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  1. Thanks, there will be a gap for a week or so as we are on holiday. I have most of the bits and pieces cleaned up and painted so that I can concentrate on the airframe, a slower build at first, but then it accelerates and means I am more likely to finish the kit. Just sitting in unseasonably sunshine and warmth, having a coffee and scone at Goodrich near Ross on Wye
  2. Re the outer wing reinforcement plates. I was re watching the RAF training film called 'Oversight' and it has some nice close ups of 41 Sqn Phantoms circa mid late 1976. The ill fated 'star' of the film XV499 definitely had the plates. They had been fitted long enough to for the wings to have been resprayed.
  3. I managed to have a couple of good sessions with the Phantom and after getting the lower front fuselage and intakes in place, the wing went on yesterday. Not a bad fit, although one side needed a plastic card shim. This is a really nice kit and so far has been fairly straightforward. Looking at the 'Oversight' video, 499 had the outer wing strengthening plates found in the kit. The other job I have done is convert the port side drop tank to the flash pod configuration. This was accomplished with some sanding to flatten where the flash apertures will be. These areas were overlaid with some thin clear sheet that was cemented on with UV setting adhesive and then cut and sanded to fit. The air intake at the rear was made from suitably shaped plastic rod. Probably not completely accurate, but I don't think it will look too bad once painted. More to come after my holiday.
  4. Hi Rusland, welcome to the forum from way to the North East of you. The forum is is generally a nice place with helpful people.
  5. Just ordered a Mosquito improvement set from Colin at Freightdog. Looks good.
  6. Mr T

    Model show economics

    I was talking to a shop owner the other day, who does a few of the 'local' shows One has been cancelled as the hire cost had quadrupled. Presumably because of the type of venue, they have to factor in the cost of deep cleaning ready for use after a weekend amongst other things. Having been involved with organising shows many years ago, it seems always to have been a slightly fraught business and I wonder what the long term effect of the pandemic will be. Perhaps pre pandemic, a saturation point was pretty near and there might be a bit of a reset. More clubs in an area cooperating over a larger show rather than each club doing its own thing? Whilst the virus is still relatively prevalent, venues like colleges or sports centres which often host shows at the weekend, may want the revenue but they are bound to pass on their increased overheads to ensure their premises are as safe as possible.
  7. Yes, my excuse for going was that I was going to the tip, sorry, recycling centre in Middleton and so was well on way there (If you think about it is vaguely in the right direction). The Meteor had been put by and I hadn't had a trip over and it was a nice morning. Dave seemed pleased to see me, I think because I was spending money. Tonight I realised I have six pre orders with him. Some from a while ago and I don't think they will all come at once.
  8. A couple of planned purchases and an unexpected bonus from my 'local' modelshop The Italeri repop of the Platz T33. I have the Belcher decal sheet for Canadian aircraft and so nice to have another kit to use some more up. The Special Hobby Meteor NF14, looks a nice kit and much more detailed than the Matchbox one There were also a number of RAF second hand books that had just come in and I picked up the Mini Warpaint guide to the Vickers Varsity and the Midlands Counties book on the Blackburn Beverley. Original cost was £20.55 and I bought them for a fiver. They are in good condition as well.
  9. I have not forgotten about this group build, it is just that the O2 has taken up more of my modelling time than I thought it would. I have been doing some work and the fuselage is together now. It has needed no filler, apart from a bit where there is an attachment scar from the runner. The undercarriage and other white bits have been painted, and the wings are together. There is a lot of white on a Phantom, even a camouflaged one. Weapons fit will be two Sparrows, the Airfix recce pod as the Fujumi one is too small and wing tanks. One will become the photo flash pod. My aim by the weekend is to have the airframe together as we are going away for a week.
  10. Thanks, Dennis, those are fantastic photos and very useful for details of the flash pod. The background story is very interesting as well. There is just something so right about the RAF fighters and strike aircraft of the 70s and 80s in the Grey and green scheme. Partly because there were so many of them compared to today. Apparently the Sparrow improved the aerodynamics on the underside of the aircraft, and so I wonder if the big pod made a difference that made the missile shapes redundant, or was part of the exercise to get the aircraft away from the airfield as quickly as possible? Good stuff and shows the best of Britmodeller and its members. thanks again.
  11. A bit of further study came up with the information that 2 and 41 Squadrons had recce as their primary role and a secondary ground attack role, presumably for when the Warpac steamroller was near the end of the runway. The training film 'Oversight' that has a date of December 1976 on it but obviously filmed during that long, hot summer and centred on 41 practising air to ground stuff. The 'new' 41 Sqn was working up on Jaguars from August apparently. I think some self defence capability would have been kept as the Meteors, Swifts and Hunters were all armed and although not expected to look for trouble, were expected to look after themselves if no other option presented itself. I think just a recon fit, tanks and Sparrows for mine. I have a few more kits I can try different fits and colour schemes on. Thanks Colin for the pics of your model, the pod pictures are most useful.
  12. This morning I went out to fill MrsT's car up and do a bit of grocery shopping. I was driving up Sharp Lane near Middleton in Leeds and (not a million miles, I think, from Fatfingers) when I was forced to stop by an AA van that was taking up a lot of road. On the other side was an immaculate, but very stationary, British Racing Green MGB GT. It was a 'L' reg vehicle (1972?) with Rostyle wheels. It was away from the kerb and looked as if it had just died in the middle of the road.
  13. Mr T

