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  1. Started making and adding bits for the more human parts “its brew time” got to to add the windshield to the cooker, made the burner from some pe sprue and the MG42 AA sight that was not needed, need to make or find some tins of food and biscuits and mess tins plus KFS. cheers Mark
  2. Got the lifecolour set, brushes much better than the mig set, had a go on some Tamiya infantry, and also on the Resicast tankie, used some of mig very dark colour to try a wash, I am pretty pleased with result, not brilliant esp compared to some on BM. love the Resicast basin haircut cheers Mark
  3. Thanks for all the great info everyone, very much appreciated Cheers Mark
  4. Cheers Homer thank you for your tip, very much appreciated got some more figures coming so will try with them, have some heads to practice on as I will not need them thanks Mark
  5. Brilliant thank you Noel, will try that approach cheers Mark
  6. Cheers for that much appreciated, any suggestions for make of paint ? The mig I have goes on very lumpy almost as if it dries to quickly even thinned thanks again Mark
  7. Hi All, having a bash at doing figures for my diorama, and as they are a first I am on a learning curve, one is a Mini Art the other is a Resicast, difference in detail is dramatic, but a big issue is getting the flesh colour right and on nicely, they seem to be too Pink or too White and even thinned 70 % thinner it is still stodgy and lumpy, using MIG flesh tone set, and a magnifying glass, already cleaned off a couple of times and redone. pointers gratefully accepted Cheers Mark
  8. Try some 1/35 scale bricks paint various colours, and mix up with real crushed bricks and bits of concrete, then add bits and pieces, wire, pipe, bits of rubbish add a little postcrete, tiny bit of water to get some to set, mix all up and dump it on add whatever you find really, I went on real but made small not small made to look real
  9. Cheers mucker, Honestly mate first ever No bull, literally just adding as I go no plan at all as such, bit like the real thing, until you see it you don't know it’s there kind of thing, originally started just doing my fav 2 WW2 tanks, then lets do a diorama, spent lots of time reading different posts as I went, how to do tracks, then dust and mud etc, the only thing I could not get right, and was binned, was some static grass I wanted around the tracks. Signs are still wip, on placement Bahnhoff sign is “station only for soldiers” iirc cheers Mark
  10. And to add, variety of shades in uniforms from the commonwealth too
  11. Hi All few more bits done Camouflage added to Firefly barrel, abandoned mg42, ammo boxes and brass, a few signs and flags, ones on tracks bit new looking and will not be left on tracks some scattered papers, and few more bits added to turrets as souvenirs bit more stowage added to. Cheers Mark
  12. Thank you, the more I look the more little things I think of adding, bit more to do yet will post more pics soon
  13. Cheers Stuart Very much appreciated thank you, few more bits to do from ideas in head, wish I did something just to fill interior detail under hatches, look a tad sparse. cheers again Mark
  14. Hi Everyone, Had good few hours last weekend, on shift this weekend, managed to get a fair few bits done on the Vehicles and Dio Base, few more ideas for details to go and some figures, really enjoyed creating this, might not be accurate in a few details. Had lots of fun learning how to handle the clear resin for the water in the crater, and trying to fill it with debris and creating swirls of oil etc, not quite right it changed as it set. having lots of fun with it which is the important bit for me. Cheers Mark
  15. Hi Everyone, Sorry chaps thanks for the replies, missed these last comments, sorry, never received a notification, really enjoying my first Diorama , not regretting doing this as a first effort, but it has had me wracking my noggin a few times. As regards the real stuff def lucky with that, some the stuff I have driven even if only a few feet or just being towed into position has been a real treat, A few of my photos are in the walkaround section for you all to see, not being and expert modeller and cannot really comment on other peoples builds, I shared my photos with you
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