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    I strongly suspect that it is a reflection of a) the ignorance by the media of most things aeronautical b) sloppy writing on the part of the reporter/columnist doing the piece. c) lack of effort in any meaningful research, even looking the respective websites would have told them about ownership. A lot of the news media seem to rely on press releases as the perceived demand for 'instant' news has to be met. Also too many outlets are chasing too little money and they cannot afford specialists
  2. Mr T

    More Seafire/Spitfire Questions

    Re the filters. I do not think MarkVs were fitted with the AeroVee filter fitted to the VIII, IX and XVI. However, the Seafire III seems to have done. From mid 1944 the MarkV was being phased out of first line service in the UK and Burma and in the Middle East, Italy and the Balkans, Axis fighter numbers were in decline, so may have been less perceived need to replace the bulky Vokes filters
  3. Mr T

    Hurricane question.....

    They could easily be in silver as painting them could upset their balance and hence the handling of the aircraft. Apparently a thin coat of camouflage was permissable, but for a full finish then the aileron or elevator had to be re balanced which required removal from the aircraft. This eventually seemed to have happened.
  4. Mr T

    Feeling Lost

    Having suffered a close family loss recently my heart goes out to you. It opens a big hole in your life.
  5. Went out today as needed some odds and ends and to have a bit of space after a very emotional couple of weeks. Ended up in Halifax and bought a Special Hobby Sunderland MkV the new boxing of the Airfix Jet Provost. Complete set of decals for both options and so the Aldi JP can have a set.
  6. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. The funeral was this afternoon and a good turnout and a friend of hers piped her off. A lot of blurred vision.
  7. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Travelling yesterday up the A1for mum's funeral and there was a van towing a trailer with something from the late twenties-early thirties on the trailer. It was a chassis, engine and saloon bodywork, but unidentifiable. It looked from the condition if it just come out of a farm outbuilding, so there must be treasures still hiding somewhere.
  8. Mr T

    Phantom FGR.2 228 OCU 1970

    Yes, the weather was perfect. I am pretty sure it was around the longest day it went out. If I remember correctly it started with two 17 Sqn Phantoms over flying the BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham and then landing and film they took was unloaded and processed. The live fire demo was pretty impressive, especially the ripping sound made by the 20mm Vulcan pod on the 6 Sqn Phantoms. Must have another look at it.
  9. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Last time coming back from Scotland, a British Racing Green TR7 and yesterday a pre 1963 Moggie in grey and and a black Ford Prefect, a 1938-53 model
  10. Mr T

    Phantom FGR.2 228 OCU 1970

    Very nice Phantom in the RAF scheme they looked best in. The Skywatch programme was available on YouTube and I downloaded it as I remember it well, was made in 74 and was mostly live. It was filmed at Wittering and I think a certain Mr Adams was serving there at the time.
  11. Mr T

    RAF Colours - Vallejo Equivalents

    Some interesting comments that chime with my experience of Vallejo. The ModelAir Aluminium brushes very well and is now my usual for undercarriages and wheels etc. The Metallic range does brush, needs more coats, but is very fast drying. The White Aluminum through an airbrush is what I use for post war RAF Aluminum finishes (what is called 'High Speed Silver', although I understand this is not it's official name).
  12. I drink both and it is possible to get good coffee, although rare. For home I buy coffee beans from an independent tea and coffee merchant. The worse coffee I have ever had is in the US, weak and no body. Back to the Sunderland, looks like some fit issues and parts in the wrong place or should not be their at all. Having said that, it is probably still better than the Airfix Mk3 and how much of the interior can be seen?
  13. To be fair to Hasegawa, the Lightning kit first saw the light of day in about 1968 and was no worse than most 1/72nd kits of the era. Frog copied the tool (legally as part of a deal with Hasegawa) and their version had much better decals. This kit reappeared under the Novo label and other Russian brands. Hasegawa seems to keep bringing it back although well past it's sell date by now. Built one in the mid 80's, finished with Modeldecals after I took a colour slide of the 11 Sqn a/c at Finningley in 77. Eventually died and replaced by the Airfix one about 3 years ago.
  14. Mr T

    Sad Day Today

    Although I am not the most prolific of posters, they may be even thinner on the ground for a while as my 92 year old mum passed away this morning in the community hospital at Kelso after a marked deterioration of her condition. Her death was not unexpected and my brother and I were with her, which is what she wanted.
  15. Mr T

    Sad Day Today

    Thanks again for your comments. Spent last four days up there sorting legal and funeral stuff out as well as contacting people who needed to know. Very weird being in the house when you know mum is never coming back to it. Funeral is on 15th, which is going to be a bit of a trial. Only upside so far is that pub in village is doing catering as we know them quite well and when we went see them got free drink and cake.
  16. Mr T

    Sad Day Today

    Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts, my mum was the Come Back Kid as we had several scares with her over the past couple of years and now that she has really gone it is very strange. We came home yesterday as there was not much we could do on a weekend after we rang the undertakers and let family and friends know. Alison and I hadn't been really been at home for a week. My brother and I are back up tomorrow for a few days to sort out arrangements etc. Her house is going to take some sorting as it crammed full of stuff and she loved her clothes.
  17. Mr T

    The head,problems and being away

    From practical experience, it should get better, or at least you work around it. It has taken me years to get back most of what I had before my stroke and I know some skills and memories have gone forever. I still tire more easily than I used to and reading is especially tiring but I reckon I manage pretty well. It must have been a very frightening experience for you and your family.
  18. It was definitely not a Triang one. On a railway modelling forum I have come across some discussion as to how it could be done and the valve gear on the one I saw was metal. Some railway modellers do build their own from scratch.
  19. I built one once when my children were a lot younger and gave an Airfix moulding. I once saw one at a model railway exhibition that had bee motorised. I would love to know how it was done.
  20. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On way back from Scotland on the A1 near Darlington a 'W' prefix Lada Riva, being overtaken by just about everything.
  21. Mr T

    Red Arrows are coming to Chicago !

    Last time I saw the Arrows was at Cleethorpes about four or five years ago. They were OK, but if you see the home team often enough, you crave for something different. Saw the Thunderbirds at Mildenhall in the 80's and the crowd was mildly amused by the solo pilot being called Major Bostic, which sounds just like a brand of UK adhesive.
  22. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Up at Apperley Bridge in the marina car park, a 5.9litre Cadillac saloon, about mid 60's to early 70's as quite angular
  23. Mr T

    Nimrod R1 Colours in the 1990's

    I think you need to move this topic to the Cold War section of Military Aircraft Modelling as this forum is for technical support of the forums themselves. I am sure if you contact the mods they will help.
  24. Mr T

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    Obviously the bit of your Neanderthal heritage is the bit that makes you cold adapted. The language skills bit comes from your sapiens lineage. After 37,000 years some traits are bound to be diluted.
  25. Having only seen one in the flesh, but following the same flight profile as the Tornado and Typhoon visitors to LBA, it is seemed to me a bit less noisy than a Tornado, but the engine noise is definitely different. Lower pitched and a bit of a howl. Slightly off topic, it is surprising how noisy Hawks are in the same approach. Cracking piccies by the way.