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  1. Stroll on I'm beginning to think i should paint the blooming thing silver with American markings and have done with it ! Without wishing to offend anyone, find fault with anyones paints, background colour for photos ( kitchen worktop in my case) or any other variable. Can I please just say the following, of the few of these I have seen built and of what appears to be a colour photo of one it looks more orange than either red or yellow to my untrained eye. As someone who has always held the belief that the person building the kit ultimately decides if it's wheels up or down, weathered or not, decal options etc. Can I ask that we put all personal opinions to one side and I will paint it orange as that is how I imagine the aircraft to look like. I'm sorry if this appears to be a carnal sin in the eyes of those who are steeped in the history of Japanese training aircraft but I hope you can see past my colour choice to the build as a whole and it will in no way impact your enjoyment of the rest of the Frog Squad GB. Kindest regards Pat
  2. Found over the weekend, this kit had been previously started before I got it. As there is a Finnish version available it would be just plain rude not to dedicate it to my mate and our Co-host V-P @vppelt68 Pictures below Goodness only knows if I'll get a chance to finish it but fingers crossed ! cheers Pat
  3. Hi Matt Thanks very much im pleased with how it turned out. Cheers Pat
  4. Yes back on line via phone but iPad isn't playing ball. I can't seem to find how I report the error message on post #1 on this thread via my phone. If someone can do this for me it would be greatly appreciated. Also I found F205 the Do17 in the stash, very tempting to start another build thread with Finnish markings, goodness knows if I'll ever finish them in time ! Cheers Pat
  5. Charlie Do you know what the drop tanks look like size etc. I recently was given someone spares box, so might be able to help. Cheers Pat
  6. Brilliant well done John Delighted to see such an iconic aircraft joining us. Cheers Pat
  7. I have no idea why this is, I wasn't aware I was in any more trouble than usual ! It was a link back to Ades original thread which was the catalyst for starting this GB. I will report it to a grown up when I get in tonight. Cheers Pat
  8. Hi Charlie Please see the link below, the Hasegawa and Frog kit are the same one. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f273-hawker-siddeley-harrier-grmk1--162486 Now I think this poor Harrier has waited long enough, even green stuff should have gone hard by now, time to finish it ! cheers Pat
  9. Great stuff Charlie Welcome to the Frog Squad GB, nothing I like more than a kit rescue, especially a Frog one ! If you have anything missing pop a request on the wanted section of BM. You might need 100 posts to do that, but if not people on this GB seem to have a way of rallying round and helping each other out. cheers Pat
  10. Great stuff Steve Love the Storch, but goodness knows how you did the camouflage ! cheers Pat
  11. During the recent Trainer Group Build here on BM, I decided to build my Magna Hawker Henley. This is only the second Resin kit I have every built, but if you want to build a Henley, you only have this one or the Formaplane vacform. This is the Work in Progress Please let me know what you think cheers Pat

    Yak-3 F311

    Great to see this one joining the list of builds. Not one I'm familiar with but I very much look forward to watching it progress. cheers Pat
  13. It's an affliction all too many of us suffer from ! Safe travel catch up soon cheers Pat
  14. Hi JR Im having a bit of trouble wrapping the Emily flying boat and the 1/16 scale e-type jaguar, I'll get them to you as soon as I can ! cheers Pat
  15. Great to have you with us especially with another Beaufort. Great thing about not having decals is you can make any aircraft you want, so what's not to like ! I have the same kit moulded in the same "glow in dark green" it was made by Encore, see below https://www.scalemates.com/kits/encore-models-1009-bristol-beaufort-ii--161541 Good luck with the build, nice rescue, I think he may have take $1.50 if you had pushed him ! cheers Pat
  16. No point in it being in the Stash Chris, there's always room for another Widow especially a Frog one !
  17. Do we have to wait for you to finish this before building the Emily in the Frog Squad GB ? Nice work mate
  18. Absolutely, it's your kit, variety is the spice of life. Im trying to encourage an Israeli BM member to join us at the moment he's got a Hornet as well, which is going to have some potentially interesting markings. Look forward to seeing how this one goes cheers Pat
  19. He's the one driving the forklift truck
  20. Build threads now onto 5th page ! Well done everyone
  21. A very warm welcome to the Frog Squad GB. Great choice, tbere may be decals available if yours is a novo version. Good luck with the build Cheers Pat
  22. Lovely work Mike I'm feeling very guilty about not finishing my Hotspur in the Trainers GB. Keep up the god work ! Cheers Pat
  23. Ive been experimenting with some colours First up the external Japanese training colour, this looks orange on any pictures I've seen however I bought the colourcoats Japanese trainer yellow orange and the modelcolor clear orange, both of which have been quoted as the correct colour. As you can see from the picture below there is one heck of a difference ! The orange calms down a lot when it's dry and certainly looks closer to all the pictures I've seen. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated cheers Pat
  24. Great Steve, I'm really looking forward to seeing this one built https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f288-messerschmitt-bf-109-e--161556 We haven't seen many of the 1/32 scale aircraft yet in the GB cheers Pat
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