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  1. Great idea getting this kit for the decal option, probably cheaper than replacement decals plus an extra kit to build, result ! cheers Pat
  2. I'm sure you can find an answer to the current problem, you are so close to finishing this one Best of luck. Cheers Pat
  3. I believe Prince Philip drove an MGTC when he was courting her majesty so that's an option. Alternatively So if I can't find a model of a Corgi, I'll build an MGB instead. Cheers Pat
  4. Congratulations @Wezanother one for the big Bunfight later on
  5. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier Tony we have been finishing building an Ark in the garden
  6. Looks terrific Dave, just how we used to build them. Are you going to smear glue on the canopy later ? Cheers Pat
  7. I'm not sure Dave and I could survive a year of hosting, if anyone wants to prove it can be done please be my guest ! Best of luck with the Lightning it's going to look great Cheers Pat
  8. Trying not to be jealous of the ideal weather to paint stuff in. If you need anything Jet washed you have my address Cheers Pat
  9. Great yellow Steve, looks the business already mate Cheers Pat
  10. Looking great Scott What's not to like about a Harrier, especially when it's molded in British Standard Beige ! On the home stretch mate, and no rigging Cheers Pat
  11. I believe that's called patina in classic car circles Tony Best of luck with this one The temptation to add to the stash is overwhelming isn't it, not just in kits either.... I've just added a 1966 MGBGT to my fleet, did I need it ? No, but it needed rescuing , no one tell Mrs Jockney ! Cheers Pat
  12. Blimey Dennis, looks like you've got a fight on your hands and I thought the painting was going to be the tricky bit ! Show it who's boss mate Cheers Pat
  13. So the Ohka is painted, yes now grey ! And to quote Frank Spencer "Oh Betty" I've started on the G4M1 Betty bomber. The instructions say a dark green interior so I've been really lazy and let well alone ! The decals are absolutely shocking, even after being submerged in water for 20 minutes I had to use a paint brush to try to persuade the decal to leave the backing paper. The results were as expected a fractured mess ! However@Stew Dapplehas come to my rescue for the Betty, and I think I can salvage enough of the bits for the Ohka. Note to self building ancient kits can be great for nostalgic reasons but decals don’t always survive as well as the plastic Cheers Pat
  14. Apologies, just realised I hadn't posted pictures of the kit before I started so here's an up date. As you can see, lots of loose parts, no doubt bits missing but that's all part of the challenge. Cheers Pat
  15. Congratulations Adrian, that has really turned out really really well, amazing how different it looks with the colour change. Cheers Pat
  16. Great to see these two progressing, the CC.3 is looking terrific, and I'm sure the CC.2 will too. Cheers Pat
  17. Hi @Jobbie Congratulations on finishing your Victor, as Mike said it is an inspiration to those of us with one in the stash. Please put some pictures (max 5) of your finished build in the Gallery, if you haven’t done it before just look at what others have done. To help the Mods (Dave and I) if you could please edit your first post on this thread just edit the title with finished / completed so Dave can update his stats. Absolutely delighted to see this one finished Cheers Pat
  18. Great stuff Erik Your attention to detail will really make a difference when it's finished. I've every confidence in you to finish this one in time for inclusion the Galley Cheers Pat
  19. Great to see this one progressing. I had to go back and admire your canapés whoop sorry canopies Cheers Pat
  20. @jeanwill be in for a nice surprise this Christmas, but let's keep that a secret between ourselves He loves a challenge cheers Pat
  21. Don't sit on the fence AW, tell it how it is
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