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  1. Big push today to get those projects finished, good luck everyone Cheers Pat
  2. A little teaser to show I have been making progress, assisted by Luka our Ragdoll kitten Cheers Pat
  3. Congratulations Ratch Delighted to see this one finished Cheers Pat
  4. Big push this weekend to finish this one' going to be touch and go Thank goodness i bought a masking kit ! Canopy fit issues hence still doing some more filler work So, list still to do Fit, - Props, torpedos, dorsal clear parts. Remove, - masking Paint - green splodges Klear coat, Decals, Klear coat Wish me luck ! Cheers Pat
  5. Thanks very much John The LeO 45 was a lovely looking aircraft, so they could do it when they wanted to ! Its definitely put me in the mood to build some of the other distinctive aircraft of the same period, Potez 540 and Bloch 210, come to mind...... Again a bit of a curve free zone ! cheers Pat
  6. Goodness me, having not long ago finished reading a book about the exploits of these guys, this is an amazing tribute to these brave men, congratulations Cheers Pat
  7. Thanks very much Jerzy. First go with a rattle spray can since I was a teenager, delighted some of the paint also stuck to the model ! Cheers Pat
  8. Well done Steve I feel very inadequate looking at what you have achieved, congratulations mate Cheers Pat
  9. Congratulations your Blenheim looks the business and so nice to know I'm not the only one who gets additional pleasure from building a kit which, initially turns out incomplete then ways are found to recover the situation leaving you with a far greater sense of achievement at the end Cheers Pat
  10. Looks the business Jerzy and I'm very jealous of your collection. I wonder what the idea behind the strange shaped fuselage was ? Cheers Pat
  11. Caudron - Renault C635 "Simoun" Another one from the current Heller Classic GB. If I had to pick one kit that would be instantly recognisable as Heller, this is the one I would choose. This particular aircraft is the C635 with which Doret and Micheletti attempted the Paris-Tokyo journey in January 1937 in less than 100 hours. This attempt came very close but ultimately failed due to difficult weather conditions. Historically the colour might not be correct, but this was the way Heller intended it so, that's good enough for me ! It definitely the
  12. I think Novo made the decals for Progateam, which explains the adverse reaction to water ! Cheers Pat
  13. Great stuff Greg I really like the family history associated with this build, it will make it all the more special. Best of luck Cheers Pat
  14. It's a Huey, IMHO the most iconic chopper ever built. Best of luck Cheers Pat
  15. Best of luck Stu, what's not to like about a Tiffy Cheers Pat
  16. Great to see this one on here, I've never built a Centurion, this isn't helping the already too big stash at all ! Best of luck Cheers Pat
  17. Great stuff Davey Much bigger aircraft than I expected when I built my own. Cheers Pat
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce another of the builds from the current Heller Classic GB, the Amiot 143. I always was a sucker for good looks, so this one was irresistible ! Painted in Chocolate paint with a cream interior, what else instantly comes to mind but a Chocolate Eclair. Work in progress below I hope you like it Great fun to build, let me know what you think. cheers Pat
  19. Look on the bright side, I was reckless enough to build a Unicraft kit in the recent Blitzenbuild GB, at least you can still see your kit under the filler ! Its coming along a treat Now you did put enough weight in the nose, didn't you ? Cheers Pat
  20. Please listen to Jeroen, he's the "Good Cop" you'll never guess who gets to be "Bad Cop" Cheers Pat
  21. Put me down for a Halifax, to my shame I've never built one so this is long overdue ! Cheers Pat
  22. Thanks @Enzo Matrix I actually only build in GB's due to having far too many subjects that I'm interested in. It's an honour and privilege to be one of your Mods on these GBs, and to continue to encourage others to join a GB for the first time. The great thing is that some of the recent GBs have encouraged a far more diverse set of build subjects out with aircraft which is long overdue. Keep up the good work we are right behind you Cheers Pat
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