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  1. As great as this looks, I'm going to hold out for the F-4K, thats a build I've wanted to do in 1/32 for the longest time. Even have a Tamiya kit ready to be converted, and then an IM kit was announced but that seems to be going nowhere fast so I'd jump on a resin one!
  2. I contacted Paul Fisher about the size of this gap and he agrees that it is beyond what should be there and is going to sort me out with some new parts in a couple of weeks when he does another run on some refreshed moulds. Puts the build on hold for a little bit, but I cant really ask for better customer service than that so not a problem at all. Cro, no problem having those photos, that singe seater looks great and crying out to be finished!
  3. The cockpit has now vanished into the black hole of the fuselage. With that secured in with some bracing under the tub Ive started looking at the wing and fuselage join. Bit of work to do here still, I have it fitting properly at the cowling but still need to fill that gap with plasticard strips to give it a strong joining surface.
  4. One day i'd love to go to the Reno races, lucky bugger
  5. Well I have the seat padding in green so im 50% right I think once the fuselage is together it should be straightforward enough, but getting that correctly spaced to match the cowling without creating alot of work fillering the gaps could be a little tricky.
  6. Ive built the W.29 which is the monoplane version and have a W.12 in the stash so im keen to see how you get on with this. Looks really good so far
  7. Made a start on this build a few weeks ago, my first all resin kit The Sea Fury is my favourite piston fighter and this kit is apparently one of the best, so it seems like a good one to start with. Spent quite a bit of time getting the fit roughly there on the major components before actually sticking anything at all together, so there hasnt been anything worth showing, but now im happy with how its going to fit together I have built the cockpit and the engine. The cockpit on this is the best ive seen, there seems to be nothing at all missing from the real thing. Shame you'll hardly see any of it in the end. Heres the cockpit painted in its opened state. And then stuck together to form the tub, giving an idea how little of this will be visible in the end. Next job is to stick it into the fuselage, brace it in there to make sure theres no rage inducing movement of it later on, which would be impossible to fix, and then get the lower wing joined on.
  8. gishuk

    1/32 RAF/RN Phantom

    Looks like i'll be needing some more shelf space then Didnt think think this would actually happen, but glad to be wrong and hope its a sucess.
  9. gishuk

    1/32 RAF/RN Phantom

    I'd love to see a kit in 1/32 and would for sure buy one (already have a Tamiya J to cut up into a FGR.1 with the Frank Mitchell method), but I wont be holding my breath.
  10. Thanks guys Im pretty happy with how this one turned out, the colour scheme especially really suits the aircraft. You're not wrong
  11. Finished this a couple of weeks ago, got around to taking some photos today. Its the Revell 1/32 Hunter with Fisher Models conversion. Was my first time working with resin, which turned out to be quite straightforward, no doubt helped by the quality of this conversion set. In fact I was so impressed I went and bought Fishers 1/32 Sea Fury Build thread here - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234970582-hawker-hunter-t8m-132/#entry1789327
  12. Cheers guys. The gloss grey does look good as well, but Hunters one of those aircraft that looks good in anything really. Its pretty sizeable, i was kinda surprised its not far off Phantom size.
  13. Its done! I'll take some proper photos soon and do a RFI thread, but for now heres a few bad photos. Overall pretty pleased with how this one turned out.
  14. Made a start on the decals. The kits roundels had some white border printing error going on so I got some Xtradecal roundels to replace them. The Fisher decals from the conversion set are fantastic though, probably the best decals ive ever used. Unfortunately they do not include the warning triangles and rescue arrow which are very distinctive on the nose of this scheme, and the kit ones are not at all the same. Going to have to raid the spare decals box and see if I can get something close. Apart from that I just need to put all the stencils on. Tried a couple to see how they go on, and the kit decals seem to sit down nicely with no flash so it should be straightforward, if a little tedious to get that done.
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