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  1. Welcome aboard sir Happy modeling saluti dai Paesi Bassi e benvenuto in famiglia
  2. Yes that's what I like to do . Taking Old models apart . Pete you're progress is fine indeed bis bis .
  3. Well hello there butiful spaceship looking very nice indeed . Stunning work there Pete.
  4. The problem I am facing now is that I too enthusiastic about my build. I have A Ton of cool material that I could attach But then it will be Overkill; mathematically visual, not good so I need to go back to the simplicity as Japanese model builders do I will start taking pictures en show them to you ( the overkill situation ) But for now thanks and till soon Gr Francis
  5. two years ago bought a few old drawings and seven old Airfix models on the Friday flea market in Liege Belgium.
  6. Hello good evening the last few days I tried something, it is still attached to the tape. I first want to come up with an interior, but that is for later I think this will take a long time, well, I am fine off the street too.
  7. hello photon nice that you respond, indeed I recognize your model that looks good; Ian Mcque is a particularly beautiful subject. I used to draw a lot of sci-fi in my teens and built many models, often trucks. I wanted to build a model of one of my favourites (Simon Stalhag https://www.simonstalenhag.se/ but I don't dare to do that maybe after this model, who knows. nice to meet you Photon. gr francis
  8. nice to see how the modeling world has grown in the last 40 years. I would have liked this as a birthday present in the past. the models are getting better and nowadays you can already 3D print from home.
  9. great to see how you let your imagination run wild. I also like to have no limits in modeling anything is possible anything is allowed as long as you have fun.
  10. my heart is warm with what a beautiful piece of work ... love it
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