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  1. After my brief flirtation on the Frog group build(Who am i kidding,I loved building 1/72 scale aircraft) I have returned with a couple of Alien figure re-paints,figures are about 4.5 ins tall,cast in resin,all base coated and re-painted Base colours based on the film of origin. Alien 1979 Aliens (1986) All together with the Alien 3 creature
  2. Carts

    Frog FW 190 A-3

    Well that escalated quicky ,all done and in the gallery.
  3. Frogs Vintage Fw 190 A-3 dating from 1959 this was the bagged version,no interior detail or wheel wells,no gun details on the upper cowling so replaced with a spare from the Hasegawa 190,all brush painted as i went full vintage,apart from this and the He219 I havnt built in 1/72 scale for yonks,I may have found a new obsession Been an absolute hoot,Thanks to the group hosts.
  4. Carts

    Frog FW 190 A-3

    Well,here it is,as it came,the donor part came from the old Hasegawa Fw 190 A kit,which luckily contained two fairings for an A-5 or A-7,and in fairness to frog its matches pretty well. After a bit of drastic surgery it now looks like this Pinched the Hasegawa pilot as well,the rest of the cockpit is just scrap plastic. Cheers! Andy
  5. Very nice 262,did the pilot come with the kit,he's a dead ringer for Revells standard pilot figure.
  6. Thanks Peter,I based the configuration om my old Tamiya 219 kit instructions.
  7. Carts

    Frog FW 190 A-3

    Well having had a look at it,i think i dodged a bullet back then absolutly no detail in the cockpit,no wheel wells ...at all,no upper guns on the cowling,wings look swept back,its a true horror,I see a lot of modification in my future.
  8. Saw this on E-Bay and couldn't really resist it,as i have a vivid memory of this kit way back when i was a kid,I was about 10 years old,walking back from another fruitful day,cultivating a serious case of existential guilt ,at Sacred Heart junior school in Blackburn,walking past the Newsagent(remember when you could buy model kits at Newsagents) I saw this Kit in the window,a review of my finances and future pocket money indicated a long wait,so i embarked on a campaign of neighbour harassment regarding car washing and odd jobs,it took nearly a week of graft to get the funds together,and each day walking back from school checking the shop window to check it was still available was torture.With my Saturday pocket money to top up my funds I headed to the shop,it was still there,with clammy hands I handed over the money and was away home with my prize. Once home I eagerly opened the bag,straight away i knew something was wrong,a missing lower wing! Oh the Horror! Straight back to the shop,yep,the only one they had,but they would get me a replacement,I handed over the Fw190 with a heavy heart.I then began a to make the poor newsagents life a misery by popping into the shop every day after school with the plaintive cry of "Is it here yet" after what seemed an eternity he greeted me with a beaming smile and handed over a package,What fresh calamity was this,a Zero! a Zero ! I didn't want a bloody Zero I wanted a fw 190,I was refunded my dosh and slunk of home.When I told my Dad he said not to worry he would take me into the toy shop in Blackburn and i could get a new model,So on the Saturday we set off,no Frog Fw at all,but they did have the Airfix D-9 so I reluctantly opted for that kit.Once home i opened my new kit................................................guess what,no canopy :0 My Dad ,seeing how disapointed I was rattled off a letter to Airfix,I think he may have used his works letter headed paper(he worked for the local paper) as within the week a package from Airfix turned up containing not only a spare canopy,but two other Fw d-9 kits,Instant squadron! I never did build or own the frog Fw190,well that particular 47 year period of delayed gratification ends now. Right, just off to check the number of wings!
  9. All done and in the gallery
  10. He 219 Uhu,spurious markings and paint job,but makes up into a nice little model.
  11. Getting to the finish line with this vintage kit,I have freed myself from the tyranny of accuracy and am painting this kit how I would have painted it as a kid(except,perhaps a bit better,and with a tad more patience)
  12. Found a few old Frog kit headers I had stashed away in my "archive" When I say archive I really mean old folders full of stuff i like.:) Thought they may be useful to some of the group members. Ive scanned and cropped to put images in the correct rotation for ease of viewing. And finally my contribution. Cheers Andy
  13. Hi Martin,not clear I'm afraid,But plan to fit a clear piece over it.
  14. Looks suitably creepy and weird Will,thats the scenery,not your good self
  15. Looks great Pete,fantastic kit bash skills on display.
  16. I see your Plan 9 saucer and add a bit of 50's Sci-fi Goodness.
  17. A wee bit more progress on the Uhu All masked(aaarrgh) and primed. Given a quick topcoat of dark grey then applied maskol,then a spray of tamiya rattle can luftwaffe blue(which ironically I bought when i built the Tamiya 219 a fair few years ago) As predicted the masking didnt go to well so some brush work will be required.
  18. Is that one of those stands that you could screw onto the wall with the pivoting connector PeterB? I recall back in the mid seventies getting a Dornier "Arrow" Nightfighter kit with one of those stands ,not seen one for yonks! Progress on the Uhu Masking,God,I hate masking ,the Devils fetid bumhole of modelling,a task that appears so simple,yet I never get it right maybe this time eh! Had to replace a rear stabilizer as ,despite my Man cave being a bit on the small side,when my Uhu tried to live up to its manufactuers name,instead of "flying right off the ground",it "nosedived right onto the carpet",off pinged said part,could I find it? I could not. Despite this,Im really enjoying building a real "Old School" kit.
  19. kit-bashed some pars from the spares box to try to create a busier looking cockpit ,mind you you cant get more basic than the supplied item! added some plastic card to tidy up the gaping holes,although nothing could be done about the person shaped blobs that pass for the pilots. Looks a bit better under the canopy.
  20. Love a bit of Ymir,and this is a cracker!
  21. Hi Chris,its a very unusual bit of box art isnt it ,the glare of the bomb blast and the searchlights in the background,its really very evocative. Got one in the stash,and a built up Tamiya 1/48th scale ,but what started my fasination with the 219 was a built up frog version of the kit that a mates older brother had on his dressing table,Never managed to get one when I was a nipper,but bought the one Im building about 5 years ago on e-bay for a fiver. Would love to see it Charlie,love vintage kits.
  22. Well found this lurking at the back of a dusty shelf,what better reason to have a bash than for a group build. Ancient parchment from the last century Bag still sealed,although a few pieces off the sprue. 38p price tag . As others have noted,the cockpit area is very bare indeed,will just try to "busy it up" with bits from the spares box,intend to follow the original paint scheme with spurious white cowlings and spinners,this is going to be fun! Andy
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