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    (Mainly) Aeroplanes I've qualified to fly.
  1. Isn't this the machine flown a good few years ago by Derek Piggot at (I believe) Lasham? He did say never again! Skip
  2. They did indeed remove the tanks - the aeroplane was an absolute dog with them fitted, maximum of 0.95M and all sorts of other Limitations. Just occasionally they were useful but the only thing I can think of was for long ferry flights without tanker support. We used virtually all of the fuel in one just for the privilege of carrying them so the improvement wasn't what you might hope for. I loathed them and so did pretty much everyone else! Sorry I can't help with how they were removed, over to the engineers for that bit... Skip
  3. "Speed is life, height is life insurance"And even if all engines are running the Meteor had the old Artificial Horizons which precessed under acceleration and resulted in a large number of smoking holes off the far left (I think) end of the runway. We really had it easy by the '60s... Skip.
  4. Skip

    Folland Gnat T.1 1:48

    Tee, It was indeed a dreadful accident and I had to attend the refueller's court martial as an "Officer Under Instruction", truly awful, the young lad just didn't seem to have the capacity/training to do his job right. Made me wonder about the service for a while. Different subject, I'm still in touch with Bala, a great chap as you know! Skip
  5. Skip

    Folland Gnat T.1 1:48

    ...and here is that QFI: The speed limit for unlocking the elevator was 400Kn/0.85M. The trim switch changeover Mod was, I'm fairly sure, Mod 399. And yes, it was a delightful little aeroplane provided you didn't try to take liberties with it (& preferably could sit in the front, the view from the rear was a bit limited!). And with that, it's back into my box! Skip
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