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  1. Hi , Making a 1/700 type 14 frigate ....PALISER,KEPPEL,BLACKWOOD etc....and having trouble making the Omni antenna on the foremast.It looks like a diamond shaped frame...tried plastic rod and thin(ish)metal rod all with little success the plastic rod one was ok but overscale. Any ideas to achieve something approximating said item ?
  2. Yes all British Marks or at least AW made....and float.....on occasion if its not too harry roughers and you still can hover taxi (kinda) Depends how big the hangar is
  3. Hah youve been geeking I popped in to flight test today ....useful chats with one of your bus drivers
  4. Hmm just thought about the use of Lynx on noggy frigates will Wildcat fit ...the tail doesnt fold....theres more to consider than just the helo
  5. Which sheet is that? Ive got an Italeri F4J needs using
  6. Ooh 5 fully equipped troops ....thats kinda useless then thats not even a section ...even puma can do that ....is that the a/c LHels are pushing for Puma replacement?
  7. The who ....I think you will find 845 and 846 are Royal Navy squadrons the cheek of it
  8. Obsolescence issues therefore not future proofed...certainly not for 30 40 50 years airframe life
  9. 3 korean hercules , texan ,EC135 and a Wildcat ...where am I?
  10. Hate to be pedantic but it was a joint service fly past ....just sayin'
  11. I know it was really just commenting on weathering ....I have every faith in whatever agency the MoD have contracted to look after pussers ex underwater gash barges
  12. Have a google of laid up redundant subs in Guz (Devonport) if you want to see weathering ....makes you wonder if the internal propulsion elements are looked after better....I hope so
  13. Sprayed on cor you light blue lot are posh....navy just got a two inch brush (5 cm) a tub of px32 and some sort of solvant to thin it down. To be fair naval aircraft have a good use for the stuff ( and px24 cab wipes) what with being in a salt water environment etc....pig to clean off in depth maintenance though....avoided AMG like the plague me .
  14. Meh ...ditch most of the interior and build a Mk6 CR instead...in a nice shade of green
  15. Au contraire mon brave! Your close friends the Crabs..... I like your humour Latin bear
  16. Crowsnest mk2 on approach to Leos helos(on a Saturday???) Im in my hammock
  17. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jackspeak-guide-British-Naval-slang/dp/1844861449 You need this
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