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  1. A whole lot of chopping going on here! Well done for perseverance and spotting all the detail. A simple Beetle turns out to be no such thing!
  2. There's an awful lot of very nice detail going into this one. Very impressive. If anyone is ever out near Feltwell, it's worth popping into the pub. oddly it's called Wellington. Lots of Memorabilia in there, including an old Airfix Wellington box. And there's a very nice hand Painted Aerodrome Mural on the wall outside. Guess who used to deliver the cask beer... The old RAF married quarters on the edge of the village are still being used, so some of the old Airfield buildings can be seen too.
  3. When given the option to phone a friend, Surely you could have thought of someone else? Mad King George for instance? It'll all end in tears... So now we'll obviously expect freshly starched sheets on the bunks (At least one with a teddy to cuddle) And 1/72nd scale Loo roll in the Kharzi!
  4. It should be pale grey. It sometimes came unstuck on the RAF Tucanos. It got restuck with what was essentially super sticky clear bathroom sealant!
  5. Crikey! That is very impressive indeed. I hope you had lots of curious passers by, and a great day.
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