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  1. And the suspension on Sarah Jane! packed + = Naughty corner. Sigh, oh the shame of it...
  2. I think the only real differences were the badges and the grille! That was a good price BTW.
  3. The Planet Prester. The location for the Japanese Anime Last Exile. A TV series and a film. It's a bit steam punk with 19th Century technology and Anti Gravity! Large Airships are common, as are Vanships. Small agile flying craft used as Couriers and for racing. I watched the film some years ago and have wanted a Vanship kit ever since. This one turned up as spares or repairs on the bay at a decent price so I bought it. It's something of a glue bomb and one engine was missing. Never mind. Here's a link to what it should look like https://www.imgmsplus.com/item/63000/63931_2.jpg This is what I got. I've partially dismantled it and in the centre is the start of my replacement engine. Scale is 1/72nd. The plastic is very nice, Bandai, I think? Weird steampunk engines! The replacement is copper wire from a cable and scrap box parts. I've since remade the smaller circle in plastic. It's easier to work with. My soldering is very poor! Later today. I attacked the seams with extra thin and mostly it came apart nicely. The replacement circle can be seen here. More Austin Allegro steering wheel than circular, but it will do. The carpet monster got the first (better) one I'd made, Ping! That's it for now, back to work tomorrow. Got beer to deliver. No idea what they did with what we delivered last week. Comments welcome as always. Thanks for looking, Pete
  4. They'd better take off soon. Bad weather coming. It could be Snowy. Hans, it looks fantastic. Very impressive.
  5. It was always one of BMW's best looking cars and it looks really good in that livery. A very nice build!
  6. Come on, Quick!, How do you get this thing into reverse?
  7. And I just did a long overdue catch up. Good job I'm sitting down. Fabulous scratchbuilding as always. Beautiful details.
  8. This looks good. We used to have the previous model as crew buses in Riyadh. Great fun to drive and very reliable.
  9. What a lovely idea. Bless all of those involved in the monument, and Bless the memory of those lost lives.
  10. Finished at last. Please use the link below and have a butchers. Thanks for following along. Pete
  11. These are finished at last. Real life kept getting in the way. As usual! See the WIP for the full build. I got a pair of part started 1/48th Hobbycraft Vampires from the Bay for a decent price. Bits were missing. What to do? Why not turn them into 1/32nd scale orbital fighters in the Star Wars universe? I just made it up as I went along. Both were two seaters. The oneon the right had a broken canopy. I took a page from early Meteors and built it as a Mk 1, with a metal rear to the 'greenhouse'. The paints are Citadel (Warhammer) as I wanted 'Alien' shades rather than bog standard Tamiya. Here the laser pod is underneath. Engines are printed and were very kindly donated by @TheBaron I've added a bit of detail and paint. The Vixen name comes from the source of the engines, they were for his wonderful 1/72nd printed Sea Vixen. Not meant for atmospheric flight you just need an engine & thrusters. Not tail booms. The yellow stripes? Alien flames, for that death or glory look! RH wingtip pod. Half an old missile with added bits. Yes, And a Harrier outrigger. In the Star Wars universe ships can hover indefinitely. But I've fitted a fixed central skid & the outriggers in case of 'wobbles'. Launched from an orbiting space station the skid could be jettisoned and the ship could 'skip' on top of the atmosphere. The Mk 2. Full length canopy. Slightly different markings. I just used odds & sods from decal boxes. The 'flames are intentionally rough, BTW. The green is Citadel Goblin green. The Vampire had a Goblin engine! Just sayin'. The Pilot is ex Phantom. Now from an unnamed race of humanoids, threatened by the evil Empire. The gear is just a push fit, so here's a close up. The skid was two halves from a wingfold, I think. My Citadel paint stock. Bought used from a car boot 4 or 5 years ago, they are still good to go, and odd shades. Another fun scratchbuild and I'm happy with the end results. They're certainly unique! Thanks for looking. Your comments are always welcome. Next? one word. Vanship! ×
  12. Some like it hot (I've done a few parades where we had a couple of fellow servicemen 'fall out' from the heat)
  13. An Eastbound Spitfire this morning, and another, or the same one, Westbound around 3:30. 12 miles North of Lincoln , BTW. The sound had me rushing outside!
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