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  1. Cheers chaps, definitely portraying a line unused for some time will brighten a little where tracks have contacted, and have various shades and lengths of grass to add, will have a think about ballast as I am not sure about it myself, have some extras to dump randomly such as brick and debris, old wood and corrugated sheet, I picked up the Tamiya German DR set, may add a wrecked motorcycle, under Comet tracks possibly, so many ideas popping in head. cheers Mark
  2. Love what your doing, so much planning, I think mine will be much more unplanned and chaotic, just like real life started the base rails came out ok not sure about the track ballast though got the ballast idea from an industrial siding but not sure I like it, might be better when grass and debris added, going to extend the base as suggest 2kg of plaster ordered, guess I will have to move over to the diorama section soon. any thoughts ideas definitely welcome cheers Mark
  3. Cheers Chaps, Daryl hope I did not come across ungrateful your points are very valid, looking at it, I think they would be fine level ish in a more woodland scene that close but ........... I am going to put it on a base .. M3talpig now you have solved it for me, never thought of that, I am planning a base with a surround so it looks like it sits in it so extending is the way, I am planning on some patches of grass here and there to suit the siding, couple of wet patches of mud but rest dry. cheers both you have given me a great direction to steer thanks Mark
  4. Hi Daryl cheers for your reply much appreciated, pleased the mud works ok, never having gone this far before I was sweating buckets as I was flicking and blowing it on, straps were very fiddly but so much better than the moulded plastic lump, Comments on composition are very welcome, I am trying to portray a couple of vehicles at rest harboured up, a few photos I have seen do show wagons this close up at rest crews dismounted, The Comet is straddling a large lump of moulded concrete which looks awful with Comet balancing over it, I did think about building that area up and have Comet running parallel to tracks, will have another play with layout, got a couple of ideas to put into it but that all depends on the figures, which will be another first never bothered with them in the past. Cheers Mark
  5. Hi All working out position on Diorama with the Firefly cheers Mark
  6. Hi Everyone Bit more done and working out diorama positions threw plastic lump away, and replaced with some rods, tiny buckles and straps, made eyes ache lol little finger for comparison very pleased with result periscopes were a pain to get in Ammo boot prints all over rear deck some will get covered with stores though Idea for layout cheers for looking, comments welcome cheers Mark
  7. Not tried those, love the Blue and Red, gave me the confidence to get my first airbrush, only just started hobby again after 25 years I think, whats the airbrushing like with Orange - Thinning ? cheers Mark
  8. Love to see it mate, I have had people say no you never wore this or that or even accuse of never serving lol, oh if you can get some 7.62 LMG mags a couple of us did use those on SLR’s once, flipping heavy as hell, hope you consider the shirt it would be mint
  9. Lol, but it would be authentic and add just a tad of colour to the cabbage effect
  10. I quite like the Hataka range, not been modelling very long, but looking at theirs and having painted full size vehicles looks pretty good to me. cheers Mark
  11. I have been struggling with applying CA too, what I found helped was making my own applicators just like the shop bought ones, cut the eye in half on a regular sowing needle leaving two prongs, dip in glue and apply, you can position a part then touch in the glue and allow capillary action to work, when your needle is clogged use lighter to burn off residue cheers Mark
  12. As with the a firefly started adding mud, mainly dried on splashes with a bit of wet and damp. Bit more to add in places, just basing it on what I have seen on excercises in Germany, little bit goes a long way and can plaster a vehicle top to bottom. cheers Mark
  13. Started to add mud, not much more to add without going too mad mostly dried on with some wet/damp areas Tried to replicate splashes from driving through muddy puddles and from other passing vehicles, I remember just how plastered in crud our vehicles used to get in Germany and how what seemed like a little mud could go a very long way. cheers Mark
  14. Tools and tracks added and did some chipping, looking at some photos, and looking at the ground they were in, I am thinking chipping would be quite prominent, bocage and woods would definitely cause chips and scratches, stony ground with rubbish thrown up etc. Cheers for looking Mark
  15. Those enactor pics are not bad but ........ kit varied a bit especially out on excercises mate, no shirts worn under 58 pattern jackets in summer as they were thick and heavy, we had bods wearing Portugese lizard cam shirts under 58, and US woodland most hated wooden SLR, it was orrible when wet, two poncho carriers on webbing above and below kidney pouches, one for NBC kit and one for poncho, pick helve carried across pouches at back - it flipping hurts with a bergen otherwise, Berghaus bergens bought privately of all shapes, windproof smock if you could acquire one two ressi cases at back instead of kidney pouches, NI patrol boots, NI gloves, any extra pouches you wanted and could fit on, inc US water bottles, might have a few pics I can share with you if you would like to see them ? Hope this helps a bit Mark
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