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  1. The longer that I stay away, the harder it is for me to come back. I blame that :rant:  Seafire kit. It put me off all modelling completely (again). Still, I was warned in advance by wiser heads, so I only have myself to blame.

    1. jean


      Just start something easy and quick, but start it NOW!

      Like when falling off a horse... one has to get back into the saddle straight away!

      Been there, done that. Could not afford a t-shirt though.


      So what are you starting Alex?


  2. On E X  T   E    N    D        E             D                     absence...

    1. CedB


      He's alive! Come back soon Alex :D 

    2. bbudde


      Indeed. Hello again.


  3. Hello Ced, Tony and Tony, Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and words, greatly appreciated. While the cold shakes and deliriums have thankfully passed, I am still not out of the woods yet, the thing (or a secondary) having got into my chest. Still very weak and nowhere near getting back to actual fiddling with the Alouette yet. On occasions I've been viewing various photos in my Alouette II hoard, and noting other differences between kit and the HNZ machine. The most obvious of these is thar the HNZ helicopter has a thrre-bladed tail rotor, whilst the one in th
  4. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...I had to stop reading the Hyperscale site cluster and PMMS after unrestrained purchases after reading glowing reviews nearly resulted in divorce. I had better stop reading these too, pronto! It's bad enough when so-and-so or such-and-such start an interesting new model in the main forums! Lovely looking bits, though! And turnbuckles are also very useful for rigging (large) 1:1 boats . Cheers, Alex.
  5. Great review, Mike - great-looking kit! I have an 'old' (for a given value of 'old', it's not as old as me ) Roden kit of the WV-powered SE.5a. I shall have to raid the lock-up and compare (although I suspect aleady that the Roden probably isn't going to be a patch on the Eduard profi). Cheers, Alex.
  6. Hmmm... a bit similar to the RBP glue applicators, except with a loop tip, not (adjustable) prongs as with the RB item. I was going to add a laugh 'like' on your post for the amusing description of your trials and tribulations, so it's probably just as well that I'm out o' abreactions. I am currently quite ill and my brain is working more weirdly as a result ( no sympathy expected, by the way - just an explanation). Looking good, though - nearly done? Cough gurgle wheeze, the alex. <-- this ratbag is as fit as anything
  7. Hello Tony and CC, Thank you for your kind words, and taking the trouble to read and reply to my febrile ravings . Since I had the chill, shivering ague last night, and the recurrence of a long-buried phd-completion nightmare, neither of which I've had for years and years, please forgive me not quoting either of you today . Here's a joke - well, it's not a joke, sadly, it's almost true: Q. What's slower than a 2.4kb modem? A. The 'internet' in the Blue Mountains :E <-- my trade-marked fanged smiley Leaping about like a cane toad on a BBQ plate
  8. That was overly brave of you, since I may yet pester you around the twist regarding Seafire information, if I ever get my 1945 HMs Indefatigable(?) Seafire (Mk III) mojo (what is this word 'mojo') back... Run out of loiks again. Mañana, as they say in Southwestern Europe... Cheers, the alex.
  9. That miniature vice looks suspiciously like the vice that came with my Minicraft (remember them, you Poms?) drill stand. When I'm well enough again, I'll go out to the shed and have a look. Aaargh! A pox on it - I hate being the one who flips the page. My apologies. Anyway, your Dornier is coming on like a hou— oops, not the best analogy to use given recent events... Nice . Gurgle cough wheeze, the alex. <-- fit as a fiddle, curse him!
  10. That's a shame. My previous bottle of Maskol met a similar fate, only more so: a congealed blob o' purple rubber. It was such a nice bottle, however, that I extracted The Thing1 with a pair of sturdy pliers and I now use said bottle to hold a small amount of xylene for various solvent purposes. Maybe next time, Chris - if you ever get a new batch... Cheers, Alex. 1 Possibly from the Planet Zog
  11. Oh dear, oh dear, I twitch every time that I see the gent with the groinal tent-pole. Must mean something - probably that there's something wrong wi' me . Nice scratching there too, ahem... And I don't mean pork scratching, either. Gee whiz, those two were almost worthy of Ced. Well, it is the internet, after all. Cheers, Alex.
  12. Oops! Lucky that you'r not in the Southern Hemisphere with its Big Ozone Layer HoleTM (still ), or you would also be in danger of a nice dose o' skin cancer (if you kept it up ha ha and continued to go out without yer titfer - but you would learn sharpish anyway). Nice to have you back, sorry to hear of the 'Montezuma's Revenge' (sort of), too. What now? Cheers, Alex. just whispered in my ear that we forgot all about having a thread(bare) party whilst you was gorn - he specs that everyone was too busy! And just as well.
  13. Pop! 'Likes' will follow when they replenish in twleve hours or so... This'll be good . Cheers, Alex. has the out too
  14. Beautiful looking flying boat! A rare wee beastie that kit, by the looks. Nice . Cheers, Alex.
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