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  1. Not forgotten the GB, but progress has been very slow due to finishing off other models ahead of the F15 from earlier GBs and the heat has made painting, except at about 3 o'clock in the morning. Our house is a bit like a storage heater, it takes a while to heat up from the outside in, but for the same reason, it takes time to cool down once it has warmed up. Not usually a problem until you get an extended spell of hot weather. Started on the cockpit and worked out how to build the revised launch rails for the Python, and so more substantial process soon when something solid to photograph.
  2. For years I had a Tamiya Spraywork kit that was a single action airbrush with a compressor that was powered by one of their RC car batteries. It worked OK for about seven or eight years, but spares were non existent. I now have a Sparmax Premair 35 and an Iwata Neo. Both good brushes and work well, although I think the Iwata is easier to clean. I also have an unbranded airbrush bought as part of a kit with my original compressor. It works OK, but is a pig to clean. They seem to be a bit hit and miss quality wise and if I was buying a first proper airbrush again, I wouldn't go down that route. Cost of spares is something worth thinking about. At some stage you will at least need a new needle as they are fragile. I have recently bought a new compressor as my 15 year old one was beginning to have reliability issues. An Airgoo Ag326, that is probably a re-badged Fengda. It has an air tank and that has made a difference, especially when trying a spray a narrow line. I frequently use a hairy stick, as I am a bit old school.
  3. After reading some interesting and indeed, moving comments and stories I am reminded how broad a church 'scale modelling' is. It may be that because modelling covers so much ground that it is relatively easy for people to take up some quite entrenched views on what consistutes a 'good' model. I enjoy looking at other people's models and can appreciate their skills, even though I cannot match them. We all model for different reasons and put in the skill and commitment we feel we can afford and our sense of proportion permits us to devote to a hobby. For me, the demands of parenting and earning money from my career took priority over building models. Now I am retired and my children have ostensibly grown up, things have changed. As others have pointed out, people's back stories influence what they do, think and believe and some allowance needs to be given for that. I enjoy modelling, not only because I am interested in what I build, but the benefits it brings to my mental and physical health after some challenging times. I do worry that we do seem to be heading towards a society where things like social media and instant communication, make it easier for views to become more polarised, not just in politics but in other ways as well.
  4. ZJ197, an AH64 Apache, has just flown over on approach to LBA, bit of rarity up here.
  5. Do you buy candles by weight or length? Might be the latter, but I just look at them and think, 'that will be long enough'. I also thought candles were sized by some arcane system like champagne bottles, and based on some 13th century bishops foot size. Although perhaps I imagined it, the world today seems to slipping the bonds of reality.
  6. Very nice General. My, it is a big beastie. Seems to have been a bit of fad for seriously big fighters in the fifties. Vacuum tube technology and big engines presumably bring part of the reason. I remember reading an article on the XF103 in an early edition of the quarterly Air Enthusiast magazine in the late seventies/early eighties. That was big as well.
  7. The FAW1's usual missile load for air to air was Firestreak. I think only the FAW2 could carry Red Top. Other than that, I am pretty sure the weapons available were pretty much the same.
  8. This morning had a US registered Aero Commander, N980AE flying a pattern of straight lines over the Leeds area at about 4,000 feet. It is currently on the ground at LBA. Not seen an Aero Commander for ages. About ten minutes ago a Kentucky ANG C130H, 91-1238 according to FR24 was over from Ramstein heading North West (Prestwick?). Just now a Hawk T.1 in 'Red Arrows' markings has done two approaches into LBA. Last week we had two Chinooks over on the approach into LBA
  9. Hi Alain, it was a just a comment and consider yourself lucky. The Pavla kit looked nice in the box and had some nice detail, but it had some interesting features like resin wheel wells that required a lot of thinning and still didn't fit without removal of a lot of the plastic inside both the upper and lower wing. Yours is a very nice model.
