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  1. Mad enough? As mad as Mad Jim McMad, the Scottish training aid prototype for Psychiatrists North of the border. He's famous for founding the Loch Ness monster spotters club in 1957. He is of course (so far) the only member. I think you'll need to lay in plenty of alcoholic liquids for use as a buffer in the difficult bits of the build.
  2. A true comedy hero. He once said of a fellow comic, "I don't know where he gets them from, But when I find out, I'll burn it down".
  3. Fabulous. Very realistic. Well played, Sir!
  4. Is that all? Well, it'll keep you busy and us happy for a while then. Nice, nay, lovely, update. Thanks. Pete
  5. Vous et un Yoghurt (You have my condolences )
  6. Great to see this thread back! I like this latest scheme.
  7. Now that is rather special. A lot of us must have seen Aircraft in a similar condition over the years. Spot on!
  8. It would have been quite a job to get the Horses and Draywagon across the trenches into no mans land. Must have been Hell for the Draymen. Mind you, it still is. Tomorrow, with a 6:00am start I'm off to Chesterfield and Sheffield!
  9. I'l second that. I just did a long overdue update and it's looking better and better.
  10. That's the spirit. You stick with modelling. You get a proper end result. Sport isn't real, you just get a good or bad feeling.
  11. Well done @Artie I was hoping you'd pass by.
  12. All this talk of Gondola's and I fancied an ice cream. Then I remembered this one Cheers!
  13. Granville! Fetch your cloth
  14. That's surely just an aquatic Dalek with a glandular problem? In the meantime, Martian can strut his stuff.
  15. The Buchons, if I remember correctly, were painted in a Peugeot blue. It looks similar to me. An expert should be along any time soon though.
  16. I wouldn't bet money on that.... I did a bit of a move around in my mancave too, and it's worked out nicely. I just have to keep remembering where I put stuff. Nice cradle, I hope the Vixen sleeps soundly there. Always glad to give technical advice, with the caveat that I have a lousy memory. Turns out that the Lady on the other couch is my wife! Who knew?
  17. Nick, it's just perfect. And very clever picture tricks too. Well above my pay grade!
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