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  1. They look gorgeous, so much better than the kit parts! Karl
  2. That’s a stunning looking Wurger! Loving the weathered look. Karl
  3. This looks interesting! Great to see a forgotten element of WWII getting some attention. I built the Mirage 1/48 PZL 24 about 12 years ago. Lovely little kit, but requires a bit of care. Karl
  4. Lovely job on the splinter scheme. I always find myself using acres of Tamiya tape when doing these schemes though. Karl
  5. Those decals look amazing! Lovely progress on the rest of the build as well. Karl
  6. FHeather great progress on the 111! I built the subject of your inspiration about 10 years ago from the Hasegawa kit, again nacelles and bomb doors were as awful fit. I dealt with the dismember by spraying on a coat of Tamiya acrylic NATO black using Tamiya thinners rather than my usual cellulose thinners, as it is less grabby. I then let it dry for a short period, probably not more than 30 minutes so it didn’t get a chance to cure, then went over it with a 3600 grit Micromesh cloth and plenty of water, scuffing the black particularly around high contact points on the airframe., before giving it all a coat of flat. Finally managed to add pics! Karl
  7. That looks truly stunning! You’ve done a great gob on the fuselage mottling. Karl
  8. That looks amazing! Love the NMF. Makes me want to finish my 1/72 iteration. Karl
  9. Interested to see how this develops. When I saw reference to printing I immediately thought paper! D’oh! Not very 21st century of me. Karl
  10. Looking forward to seeing how this one builds up. Spotted the kit when it came out, and fancied that immediately. Karl
  11. An absolutely immaculate Tatra 603 in gloss black on a trailer this afternoon. One of my all time favourite cars, so cool. Karl
  12. I spotted an XJ6 coupe in full 70’s purple on the back of a recovery truck. Didn’t look like it had moved in a while as it was covered in green algae. In much better shape was a Mk2 Capri alongside an early Mustang on someone’s drive, and shortly after a very tidy Volvo Amazon saloon. My mate had an orange Toledo as his first car back in the late 80s and decided to Armorall the interior..... .....no seatbelts in the back, so guess who slid from side to the other every time went round a corner! Karl
  13. Three classics on the M25 and M40 this evening: Original Lotus Elan Late model Alpha Spyder Jensen CV8 And this morning on the M40 an MGA, and not forgetting the Volvo P1800 in the office car park! Karl
  14. Must have been McLaren day today as I saw 3 MP4s on the M25 and M40, along with a Lamborghini Huracan. As long as the moderns, a Rover P5 and a Hillman Super Minx convertible. Karl
  15. A white Citroen Traction Avant in Sunbury this afternoon and a Lamborghini Miura on the M40. Karl
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