  10. Wasn't the original Metro engine so old the measurements were in cubits? Mrs T had a couple and my memory of them was the rust. Back on topic, I have always stuck with 1/72nd for consistency and it is a scale I somehow feel comfortable with. Having rubbish eyesight all my life has helped (very short sighted)
  11. Looks very nice, I have a different version in the stash, nd it does look easier than the Pavla kit I built a few years back. The wing trailing ages looks a lot thinner for a start.
  12. Thanks for your comment. Undercarriage on last night and a couple of other bits. I plan on doing bits of painting tonight and tomorrow . I aim to have it in the gallery by Friday.
  13. Yes I enjoyed the GB, nice a get a kit built and reduce the stash by an infinitesimal amount. Thanks for the comments and likes from everyone.
  14. Because most of our major trading partners use the metric system. Who else uses the UK Imperial system? The US does not use the Imperial system, although the distance measurements are the same, volume and weights are different. Pints and Gallons are different as are Stones and Tons. US recipes are weird with the cup measurement. I cannot see what the fuss is all about If you are buying four apples, they are fou apples if they weigh a pound or 454 grams. I am 68 and happily use both systems.
  15. Hasegawa 1/72nd CF104 Starfighter, 419 Sqn CAF, West Germany mid 1970s This is my entry to this GB and goes quite well with my other GB's at the moment, a CT133 and a CF116 The kit is mainly from the box with a few bits of PE for the undercarriage and the ejector seat. The Green is from Vallejo ModelAir range and is supposed to be RAF Dark Green BS241. I am not convinced, it is too bright and too 'green' The decals are a mix of kit and Belcher Bits. The former are a bit thick and the latter quite fragile. The Hasegawa kit is very nice and holds up well, even after thirty years Build thread is here: Thanks to Paul and Craig for hosting this group, as it has got another kit out of the stash and built. Also thanks to Enzo for keeping us all safe.
  16. Decals are on, and I feel I am on the home straight (famous last words), Tonight going to start adding the undercarriage and look for any imperfections on the paint work. It is quite a colourful bird compared to most of my models.
  17. I think I might have seen the same photo. It could have been Norway as they did deploy on exercise over there. My understanding is that the Canadians would have sent CF116As amongst other things to Norway to help bolster their defences and protect the North Sea shipping routes.
  18. The CF116 is now ready for painting, and in fact since the picture was taken the undersurface grey has been added. I have not added the nose and the IFR probes, as they are asking to be damaged when I mask the undersurface off. They will be added before the top surface grey goes on, as I will brush paint the green pattern. I have decided on a fairly austere stores fit. Quite a few photos show either two wing tanks or a single centre line tank. I had problems with the fit of the underwing tanks being fouled by the undercarriage in my mid-eighties build, and so I am going for the centre line tank which seemed fairly common
  19. Last update for this project. The Cf 104 has had a coat of varnish, and I am now waiting for it to dry before I remove the masking. The picture shoes it just before it went into the paint shop. The green doesn't look as bright as that in real life, the photo might be a little overexposed.
  20. Started on the decals. The upper quarters of the wing tip fuel tanks are black. I did not fancy masking and painting these, and so decided to use some fine pinstripes I had bought from Fantasy Printshop a while ago. The ones used are 0.5mm wide and are thin with very little carrier film. They seem to have worked quite well, and I think even I can paint up to the line with few troubles. The anti glare panel on the nose came from the kit sheet. I have decided to portray an aircraft of 400 Sqn in about 1955-6.
  21. Would desert scheme include aircraft that were finished to potentially operate in desert areas, even if they never went there? I am thinking 46 Sqn Andovers here. I have the RugRat kit.
  22. According to the Conway's History of the Ship volume 'Steam, Steel and Shellfire', the inspiration for the Thunder Child was HMS Polyphemus completed in 1882. I would love an injection moulded HMS Warrior, have visited her in Portsmouth.
  23. Some of the JASDF Starfighters are in very tasty colour schemes. The Hasegawa kit is very nice and holds up well even today. A good start, it is a kit you can dip in and out of until the fuselage is together.
  24. Thanks for the comment. A coat of varnish has gone on which has knocked some of shine off, but in 1/72nd I reckon that is no bad thing.
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