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  1. The Meng ones come on 4 sprues, with the kit held on on two sides, I think with careful cutting they may come of clean with no clean up
  2. Flippin eck, just seen this Stunning, and inspiring brilliantly done Cheers Mark
  3. Cheers Mate, good info from you again, Meng click and workable look ok, they come in Black, I just like doing the metal ones, therapeutic for me, they do do narrower, my fault entirely not reading description, Masterclub do resin clickable- found today but again wide, narrower ones hard to get, not to worry can try kit ones see how it goes, going to put a couple of Yellow LEDs inside one flickering for bulb on its way out. Cheers Mark
  4. Hi All, quick question, just starting next build, starting with tracks, I have the Friulmodel ATL-160 but did not notice they were wide- even though it says it on box - doh , so did MkV use the slightly wider ones ? cheers Mark
  5. Lol, nowt comes before tea, even in modern times, The ability to brew up in the strangest of places or at the most unusual time.... 1991 while operating behind Iraqi lines, a unit from Hereford had a mess meeting, one item on agenda was the colour of the new curtains for said mess, General Schwarzkoppf signed the meetings minutes
  6. Cheers Ernst, thats very much appreciated thank you
  7. Cheers John, you was one of the first to post when I first joined and started this, tad artistic licence couldn’t find many good shots of tanks on supply near front harboured up, so just went with it Cheers for you input during the build very much appreciated Mark
  8. Cheers for the comments, I appreciate it a lot Well there is 4 still in the wagons working lets hope they get a round off, or the Typhoons on cab rank get it lol Cheers Again Mark
  9. Thank you kindly, very much appreciated, purely by accident near the end I noticed you had to look from all sides and above to see it. Cheers Mark
  10. Bit late but WOW luv it, Typhoon is the best looking aircraft of all time for me especially the Car Door, also RB396 supporter
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks for you comments, means a lot cheers, yes indeed I am chuffed to bits with it, Some steep learning along the way, but enjoying was the main thing for me, next idea is forming, just a little planning but not much Cheers Again Mark
  12. HI Everyone, I have finally finished my first diorama, as above I have called it NAAFI Break I had no plan and no idea really, Started with a Comet my first model for well over 20 years and then a Firefly my favourite WW2 battle wagons, then decided on a diorama, and found the base by accident I liked, and without any planning just added as I went along, lots of first for me on this, so overall I am chuffed to bits with it, few areas could be better especially the figures, but thanks to some great tips received and with practice the next ones will be better. Enough Waffle
  13. Brilliant thank you , much appreciated for that, so much to learn, figures are not an easy thing for sure
  14. Cheers for tips much appreciated, will see how it goes on next figures, even 50/50 thinners I still found they went stodgy too quick, next ones will be WW1 era.
  15. Blitzed the rest of the figures over last week or so, still struggling with the flesh colours, just cannot get a nice finish, might try air brushing if I do any more, Don't think they are too bad overall, decals are a mix of Archer and Peddinghaus, Had problems with the Archer rub down, and after contacting them, they will be doing all the British ones on one sheet as waterslide Even the phones camera recognised each individual face after seeing the photos, I could see some of the grime looked a bit not right, so have carefully picked it off in
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