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  1. Great model and really enjoyed the build article in Airfix Model World.
  2. Very nice, I had one of these hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom in the 1980s, under attack by a Matchbox Spitfire if I remember correctly!
  3. It's worth bearing in mind that Italeri have reissued the Fujimi FG.1 kit so its widely available in the UK again and for a reasonable price (albeit they also label it as an F-4M)...
  4. Fantastic idea - looks good in that scheme too. Which kit is it?
  5. This is lovely work. Thanks for sharing, it is going to look really very good indeed.
  6. I remember always wanting one of these as a child. Yours has turned out really well. Thanks for sharing
  7. The RAF definitely pulled off a PR coup with this. Just to make clear about the RAF winning the war (or the Battle of the Atlantic for that matter) I didn't mean to infer that I agreed with his argument just that including Coastal Command would have supported his point! And I was a soldier so feel that the army contributed just a little bit to eventual victory too....
  8. I guess that its difficult to cover an entire century of history covering two world wars and countless other conflicts (hot and cold) in only an hour. I thought they made a pretty good stab at it. I agree that more could have been made of the contribution of the non-aircrew elements, but my major observation was that more should have been made of the significant maritime patrol contribution made by the RAF over the years, especially during the Battle of the Atlantic. A lot could have been made of how science and operational analysis was used to help defeat the U Boats for instance, which wo
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