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  1. That is some awesome work done there, very well done indeed
  2. If I could turnout figures like this I would be a very happy person, well done on this
  3. Just caught up from the start, Stunning , this is a awesome build very well done
  4. Hi Ash, dont give up on it, I think the way your mate does it is called pre-shading. the few that I have made are airbrushed for base colour but all weathering is by hand, one thing I use is mig ammo dust filter, works great, also around front of afvs esp tanks, mix base colour 50% white or light grey, and flick on with stiff brush small amounts at a time, replicates nice light paint scuffs can be quite heavy on hull fronts, then use a dark Brown chipping colour, and add to edges tool holders anywhere where things get battered, for mud, get some soil from garden and add, with some water, will harden, very diluted will do splashes, or get ready made acrylic products. try those see how it goes cheers Mark
  5. As far as I can tell the Takom and the Meng I used from the kit are Identical, so I would go with the Kit ones mate, bit of a tight fit where they slide onto the lower parts of the Tank and can pull apart but easy enough to get back hth Cheers Mark
  6. That looks great, looking forward to seeing it with all the bits and bobs on it, even in scale it looks a monster. cheers Mark
  7. Cheers for latest comments appreciated immensely thanks cheers Mark
  8. Thanks very much for the comments, very much appreciated cheers Mark
  9. Thank you all, your comments are very much and truly appreciated, I still have a ways to go with my skills, the inspiration from looking at the vast amount of superb builds on here will keep me inspired for sure. cheers everyone Mark
  10. Hi All finally got this finished, looking at some early and mid 1918 photos I used those to judge the weathering etc, base and a figure or two to do. Cheers For Looking Mark
  11. Cheers Wayne, thank you, I was thinking I messed up and kept trying - they kept pulling apart and then decided it was the tracks out or the idlers/sprockets, with the detail around the track adjuster its a shame they didn’t make it so the sprocket could move a tad. Got there in the end though cheers Mark
  12. Hi Jeff Thank you kindly very much appreciated, was hoping to have it finished but work and personal stuff upset that plan, hoping this week, then base and figures cheers again Mark
  13. Or as my Brother said ( ex RE) Royal Engineers Minus Experiance, you have to love the inter Corps and Regiment Banter
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