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  1. 40 years since I crouched down in my Cinema seat thinking "Dont touch the bloody thing you Idiot" I can add Kane to my Alien collection,the head is a replacement with a better likeness ,scale is listed as 1/9th. Good wholesome modelling fun,though got a bit sweary when hollowing out for the lighting
  2. Ever had a "Nemesis" model or Kit? Ive had two,the He177 (Mpm and Airfix) and this huge resin kit I got about 300 years ago(Hyperbole much :),Late 90s),I think its been painted a least twice,and then re-primed and never finished,Well,Sod that for a game of soldiers,Am determined to finish it once and for all. * Wish me luck Im going in....................................................................... * Disclaimer \ may never get finished The protagonists The huge tree Im not sure but I think the sculptor,Simon Laurens may have realised too late he had the wrist blades on the wrong arm,so chucked in spare arms with the correct orientation,but it would decrease the dramatic effect so I stuck to the original plan Perhaps as a nod to the old Aurora kits the base has a snake and a spider on it,but I may cover with some foliage(oh,and a seperate frog Over the years its had a few knocks and bumps,and I will need to disguise the join with some Milliput work and foliage.While a bit rough and ready compared to the resin kits of today,its a true garage kit and not lacking in charm.
  3. Hi Will,its not clear from the piccys Ive posted but Arnies half way up the tree with the predators hand around his throat,so they are actually looking in each others eyes,its kind of romantic really!
  4. Hi Lee,got it from this guy in Canada,it took a while but turned up in one piece. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kane-replacement-Head-For-Polar-Lights-1-9-Alien/113021561279?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  5. Cheers HR,Ive applied a base coat and a wash of Ink and it looks to be matching up nicely,Admittedly I did have a "My God,What have I done" moment
  6. Cheers guys. In a pure moment of cack handiness I decided I didnt like the look of the base stuck on an old bit of shelving, So,In my infinite wisdom I took my jigsaw to it,Its fair to say It didnt improve the look much,So out came the modelling clay and Project "Wish Id never started "commenced. I see many repaints in my future Im starting to remember why it took so long to get round to doing this model.
  7. Carts

    Misfit 2 is finished

    Hey,Whatever floats your boat Joking aside,thats a really evocative diorama,puts me in mind of the floating city in Bioschock 3.
  8. Joining the base(and hoping it all matches up) Adding extra plants and features. Handsome fella!
  9. Little update. Been working on Dutch and Preddy.
  10. Not sure how this will pan out,Its one of those crazy Japanese "toy like" kits . The flying sub(see illustration above) needed a re-model as it looked like a different craft altogether.(also note the size of the crew in the Seaview!) Replaced the conning tower fins as they were too narrow No interior at all so knocked up a couple of decks,this is the eight window Seaview as seen in the original movie. The Seaview hull has a bow under the windows so had to alter the shape slightly Starts humming theme tune
  11. Mainly this week I have been painting pants A Bit of repair work on Preddys "hair" Trying out some plants to cover the snake and spider. "It it bleeds,We can paint it"
  12. Tiny perfection Andy,First class.
  13. Thanks Hr ,I believe this was the first run and was,luckily,hollow cast ,so its suprisingly light,later runs were solid. Shelfmageddon tis a terrible thing I have a vague recollection of the "not Arnold\not Predator" minature,I think I saw it in a model and collectors mart mag way back.
  14. Slime time is good time:) Looking nicely yucky.
  15. yep,its a converted figure,the likeness is a bit iffy,I may replace the head with a neca ripley. Original figure After surgery. The base was entirely scratch built.
  16. As requested,the collection my babies,In the man cave More man cave stuff. Living room,with obligatory IKEA display cabinets.
  17. Cheers Buddy! Thanks HR. Thanks Will,be careful what you wish for
  18. Why the big paws? Sorry ,couldnt resist,Very funny and well executed Dio,Nice one.
  19. bit more info here,its a terrific kit Thanks Chris,yep 40 years old this year,although in fairness it probably made it up(Lancaster) here around 1980.
  20. Tiny killer robots! Excellent work Will.
  21. Happy New year all,Hope you had a good Christmas,my astonishingly wonderful wife got me this beauty. The presentation and casting are top notch. quality bit of kit Goes together straight out of the box The Semi-Transparent alien egg is a nice touch The only real drawback is that John Hurts estate didnt OK his likeness,but with a bit of lighting I think it will look OK.
  22. Ok,Nearly done,need to repair the paint job in a couple of places due to rough handling when trying to get all the lighting in,base to tidy up and visor needs to be put in place,but looks to be about 95% done. Thanks for all the views and comments. Andy