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  1. She is looking great, Rob. I love your weathering around the back end Martin
  2. I’d worry about catching that B-24 wing with a duster!
  3. As always, a great set of colour schemes from KP . I hope KP have got the correct wing on this kit
  4. I’m not a Spit lover - sorry - but that is a beauty, Tony . I’d be tempted!
  5. note that the Israeli boxing shows a machine on the box lid with the Star-of-David on the port upper but the instructions show the Starboard Upper!
  6. Thanks Giampiero, I am learning about the Fulcrum today and, as you say, I just learned about the humped spine online . That excludes the new Trumpeter and GWH releases. Edit: as a complete Fulcrum novice it looks like the Zvezda and Trumpeter kits could work? Martin
  7. Hi all, I'm just mulling over the idea of a Fulcrum build at some point in the far off future. My eyes are focussed on a Peruvian machine - inspired by Pete's UB build - and wondered about the upcoming new release kits. It would be a shift for me in technologies as I tend to stick with what I grew up with - 50s and 50s jets - but I've always liked the MiG-29 and so having one in my collection would be appropriate. Why Peruvian? Because I like to be different! So, my question, is about the variants used. They are quoted as MiG-29S 9.12, upgraded to SE and then to SMP. What are the obvious differences from a modelling perspective, please? I'm certain there is someone out there who knows! Thanks a lot. Martin
  8. So, and picking up on @John Thompson's original post, and leaving all the debate over model manufacturer's strategies aside, I look forward to the P/F-51D/K coming, whenever that is. I can wait, maybe not patiently, but I can wait. It will be worth it, I'm sure! Martin
  9. Nice! The HB kit still has an anaemic windscreen, though!
  10. I’m glad to find it intriguing. I’m inclined to get going with it as soon as the current builds are done. I have also published a WIP for a Starfighter threesome, including a couple of Taiwanese. They will have to wait. I started the Fitter WIP, as you will have seen, around 10 months ago with a Polish build in mind because of the lack of Tumansky conversion. That is now in my grubby hands and so I just have to decide whether to wait for Amaru at Vespa Models to produce a nose conversion or to use the Mistercraft nose parts. After that I can get started. I will eventually need decals and will also come from Vespa. I have them on pre-order but they are not yet available. I’m really looking forward to it Martin
  11. There are some, Pete. Not many, though! Its odd because the Su-22s had the roundels on the port upper and starbord lower
  12. Nice My favourite bike in the 70s
  13. Add my name, mate. I have a number of Asian subjects that are either in my current plan or for the future - Indonesian Sabre, various Taiwanese F-104s (if they don’t get built in 2023), Indian Tempest and Ajeet, to name a few. Martin
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