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  1. Mate not going to happen ....the heady days when the Cornish air station was the biggest heliport in europe have long gone 30 mk2s and at VL 24 Mk4 /4a......you might get a couple of extra mk2 when they realise that role changing between ASW and ASAcs is a big ask .....just simplly plug and play ...not. However I wouldnt bet on it.Better of buying some spare parts in my opinion
  2. outfit mate thats the whole RAF....if you were professional you'd be Fleet Air Arm
  3. How useful thanks ....funny my 1/48 Mk1 has about twenty different canopies....dunno why I didnt think of looking
  4. Well done they are like rocking horse poo...cant even get the old 3 in 1 revell kit
  5. BZ to you. Last time I saw those i was on my way to NEPTUNE....all lined up and impounded at Glasgow
  6. Another mk4 Laurie.....excellent ....give me a shout if you need any advice.....on the cab not the model obviously
  7. Sea vixen radar was particularly good
  8. Expensive lifestyle ditching a hercules because of a gash paint job
  9. This makes me angry and im sorry for the inconvenience Canada....as you say our loss
  10. Lmao just discussed that with my colleague in the Naafi
  11. Agree ask a kid to draw a jet and that's what you get.
  12. Would you want our sailors in 50 to 60 year ships?
  13. BZ Rach looks jolly good,i might have missed it but where did the decals come from...the kit? Any good?
  14. With that lot and todays free mini airshow ....I think London air traffic would be doin" star h Jumps.....Nah Mind you I get where you are coming from....but the junior service use BAe 146 not the RJs
  15. Morning same place as Tuesday....late spitfire and a mustang......great free airshow
  16. no chance John....its enough to keep a tri service front line going these days....Reserve ...I doubt it but....who knows you cant second guess this lot in charge
  17. I'm pretty sure the crabs (couldn't eat a whole one) have got this covered off....in some shape or form
  18. A brace of A109s ,an Airbus Squirrel type,a Texan,pair of Hawks,one chinook,one C130J and an Avro RJ. Any Idea where one might be?
  19. That looks worth a visit if I every visit the czech Republic..thanks
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