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  1. Thats setting the bar very high !
  2. Looks great although I think it would have tasted better in a tortilla one
  3. Oh that's really annoying, but please don't judge the kit on this false start, it's going to be a cracker ! Cheers Pat
  4. Goodness me @Erwin, I was blooming impressed with the 1/24 Spitfire Floatplane in another GB, this is even bigger ! If you carry on at this rate will we see a 1/2 scale B-17 in the Christmas Blitzbuild in December ? Cheers Pat
  5. No I'm going to take the moral high ground and just compliment H on his eggstrordinarily good taste in kits Cheers Pat
  6. Oh boy, how many times have i said that ! Good luck with the build cheers Pat
  7. I protest, this is a shocking slur, @trickyrich made me do it !
  8. Hi Wez Are you trying to cover as many of the kits Heller produced over the time in question ? During the Frog GB we struggled to get anything other than aircraft built as the other stuff are becoming rare now days. The Airfix GB however had all sorts of stuff from pontoon bridges to garden birds ! Dont forget to have a look at the WIP and ready for inspection on cars, tanks boats etc parts of BM, lots of potential Heller kits there as well. cheers Pat
  9. Great to see this one taking shape, amazing to think as nippers we would have had this thing finished in a weekend ! cheers Pat
  10. A see through Helicopter now thats different ! Looks great, good luck with the build cheers Pat
  11. Whilst attaching the wings I noticed one the horizontal stabilisers at a strange angle so it was removed and is now being glued back on. This will now require filing as whilst the alignment is correct there is a big gap to fill, also other gaps that will need attention are around most of the clear parts and the main wing to fuselage joints. So more filing, then repainting, a few bits still to glue on which I have resisted doing as the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I've managed to break off both front machine guns already, fortunately found before the carpet monster found them. Cheers Pat
  12. Hi Toby Thanks very much, the Yellow is Humbrol 69 and the Green is Revell 360. This is entirely based on what looked right and what i had available ! Cheers Pat
  13. Absolutely I get to play bad cop most of the time on GBs.......and at work when I think about it !
  14. Good morning Patrice I recently found an Esci Valentine tank in the stash I had forgotten all about, as I haven't built anything armoured since I was a nipper this might be just the opportunity to build it ? Did the Valentine have the same camo scheme as the Matilda with the areas of light blue ? Cheers Pat
  15. Hi Wez You could try looking at various French builds here on BM, Aircraft section "WIP and Ready for Inspection" a must and whilst admiring someone else's work casually drop in a reference to this GB to encourage people to build a simular subject in the GB.... I might have done this for the Frog Squad GB Cheers Pat
  16. Congratulations Arnold You have done a classic kit proud, looks the business Cheers Pat
  17. Wonderful work Dennis I have to say I hate this multiple layering of decals, if I want to fit roundals I don't want to be doing target practice trying to score a bullseye with the middle colour ! Apologies rant over Your hawks look the business and an aircraft I have overlooked for far too long ! Cheers Pat
  18. Congratulations Davey Your Botha is looking a treat, I think you are a yellow paint magician, I end up putting mine on with a roller it needs that many coats ! You are in danger of making some people build their Contrail version of this aircraft, keep up the good work. Cheers Pat
  19. Hi Johnny Really great that you have joined us. Good luck with both the kit and especially the relocation. When you say high north, whereabouts on the planet are you moving back to ? You could always make up a "travel pack" for the kit, I use an old ice cream container keep the kit a few tools paint glue etc in. This allows me to do some modelling if I am staying away from home up in sweltering Caithness. Good luck on the job front too, and I hope that resolves itself quickly. Cheers Pat
  20. I just checked out the Scalemates link, this kit has had so many reboxings over the years I must never have left the marketing / art department ! To my shame I've never built a Fujimi kit, although I do have a few in the stash, so a timely reminder to right that wrong. Good luck with this one Cheers Pat
  21. Ha Ha, that exactly what I was wondering ! I do hope you are doing the stripy one ? Cheers Pat
  22. Blimey a quick gloss varnish topcoat, no need to paint it job done ! Cheers Pat
  23. Goodness me, apologies for being away, I've started co-hosting the Choppers, Autogyro and VSTOL GB so actual building time has suffered. So masked up the canopy Nearly forgot about the 2 green fuselage stripes so more masking And of course as the wing chevron doesn't come as a decal, yet more masking ! A bit of leakage but no too bad Canopy on but filler required Finally and old tip on not losing bits inside the fuselage, a bit of tape on it allows it to be moved around easily without it dropping in. I learned this lesson the hard way as an apprentice working on a transformer and dropped a spanner in the tank, we had to pump all the oil out with a Castrol tanker then a crane to lift the windings and core out. I always tied a spanner to my wrist with cotton tape after that ! Wings on tomorrow Cheers Pat
  24. After the trouble I got in over shades of Orange for my Renzan build, you paint it whatever colour you like sir ! And Dennis, I think you are right about them being in service, I can't say anymore..... Cheers Pat
  25. Hi Lewis Looks a lovely detailed kit, and the RAAF colour scheme is very striking Good luck with the build cheers Pat
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