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I'd like a badge for shows so I can be identified as a Britmodeller

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We've had a few requests from various people (especially at shows) for a badge that members can use to tell folks who they are, so I've designed a new one to replace the old clunker we used to use. You can see a small example below, and download the full sized version here to either print out on paper or card, laminate, put in a badge holder, or just staple to your chest* if you're a :viking:




Download the full-size version here


Alternatively, I've found a company on eBay that print ID badges onto a credit-card sized (86mm x 54mm) plastic card at £2.95 delivered in the UK, which you can put in either a lanyard style holder, a clip-on plastic holder which both cost only a couple of quid, or again if you're a :viking: staple to your nipple*.




Clip-on holder

Staple gun*


You can personalise your badge before you send it off in Photoshop if you have it, or another paint package by adding your name in the boxes, then place your order, and email them your graphic to info@teeto.co.uk. Mine should be here early next week, so I'll let you know how that pans out & post a photo. 


* Clearly, I wouldn't really suggest you staple anything to yourself. That would be silly :)


If you're getting a vague feeling of deja vu all over again, that's because this is just an update of a re-post of an announcement I made a while ago. Thought it would be handy in here too. If you want to discuss it at all, the original thread can be found here.

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I thought I'd bounce this one up to the top again as it's getting closer to Telford, and some of you might want to think about having a Britmodeller badge to show your modelling pals who you are, allow us to point and laugh efficiently, or just to get your name out & about.  We've got a new design for the badge that matches the new look of the site, so help yourself :)


I'll update this thread again when my new badges arrive :frantic:

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A bit later than I'd have liked, but I've now had a moment to take a snap of the finished (staff) badge, so you can get an idea of the quality :)




I'm really pleased with the quality, and once Gedas at TEETO had the correct sized files, he let us have the badges pronto.  You can find his eBay shop here http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/teetocards or his website  www.teeto.co.uk to place your orders :)

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Ah those would be good for ID'ing BM'ers at shows. Unfortunately I don't get out enough to warrant one at the moment and the missus and kids already know who I am.

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Very nice Geoff - sorry, only just saw this :blush:


Not sure if I'm going at the moment, so I'll see you if I see you ;)

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