force 1933-1945: An Anatomy of Failure right now. One of the Luftwaffe's most important officers, Walter Wever, died before the war in an air crash; two more, the WWI ace Ernst Udet, in charge of procurement, and the ardent Nazi wunderkind Hans Jeschonnek, chief of staff, died by suicide during the war; Göring the same, but afterwards. Incredibly, none of the senior officers who survived to be interviewed or write memoirs between the 1950s and 1970s made any of the bad decisions or mistakes, and always argued against them but were overruled. Amazing! What are the odds?
  14. Based on an extensive study of five or six images, I concluded the same. It looks like the area that actuates was left unpainted by North American, but presumably when it was repainted at the MU level this nicety was observed more in the breach.
  15. Well, the Barracuda stencils have arrived, and are quite a bit nicer than IBG's, as well as slightly more comprehensive. Wing walk stencils are on, then. Still waiting for the Exito decals to escape Miami, though. If only a pair of cops on the edge in neon-tinged business casual were on the case.
  16. There are few pleasures greater than watching someone else work while you yourself do nothing. And this kit is putting Ced to work.
  17. In my case, I assume their business model is something involving the ease with which people like me are parted from their money.
  18. I thought I was a hard man when I put PE vortex generators on a Valiant, but I see now I'm just a lightweight. Sabre looks stunning.
  19. Seriously! I often wonder how long it will be before shipping recovers from covid. It used to be a week to get stuff from the UK, and an interminable TWO WEEKS to get it from Poland. Coming up on three weeks for these decals now.
  20. I find blu-tac or rolled Tamiya tape works well for me, but your method looks classier. How did it turn out? Come on, get 'em off, let's see! (That has never worked before, but maybe this time...?)
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