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  1. Sometimes late night I like to wind down listening to the voice of Nata Zhyzhchenko of Onuka, but on this occasion some AC/DC has to be listened to.
  2. Bought this album when it came out, I was fourteen years old at the time. Would be nice to know if young teenagers are still buying albums like this today.
  3. Probably the only time i've ever seen musical boundaries being broken so well between classical full orchestra, traditional folk & electronic. Always find her music perfect background music when whittling plastic.
  4. Shades of Soviet constructivism & hints of Kraftwerk. Latest single release from Onuka.
  5. Thanks for sharing that, I remember the first time I saw that video on the tellybox all those years ago & was very impressed with the filming of the video. Very sad about Richard H Kirk. The king of electronic boffin nerds in every sense & a huge influential legacy.
  6. That's an impressive application of that flamboyant scheme. Was looking at doing that myself and even I was put off!
  7. Stunning paint finish, I'm not usually a fan of the dumpy old scooter but this looks superb. Martin
  8. That is stunning work on that old kit. Looks like Frog produced a good looking kit & I assume you also rescribed it. Very impressive. Martin
  9. Still got a thing for Ukrainian music. First time I'd heard this & thought it wasn't too bad, then noticed she likes visiting aviation museums! Looks like the Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum at Kyiv, another fantastic museum I'd love to visit. Just released September 2021 the single is called 7 Winds. If anyone knows what she's singing about I'd love to know.
  10. Wow, that is areally impressive & eye catching display bird! Fantastic work! Martin
  11. That really is a brute of a jet! Fantastic, neat work as always Shaun! Really tempted to build that to go alongside my 31. Martin
  12. Ah, thanks Mike, very kind! I am a bit of a masochist when it comes to arty farty schemes so I'm very likely to do something mad again! Currently doing a quick tiger meet scheme for a Spanish Mirage F1 as a breather! Cheers Martin
  13. Thanks Tom, the masks stuck pretty well actually. I was spraying acrylics & I had read that you should give each coat a gloss so that the masks shouldn't pull the paint underneath. I didn't gloss & didn't have any problems with paint coming away. I would advise not to stretch the masks at all costs & return each part to the backing film after each use, as sections masking for a previous colour are also masking for the next colour above. Always start with the lightest background colour first & work your way up to the darkest colour. First rules of the print trade as I used to be a screen printer so that experience helped. Once you start you'll get the hang of it & as your just spraying small areas it went ok. Treat each section as if you were applying layered decals. I spread the work over weeks & came back to a little at a time so as not to get too focused on the job. Always good to take a breather & step back from something like this. I'm sure it would be a little easier in a larger scale as well for making sure everything lines up. Will look out for your Frogfoot! Sounds like a dodgy condition! Martin
  14. Many thanks chaps, much appreciated! It worked out in the end! In actual fact it was very therapeutic work! Val, the other very good reason for doing this is that I have a soft spot for Ukraine, aviation & music. There's a lot to be admired about your country!
  15. Nice to dip into OD from time to time! I hope to find some more airfield lorries & vehicles. Only taking inspiration from your Bugatti of all things! Mart
  16. Indeed, it managed to escape! They should rename it the shelf of embarrassment! Still stuff that's been on there over four years! HMS Belfast is sinking under a sea of dust!
  17. Thanks RobL, I currently use A3 white Bristol board card as it's very bright but really need something that's a bit bigger than A1 but can be durable enough to roll up. Will try the local art shop or Dungelm.
  18. Thanks Mike, it looks like I'll have to do the same & end up cutting something down. Need to get something that can be rolled up without putting creases in it. Just cannot seem to see what I'm after on tudbay! The graded backdrops your seeing must be expensive because of the material they're made from I guess. Oh and I think I should have put this in the photography section!
  19. Thanks Patrick. This Trumpeter kit went together very well, all it needed was a plastic bar to reinforce the square bottom half of the fuselage to keep the upper and lower parts aligned. Much like any square or broad fuselage airframe.
  20. I've been using bright white A3 white card for for backdrops for my photography for so long now but trying to find a dedicated backdrop that's durable and maybe gradated & a bit larger. What do other people use? Most of the gradated backdrops on eBay are either too small or way too big. Where's the best place to get something that's about a meter square? Many thanks in advance! Martin
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