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  1. I haven’t found any in service photos of Tempests with the Chakra i’ll be building the later scheme anyway
  2. https://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/heraldry/roundels/363-roundels47.html#gsc.tab=0 https://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/aircraft/past/923-hawker-tempest-ii.html#gsc.tab=0 I have a suspicion that these Tempests were wrongly painted by Hawkers.
  3. Blown wing or not, the flaps were not deflected on the ground. The speed brakes can sometimes be seen slightly open. The rudder was always deflected when at rest. The PFS had blown flaps but the same holds true. I understand your desire to model it with flaps down etc and that is your right, it is yours to be build as you like. If you want accuracy then remember, as I said before, the Soviet fighters were a neater machines than their US counterparts in this regard, on which most things hung off when powered down. Martin
  4. A nice build, Tom. Hmmm.... now I am doubting the wisdom of my purchase of this kit ;). When I get to it - one day - I will consult you and Pete @Pete in a shed :). Do you have a side view? Martin
  5. I’m with you completely. I’ll celebrate the day that the kit manufacturers decide to look more widely at the opportunities for attractive colour schemes ;).
  6. With the IAF decals set aside she’d build up in to a nice USN machine Martin
  7. No, mate. As Antti @Antti_K says, the rudder was mechanical. When parked it always deflected. Martin
  8. Its great, isnt it. I've watched it many, many times over the past few years. I visited Volkel a number of times and got up close to those wonderful machines. Martin
  9. Bill, You really can’t beat an F-104A/B/C/D/F/G-installed J79, whether at idle or at any moment up to military power/afterburner :). Even the S had some charm My favourite Starfighter base and my favourite aeroplane :). The hairs on my neck stand up from the first second of this video :). Martin
  10. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/hellenic-air-force-f5-freedom-fighter-icarus-productions-ic72015-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=111610 Artin
  11. She's a beauty, mate! I love your fine wear and tear on the anti-dazzle. How did you do that? Salt? Martin
  12. Nice :). She's an Atlantic @Cklasse rather than the much modernised Atlantique. Martin
  13. A bit more done today. Taking Wez's @Wez useful help I made up a "generic" coaming area for the instrument panel. It is loosely based on the Tan Model images that he sent. I used card, rod and some fuse wire. I'm sorry but I didn't realise that my photo was so bad! I then had to contue with the task of adding the "cameras" and the last bits of transparency. I had to make up one camera by cutting and drilling out some sprue. The kit has a part for this but as hard as I tried I couldn't get it to fit. I added weight too! After all this had been done I painted the interior and coaming area matt black again. Then, after cleaning and eliminating as much dust as could I started getting the fuselage together. She now looks like an odd stryrene hedgehog As is normal for these builds (i.e. without locating pins and holes and a more vague idea of precision) this process has taken time, cementing it one bit at a time, working along the fuselage from the fin area. She now needs to sit and cure before I can do anything else. Martin
  14. I see the press are reporting Russian live fire exercises off Ireland in February. This is primarily naval stuff, of course.
  15. These were rather tasty https://www.thunderstreaks.com/exercises/larissa-greece-best-hit-airsouth-fighter-weapons-meet-july-18-20-1972/ And https://www.internetmodeler.com/scalemodels/nraviation/Icarus-Decals-1-72-1-48-Hellenic-Air-Force-Freedom-Fighters-Pt-2.php Martin
  16. Never drooped, mate. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. You will find that most Soviet jets were pretty tidy compared to their US counterparts. Martin
  17. “What I would definetly suggest is getting a new nose intake from Renaissance in France https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-72/produits/923-na-f100d-nez. If there is anyway area of the Trumper that needs attention it is that! ” Erwin @VT Red Sox Fan, I’d definitely go for resin wheels. The nosewheel strut can be fixed. I used the Trumper wing before and really didn’t worry too much about a scale inch here or there. Martin Ersin, PM sent. Martin
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