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  1. Elton John, Love lies bleeding. And earlier, Bob Seger, Against the wind
  2. Sang the chocolate squirrels (Does Yorkshire man get a penguin then? )
  3. Now this one seems to have been kept quiet! I've enjoyed the catch up though. Nice idea and very nice execution. I look forward to more.
  4. Fabulous result! And so quickly too.
  5. Simply excellent pictures. Thank you.
  6. Camden High Street is quite bonkers and worth a wander. The pedestrian crossings are painted as rainbows! Oh, and they've knocked down Morrisons! I used to stop off there after delivering the beer to have a coffee & eat my lunch. Tsk!
  7. Nick, the containers make a great background to the tower and vehicles, I like the sky too. Did you think on the windmills? A couple behind that fence would add more height and break up the sky. Do we know why the trailer is parked so close to the tower? Are trailer people repairing the tower, or supplying power to it? If that's been discussed before then I've forgotten the reason! Maybe I should just wait and see what your next moves will be?
  8. 10/4 good buddy. Jalapeños, stencils, fences and real paint. Impressive stuff as always. Sliced finger is NOT part of a Mexican recipe! Get well soon.
  9. Mmmm Cuda! I like that one you found. The plastic bumpers and mirrors don't bother me. Have it wrapped and sent round, will you? The model is coming along nicely too. The engine looks good in orange. I look forward to the rest of the build.
  10. Trevor, Imgur.com It's free and so easy even I can use it. Nice interior detailing BTW Pete
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