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  1. Hi All, its done barring the tow cable, no idea where the shackles went lol, but I’m on it, and the white lettering that is on it, really pleased with it especially the damage repair, tracks and exhaust. Cheers
  2. Work in progress mate, got replace the cable that runs to it as well
  3. Bit more today, PE added that replaces the lump I got rid of, looks a tad better, and wear points exposed on one track with AK track wash added, very very pleased with the result Cheers Mark
  4. No but I did manage to break it off
  5. Thats Harsh be on a charge next lol
  6. Cheers Mate, it was your build that started it
  7. Well like a plank I thought I might try a hot knife to take off the moulded tow cable lump on the hull - went wrong very quickly
  8. Cheers mate, was close to chucking it but am persevering Cheers mate, was close to chucking it but am persevering Interesting is not my description
  9. Unfortunately mate this beast never saw action and only 1 left in the Tank Museum, other than trials that was it for this, didnt even have proper armour, signified by a Red triangle on the front hull, Tracks look good though, trying to get the manganese colour, this is Allclad Gloss Black Primer with Jet Exhaust over it, once wear points done and a wash etc hoping they replicate a museum piece cheers
  10. Hi Everyone Not posted properly for a while, house move, work changes, health, Flikr too, you name it, got my hobby room sorted finally so thought I would do this, disaster- just couldn’t get paint to spray, carpet monster, even the PE set was poor, not the Voyager one some make called ET Model, nearly went in the bin, please dont laugh to hard some pics and then this tried a hot knife - never again lol Not very good at this filling Lark Best Bit once they have matt varnish and the contact areas done and a little track wash I think they may work Cheers Mark
  11. That is some awesome work done there, very well done indeed
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