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  1. It looks like you have a busy bee again Giorgio. The splitter plates look very nice indeed. As for the compressor fans, they look like a pig to do. Three kits on the go!!!! I have got to get back on the bench again, soon. Stay safe. Simon.
  2. A lovely job done there Alistair, a fine Wildcat. As for the next build???? Simon.
  3. Looking good from here Ced. As for the P.E., it can be a right pain, especially when once fitted it is not that easily viewable . Stay sane. Simon.
  4. Your Wildcat is looking great Alistair. Not so many "Stencils" to worry about either. Good to see the paint rack filling up, we all know how quick things run out, usually at the most inconvenient time!!!! Stay sane. Simon.
  5. Looks like you have been a busy bee Giorgio. Great to hear that you have had your first jab. I am due my second next Wednesday. You all stay safe. Simon.
  6. Take your time Tony, it has been a long haul so far. Take the time out to re-charge the batteries etc. Simon.
  7. Great to see you back on this build again Fozzy. Yes, you could say a bit of a hiatus but that`s life. Simon.
  8. Looking OK from here Giorgio. Plenty of decals to keep you bust once painted... Simon.
  9. Nice cave coming along there John. Keep safe. Simon.
  10. Getting there Alistair, primer (the coat of truth) on, and just a litlle fettling to do. Not bad. Keep up the good work mate. Simon.
  11. Coming along very nicely, balls painted or not. As for the disappearing clear part, well at least you found it, more can be said when similar happened to me. Simon.
  12. Oh look, a front row seat for a "Rhino" build. Popcorn and beers ready. Comfy chair beckons, bring it on. Simon.
  13. "Evening all." Well a Wildcat dear chap. And looks like you are doing a damn fine job there. I did the Airfix one and the U/C was fiddly to say the least. Yours looks just great. I will follow if I may. Simon.
  14. Another great build to add to the collection Giorgio. Looking forward to another Rhino???? Simon.
  15. Carry on Ced, you are doing fine job there. Still lots of parts to sand , prime paint stick etc. Simon.
  16. Nicely finished Johnny. As for clear colour over chrome, why not, I do. Off to mustang alley now I suppose. Simon.
  17. Yeah, fiddly bits, the best part of them is half of them won`t get seen. But we still paint them and stick them in place don`t we. All looking good from here Ced. Glad the social life has started. Simon.
  18. Excellent work Tony. Now with a lick of paint on it looks fantastic. As for the hedge , we live in a flat 5 floors up so not even a window box to worry about. Simon.
  19. Nicely done, and finished Alistair. Great to see her in RFI sir. Simon.
  20. There could be a battle between you and @CedB for speed building. Big Mustang on the horizon... Simon.
  21. Well Ced, I am late on parade again (Been of line for a few days, I.T. free ) If I may I would like to sit in on this one dear chap. I have both the "F" and "G" versions by Revell plus the Airfix "G" as well. Some very handy pics and tips here. Simon.
  22. Excellent build Giorgio. Looking forward to seeing her in RFI. Maybe a "J" version ? Simon.
  23. Not far from the finishing line now Alistair. All looks good from this part of the world. Simon.
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