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  1. only thing with Eduard is the too long landing gear, apparently they used an example without an engine, making it sit high.
  2. it is a older book, (1965 according to scalemates) nice fleamarket find, but would not buy new
  3. more pics of stuff getting out of hand........ Thinned the edges of the shell shutes added some sheet to fill the hole at the front of the wing. The gun bay inserts will be repurposed as chute parts/interest (will be mounted upside down) ribbing, which wil be only juuuuuust visible with an aileron in..... The fuselage edges are thick enough to make a groove for the canopy, which means filling the groove on the rear deck. fitted the gun cowl, did some damage to the edges on purpose and dimpled the metal here and there. No great effort was made for a perfect fit, as this was opened and closed quite a lot.(even bent up one of the corners!)
  4. anybody have the dimensions for this? I cant's seem to reconcile the shell dimensions with the opening in the Eduard D-9 wings. Length:81.1mm comes out to 1.7mm Diameter 25.2 comes out to 0.52mm I understand the chute needs to be oversize to ensure the shells leave the aircraft and do not cause a stoppage. the hole in the wing is 6mm in length! the narrow part (without the link chute) is 1.4mm the insert from the kit has the inner part of the chute at L:3mm W:0.9mm. overthinking as usual, but stuff catches my eye........
  5. I have their set for the Takom kit, but this is 'new'? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/atak-model-35074-zimmerit-panther-a-early-demag-pattern--1374463
  6. Kracker?.....TOCH? sounds like something I should know about...
  7. That title.....*snigger*...
  8. Please stop this shifting my attention to pretty aircraft!
  9. Remove plastic behind panels leaving just a ledge. use a drill and sharp blade, start in the middle. Once the hole is large enough, use a file Drill shell chute and open following shape. Again drill and carve, use a sharp blade Thin edges as far as you dare.. Use a curved edge blade, with the point in the opening, work slowly and carefully
  10. In my defense, it was actually meant in a comical way your Honor....
  11. Panther Ausf.A were factory finished, so depending on which factory/timeframe/specific tank there is only one scheme...... DO NOT USE BOVINGTON PANTHERS AS A REFERENCE! THEY WERE INCAPACITATED BY TOO MUCH BACON WHEN THEY PAINTED THEM! Welcome to the quagmire...
  12. Here's me thinking the Hase A6M's were hard to find, I see the AK interactive store has them, got three so shipping was free.... Now who was on about 'sets' again?
  13. I think the word I'm looking for is incorrigible....... the plan was to treat this as an Eduard weekend kit, no additions other that interior PE...... now look what is happening..... thanks, no worries about the scratches, they'll buff out.
  14. Furthest I've come with a kit in 30 years! A bunch of parts dropped out of the fuselage....oh well, onwards and upwards!
  15. @GazB you know about the supercharger intake right? Eduard mirrored it top to bottom (the long side should go on the bottom) still amazed they didn't fix it with a brassin part. Fixed mine with some cutting and shutting, inserting plastic and filler. Don't worry about losing the engraved lines, they should be welds and will be added with a fine brush and some Mr Surfacer. God those phone camera's make things look like a battlefield!
  16. just checked the fit of the wing to fuselage. fanny how everybody has gaps at the roots, whereas mine are minimal, the front of the wing however...... nothing too troublesome though.
  17. Btw, looking at period pics of 190's, the root part of the wing gun cover fit badly on some of the real ones too! With the rear edge standing proud of the root.
  18. Hence the 'not gluing in the cockpit ' bit. Do wish they'd update this kit. Need a proper 'blown' canopy as well, have a few Rob Taurus items for that.
  19. Are you me? Missing Kfir/Mig-21 in there though...tsk...tsk...
  20. I'm working on the same kit, and agree completely! At least 4 extra hands are required. Tip: glue the top rear of the fuselage first, without glueing the cockpit. Then slide that in and glue the rear bottom. Oh, and the engine 'bulkhead' doesn't fit at the bottom, so needs trimming.
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