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  1. I was trying to work out why it did not look quite right. Thanks
  2. andy wood

    DLT-19s or are they MG34s?

    No. Apart from the bipod and rear sights, it is all scratch built. It has come to a halt though as I am waiting for a dry day to do some more sawing outside to make the top feed covers
  3. andy wood

    DLT-19s or are they MG34s?

    Here are a couple of photos of some components I have made. They are : pistol grip plate, rear pistol grip mount, triggers, safety catches, and dust covers for ejector chutes. The metal discs are to go on the left grips, and are the first DLT-19 specific item. The trigger was dual purpose. The 'E' stood ' Einzelfeuer' for which meant semi automatic fire, and the D stood for Dauerfeuer , which meant fully automatic fire
  4. andy wood


    Thanks for all your kind comments. The cockpit was heavily modified to reflect how it should look like. The wood was done using watercolour pencils, blended together and then various Tamiya clear coats of yellow, orange and smoke
  5. andy wood


    They are from Aviattic
  6. Well, i dont' t really know where to put this. Do they go into the military bit, but that is for tanks and things, or do they go hear, even though they are real, up until a certain point? 'What the hell is he on about?', you may ask. Basically I have got into 'trooping', aka as 501st Legion, and have a Stormtrooper outfit which I am currently putting through to get authorised. My long term goal is to convert it into a Sandtrooper outfit, which will require BlastTech DLT-19 blaster. Or in real terms an MG34 machine gun, with T section strips on the barrel, a box on the side, and a disc on the left pistol grip. So I have decided to build one from scratch, using plastic tubing, wood and other odds and ends. Here is where we are so far (I am making 2, one for a friend)
  7. andy wood


    Well good evening all I suppose it has been a year since I posted anything on here. I have been lurking abut though, honest. Now I am not sure I have posted this model before, so apologise if I have. This is my third WNW kit, but the first one I purchased. By WNW own admission that it is not their most accurate kit, do to limited info back than which is now freely available , mainly thanks to the French Memorial Flight Association. For me the main issue, was the cockpits, which were missing an awful of equipment. Formers and stringers were missing, instrument boards were either the wrong shape or placed at the wrong angle , and that is were most of my time was spent! Any way, hope you like it.
  8. Those decals can be saved. Tape them to a window and let the sun get rid of the yellowing for a few days
  9. andy wood

    Tiger Moth to Fox Moth

  10. andy wood

    Tiger Moth to Fox Moth

    Just in the middle of a WNW tube and then I will start
  11. andy wood

    This One's Personal: 1/32 Tiger Moth

    I have had a look in my spares and all i can find are the pilots. I will have another look, (I swear blind I have the engine. u/c legs, etc) but in the meantime, as I am going my kit to a Fox Moth, I am can give you the following from the missing frame: control column box, both instrument panels, both leather comings, the oil tank and one of the seats. If you want I will use the bulkheads as a pattern and make replacements out of plasticard if you want
  12. andy wood

    This One's Personal: 1/32 Tiger Moth

    I possibly have a lot of those missing bits in my spares box. I will have a look tomorrow and let you know
  13. andy wood

    Burgess-Dunne Floatplane

    Hey, that's great to see. Hope to see it (and you) in the flesh soon. Merry Christmas Mate!
  14. It will be a fokker dr1. Why? Because every box top that features an adversary is later modelled by WNW. . The Sopwith Dolphin kit features the said tripe on the lid