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  1. I've been spending my time on fiddly bits recently, having decided to make some sway braces for the pylons. My chosen methd was to take some thin (not sue how thin!) and mark out a length that was 7mm wide. This gave me a central 2mm - the wide of the pylons - and 2.5mm either side for the "arms" (I dont know the technical term). Here is the strip before I got around to tidying a little but after cut angled edges. The next step was to drill each "arm" ready to take 5mm dia rod to simulate the bots/screw adjusters. Again, this is before cleaning edges etc and getting the rods to an appropriate length. I also gave them a slight curve. In reality they were almost flat (to my old eyes!). I got there in the end and mounted them on the two 450gal tanks and the outer pylons. Oh .... an apology. I carried on modelling, took pictures, but didnt check the quality of each shot! Above you can see the 450 tank with the mounting rods loosely inserted as well as the forward vents. I have also tackled the HVARs. These are from a Mustang. I have cleaned them up and drilled the holes for the forward mounting posts. After this shot I start to add rod to the lower rear fins to simulate the rear mounting posts. I've also got the nosewheel leg tidy and with a little more detail. I've added the forward actuator arm/dampener. I'm not sure which. I have also added a light, as well as drilling out the dampening arm. A few days back I bought some AN-M65 1000lb bombs from the big E site. Sadly they arrived broken :(. So, having got a refund I have ordred more from HPM but these will now have the high speed tails. Finally today I have got primer on her. I used Mr Surfacer 1500 from an aerosol. It has gone on well. It has shown up a lot of places that need attention but thats the purpose of it - apart from setting a good painting surface. The area around the windscreen/fuselage join needs work too. Next I will need to review the whole model, checking and enhancing my scribing, correcting some blemishes, etc. I'll be back at her on Monday. Martin
  2. @keefr22 currently two USMC KC-130Js airborne from Cardiff and heading W. RAIDER51 now E of Swansea https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=ae2f99
  3. I'm looking forward to building a Libyan MLA-E. How much this - apart from the obvious (fin, etc) could be used to build an MF? I'm hoping the answer is very little as I am in the final stages of building a KP/RV MF Martin
  4. Bored now ...... we all know it’s going to be another Spitfire so I’m done with speculation ......
  5. I was in Goring and they were low and fast although with the haze I couldn’t see anything More here https://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=223524&start=20
  6. Thanks mate. The Flogger is decalled now Martin
  7. Ah yes, fantastic! She is in my favourite JASDF colours too! Martin
  8. Pretty much anything French (apart from the wonderful Mirage and Mystere, of course) F.120 Jabiru or the Bleriot 125?
  9. I just realised that this is probably a better place to post my question! Martin
  10. Hi all, Does anyone out there know of a way of getting these bombs (I need two) without resorting to Eduard Brassin. I just received some Eduard bits that were damaged in transit. I got a refund already!! If there is a kit out there that has these that I could rob I'd go for those Thanks. Martin
  11. I've been looking forward to seeing test shots of their inspired choice of F-84F on my birthday at Telford ....... and then I woke. It was simply a wonderful dream . Of course, their P/F-51D will be out by then... ... and so I can console myself with that
  12. They do because I thinned out my Flickr account. I can email them to you or, even better, send them via a file share service? pM your email address. Martin
  13. Clearly you’re an man made of the same stuff as me, mate
  14. Hi John, do you know id those citadel paints are airbushable (if there is such a word!)? Martin
  15. A couple of '104s! I got an AMT/ERTL "QF-104A" 1/72 for £!0 and today a Hasegawa F-104G/S "Special Mark" (cat drawing) 1/72 landed on my door mat :). They are all part of a determined effort to build Starfighters for the rest of 2022 and in to 2023 ...... unless I get distracted! ....... . These two will end up as a Hasegawa/AMT (Esci) QF-104A, using the "best” from each kit. Before that I need another F-104A/C kit to similarly build a Hase/Esci YF-104A. The other '104s in the plan are a G and a TF-. Martin
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