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  1. Nice scooter....been to kubi point too....robbed an Eng temp gauge out of an old av8a....to service an FRS1....those were the days...Subic was a hoot.
  2. Agree sensible comment ....who the heck wants a punch up....far too many armchair generals....things going bang in your vacinity are not in my experience a good idea
  3. Just for the record...its Lt Cdr ...not Cmdr....and er its Mike Blisset not Blissets .....just incase he might be reading.....its like sticking an e at the end of my name....kinda annoying maybe I'm holding on to tight
  4. Hmm suitably vague...hope the guys ashore survive with no life changing injuries....interesting incident
  5. Point of note ....bean counters are just doing their job on behalf of the duely elected Parliament....so ultimately children its in the hands of the electorate (you) Obviously defence was of some interest to the public during the last elections just not in the top ten areas of interest...just sayin
  6. I think the livery looks fab....BZ to you ....which kit btw?
  7. Blinking sight better than whatever Mr Musk is up to....dont trust him an inch ....especially after the way he conducted himself during that cave rescue.....not that clever.I shut up now before I get a good talking to.
  8. ³ be very surprised if this turned out to be the cause. Very unlikely that nobody noticed a big red cover/tag So it goes the blank was removed and kinda left in the intake whilst taking other blanks off .....then another jet launched and blew it down the intake hence why it was mussed. Although why it wasnt counted who knows. Classic swiss cheese .....failure to follow process .....if indeed there was a process..we will see
  9. And then there is long range SAR.....for those in peril on the sea etc.
  10. Well I cant read all of that article which is unfortunate but what the heck does Chile need AEW for....whos going to invade ?
  11. Had to read that twice....thought you were on about SWMBO at first Seriously hope all is well
  12. So ..umm being thick as a whale omelette what is CFT? Ooh no...someone answered at the end...lesson learned
  13. Ah I've got one of these in the stash ...cost me 3 quid....looking forward to this
  14. Hmm tesco where i am still stock Airfix and SAM but since there are two airfields nearby one Naval and the other a well known manufacture of aircraft....thats not surprising. As for books well supermarkets do supermarket things and books are for bookshops ...in my hubble opinion
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