    Possible Scam

    Sounds and looks very dodgy to me. If they need further info, the receptionist asks for it at the time on the phone or tell you that they are sending something out. The link does look extremely suspicious There is a company GPs use called AccuRx, that does healthcare communications for GPS, Trusts etc. I have mentioned this to Mrs T so that she mention this at the surgery
  14. Thanks for that, serves me right for not looking at other threads properly. From what is on those threads, it appears that there was a variety fits flown, including just pods tanks and Sparrows. Going to have to rob my Airfix kit for its recce pod by the looks of things. I might scratch build the flash pod, I don't think it will be beyond me. Might have a look at my 'Skywatch' video to see what the 2 Sqn Phantoms were carrying in 1974. Thanks for the answers, a bit of food for thought
  15. I am building a Phantom FGR2 for the GB and intend doing an aircraft from 41 Sqn. I would like to fit the EMI recon pod, but does anyone have an idea of what else it would normally carry. The few non publicity photos seem to show Sparrows and drop tanks and not much else if carrying the pod, which I assume makes sense for recce sorties. Was the intention to carry other ordnance to attack targets of opportunity? I know 41 was tasked for both reconnaissance and attack, but at the same time?
  16. Back in the eighties when I had a brief spell on the committee, I am pretty sure it did. But the Nationals at (Stalag Luft) Stoneleigh were a much smaller affair compared to now. A look at the accounts which comes with the AGM stuff will give a clue. I am pretty sure a chunk of the membership fee goes on the magazine, printing is not cheap. John, being a current EC member will know better. From that experience of the committee, going down the Ltd Company route made a lot of sense in terms of liability and also the running of IPMS. I remember in the eighties the sometimes heated discussions that went on over the society, which at that time some saw as having a 'superior' attitude towards the 'ordinary' modeller. I felt at the time some members may have had that attitude, which I don't think and hope is around anymore.
  17. I was going to buy some more Vallejo matt white the other week because the one currently in use was nearly empty. Had the sense to check and found I had a least two unopened. Age is definitely catching up.
  18. It wasn't easy, like everything else on this kit. They look square and level, but I have not taken a ruler to them. Sometimes best to kid yourself it is alright! This kit has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but that is what modelling is all about. I think I am in for a prime, fill, sand, repeat session next.
  19. More work on the Skymaster. The wings have been added, and some attempt made to fill the rather obvious joint line. When people write about 'neatening' seams, they are obviously not building kits like this (When neatening seams the terms is in articles, which appears to be an 'in' phrase at the moment, I always think of something of the 'Sewing Bee') To fit the booms and tailplane on, I did the following. The fit of the booms to the wing was virtually non-existent on one side, and a fairly large gap was filled with plastic card shims. The best fitting, a relative term, boom was attached to the wing and any packing was added. The boom was then left to set thoroughly in a makeshift jig. The remaining boom and tailplane was set up on the model in the jig made from Lego (other plastic bricks are available, apparently the original patent has expired) and glued together with Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Setting. Any slight adjustments needed were held in place with Blu Tac. The model was left to set hard, and then the joints had a bit more cement to ensure there were no weak points. The fuselage nose was not added until I had tested the model on its undercarriage to ensure the nose was sufficiently weighted. After everything has been cleaned up, the next step will be a coat of primer.
  20. Ouch! I bet you were a bit sick after that. Never trust the weather, every time we have a BBQ, I can guarantee that despite it being a still day, when I want to light the coals a strong breeze will spring up to defeat my attempts. I hope it will repair , most of the structs look intact .
  21. Hi noelh, that was a cool move you made there and it is my fault I didn't get one when they were a better price. Was the shop the one that became the Comet Miniatures one. Before it shut I used to go there when we went to see my sister in law. The only real time I have had a waking nightmare was when I was a student nurse and doing my pediatric placement. The ward was really busy and I had a nightmare about it. Woke up with relief and then went into work to find it was worse than the nightmare. I still dream about work and usually glad when I wake up to find it was a dream.
  22. Welcome to the site, and a very nice looking workspace you have there. I am a bit restricted in mine, but when Mrs T retires we plan on moving and so I hope to get some more room. I live over the Pennines from you but on the M62 spine.
  23. I have recently had a couple of fairly strange dreams that I remember. In the most recent, I dreamt I had managed to score an Airfix SRN-1 hovercraft for a decent price. In fact there were two and I was trying to decide which one to buy. In the other dream , I was in a shop and it had a load of old Airfix kits in bags with headers, but hardly any of them were from the catalogue. There were a whole host of stuff Airfix have never done and never likely to do. I can't remember much now, but there was some tasty experimentals from the fifties as well as some stuff like the Miles Gemini and Venom NF3. A bit of wishful thinking on my part! All the prices were pre decimal. Imagine the sense of disappointment when I woke up, almost as great as... oh perhaps I better not say anything more as it is a family friendly site.
  24. The Hotspur and 138 are from 1963/4 and ten years down the line you have the Airfix Marauder and Matchbox Fury, so yes, a big change.
  25. Thanks for the pictures Patrik, they are most useful. Can't make up my mind about this. I messed around with Contrail kit decades ago before putting it back in the stash and quite tempting. The roundels are a bit of a disappointment, but not a deal breaker.
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