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  1. Whilst waiting for paint to dry on the Chinese P-38, I did a bit on this one. First of all, the kit actually dated from 1969 see below Then a bit of painting. I read the cockpit interior is black, well it certainly is now and the wheel-wells should be silver. Now to find some lead for the nose Cheers Pat
  2. I knew it would happen, I broke the nose wheel off ! So I drilled out the leg and fuselage and used a piece of copper wire to join the 2, much stronger Cheers Pat
  3. So I put the stripes on the tail tonight using decals..... Yes they are the wrong colour as they should be close to the same shade of blue in the insignia. Looks like I'll have to paint them on after all.
  4. Ouch, I was hoping everyone had forgotten about that one, thanks Scott you're a true mate Cheers Pat
  5. Looks great V-P First rule of Engineering, never read the instructions let alone follow them ! Cheers Pat
  6. Hi JR Great to see the return of this one. To be fair, this one has had more come backs than Frank Sinatra Best of luck mate Cheers Pat PS there is the Salty Sea Dog GB in 2023 as a contingency plan..... Just saying
  7. By the side, it has a little trolley to sit on. Still working on my P-38 then back on here
  8. Can I throw my hat into the ring with Breda 88. Originally so fast it set speed records, however once loaded up with Military kit it was so pedestrian it was a death trap in service. It was so bad, it ended up being parked in conspicuous places on airfields to attract any attackers attention to save better aircraft from harm ! Cheers Pat
  9. Looks the business Alexey, it has that Italian way of looking like its going really fast even when standing still. Congratulations mate. Cheers Pat
  10. Hi Pete Definitely do the Mistel if it's allowed. The bad news is I had a go at the PM 154 years ago and it's a shocker, I have no idea where I put it unfinished, so the therapy must be working ! Best of luck mate. Cheers Pat
  11. Great stuff Pete Can't recall the opportunity of seeing both 335's together, they both look the business, congratulations. Cheers Pat
  12. Great stuff Pete The Arado is such a spectacular looking aircraft, and being a Frog kit, you've got me hooked Best of luck. Cheers Pat
  13. Great stuff Pete I really like the look of the 188, and your colour scheme suits it perfectly congratulations mate Cheers Pat
  14. Great to see you on here mate, but disappointed with the lack of rigging options on your lightning Best of luck. Cheers Pat
  15. Hi Martin Great see the return of this one, best of luck. Cheers Pat
  16. Hi Pete No you are right I didn't. I should really include it here, although it will start to look like a Mitsubishi back catalogue ! Cheers Pat
  17. Great progress @gamevenderand what's not to like about seeing a Rareplanes kit getting built. If you want some more Meteor motivation, there is a Meteor Single Type Group Build currently taking place here on BM, link below. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/775-gloster-meteor-stgb/ Best of luck Cheers Pat
  18. Thinking outside the box a bit here V-P but would a BM-13 Katyusha be OK for this GB ? Cheers Pat
  19. I haven't forgotten about this one honest, it's just with unfinished builds all over the place I'd like to start and finish this one in one go rather than ending up with another uncompleted build ! Cheers Pat
  20. That looks the business, congratulations Cheers Pat
  21. Looks like the olive drab is going to need more than one coat. The undercarriage is on, it sits at all the correct angles and is able to withstand the amount of lead I've put in, so it's not a tailsitter ! The canopy has come up lovely and Klear, sorry couldn't resist it ! So I'll need to put a pilot in that great big open space of a cockpit, full of 1970s detail ! Cheers Pat
  22. Thanks V-P The kit I have is an unbranded resin kit ( easy @trickyrichdon't get over excited) and I believe after market decals. And yes the RS version would have been much simpler Cheers Pat
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