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  1. Any soundtrack to a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film please! In fact any of his movies are pretty amazing.
  2. Thanks Martin, these went on pretty well surprisingly. They will need some weathering to tone them down a bit. Wish I had more time to get into it & get it finished. Hope to pop up to the big H Wednesday when I'm off & get some bits including some ladders for it.
  3. Ditched the idea of using the Esci kit. Might save the sprues from that for another project another time. So, decided to pilfer the sprues from the Revell kit as the surface details on this kit are far nicer. Just the one pic showing rapid assembly. Nice kit goes together well & looks like minimal filling required. Looks like the cockpit details in this kit are pretty adequate for the scale & the ejection seat won't be replaced by any resin as it looks OK to me. Also looking for the Vinten VICOM pod to go with it.
  4. Not much modelling done this week, just a few small steps on the Voodoo. Wheels are now painted, as are the exhaust burner cans. All just little bits to do. I've started to apply a few decals, going with the Microscale decals for the individual airframe markings & a few bits from the Valom sheet here & there. Seems that the microscale decals need a little more softener to help them settle into the surface delail. I was thinking of masking the grey area at the wing root but then thought too much hassle. I am going to mask & paint the wing tip colors instead of using the Microscale decals as they do not fit this kit, so that's the next thing to do. White then the red yellow blue stripes. I've mixed up a blue that matches the blue on the tail markings. Can't see this being done in time for our club competition night this wednesday! Ho hum, but got to make the most of this summer weather while I can! Cheers Paul! Martin
  5. As much as the summer of 1966 was a great year for us in the world cup, it was a classic year for chart music. From that same year, this is one of my favourites from the 60's.
  6. Brilliant! In reply to that, this is Poeme Electronique the ultimate lost band of the 80's that actually recorded a complete album of worthy material as well as this alternative take on The Model from the female perspective.
  7. Excellent, so I have got the right kit in the stash to do one of the brightly coloured George AFB C's then.
  8. Marvelous Demon! Fantastic amount of work that's gone into this & possibly a good guide to smartening up the Sword kit as well. Looks like the Flightpath ladders intended for the Voodoo? Martin
  9. Did they do the alternative rear end & rudder in the 1/72 Revell kit? Can't remember off hand. Was there separate parts?
  10. Really superb racer in a neat setting. Apart from your list of upcoming float planes I hope there's some more classic racers to come. 1st class as always! Martin
  11. Tom as has been said above I echo that's probably the best 1/72 desert pink Gulf War Jag that I've seen especially since you've done a kitbash. I've done two of the 1/72 Hasegawa Jags & giving it the proper clear nose is an absolute must. I've got a few thick chunks of clear perspex just in case I get round to building any more. Martin
  12. Thanks Colin I did take a few more of it. Somewhere in this album on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/gp/data70/4Py5F57YB7
  13. Many thanks Markus, was fantastic to see a couple of your Eurofighters. Those two & the Herc together put on a brilliant display. Cheers Martin
  14. Oh fantastic thanks! If that's you on facebook - followed!
  15. Looks fantastic with that extra bit of surface weathering and in that sunlight. Brilliant work!
  16. Stunning! Fantastic work. Just a small thing, but I do like the slight tint to the canopy on that first one. Was it already tinted, or what did you use? Martin
  17. Definitely take you up on that thanks Col!
  18. Excellent modelling Col! Just today I was looking at where to get a decent replacement ejection seat. Things like this are getting hard to find. Also that vacform canopy might look better than the Heller canopy that I was considering replacing the kit item with. So where did you get that seat from? I might just have to sit back & see how it's properly done before I cautiously get back into mine. Martin
  19. Causing ructions through my own confused naive ambitions! This might have confused me with a T-38 conversion as well!
  20. Nice to see there's another Suffolk Voodoo coming along. Glad that your top wing surface to fuslage issues worked out well. I'm building the same kit & looks like you're just edging ahead in the metal panel masking stakes. I used a wooden coffee stirrer as a brace to push the fuselage out a millimeter each side to meet up with the wing, thankfully didn't need anything to fill it with & just let the Tamiya xtra thin do its thing. My previous attempt (which we won't mention) needed loads of filler. I also noticed a discrepancy in the design of the Valom canopy which didn't look right to my eye so I did some chiseling & added the canopy screen from the old Hasegawa kit. I haven't been as brave as you though with the laquer metal from AK & have gone for the Vallejo Metal Colour range. I have got some Alclad but I found when I painted a Lightning with the Airframe Aluminium that it was too bright & reflective - toy like. I'm building it as 54-1475 from the Microscale sheet. Love the different colorful schemes of the 81st & if I was a faster builder would build all the different colour tailed aircraft. Must try & find some more of these Valom kits, also tempted to see if a kitbash with the Revell twin seater is viable as some details in that kit are far better. Martin
  21. I might actually do that, add a gloss tonight when I finish work.
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