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  1. That is true, Miguel. I'd like to start with the original colours which I can then blend to faded areas. If I can!!!! So far I reckon Midnite Blue (Hex #191970) is pretty close Martin
  2. A South American Mirage - what a great choice of subject!!!! I will be watching closely :). I like those decals Martin
  3. Hi all, I am a 100% enamels users but, for health reasons, I am considering a switch to acrylics. In the past I have been through a similar period of consideration and stuck with my enamels. However, I probably should try. I have a few questions for the collective and would be grateful if your advice: 1. are acrylics as durable as enamels once hardened? 2. when using how do you keep the flow? My little experience of acrylics has meant a rapid clogging of the airbrush 3. is the range of colours as good as enamels? I am primarily a post war jets builder. any suggestions? 4. how easy is clean-up post painting! 5. How are acrylics thinned? Water? 6. I think enamel washes can be used over acrylics? That’ll probably do for now! ;). Thanks in advance. Martin
  4. Very nice, Ray. Seeing her takes me (and others, I’m sure), back to the 1970s Martin
  5. Now that is how it should be done, Alain :). She is a beauty :). A wonderful aircraft captured superbly in styrene. Martin
  6. Does anyone out there have the colours references (FS or otherwise) for the FAU roundel and tail flag? I need to get a set of decals printed. The market seems strewn with various shades, particularly the blue. My gut feeling is that the blue is close to Midnight Blue but it would be great to get conformations. Any ideas @Ignacio @RAGATIGER @Mig88 @Sturmovik et al? Thanks in advance. Martin
  7. @PhantomBigStu three more ACs flew over Essex a short while ago and are now of their way to Keflavik
  8. I’m sorry I hadn’t seen this before, Pete. It is an impressive build for sure. I bought an AModel IL-20 at one time but sold it as I lost my nerve! ;). You have done really well with it. I remember seeing these hurtling around the circuit at Dabolim (Goa) in the late 2000. You could see and hear them miles away by eye and ear with all that exhaust and sound. I also remember seeing one during the opening ceremony at Yelahanka at around the same time. Martin
  9. Yes, Pete, he can. Another great example of what he can do is on my recent Mustang. The Dutch Decals set was wrong for the sharks mouth so he printed a new set based on my drawing Thanks for your kind words. Martin
  10. @PhantomBigStu Today we had AC-130W 08-6206 (RCH1032) with HC-130J 16-5862 (RCH1030) flying Souda to Mildenhall over the South East followed by HC-130J 18-5910, calling RCH1034. There should be an AC-130J to fly up this way too soon. Martin
  11. On Monday the South East of the U.K. was treated to a two-ship overflight of USMC KC-130Js, calling “RAIDER51”. They flew up from Souda and dropped in to Cardiff after crossing here at around FL260. There probably wasn’t a spotter in the South East who didn’t see them Martin
  12. This is very nice work, Giorgio, and nothing less than what I would expect from you :). I’m looking forward to seeing more Martin
  13. According to @Hook, Craig @modelling minion, it comes about through the moulding for both single and twin-seat variants. It was everywhere! Again, I have to say that I am disappointed with the moulding, having expected something close to the truly excellent SMB2. The nose parts seem to have a very rough connecting surface between them and the fuselage so that will be fun. Nevertheless I will try to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear ;). Martin
  14. Hi all, Having recently seen a post about stripping paint off kits with disinfectant I was wondering how effective it would be on an airbrush. Mine has some enamel paint dried here and there. Using proprietary stripper would trash the seals, I think, so I am looking for an alternative. Have any of you used this method? Thanks. Martin
  15. I’ll try my small chisel on it. Of course, with deep panel lining like that I should be able to sand without losing too much
  16. Muchas Gracias, Ignacio ). It is great to hear from you. The T-33 will be along soon, I promise. I have all the parts now and soon I will get the decals printed. I have have managed to source a nice flap set from Mike @72modeler too. Many thanks, Terry. Yes, that interior set is very nice. I haven’t built the Italeri but I have built a few Airfix Mustangs. Despite its flaws I still like the refinement of the Tamiya. I’m interested to see your P-51H Martin
  17. She is great, mate. I was tempted to say gorgeous but ……. Well, you know Martin
  18. I'm sorry Pat but my love of all things Jet has distracted me. I will get started on her soon. Let me get one more build finished first. I am nearly there Martin
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