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  1. Lovely tube map. Is that Mornington Crescent in green at the back? I wonder if your your response to that was a Humph?
  2. Smart update and some lovely details going in there. Just needs some cut glass lights and it'll be Pullman class.
  3. They look like Ford wheels to me, and the 'rust' looks like over enthusiastic weathering. The chrome headlight rings are very shiny too. So yes, probably a sleeper.
  4. Chickenhawk and CW2 are both on the bookshelf and get re-read every couple of years.
  5. The back of beyond (Just outside Wigan, last time I looked)
  6. Snort! (Sorry, couldn't resist). Clever transference of modelling skills to the central heating & what a nice B-17 this will be.
  7. Well, I for one am enjoying your explanations immensely. And, I'm also very impressed with how you keep up to speed on the technical stuff. That's both computer (far beyond my paygrade) and Helicopter (I'm mostly keeping in step, but never worked on these). So Anyway, If it helps to speed up your posts, and thus saves your valuable time, then I'll back up your decision to cut back the narratives. In the meantime, thanks for another great update and have a great week.
  8. Hmm, sounds like the sort of job that should be sub-contracted. I wonder if the SAS are busy at the moment...
  9. Okay then. Blue Danube. It always makes me think of 2001, but that's a good thing. Isn't it?
  10. Guns n roses - sweet child of mine The Stones - Gimme shelter. quite eerie. Bad Company - Bad Company Bad Finger - Day after day There are lots of them out there. And they all get the same reaction as they start.. Oh Yeah...
  11. I get Steppenwolf since watching this video https://youtu.be/jb39fsXJXsc A great well weathered build of a fabulous Helicopter.
  12. Nice update. It's a lovely piece of design to get the required strength, yet remain lightweight. Your addition doesn't look out of place at all.. Get well soon!
  13. More magic from the home of the Teahouse in the woods. I was there on Friday. They never gave me a cup of tea though.
  14. Really nice indeed. Obviously @Mike is 'asking for a friend'...
  15. You loud and clear (Say again, over?)
  16. Somewhere on line last night I found an old American recipe for thanksgiving Turkey. The stuffing includes half a cup of dry popcorn. When it blows the backside off your Turkey, the meal is ready.
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