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  1. Having built the kit (which was produced by MPM for Hannants and then they used the moulds as a basis for all their single seat versions), there was no etch in the original. The undercarriage was fiddly and the wings needed work as the trailing edges are quite thick and the leading edge is blunt. Butt joint city and at least looks like the F.8 when finished. Some versions have the outer wing panels as separate parts just to add to the model building experience.
  2. Really impressive work on a kit that appeared not long after the real thing (who would have thought that the moulds would be in use 55 years on) and reflects what you have got in the plastic bag with paper header.
  3. Many years ago when the Sheffield branch did a Korean War theme for the UK IPMS Nationals, I built a couple and remember them being very nice kits. The surface detail was good for the period and the kit went together well.
  4. Have not been to the show for the last few years as was beyond my driving range post stroke, but I always used to enjoy it. Only place outside a branch meeting, I ever entered a competition and actually won! (It was about 1981-2 with an Italeri Lufwaffe F4F and an Israeli Hasegawa F4E, I had wider interests at the time). Glad it still a good a show.
  5. RAF Atlas been round a couple of times practising approaches into Leeds Bradford.
  6. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    I have some how managed to quote myself instead of editing a post. Must be my age.
  7. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    I notice as well as the floor plans the alphabetical list of who is where has gone up. I find it quite useful to look through and see where people are on the plans. I do not do this in the presence of my 23yr old daughter as she will make a comment about the 'sad dad convention'. Mind you with some folk I have come across in forty odd years of model shows she sometimes has a point
  8. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    Another reason for membership is that some retailers offer discount to members, my 'local' shop offers 10%. If you are near a branch there is also a chance to talk to fellow Modellers. I have just received my new card in time for Telford, my 42nd card.
  9. Looking very nice Tony. I have the kit and keep looking at it and having built a couple of Valom kits, I think I appreciate what you are up against!
  10. My paternal grandmother knew Albert Ball. Used to ride on the handlebars of his bike when young. My wife had a relative who was president of El Salvador for a short period in the early C20. Her grandfather apparently had song written about him about in El Salvador, centring on his relationships.
  11. As my wife is usually first up, Wilf the cat sits on her chest to remind he is there and it is breakfast time. Although not in the same class as some other complaints my sleep has be broken by knee pain due to a possibly torn meniscus, awaiting xrays etc. It comes and goes.
  12. Buried in Rothwell churchyard is John Blenkinsop who designed one of the first practical steam locomotive that ran on the Middleton Railway in Leeds in 1812 (it was named 'Salamanca' after the battle in Spain in the same year) . Middleton was the first railway in the world to use steam motive power and still exists. The churchyard is pretty near where I live
  13. I can see that, also some other airlines as well. Not sure about size for me, would push domestic tolerance levels.
  14. Beat me to it, for the period the Hastings was regarded as a heavyweight. Still a Beverley would be nice as well.
  15. That was going to be my first port of call. Dick Ward was pretty thorough with his research for Modeldecals. Slight delay as the undersides need a bit of a respray in places.
  16. Thanks, the decals should be going on later this week as I plan to spray the undersides this evening and do any touch up work and paint the nose cap tomorrow. Their are stencils on the Freightdog sheet, but might use most of the Airfix ones as they look better. The roundel sizes on the sheets are different and so need to check.
  17. Now at the stage of getting the paint on. Dark Sea Grey has been sprayed on and the Dark Green camouflaged patterned added by brush. when the photo was taken, two coats of thinned Xtracrylix had been used, some sections have needed a third coat that went on last night. Next up will be masking for the undersurface Aluminium that will be White Aluminium from the Vallejo metallic range. Sprays on well, but I would not trust any metallic to mask over, even with a varnish coat.
  18. The first kit I built myself was the original Airfix P38 Lightning that a friend bought me as a birthday present, my eighth in 1962 I think. Hooked ever since, although I think I have got better in the last 57 years.
  19. Mr T

    Airfix 2020

    Even back in the sixties Airfix announced what they were doing at the toy fairs, it is just we didn't have the Internet to spend the following year complaining about it being the wrong scale, choice etc, etc. I suspect Tamiya like Hasegawa and others can afford their strategy of not telling anyone anything until the kit is virtually in the shops as probably their domestic market is so big that the export stuff is not so much the icing as the piped flowers on the cake. Hornby Hobbies cannot at present afford that.
  20. Mr T

    Telford 2019

    A bit surprised Special Hobby is not there, might be Brexit effect, but they may have other reasons, they seem to have a lot of half finished moulds at present and might want to put resources into getting stuff out. They do seem to have a lot of stuff announced and half done that takes a while to get to market.
  21. I have a memory from old Air Enthusiasts (later Air International) or even a Flying Review International of the mockup being in a similar scheme. Will have look through what I have.
  22. Very nice of build of a fairly obscure type, especially if you are younger than about 60. A lot of resins do lack the level of detail associated with modern kits. However, some resin kits are exquisite, for example, the SBS DH88 is beautifully detailed and moulded. The CMR Firebrand is also very well detailed. It has a one piece wing with an integral undercarriage bay with an undercut to allow full detail.
  23. I think the new SAM editor is taking a while to settle in. Magazines seem to follow trends because they believe that is the way to keep and gain readership. I think this partially explains the current fad for build articles that spend a lot of space with (repetitive) stuff about weathering, but often little about the accuracy etc. Model Railway magazines seem to be the same.
  24. Some more progress on the Swift after finishing the Bristol 138 in the Frog Group build. Tailplanes have been added and most of joint lines etc. have been eliminated, the new rear fuselage proved a little harder than I had anticipated. A coat of primer shows most of the model is OK. Since the photos wee taken I have added the wing fences, these are needing some work to blend into the leading edge. Once they are sorted the rear part of the canopy will go on and work can start on painting it in Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey and Aluminium
  25. Given that the Navy bits are all more or less on one runner, my guess is that an RAF version will be along soon. I thought patience and ingenuity were modelling virtues. My reading of the history around RAF use of the Buccaneer is that it was never wanted, even in developed form until there was nothing else left on offer.
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