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  1. Started working on the parts, trimming off sprues, bit of filing etc. Just about all the parts that are either not too small or easily identified have been done, more than in the pic nearly finished cleaning off the moulded handles on the engine deck BUT ........ I got two of the Accurate Armour update sets for it, bodywork bits and gun and mantlet, this is one of the handles for the rear deck, not managed to get one off that I can use, tried various ways of removing them and no joy, ones that came of whole did not leave enough resin to make a handle, so thin that you cannot get a scalpel blade underneath, so may as well just stick a bit of plastruct flush on the deck lol, some of the other bits don’t seem to be as good as the kit parts to me too, maybe try and use some steel wire or rod and bend them to make handles, the tails can be as long as need to make handling easier, handle width on a real one would be about 2cm so 0.3mm would be a sensible size to work with and scale ? Thoughts anyone Gun mantlet going a bit easier though, fair bit of turret base to file away, slowly getting there, but most importantly I am enjoying it and finding it relaxing. cheers Mark
  2. Brilliant thank you most interesting cheers
  3. Your Stolly looks brilliant good sir, I remember when they were still in use, the backfires were horrendous, saw one get flooded once, forgot to put splashboard out and drove into the Wasser, cab half filled lol and had to be towed out
  4. As new member with a soft spot for the Chieftain, this is awesome thanks for sharing, as regards tank names, many years ago an old tankie told me - and other sources confirm the Cruiser designation stems from when tanks were first under development and came under RN command as Land Ships with Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty 1915, Tank comes from Water Tank, to keep the project secret. cheers Mark
  5. Very impressed with moulding quality, almost zero flash, things have come on in recent years also parts have all been washed and rinsed in warm mild soapy water, another first for me, start building in a few days. cheers Mark
  6. When I first saw the tracks I thought no way, but even the minuscule pins with a bit of TLC are not bad at all, have to add, I have never done a kit other than out of the box, so these are something new for me, let alone venturing into resin and etched add ons , but nothing ventured nothing gained , after a little trial I found carefully pushing links together then a gentle ream with drill, push first pin in, flip over and ream other side and push in second pin, if pin seems tight, gently wiggle links and push pin in. cheers Mark
  7. Hi all, My first model for a very long time, I was going to do the Trumpeter enhanced armour chally with eduard etch bits, but thought I would keep it a bit simpler to start with, so out of the kits acquired so far, the Chally, AA CrAARV on chally 1mk3 and Takom 432, I am going to attempt the Bronco A34 Comet (all the kits have a bit of a personal touch in real Armour except CrAARV), so first photo is the tracks found these and couldn’t resist them by Masterclub, so far pretty impressed and happy, going together easily not rushing them taken about 2 hours per 50 link length
  8. Ordered one as well, but as another poster said I would love to see Trojan and Titan too
  9. Cheers for all the input, very much appreciated, got some paint now arrived today, Hataka Blue modern British, also got a couple of other Greens that nearly match the irr Green from Mr Hobby and Vallejo to try, not going to worry to much about the colour being exact (painted real vehicles from 4 ton Bedfords and Landys to 432’s and have seen some very rough paintwork slapped on lol) along with a couple of Desert Yellows a Steel/oily steel etc, and few other basics Red/Yellow and the likes, Trumpeter Chally lists 4 colours only, should start next week and will see how it goes . Cheers Everyone Mark
  10. Thanks for the welcome And no not used etched before, got the set for £6 so what I am having to spend to get started if I ruin some of it I won’t be too disappointed and probably have my airbrush set up by the time I am doing the Etched Slats, got the plastic rod for the Eduard set, went for that as it comes with jigs to help align the slats, I have got to get another Chally for the hull, so will have the entire top to Learn to play with the airbrush etc not in a hurry so no need to rush anything if I take my time, as long as I enjoy doing it that is the important part for me. thanks all Mark
  11. Cheers everyone, some great stuff on those links, never realised there was so much confusion on Olive Drab alone, first kit is Trumpeter Chally 2 with enhanced armour Got the Eduard slat armour set for it. got a local hobby craft and a model shop that does mainly railways, nothing specialised local thanks all
  12. Cheers for info, helped a lot, never thought of a work in progress, had in my head they are for the wizards, the photo part is the easy bit - main hobby is shooting Mil Aircraft. if anyone has a list of the essential must have colours that would help, I just cannot remember what I had years ago Expecting to have to buy 20 or 30 colours - inc the ones you only need for just one or two parts in a kit. cheers all
  13. Cheers Kev, thanks for that, Humbrol and Tamiya were pretty much it when I last did anything, so probably look at Mr Hobby and Tamiya to start, cheers Mark
  14. Hi Mark, thanks for reply sorry forgot to add Acrylic due to no dedicated modelling room, Brush and will be getting first Airbrush next few months. Can’t believe how much grief this is turning into, so much for a relaxing hobby lol cheers Mark
  15. Hi all, I really need some help building what paints I really need, I am starting from scratch, and struggling to remember (not built a thing for 30yrs) what paints I need, be really grateful if you good folk could help with the basic must have colours that any model may need. Have my first 4 kits to do British tracked armour spanning 1944/5 to current, main body colours are easy, it’s the all the rest, Black,White,Blue,Red, Gloss and Matt etc will end up doing some detail for the first time bit of dirt/mud and rust and worn areas too, but need to walk before I run getting all the basic must haves. Have been looking online, more I look more lost I get and could easily spend a fortune on various paint sets by the makes that are new to me such as AK and Mig Cheers Mark
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