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  1. andy wood

    Telford 2019

    Haven’t been for a couple of years, but wow! I have never seen it so packed! I am sure I have missed a lot simply because I just walked on by as it was so crowded! Nice to see the Mach 2 and Icelandic VC10s (the latter gets my vote), and the Airfix Vulcan, but that Wnw Lanc....! i don’t think I have seen so many entries in the competition, and the standards were the highest I had ever seen! The show is so big now I think I am going to have to make it a 2 day event next year!
  2. I had a look at both the Mach 2 and Alan’s VC10 models at Telford, and I have to say I think Icelandic have got it right. £40 price difference between the two (£80 and £120 respectively) I would happily spend the 40 quid extra to get what I think is a better product
  3. That is the pack I am going for. Just need another of the blue grey ‘ wipes’ container and bits for the exhaust port
  4. Thank you HL-10. Have you got any of your kit still?
  5. Hello all Here a a couple of Star Wars Stormtrooper DLT-19s I have made from scratch , and is subject of a wip here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046346-dlt-19s-or-are-they-mg34s/ I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed making them!
  6. Hello there Ooops Fixed Butt plate and screw in place Final filling around butt and buffer release catches. The Lafette tripod lugs are from Sharpie pens Some of the grub screws in place
  7. I thank Plasto for the information given, but I found the opening paragraph of the second post hinted that I was being lazy in not researching when what I thought was asking was a simple straightforward question. I am not knowledgeable on AFV matters so that is why I asked here, where the experts are.
  8. I take offence to that condescending remark. What do you think I have been doing?? It’s because I have not found the answer that I have come on here to ask!
  9. Ok I am even more confused. The list states that the 167 had the stuk 40, but according to wiki, ALL Stug IVs has this
  10. Can any of you knowledgeable peeps tell me what the difference was between a a Stug IV Sd kfz 163 and a Stug IV Sd. Kfz167? Also the Tamiya kit comes with an MG42, but all photos of the real thing show an MG34. Is either acceptable?
  11. It is a lovely little kit. I was quite taken by the moulding in the u/c legs. The only mods I made to my kit was to separate and split the airelons and drop the beaver tail. I had more fun masking and painting the various greys
  12. They do. The rear sight, anti aircraft sight mount and the foresight!
  13. Hello all This is my representation of XM496 Regulus, which is on display down the road from me at Kemble. I used the Roden kit and decals from TwoSix. A nice kit, but it does need a bit of work to convert it into a RAF machine, the main thing being adding a Green Saturn Doppler radar fairing under the belly. I needed to add double skinning around the cargo and freight doors, and do a complete re scribe. The inner flaps are the wrong shape, so had to be altered, and I added a bit of plumbing to the u/c legs. Although shown in the instructions, the aileron hings fairings were missing, so these were added, as where the flap fairings on the upper wing and altered on the elevators. The engine nacelles were missing NACA inlets, and some inlets and outlets were in the wrong place or need reshaping, I also added the lights behind the nacelles that illuminated the wing leading ledge to inspect for ice. Various aerials and vents were added to the fusealage. I am greatly indebted to the people who keep this lady in fine shape. They were an immense help when I spent hours with a tape measure and going over their collection of technical books
  14. Sorry for the updates but I have had to wait for fair weather periods during the winter months as I have to use my power sanders outside. Anyway here is where we are now Top feed covers This will make up the sides of the receiver (eg the main body) The first of the DLT specific features Making the butt plate Charging handle (courtesy of a £4.99 torch from argos) Not happy with the grips on the pistol plates, i made new ones with corrugated plasticard instead
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