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1:32 Hannover CL.II + Pheon Decals.

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This is the superb Hannover Cl.II from Wingnut Wings, coupled with a lovely set of decals from Pheon.
Reviews can be found here -

Hannover CL.II

Pheon Decals

In brief, the Hannover was designed around the observers machine gun, to raise it high and give it the best possible field of fire (as was the Bristol F2b Fighter) including forwards over the wing. The biplane tail was to keep the span short and increase the field of fire rearwards to each side.
It was a very succesful design and popular with its crews, soldiering on until the end of the first world war.

What can be said about Wingnut Wings kits that you haven't already heard? Nothing really. Superb, Brilliant, Outstanding, Goregeous, Best of the Best. You got it - I love them. Pheons Decals are the icing on the cake, giving a lovely set of very interesting options to make your Hannover that little bit more special, and also come superbly presented and produced.

On with the photos, there is not a square centimetre of plain finish on this, the whole thing is covered in lozenges and irregular shapes. Fuselage and wing centre section are handpainted, flying surfaces are decals. It took me a few month to get this far, but here she is, hope you like!











All the ladders, wheel chocks etc come in the kit. There is a build log Here if you are interested.



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Very nice work John, I've not seen many of theses built and this is up there with the best. Your work on the propeller is especially nice, i've just tried to mask in the pattern you did for this but gave up opting for the easier pattern you disgarded.

I have to say i'm not struck on the WNW lozenge and I prefer the linen look decals from the likes of The Aviattic or old propeller, but the cookie cutter WNW ones are a time saver.


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