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  1. Looking absolutely fantastic,lovely paint work
  2. Thanks all, been working on weathering and detailing, just about 90% done, hopefully have her in the RFI section soon.
  3. My router decided to give up the ghost and shuffle off to internet heaven, Having been without the distraction of the internet, rapid progress made on the Dornier Getting masked up Getting some paint on As of this evening.
  4. Everything is better with a Raquel Welch in a fur bikini
  5. Great paint job,he's an unpleasant looking chap isn't he
  6. Has a couple of these knocking about, So decided to build up the un-boxed one, a bit "Dino old school" but at least it doesn't have teeth(And yes I'm looking at you Jurassic Park 3) Box Art tribute
  7. Looks like a busy little kit,great startWill deffo pick one up if reissued.
  8. Will be doing the version from 4./KG100 with the high demarcation line and side mottling, Well, That's the plan.it may change
  9. Thanks all for your comments No matter how I tried to "fettle" it, I really couldn't get the top fuselage to fit without an obvious "step" being visible, So placed some spacers in the fuselage to bow it out, seems to have worked. Unfortunately I seem to be heading towards the horror that is masking Did manage to pick up a mask set so should be less of a pain The engines just really snapped neatly into place
  10. Been cracking on with the interior, as my knowledge of the Do 217 is right on a par with my understanding of quantum physics the idea was to make it look busy, and not much will be visible once all closed up In situ I think the fuselage join may cause me some problems Still good fun being had
  11. A long time stash lurker gets revived due to a group build(Mainly so I can crib tips and find lots of info) Laid out in all its glory in my organized and tidy work area................................................ Will be doing the version from 4./KG100 with the high demarcation line and side mottling, Well, That's the plan.
  12. Would it be to late to join in ,I have the 1/48th Revell Do217E-5 in the stash giving me sad eyes Bought about 20 years ago in Modelzone Manchester sale for £9.99.
  13. Great save,looks smashing
  14. Many thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it.
  15. Revells really rather lovely U-Boat in 1/144th scale, the Das Boot 40th anniversary issue with the paints and a film poster, added the superb Youngs miniatures Captain bust to the mix, lovely clean casting and details. Have had a hankering to build a seascape, and thanks to you-tube I hit upon the "Tin foil and kitchen roll" method, extra wave and wake effects added using cotton wool liberally soaked in gloss varnish, all brush painted.
  16. Looks great with paint on ,although I always leave the head till last, or I get distracted, and you have a LOT of body to paint
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