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  1. Hi Jeff Thank you kindly very much appreciated, was hoping to have it finished but work and personal stuff upset that plan, hoping this week, then base and figures cheers again Mark
  2. Or as my Brother said ( ex RE) Royal Engineers Minus Experiance, you have to love the inter Corps and Regiment Banter
  3. Tracks on, took 8 hours they kept pulling apart, and then found half a track link too short, full track link did not do it so sanded down the idlers shortened the track runs which did the the trick also had to sand down where bottom runs slide on, they were far to tight Not much left to do, little bit of touching up, weathering etc Cheers Mark
  4. Thats great thanks, super reference pics cheers muchly
  5. Thats Brilliant thanks, the track colour has been bugging me only colour photos are modern museum shots and they do not look right, so Grey coat of something, then a nice build up of a rusty wash. Cheers Mark
  6. Thanks Ed, truly appreciated I am really pleased with it, even though it could be a bit better, those stripes were the worst thing so far, but very much enjoying it, got a simple dio in mind for it. Cheers Mark
  7. Latest update, Red and White Stripes added, definitely didn’t go as planned, still found white hard to work with, used Hataka, and Red Humbrol that went on horrible, unditching beam rails added and decals done, distressed them a tad, also lightened the base colour and added fading, sure I read in another post that paint of this era faded quickly. should be able to finish it next week, then start on the base. cheers Mark
  8. Cannot fault that thinking in the slightest, Have been doing a fair bit of web trawling over the weekend, and nothing in lighting, as per your earlier post torches is the only possibility, so thats what my lighting represents definitely a tad artistic licence, but as mentioned previously the amber colour is correct for early bulbs of era, so I hope it is passable cheers mate Mark
  9. Hi Ash, I have just got back into modelling after very many years, did my first diorama with weathered wagons, first thing I did after they looked factory fresh was to lighten the basic colour with white about 50% and using an old nail brush just flicked it on, especially front hull which takes a beating all year round, this looked pretty good for light dinks and scratches then added brown chipping into some of the lightened bits and around wear edges such as track guards raised bits etc fir heavier chips, one thing helped me a lot was mig ammo light dust wash, I just daubed it on in pla
  10. Cheers for the great reply, totally agree there are loads of references to the exterior, alas not so much for the interior, so the only definate bit is the amber colour which is about right for era, can only presume there was something in them, so bit of artistic licence- possibly, I asked a good friend who worked on the one at IWM and he cannot remember the lighting setup so ..... cheers mate Mark
  11. Cheers Mate, yes they are indeed a tad fragile in places some clicked together positively but they are very easy to pull apart, fitting them will be done very gently, the bottom runs are a worry, as they have to slide on from the ends few at a time, may put them on and paint visible areas after especially where they open up around sprockets and idlers. cheers Mark
  12. Greetings all, Made a start on the tracks, primed in Black then tried on the inside only so far (which wont be seen) AK extreme Burnt Steel, not sure, probably better for post WW1 tracks that have Manganese content. Any thoughts on a better colour ? Cheers All Happy Easter Mark
  13. Cheers Trevor much appreciated, Richard thought about something like that, but once I got them together and test fitted they were a right pig, they need more than a bit of filler around them so will fix them as I don’t think they will take much handling. Cheers Both Mark
  14. More done, little bit of grime inside added, not gone mad as the came into service mid 1918 so never saw a winter in the field. One issue found, or was it me ? The rear of the roof was too wide to fit so had to sand about 1mm off each side, luckily the track will cover the rivets that are now gone. Primed in Stynlelrez Black primer, like these primers - go on very easy no messing about And main Colour added
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