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  1. Looks great in that paint scheme
  2. One of my favourite designs from a show packed full of great designs,Great looking kit.
  3. First issued about 2011,which horrifyingly makes it about a decade old now,another kit that has been given a "spruce up" faces re-painted using oil paint,washes and extra details added,a very enjoyable experience all round. Removed the figures and added new washes to the base. Name plate given a semi gloss coat. The "Happy" couple The Bride The Groom B\W shots Thanks for looking in Andy
  4. Looking good,and instructive to boot,.........or foot
  5. Cracking paint job,nice to see an in flight scene
  6. Thanks for the feedback "Bride of Frankenstein" next
  7. Got a real soft spot for the 410,and that's a belter
  8. Great work on the job and spaceship,happy days
  9. After giving myself serious eye-strain on the Aliens mini figures,I went to the other extreme with a re-paint of my nearly 30 year old T2 figure as he was looking a bit battered and worn,a pretty large figure coming in at about 35cm. Looks like hes back........................................again Cheers.
  10. This is absolutely stunning,a really lovely looking model.
  11. Thanks all,appreciate it.Just about finished off the assets set,just waiting for the resin APC now Sentry guns and computer terminals,makes me want to listen to Kraftwerk for some reason Crates make good cover Omelette time The set came with six computers,eight crates,six eggs,two facehuggers and sentry guns,Ripley and Newt are from the Sulaco survivors set.
  12. Nope,not possible,admit it you used Photoshop to enlarge the coin and the match. Joking aside,these are brilliant.
  13. Just about to set up the RFI thread,last lot of figures for the first sets done.
  14. Minature sets for the "Another Glourious Day in the Corp" game,figure sets can be bought seperatly,sets range from about £20.00 down to about £12.00,so pretty good value I think,scale about 1/48th ish,human figures about 3.5cm,Aliens about 4cm,queen about 7cm and powerloader comes in at 6cm.My first serious crack at minature painting so learning as I go along. The Hive Still got a few more to do,will bung them in this thread when done Cheers
  15. Don't know how I missed this,but glad I've caught up,real sculpting skills on display,and a handy how to guide to boot.(should I ever pluck up the courage)
  16. In modelling terms i would say about 1/48th scale,off the base about 3.5 cm.
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